Bush, Kate - Symphony In Blue Lyrics

I spent a lot of my time looking at blue,
The colour of my room and my mood:
Blue on the walls, blue out of my mouth;
The sort of blue between clouds, when the sun comes out,
The sort of blue in those eyes you get hung up about.

When that feeling of meaninglessness sets in,
Go blowing my mind on God:
The light in the dark, with the neon arms,
The meek He seeks, the beast He calms,
The head of the good soul department.

I see myself suddenly
On the piano, as a melody.
My terrible fear of dying
No longer plays with me,
for now I know that I'm needed
For the symphony.

I associate love with red,
The colour of my heart when she's dead;
Red in my mind when the jealousy flies,
Red in my eyes from emotional ties,
Manipulation, the danger signs.

The more I think about sex, the better it gets.
Here we have a purpose in life:
Good for the blood circulation,
Good for releasing the tension,
The root of our reincarnations.

I see myself suddenly
On the piano, as a melody.
My terrible fear of dying
No longer plays with me,
for now I know that I'm needed
For the symphony.

I spent a lot of my time looking at blue--
No wonder that I blue it!

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Bush, Kate Symphony In Blue Comments
  1. Arnaud FAUCHERE


  2. Martina Kropej

    Please contact urgent with my beloved ones the responsible Charakters and as much as possible free Charakters

  3. Martina Kropej

    She is removing my messages Kate

  4. Evan Lanctot

    Lionheart was my first Kate album; I fell in love with her music, & never fell out of love.

  5. Diego Morales

    Beautiful i love it. Kept me smiling from the beginning to the end. Majestic Kate.

  6. BlytheWorld1972

    this is not the album version this is a live version of the track most likely recorded early on in the day then she performed the full thing on film anyone who knows the album version will know this sounds nothing like it lots of groups did this for live tv work in the 70s dusty also worked like this come in early recorded the vocal then on the live night mimed to the earlier recorded vocal .

  7. Eric Petit

    My Goddess !

  8. Kai 1234

    Ok so, I’ve never noticed but is the music at the beginning in minecraft lol? Love Kate bush

  9. 万俊彦

    ★ Happy Birthday to Kate Bush ( Catherine Kate Bush , CBE )!


    Happy belated Birthday Kate Bush ✌

  10. Steph X

    Her contract said no dancing

  11. Tiuhtukkainen

    Wow I never knew this song was directly inspired by Gymnopedies! I had always suspected it though because of the similarities.

  12. Ed Fenty

    oh shit, the lyric is so freaking beautiful.

  13. Joe Flink

    3:25 That bass is almost as killer as those dimples. Almost.


    She married that bassist.

  14. Christian Vayssouze

    petite perle que kate bush

  15. lovewalruss

    Her underrated song. Lovely. Thanks.

  16. Smart Black Sheep

    I find it astounding how young she is yet how she expresses herself so freely, very beautiful.

  17. Debora A

    don't even talk to me if you don't love kate bush tbh

  18. Fabienne Deketelaere


  19. Marc HALTINER

    Great Song

  20. l.w hansen

    Isn't it it just poetry to the ears.. she plays and sings from love of her art

  21. justaguy146

    No one s like Her ... ❤️ they don t even come close to Her . Greetings from Belgium, Guy Herbiest

  22. Jack Miller

    one of my favorites <3

  23. Michael Hill

    Kate Bush must be very high on the list of national treasures - I just love this song.

  24. Michael Hill

    Kate Bush must be very high on the list of national treasures - I just love this song.

  25. Ella K

    The ost... The disappearance of haruhi suzumiya

  26. Giuliano Galvão

    Ei! ei! Minha voz continua a mesma, mas os meus cabelos... quanta diferença!

    Nome é um Constructo Social

    Ta chapado, companheiro?

  27. Caroline Lee

    Beautiful, mysterious, sensuous, intelligent . . . a class unto herself!

  28. pig willnot

    I LUV KATE !!!!

