Bush, Kate - Fullhouse Lyrics

Driving back in her car.
Watching the wipers
Squashing the leaves away.
Suddenly there in the road
Is your old self,
Trying to get out of the rain.

I am my enemy
Mowing me over,
And towing the light away.
Somehow it just seems to fit
With that old me,
Trying to get back again.

Imagination sets in.
Then all the voices begin.
Telling you things that aren't happening.
(But they nig and they nag, 'til they're under your skin.)

(You've really got to)
Remember yourself.
You've got a Full House in your head tonight
(You've got to, you've got to)
Remember yourself.
Stand back and see emotion getting you uptight.

My silly pride
Digging the knife in.
She loves to come for her ride.
Surely by now I should know
I can control
My highs and my lows

By questioning all that I do,
Examining every move,
Trying to get back to the rudiments.
(If they nig and they nag, I'll just put in the boot.)

(You've really got to)
Remember yourself.
You've got a Full House in your head tonight
(You've got to, you've got to)
Remember yourself.
Stand back and see emotion getting you uptight.

Remember yourself.
You've got a Full House in your head tonight
(You've got to, you've got to)
Remember yourself.
Stand back and see emotion getting you uptight.

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Bush, Kate Fullhouse Comments
  1. Kelly14UK

    02:08 A natural beauty. And @ 03:07.

  2. Helena Leitora

    One of my fav songs ! 😁

  3. Arnaud FAUCHERE


  4. Sam Holden

    This song always reminds me of this time of year in December with the leaves in the song.

  5. Steve Pawlak

    Totally underrated, she was/is just too much artist for most to absorb.

  6. Rayisray Rayisray

    # metoo

    Rayisray Rayisray

    @Reese Morgan, I never said she was. I only speak for myself. To me, and me alone, this song speaks to me of how I have felt as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and trying to deal with it , along with 3 decades of psychological therapy.

    Reese Morgan

    @Rayisray Rayisray Oh I'm so very sorry. I didn't understand the meaning of your post. I hope that the rest of your life is filled with peace and happiness. Sending positive vibes.

    Rayisray Rayisray

    @Reese Morgan , no problem. Take care.

  7. IceMan 33


  8. Maxim Сам алле ти Ф


  9. George Ofori-Atta

    I love this. Those who enjoy trolling should stop and understand that Kate is a rare gem. Once in a lifetime... there will never be another.

    Louis Claudel

    What trolls ?

  10. MeloLand

    I love her voice!!

  11. David C

    This song is a masterpiece. It goes exactly where it shouldn't but sounds phenomenal

  12. Simply Ron

    Great pics.

  13. David C

    This song goes exactly where you don't expect it to go...a musical masterpiece

  14. Eloísa García

    I finally found it! Now, being 3:30AM I can go to sleep. Damn! This is better than I remembered. How does she do it everytime? Ugh!!!

  15. Alex Leonardo

    Can someone tell me the time signature changes? Dear God this song is impressively complex

    Christopher Batty

    In the signature changes, Kate is like Bowie - he did it too with chirp sequence annomolies. ...for both artists it REALLY works. Kate's musicians had a task sometimes, translating what she effortlessly presented to them on piano. ..all these anazing images and sounds floating in her head - singular genius.

  16. Mitch Harrelson

    Holy shit!! This song seems to shift from 4/4 to 2/4 to 3/4 to 3/8 to 4/4!!!' I would expect this from Dave Brubeck, but from someone as young as she was at the time is extraordinary !!! She is just mind blowing !!!!


    She's an absolute Genius!!!

    Christopher M. Zelonis

    Not to mention the intricate chord structure!

    Steve Pawlak

    Totally underrated, she was/is just too much artist for most to absorb.

  17. luiz guilherme moreira sales

    I am brasil i love kate Bush

  18. Spitta Andretti

    Some of us ain't gonna see tomorrow.

    Gilbert Aispuro

    I got you bruh.

