Bury Tomorrow - You & I Lyrics

This has been shown to you and I, a path with faith and fear beside us
The weight of love and hate we bare will give the answers
Our path is made, determination to make it through
And so, hand in hand we walk this forest floor
Doomed to be apart for evermore
I gave my life for you

This has been shown to you and I
And you don't know and you can't see,
where the answers have been taking me [x2]

I am the one to bend backwards again, like you heard this before
Why won't you answer me, why won't you answer me

This has been shown to you and I, the path with faith and fear beside us
The weight of love and hate we bare will give the answers

This is a turning point, determination is just a farse
And so, our hands have strayed apart
This forest trail, led us back to the start
Doomed to be apart, for evermore

This has been shown to you and I
And you don't know and you can't see,
where the answers have been taking me [x2]

Sick of the sight, we are doomed to be apart
Doomed, we are doomed, to be apart, for evermore

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Bury Tomorrow You & I Comments
  1. Danny Carmack

    I found it again, after all these years. This has been shown to you and I.

  2. Reign of Ragnar

    Black Flame Tour 🔥

  3. jolien.b

    Black flame tour brought me here!

    dennis bukowski

    what they played it live? :O They never did on the shows I attended


    @dennis bukowski yes, they played this song in the netherlands a few days ago

    Reign of Ragnar

    Fuck yes can't wait to hear this again

  4. Levente Sorc

    1:21 whaaaaat

  5. Feeh Fatalis

    Leloo!! Capoeira caralho!

  6. Leonardo Herrero

    Marcus "Lelo" Aurelio

  7. Carlos Argudo Escriba

    I bought this album when they came to Valencia (Spain) and i got it all signed by them! Amazing!

  8. Rafael Dias

    Aqui é BR powa!!!

  9. Igor Oliveira

    LELO capoeira

  10. Gandalfluffy

    man I need this on Spotify

    joel mason

    Gandalfluffy it used to be! not sure where this album went


    yeah, word up

    Alistair Watkinson

    Sorry im late to the party, ill ask next time i see them, im sure jason said it was to do with the record companys licensing/contract or something

  11. bullerensh11t

    First song i heard with them, been hooked ever since!


    my first song I heard was man on fire and since then I've bought all four albums

    Isaac Duplantis

    My first BT song was Lionheart. Now I'm convinced there will never be a better band than these guys.

  12. André


  13. O grande Dave

    Paranauê , Paranauê Paraná.....

  14. Nathanael Pereira

    Só vim atrás da música por causa do vídeo do Marcos Aurélio. xd
    Capoeira no MMA! AQUI É BRASIL PORRA!
    HUE BR.

    João Paulo

    eu tbm kkkkkkkkk

    Willgner Lima

    eu tbm vim por isso kkk

  15. Jonathan Alex Music


  16. Fellipe Rodrigues dos Santos

    Unica musica q eu gostei da banda


    @Fellipe Rodrigues dos Santos Essa banda é ruim cara

    João Pedro

    +Fellipe Rodrigues dos Santos realmente pesquisei todas essa é a única boa.

    Eduardo Patrick

    pesquisou?...Earth bound,Linhoert,Royal Bllod,Her bones....

  17. J Bravenboer

    Already 6-7 years ago i used to message with these dudes on myspace. HAHA

    Haisen Razzle

    @J Bravenboer Really? :o

    J Bravenboer

    @Haisen Razzle Yeah pretty funny, was like their second time they visited europe and shit.


    I miss these days... Waking up doing nothing and llooking for YouTube messages :D And one day I received a message from them :D

    Bryan Lenihan

    J Bravenboer Now 10

  18. Gabriel Monteiro

    great for training!

  19. Sopalizando U_U

    pareçe killswitch engage :V

  20. Lucas Ribeiro

    capoeira? asuhasuhsa

  21. Magno Helmer

    The best song of the Band. B E S T !

  22. Adriano Gomes

    Cadê os huehue br tô aqui por causa da capoeira

    Nathanael Pereira

    Só vim por causa do vídeo do Marcos Aurélio. xD
    Hue br.

    Mazin Elshazali

    lo mismo

  23. Débora Tamires

    Carai foda demais <3 melhor canção que já ouvi *---*!!!

  24. Elias Westrin

    Long time ago I heard someone doing false chord screams and growls in a metalcore band <3 I am impressed, and I love it! 

  25. Mike Miller

    Dude, for me, this is the sickest group since Pantera. Period.

  26. Joilson Sales

    Muito foda

  27. Ivan Costa

    EU vejo Br's por todos os lados \O/ kk

  28. Njord

    like this? You should try Arcite - For The Night...

  29. MrThaurosBR

    best song

  30. Paulo Vitor

    Br Hue Hue Br

    Paulo Vitor

    @Babí Miranda :3

    Nathanael Pereira

    Br hue hue.

  31. Damien Bell

    awesome band

  32. John James

    sounds insanely similar to As I Lay Dying...

    matt rowe

    i completley agree

    Dezuyate Zuya

    What? Not at all 😳

  33. Judge Dredd

    I'm not into Metal at all but I fuckin DIG the melodic parts, this dude kills it on the mic, his voice is beautiful...RESPECT !

  34. Junge mit Herz

    Love this

  35. Nio travassos

    Postei no meu face, achei massa a banda ^^ !!!

  36. LoadingScreenTips

    heard this song somebody put on a brasilian mma fighter... this song is sick!!

    fermin hernandez rueda

    Ahuevo marcus aurelio

    Dylan Du Toit

    @KnifeParty510 R Same here man!! :D

    Gabriel Sang

    @KnifeParty510 R Capoeira RULEZ


    @KnifeParty510 R You, me too!

    Alexander Olmos

    @KnifeParty510 R Me too jajaja

  37. adomin 22

    haven't listened to what i think is metal in a while, good to hear this type of music every now and then. this is epic.

  38. Melodic Hormones

    im yet to hear a better album in this genre for quite some time.

  39. fendy Ortiz

    One of the best songs from them.!.!

  40. Léo Franclin

    \o/ Very Good! Deserves a clip it is fair.

  41. Beata Berdyga

    Amazing :_)

  42. Delsin G

    webmemes.org(creepymegusta) bueeeeeniisimaa