Busta Rhymes - Bad Dreams Lyrics

[Busta Rhymes]
Yo me and my niggas and my clique be getting mad cream
Balling the club, now I'm drunk having a bad dream
This mothafucker tried to greet me with wealth
I never knew that I would see that day that I would meet the devil himself
This nigga was eagerly waiting to prove it
Astonishingly, already dancing to his own burial music
Well anyway, he plottin' to do it to me
In a certain kind of way, and started off directly popping shit to me
While he spoke a couple of fires would spark
While he sat in the shadow talking his shit we watch the sky getting dark (he said)

(?) Where it hurts
I'll leave you in a (?) straight up leaking in the back of a church
Let a ghosting crib and haunt you like a ghost in your home
Leaving you old and crippet like them ruins in Rome
Watch your body shrivel up and turn your asses to smoke
Fuck your flesh don't get yo blood sucked, the blood of ya foes
I be that nigga that'll torture your spouse
And leave a thousand body bags like truth.com in front of your house

Got me bugging on a whole notha level
Tell me how the fuck a nigga really end up having beef with the devil
Shit bomb the whole effect the nigga had on my dreaming
Body reacting mentally, going to war with the demon
Semi-chaotic like the typical storm
So embellished in the dream a nigga felt it in the physical form
The dream got my nose runny and shit
Eyes watery, shorty watching my body twitch funny and shit
Giving shorty sleeping with me the creeps
She bugging off how a nigga just sweating and breathing so hard in his sleep
Determined to conquer this nigga so let it begin
Absolutely focused on killing the demon within
So now we fight in the name of my brethren
And every blow connect during the fight you can hear the thunder roll into heaven,
Ain't hell a deep breath of fresh air
The devil's presence blows a cold draft leaving a scent of death in the air
While my mind was reassembling now
Simultaneous wifey watching a nigga body trembling now
Couldn't conquer me so now the devil wanted me dead
Stabbing a nigga with the same bone he ripped from his head
Yo its funny how the devils'll test us
But if fully select, niggas blessed with something miraculously precious
Til I'm dead I'm always battling through
You can't believe you cut my main vein that all my blood be traveling through
Somebody gotta die, settle the score
Because it's me or this nigga, I'm fighting to the death, I'm ready for WAR
[devil laughing fades]

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Busta Rhymes Bad Dreams Comments
  1. aurelius rule

    Peace to busta and knottz 🛡⚔️

  2. Igor Milosavljević

    my favourite long time ago

  3. Le makabé

    My favorite !!!!!🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷 french like it

  4. Hashirama Senju


  5. Sebastian Head

    One of the coldest beats of all time

  6. Reed Collins

    Drank motherfuckers. I lovez ya!!!!

  7. Chris Lebby

    This beat still gives me chills. Damn

    Adam Gordon

    Chris Lebby : Nottz on that hard body 🔥🔥

  8. Pharaoh Head

    Pure voodoo child 🐲

  9. Adam Gordon

    2:30 That devilish laugh used to scare the shit outta me back in the day 💯

  10. Patrick Mulrooney

    Ill sick nasty ass beat tune is power

  11. S Hog

    Sleep paralysis is real.

  12. Tia Austin

    I really believe he is speaking truth about this dream to Jesus is real and devil is real don’t think ain’t true because the devil with try to fool you. Demons are real when I first Got saved I was fighting them hard. Before I gave my life to God I lived a bad lifestyle Pornography and sex were my bad seeds I sowed. You think the devil was going to let me get off easy... shooot.... fought me rough but Jesus always wins so it’s Gucci 😇

  13. DCorganic

    Absolutely focused on killing the demon within..thats the deepest bar.

  14. Jeremy Clayton

    And yet....i still 2018.

  15. Jeremy Clayton

    2018? From the past to the future. Love this.

  16. Everything Isiphile

    Owethu dantile

  17. Rumpelkeller Recordz

    I follow your House..

  18. OldSchool HipHop FanBoy

    This man obviously sold his soul to the devil for fame

  19. SNP 94

    I remember when my parents bought this for my older brother and gave me some PG poppy shit but I stole this and this song intrigued and scared me so much.

  20. Mauricio martinez

    This shit dope

  21. D Pat

    I've always loved this beat and Busta's Rhymes complimented this beat perfectly.

  22. La Rage


  23. Salvador Prieto

    nottz killed this beat straight fire,
    a mercenary paid by the people that are straight liars,
    make you people sing like little girls in a church choir,

  24. Salvador Prieto

    semi chaotic like a typical storm,
    i reappear and disappear in physical form,
    causing confusion from strange to the norm,
    al is all i sell,
    bringing heaven to hell

  25. Salvador Prieto

    i take and give lives,
    one more chance, to enhance,
    im out of this trance making sexy models take off their pants just listening to these rants, hold your wife with love because im waiting for more clues from that dove.
    you fuck up i take your girl with my killa swagger,
    i bust on walls like a veteran tagger,
    giving her clues just so i can shag her!

  26. Salvador Prieto

    i am the bee that you beehived,
    i chop you like onions and green hives,

  27. Salvador Prieto

    the same ones that carry you,
    to your grave,
    be damned or be saved,
    freewill is a muhfucka,
    its not chance its luck ya,
    be alive, be killed and be revived

  28. Salvador Prieto

    suffering from sleep paralysis,
    ill get diabetes on purpose to be on dyalisis,
    getting transfusions mixed with confusions,
    to make me live longer,
    its the evil you project that makes me stronger,
    whos right whos wronger?,

  29. Reese Pieces

    lately this is me every night ...having bad dreams and not being able to sleep!