  19. WalkingBlues

    Been listening to this song non stop for weeks now, the atmosphere is just perfect when it's a warm night but I guess you could say that to almost every song in lionheart


    It's cold in NJ and the atmosphere is perfect for this song also : )

  20. Christian Changer

    This song could be one of the best of Kate, if it didn't end so freaking abruptly. But still, it has great rythm and atmosphere and superb vocals, of course.


    this one and breathing I love

    Kevin Taylor

    Gew219 I think it is one of her best, even with the abrupt ending. It is the lead guitar and lyrics that get me. And of course, Kate's vocals.

  21. stjop ex

    i love this

  22. Robert Vennturaa

    This is one of my 20 fav songs ever!

  23. Bass Cover/\Guitar Cover And My Songs


  24. anders mberg

    Kate Buch... So, get My mind.....I was a fan...in my early teens....Love It....

  25. nwlman

    Lion Heart my favourite Kate Album

  26. Baz theblue

    In the leotard at1.25, wow.

  27. Alberto M. Hernández

    I'm curious about her hideous nature. I think it's somenthing very british. I also readed an interview with singer/composer Dido (not comparing), and she stated that she partly quit music because she wanted just to come back to normal, to stay with family, stay with friends, go to the supermarket, do laundry, and so on... it's a very british mindset. Both of them are londoners (well, Kate technically being from nearby Bexleyheath). While americans are more inclined to stardom, many brits have a kind of reluctancy to public exposition. I think that's linked somehow with a sense of vulnerability and a strong sense of privacy which might be strongly of cultural origin.

    Felicity Smoak

    On the contrary, Kate was never in the music industry for the fame and money, she wanted to create music. She eventually quit when she no longer wanted to produce professionally.


    ’hideous nature'? We'd just say imaginative, genius - some unsympathetically or as a kind of compliment might say 'eccentric'. A thing about the UK is that, in just about every single county, there are several stately homes, sometimes dozens. Then there are smaller but grand homes, often in a stately home kind of style, owned by business people. They're not necessarily removed from the fabric of society enjoyed by most people - some country homes are regularly open to all of the public. They exist in a country with a 'refreshing' climate of arguably just right proportions of rain and sun in places to produce lovely grass, beautiful flowers and succulent strawberries and bramble fruits. Like some other industrial countries, the UK has 3 main geographical parts - rural (to which you can arguably include seaside), city , suburb. (our towns are often basically suburban). Our suburbs are perhaps not a bedrock of patriotic respectability as they might be in, say, the USA. Ours are often boring interludes between town and country. So city and country/seaside is where our geniuses tend to come from-. e.g. Liverpool, Newcastle, rural parts of the Midlands (e.g. Shakespeare, Holst, Elgar) , and, in the case of Kate Bush, rural Kent. The UK is small enough to tour entirely, predictable enough to gain exposure on highly powerful, creative, outlets like the BBC and newspapers, and is equally interested in nostalgia and contemporary excitement. The Industrial Revolution and the railway network really steamed in to part of our psyches. Kate Bush does fulfil these British interests. You can even hear the chugging and/or whistling like a steam train in some Hounds of Love songs like the title track and Cloudbusting. The industrial and the country, the egalitarian and accessible AND the unapologetically private and rarefied, are kind of equally respected in the UK (although twee or class


    Alberto M. Hernández I... I don't think you know what hideous means.

  28. Garrett Johnson

    As much as I love her, I don't think I could mentally handle meeting her. I would probably just sob uncontrollably. She's a miracle. Great video, thanks for posting this!

    jeff Craven

    A physically beautiful woman aging, but we  boys WE ALL GET OLD. Is it time to move on? Not me. Love your sweetheart, mine just turned 62 and she's mine and I'm hers. I was born in '57 , and she in '55: two knuckleheads in love.