  29. Keith Rose

    Heaven sent .

  30. Steven Brunelle

    Oh god, what a beautiful beautiful beauty.

  31. Lia Summers

    Wow! Live!

  32. daniel mooij


  33. Hélène Houtzager Tick

    Long long time ago...beautiful 💕

  34. Jean Brigue

    Kate Bush is an angel. So fantastic.

  35. WalkingBlues

    Not live but this was after the tour of life, she has already proved herself and she was suppose to be resting after the tour instead she gave us this for Christmas.

  36. thomas rae


  37. jchristopher83

    Very needed symphony indeed Kate... Even in 2018


    Adoro essa música 😍

  39. luiz guilherme moreira sales

    muito bom otima música da Kate Bush

  40. Tony Sharples

    Pure genius. Legend in her own lifetime. In a class of her own - no one comes close.

  41. katja sukic

    I love KB. this song is so gentle... uuuh...

  42. Sándor Orbázi


  43. the Bride of Frankenstein


  44. WalkingBlues

    This has better vocals than the album version

  45. Kaffelnny

    Maravilhosa <3

  46. nwlman

    Lionheart my favourite Kate Album, they are all good

  47. samverpru

    One of my best songs ever

  48. Marike Brakband

    I love all her music!! Thank you so much for it.

  49. Sola Sistim

    Erik Satie and Kate Bush = Beautiful

  50. roy suherman

    her voice too small

    roy suherman

    Beelze Bub,can you tell her   that i like her?

    roy suherman

    yeess?darling?how are you beauty?any question?

    roy suherman

    sorry? just joke?i like music too..i like symphony too..and iam playing music like bon jovi,and by the way?where are you,in australia?or overseas...by the way is that your real face?cos nice looking


    By the way, her voice is supposed to be quite low in this type of song...

    Beelze Bub

    One of her greatest songs. Huge range of notes, amazing blend of classical and rock music, and very clever metaphors and sex-positive lyrics. <3

  51. andyspet

    ooooooooooooohhh, so good, cant wait to see her in august.


    yes i did,amazing best concert I've ever benn to.


    the album of the concerts coming out 25th november, you should get a copy, you'll love it.


    you welcome, say hello to brazil for me, over here in liverpool..

  52. BlueBoy9055

    Another masterpiece from Kate! Excellent!

  53. John Beecroft

    Good quality from every aspect. Thank you!

  54. Stephane Lalumiere

    trop unreal, but so good

  55. Beelze Bub

    Genius.  <3

  56. Aladdin Sane

    genius - genius - genius - from the queen of music here to reign over us

  57. christopher fujino

    this song is not performed live. she's seen using a dynamic mic, but she's obviously more concerned with mugging for the camera than directing her voice towards a dynamic microphone's narrow field of sensitivity, and the sound is of a high quality condensor mic (compare with both the singing technique and sound quality of gabriel's "here comes the flood" performance, which is live into a dynamic mic). however i agree with you that i think the tracks were recorded especially for the show.

    Franky FourFingers

    No this isn't live, you can also see she's not playing the piano, she probably felt like she has proven herself on her tour. This was maybe a few months after the tour and we're lucky that Kate decided to record a Christmas Special instead of resting, which she earned.

    Keith Rose

    christopher fujino Oh shut up !

    Jonathan Baldwin

    Music shows in those days weren’t generally live. There was no time for retakes or set up. That’s not the performer’s choice - this was light entertainment in the 70s.

  58. magentareverb

    i do love a chrimbus special

  59. BlytheWorld1972

    amazing vocal on this live clip

  60. Benjamin Lo-Fi

    Thank you for putting this up. It is a beautiful and inspiring rendition, and I've watched it many times to revive my spirits. Ben, of London Lo-Fi...thanks

  61. Sean McGarry


  62. huitzil07

    the cardigans first band on the moon, i forget the song but same melody

  63. Amani J.

    I don't think that it beats the album version, it doesn't even come close... but have mercy one me, Kate! I'm begging you.