    Baric Dondarion

    That hsa always been me. since I was born

  30. -chase

    this shit make me wanna get up and krump lmfaooo

  31. Skylare Howell


  32. victor gonzalez

    I hope y'all know he was being serious

    James Kolawole

    What was he rapping about

    Adam Gordon

    James Kolawole : The devil

  33. Jovan Parker

    if Vincent price was still alive he would be perfect for this track

    Adam Gordon

    Jovan Parker : Real talk 💯

  34. Jovan Parker

    6 people had bad dreams but never woke up

  35. MC Davis Beats

    Check out MC Davis beats, I GOT HEAT

  36. mark jarrett

    Leaving you old and decrepit like them ruins in Rome

  37. Lee S

    peace to all those that know what this song is.

    Mauricio martinez

    Lee S ???

    Brendan Jackson

    Peace to you.

  38. Lee S

    this I'll.

  39. r33d31

    It's so funny that the melody had been taken from old french carol "Noël nouvelet", the way Busta Rhymes transformed it is sick D:

    Odon Kakesa

    r33d31 k

  40. Adam Gordon

    Nottz killed this beat straight 🔥🔥🔥

  41. ἐκένωσεν μορφὴν δούλου λαβών ἐν ὁμοιώματι ἀνθρώπων

    "...semi-chaotic like a typical storm..."

  42. Hells Wind

    _Leaving you old and decrepit like the ruins of _*_Rome_*_._

    Brendan Jackson

    Hells Wind Not one person on the Internet seems to realize that but us. lol

    Hells Wind

    @Brendan Jackson
    Thank you ;)

    Brendan Jackson

    Is it *Lemme hit you with the bat where it hurts and leave you in a rug sack stinking leaking in the back of a church* ?

  43. The One

    3 insomniac are hating

  44. Nathan Edwards

    Suffering from sleep paralysis.......This song is the story of my life!

    The One

    That's really weird because this reminds me of sleep paralysis too, used to listen to this in the morning after. I was talking about it that's y I came here bt I don't really get it no more tho.

    Nathan Edwards

    Lucky, I still get it, and usually see some weird shit. Last time this person with tattered clothes was just staring.....pretty trippy stuff. Anyways its good you don't get it anymore!

    The One

    sorry you still get it bro, bt actually its not a bad thing im starting to realize[its hard to think that when its happening] because if you relax and go along it leads to lucid dreaming and I actually miss that now as I loved it esp the control of flight, but I hated sleep paralysis bt I didn't associate them together. now I don't get none of them. maybe we are special

    Øyvind Pettersen

    dont fall asleep on your back

    John Davis Jr.

    I always have nightmares when I sleep with my light on I typed in "nightmare with lights on" this popped up weird

  45. JayWGeek

    My favorite part is when he said he ripped the horn off and stabbed the devil with it. Lol. That's what I'm talking about. Evil will be destroyed.

    Adam Gordon

    JayWGeek : For Real 💯

  46. jkolaWOLE

    Nottz lost his mind this beat dude's a beat with boards.. damn

  47. Velter Alex. C

    That choir! Man, that's what BAD DREAMS are all about! They hit the nail on the head with that shit!

  48. Xx_SN33D_xX

    How is this scary this song GO

  49. Jay Venom

    I just heard this on Pandora. I forgot about this one. Crazy!!!


    Sick shit maaarn

  51. Willie Black

    This song is the one song that i never was able to listen to all of it because it scares the shit out of me. My sound is on mute as i type this just to view the comments without hearing it.

    Koko Li

    @Willie Black Yu & Mii both................. :(

  52. bigmike83

    Crazy beat even crazier lyrics


    Nottz went medieval on the beat though. Sickk!!!

    Jovan Parker

    bump medieval more like castlevania on dis one

    Hashirama Senju

    #FACTS beat HARD AS FUCK and slaps hard

  54. Realtalk

    I'll visit you in the back where it hurts
    And leave you in a rock sample stinkin leakin in the back of a church
    Then I'll ghoast ya crib and haunt you like a ghoast in ya home
    Leavin you old and decripted like them ruins in Rome
    Watch your body shrivel up and turn ya ashes to stone
    Fuck your flesh delete your soal and suck the blood out ya bones

    Brendan Jackson

    Realtalk no

  55. Realtalk

    I'll visit you in the back where it hurts
    And leave you in a rock sample stinkin leakin in the back of a church
    Then I'll ghoast ya crib and haunt you like a ghoast in ya home
    Leavin you old and decripted like them ruins in Rome
    Watch your body shrivel up and turn ya ashes to stone
    Fuck your flesh delete your soal and suck the blood out ya bones



  57. Spawn Of Satan

    <3 this shit! kinda creepy but still pretty badass..,Bussa Buss goes hard!

  58. Simet Beats Ache Dos

    nottz hijo puta -.-

  59. Mehdi Azmayesh

    great album

  60. ChestKing perished

    dope beat

  61. EFB562EFB

    EFB 562 ST6 HLD EFB

  62. patrik verdura

    Troppo figa

  63. Chris Hicks

    NOTTZ did the beat

  64. robert jeffries

    not sure who did this beat Dr. Dre or J. Dilla?

    aurelius rule

    robert jeffries nottz

  65. Phoenix_1

    No thats not it. re listen to it.

  66. BabySkinCondom


  67. Phoenix_1

    Let a ghosting crib and haunt you like a ghost in your home Leaving you old and crippet like them ruins in Rome. That shit was cold as hell!!!!

  68. Ian M

    Killuminati 4 life...

  69. kidofdasouth

    shyt go hard nottz kill this beat !!!!

  70. otinzek


  71. Toma Maria

    Here are the lyrics:

  72. huiggi

    Good job, Nottz.