    Mitch Harrelson

    Garrett Johnson that's funny! But true!! I had that experience meeting Elton John!! I had a full blown panic attack and nearly passed out!!! I've met a few celebrities before but when it's someone you truly admire and respect, it's a different ballgame !!! I had so much I wanted to say and nothing came out!!!!😂

    Andy Hanrahan

    Way way back in 1982 when The Dreaming came out, she did an album signing at the Virgin Megastore in Oxford Street, London. I didn't have time to join the long line to get my copy signed, but I managed to see her. Even watching her from a distance I felt faint. I'll never forget the day I glimpsed Kate Bush! Haha

  29. Brythonic Man

    0:46, she looks fit as a butchers dog!


    Only because she is!

  30. Stefan Handzel

    świetne na zawsze! fenomen

  31. Jolly Infidel

    how good??

  32. jeff Craven

    Just ordered Lion Heart: What a blast it is back to my late teenage years. She definitely delivers the HORSEPOWER for a definitely primeval scream of monumental talent. If there ever was a Celtic Goddess, this must be Morgan in the flesh. I'm a Protestant, but if I let my imagination stray, I'd say this is Morgan herself.

    Hazel Hay


    Vet ranch

  33. jeff Craven

    Hearing her voice again, especially singing such a complicated melody with her perfect pitch is a memorable experience.

  34. jeanette williams

    i love this women

  35. Terry Yuen

    She's beautiful and far out, been one very outstanding musician singer of my time. Wonder what's she been doing. I love all her songs.

  36. AugustusLarch

    At 0:47. I had no idea how 'healthy' Kate looks here. She's already good and then it gets better.

  37. John Hyde

    Why are all the tracks stopped 30 -40 seconds or more before the end of the track? Come on youtube let's hear all of the track - it's worse than dj's who talk over the end.


    Now I realize that somehow, Kate Bush has helped me to build myself whilst other obnoxious forces were trying to push me way down under the ground!

    Jesse Ward

    Christophe THIOUX-MACIEJOWSKI tell them "Get Out Of My House!"

  39. karl spencer


  40. shadyalan1

    An absolute genius .......

  41. WaterPocket

    lol love the Jane Fonda looks :-)

  42. Ben Matthews

    No he's talking about a rapper called: "Mystikal".

  43. gonzo13743

    This song has so much happening in the background, many interesting layers.

  44. gonzo13743

    I will never, ever, get sick of listening to this woman's music.... ever.

  45. Thomas Crandall

    Wow, Kate is the mythical Slender Man at 2:35

  46. hanghang71

    i know,what i would give,that would be heaven

  47. rohanno

    I think it's because she is all real so that comes across from inside. Because some people can express the essence of who we all really are it has impact and that's what resonates so it's deeper....art is universal so you can get to the point...I happen to have a friend that can do the same thing she harnesses the embodyment of inspiration and sensuality, and get this .....she actually has the same body language, expression and looks a bit like Kate Bush how groovy is that he he

  48. noguso0721



  49. shadyalan1

    Musical perfection......

  50. evansdm2008

    What can you say about her ? How has she managed to be artistic without being pretentious ? Just the "feel" of it all tells you its something special. No need for fake personas or playing a victim... Just straight forward brilliant work.

  51. Wanye Kest

    What a masterpiece.

    Peter Parsnip

    i just tried to wipe your profile picture off my monitor

  52. Casanova Snake

    with a K not a C.

  53. Casanova Snake

    He's talking about a Rapper named "Mystical" using the first few seconds of the opening of this song in his song. Im actually here because of that song :) pretty glad i came.

  54. infinitetunes1234

    Great road tunes from Denver to Gold Hill Oregon,2004 long live Dianna..I still love you

  55. lofi73

    @PatagonianWarrior So true...That is one "Fit" young lady.Kate always was something else

  56. Cassandra Shannon

    I think that I would fall deeply in love with her if I was a man!

  57. John Conway

    @arosegrowingold Personally I think ALL of the tracks on side 2 of LH are excellent .

  58. Neurodisco77

    He is talking about the use of this song as a sample for a hip hop track
    produced or performed by Mystikal

  59. Dariusz Zimnicki

    @ThePROTO1TYPE Wiesz mam takie same odczucie, nie dzieli nas zadna bariera ani jezykowa ani spoleczna to jest to

  60. dermotoblong

    @JadedArtisan you would though wouldnt you?!