  64. bozodeathgod

    It's so good to "get" Kate Bush.

    Love, love, love, her.

  65. Sams Ortiz Lopez

    Shakira used the intro of this song in this performance!

  66. IAmPlaysWithSquirrel

    @weemalky She has a keyboardist in the background, maybe that's why the piano track plays before she does? I've seen a similar thing happen in Alicia Keys performances, where she performs a certain song in which she doesn't play piano until towards the end of the song, and before she even sits at the piano, you can already hear the piano playing. It happens in literally EVERY performance of the song, not just one instance, and she does have a keyboardist as well.

  67. WowIndescribable

    @weemalky thanks for noticing, Wee. :-) Just watching it again (and noticing the non-playing Kate as well as the unrealistic unwavering lead vocal track) it struck me that the background vocals are all Kate (as on the album). That means this could not have been live at all. It would likely have been too difficult to have *just* the backup vocals on tape and everything else live. With all due respect to Lisa at the fan club, I think she's mistaken on this one.

  68. rainbowsalads

    what does kate sing at the end? lol :

  69. aaardvarkkk

    It continues to amaze me how she makes everything she sings seem like heaven or otherwise just extremely cool. Like most people from the States, I discovered Kate in 1984 when "Hounds of Love" came out. I immediately bought all of her previous records and was even more blown away by the unique and ingenius songs, one after another without so much as a mediocre tune to be found. Consistently amazing stuff that I still listen to frequently, and probably always will. It's almost spiritual.

  70. WowIndescribable

    Hi Symphony. I won't beleaguer the point any more than this. In my ex-professional opinion (I was a recording and radio engineer, live sound reinforcement engineer, and musician/performer) this video of Symphony in Blue is most definitely not live. The vocals are too smooth for one thing. She moves back and forth on the mic, but there is no change whatsoever in the volume or tone of her voice. Also in the very opening bar when the piano comes in, it doesn't match what she is playing. Watch it!

  71. WowIndescribable

    Being a huge KB fan since the beginning - but never having seen this before - and after watching some of the others from this special, I have come to the conclusion that this is *not* a live musical performance but the songs are also *not* the album versions.

    I'm convinced the songs were either re-recorded for this special - or (more likely because the sound is so similar to the album) they were alternate takes or remixes from the original sessions.

  72. Retrokool

    "lionheart " is a truly classic album.i love to listen to it on vinyl equipped with a glass of red.....god bless you kate.a total genius.you are in my heart...thanks for posting this

  73. rod22el

    she is my platonic love

    Evan Lanctot

    Me too!

  74. WoodRatGirl

    Definitely a 5 star performance!

  75. koolaidnhemlock

    this is so the album version... why not live. i hate that...

  76. badwolf1234

    ive got the whole of this show on dvd. it's really good quality - better than this even :)

  77. stormvixen


  78. CaptSid

    Thanks so much "Symphonyofflowers"!

  79. WednesdayMadness

    I just can't stop listening to this song!
    It's so beautifull!!
    Great Kate!

  80. Aurélio Galdino

    She is great, here in Brasil only one singer was as good as Kate and that singer is Elis Regina...

  81. Vindrag

    its definetly live and its wonderful

  82. Rachel Bretton

    I cannot tell you how this song speaks to my soul...it's just so beautiful! The chorus is righteous beyond belief. Just another reason to reaffirm my absolute LOVE of Kate!!

  83. Marinos Petratos

    AMAZING version of the song. Not much different to the impeccamble album version, but with a charming intro and a little more punch to the drums! Thanx for uploading it!

  84. addmelolz

    wait, so is she 20 years old in these xmas specials? So amazing... so talented !!

  85. Jazz Master

    so freakin' gorgeous it hurts. that smile at the end is pure magic.

    i know lionheart was rushed but it's still a great record. her worst beats other people's best anytime.