  61. John Conway

    @PhatsouL87 Yes indeed Phatsoul 87 ! He uses the intro to "Fullhouse". Take a listen to it here on YouTube - for anyone who doesn't believe it. You see ? Kate is secretly admired by many many artists and imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. "Fullhouse" is, of course, far superior to Mystikal's track.

  62. AlienArchetype

    @katebushisagenius In every way possible...

  63. AlienArchetype

    @katebushisagenius Sorry, my attempt at being humorous... I just found that picture rather stunning.

  64. AlienArchetype

    I was so overwhelmed by the beauty of this song, the genius of Kate's talent that I had to just pause for a moment at 0.46 and take a breather... a very long dizzying deep breath.

    Well, that's my excuse... what's yours?

  65. matthew sergison-main

    NIce one, now exactly what you mean, she is very moving.

  66. 77nickh77

    @PhatsouL87 still sounds fresh

  67. Wolfington

    0.45 Dear Lord...I'm going for a lie down...

  68. fister69

    i love the guitar on this track such feel

  69. DeLa MooN

    Some of her facial poses remind me of Shia Labeouf.

  70. DeLa MooN

    @PhatsouL87 Holy shit you're right mate!

  71. P-SouL87

    @Symphonyofflowers sorry this song here was used for another song. the elements in the song used for a hip hop song.

  72. P-SouL87

    wow not to take away from this wonderful song! but i just found out that this was the sample mystikal used for one of his songs. in fact the track is "aint gonna see tomorrow"

  73. Ken Ray Wilemon

    @Anarchizer It's likely you didn't know this kind of music existed before hearing Kate. She is her own style unique unto itself.

  74. Ken Ray Wilemon

    @mousef16 beautiful!!! the comfort she has brought to the cast-off men of the world...unfathomable.

  75. Citylight74

    I love it !!!

  76. zunk eleven

    This is what I call her Kabuki theatre voice.

    Kevin Taylor

    zunk eleven You have to take into consideration that Lionheart was her second album. Aging and smoking no doubt, have given her a darker tone to her voice now.

  77. TheBoondoggler

    The absolute pinnacle of musical artistry and female sensuality, really.

  78. Citylight74

    Interesting lyrics, cool music...

  79. IAmPlaysWithSquirrel

    Love, love, love LOVE this woman!

  80. Immasx

    Agreed. The catalogue of Kate is incredible, varied and intense. Such Is Life.

  81. Alessio Lehgo


  82. Alex Cummins

    @Lissiana100 i have listened to the whole kick inside cd almost every day this summer! what is one of your favorite tracks?

  83. Alex Cummins

    @latania2005 haha i do too every day but with a girl like her, i can believe it!

  84. francesco lobina

    @Ratchetchan I think this song is very hard to put into any category, like many others of her

  85. Joebbel

    Great Song, Great Lyrics, strange but I love it!

  86. never4everuk

    this song is so special to me for personal reasons, the guitars are great too!

  87. hdm67

    Kate is one artist that I have to listen to every single day. It reminds me that music really can be this good and so diverse. I love all of her work. I will say though, the album I listen to the least is The Red Shoes. Anyone else struggle with that album?

  88. Carpet

    so harmonically demanding. pure genius.

  89. Padraig Grimley

    just deep

  90. Steerpikey

    now that I actually *read* the lyrics this song changes like Escher's graphic mindtrick (as in duck turning into granny)

  91. kittens

    she's amazing
    love her music

  92. Neptuneman07

    Excellent album track. Should've been the leading single from "Lionheart".

  93. Kyle Johnson

    One of my favourites.
    I can strongly relate to what the lyrics describe.

  94. Gonzalo Rodriguez

    One of my favorite songs, that beautiful voice!

  95. DragonBuddah

    Great song, great lyrics, great pics. Thank you! WOW

  96. DragonBuddah

    this one has great pics as well