Bury Tomorrow - Watcher Lyrics

I am forever the watcher,
Oath Sworn protector,
Foretold your Saviour,

I won't abandon you,
I cannot lose you,
I won't throw this hope away,
the hope you once knew,

I pray this sickness never ends.
I will not leave you, to suffer at the hands of sin.
If I were silenced, your name, I would still speak it.

There isn't a moment that you will leave my eyes
as you become faint in person
you're stronger in my mind,
So, Fight the demon inside,

Let go, let others take control,
the poison will drain
and the possession will lose its hold,

And I will never abandon you,
I cannot ever lose you

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Bury Tomorrow Watcher Comments
  1. Anthony Risso

    The low vocals from this guy is fuckin insane. The cleans aren't fuckin gay like almost every other metalcore band nowadays. This is pure emotion.

  2. CharlieConwayFTW

    That’s a sprinting circle pit to open this song

  3. Никита Кореньков

    Why BT haven't lives recorders on album? It will be so cool..

  4. Emerson Viana

    Algum BR?

  5. SeekAndExplore

    Trina sent me here.

  6. Joseph Bastidas

    Goddamn this whole is has that classic, old-school metalcore vibe. Those riffs are so catchy I love this

  7. Ezgi Calis

    Clean voice suits this song.

  8. darkslayer666999

    am i the only one who feels they didnt play this riff enough in the song? 0:25 and 2:10 its honestly the only reason i like this song, yet they only play it like twice lol

  9. Hail No Hero

    jamming this while getting the runes symbol as a tattoo C;

  10. Santiago Medrano

    Have 3 years passed so quickly? God, this band is fucking killer!

  11. MemoryMisread

    I'm gonna end up breaking my neck to this one day

  12. Will Viana

    musica show

  13. The Riddler

    I won't throw this soap away!

  14. Kyle Lynn

    Much love from California🤘🏻🤘🏻

  15. John Viveiros909


  16. Thomas Lee

    fucking blows me away each and every time

  17. Marco Polo

    Those damn europeans don't know what's good. THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! I truly believed they were famous O.o How come they're not?


    +Marco Polo don't even know what that means. metal core vibes are from usa, florida influence. new york hardcore is quite different but still usa so what's the matter. scandinavia metal has a different story obviously, eastern is heavy grind or thrash, but not better or worse. there are fags who dislike stuff randomly, ignore and keep listening with those who have some empathics left

    Aaron Clyne

    +Unguided Reaper I don't know if you want to be using success as a synonym for quality when you're comparing Amon Amarth to Justin Bieber, because I don't remember Amon Amarth having many #1 worldwide hits...


    +Cam Cook But these guys are European, so.....what are you guys even fighting about?


    haha lol. well, UK band. dunno if you can call it european. depends on metalheads

    Leanne Elve

    Firebreath56 now this is a legitimate fight considering Britain's Eu referendum result 😑

  18. Insanity Man

    saw them last year they were fucking awesome!!!!

  19. Chris Zimmerman

    Pretty sick

  20. Jan Chytrý

    1:47 addictive...

  21. first name surname

    Love this band <3

  22. blackknightkanos

    I like what I hear.

  23. Eldaris12

    Come to Hungary again pls :(

  24. Stalk

    OH. MY. FUCK. 3:20-4:10 just fucking melted my face. Soooooo EPIC.

  25. Dark Summit

    Bury Tomorrow are a five piece British melodic metalcore band from Southampton, Hampshire, England.

    9 minutes away from where I live ;o was a mate of my mate. They've done very well for themselves, keep it up guys!

  26. Penny Layne

    As a professional couch-potatoer, I can proudly use this as my theme song when i enter the room and sit in my couch to watch TV. 25 years and still going hard, watching TV like a true couch potatoer. :3

  27. Sonny Etchell

    3:21 *easgasms*!!!

    Zak Pemberton

    +Sonny Etchell Whats an easgasm?


    +Zakass Of 'Murica It's an eargasm so powerful you can't write properly anymore.

    Zak Pemberton

    @Sandy Fair enough.

  28. Jahamorro

    I can not lose yoooouuuu <3

  29. Shinigami_Kai

    I just found these guys through a crossfaith video and these guys just got a new fan!! Loving the vibe from them!!!!!!!!!

  30. rocktgwn

    surprisingly epic :) finally some good metalcore

  31. jhon caldas

    gran banda =)

  32. Adam Marshall

    This should've been the lead single, kind of harks back to the first album in some ways which I like.

  33. Joshua Anderson

    Clean Vocals sound like Dayseeker

  34. darkesthour2009

    Been waiting for new BT for ages! Love it!!!

  35. eFrance o6


  36. SlashpLOder

    3:21 nuff said

  37. himelodykek

    the new album is something special, definitely one of the best of 2014, every single song is excellent, which is very very rare!! amazing work

  38. Ryan Grafinski

    album leaked 

  39. Noam Asulin

    I'm sssooooooooo excited for this one . Going to buy the deluxe for sure!

  40. Mateo Jackson

    It's like if ABR had clean vocals, damn good clean vocals.

    Karsten Sinn

    I think I disagree.  The drumming is marginally different. 

  41. Doc Mosh



    It's beautiful, I see metalcore is in good hands. I'm glad these guys didn't become sell outs like so many bands these days.


    Legend says that after the gig they are selling their merch at some spots. You can go there, buy their merch, take a photo or just talk to them :D Besides they are freaking epic! Listening to this band since their very beginning.

  43. Nathan Brown

    Shaping up to be an amazing album. I can't wait!

  44. Christopher G.

    You guys are bad ass regardless of what the critics and cynics may say. Keep doing your thing. The day this album releases in the US i'll be buying it and blasting it as loud and as often as I can so other people will buy it too. I fucking love you guys. 

  45. Marco Giacon

    The opening is just insane!

  46. happy15551

    Can't Wait!!!!!!!!!

  47. Gonnyjreens

    His scream is so much more vicious and crazy then they're older stuff which is what i like, He goes hard as fuck. Perfect sound for them is gonna be this album.

  48. Blindeyes Bleed

    Looking forward to this so much!

  49. artem arlovsky

    the solo at 3:45 is amazing!

  50. Lucas Henrique

    Who watches the Watchmen?

  51. Blake

    shivers on the cleans every time with Bury Tomorrow.

  52. Xin

    Oh... wow..... great song

  53. Daniel Winkle

    fucking amazing. cannot stop playing this

  54. Anthony Armstrong

    They always get a little bit better while sticking to their original style

  55. Dustin Nuttall

    Finally, they're coming out with a new album. I love those cleans, still as good as they were before.

  56. felipe gaviria

    can anybody tell me where could i get all albums?

  57. Kars Landman

    Album will drop before 27th april

  58. Rockitty

    50 people don't know, what's good music.

  59. avv1000

    for some reason i never seem ot like singles on any album.


    wait until another song comes out and then play both singles at the same time and you will have yourself a double

  60. Makayla m

    Just curious, are they a christian band?


    no, they're not

  61. Peter Brian

    This band is such amazing *-*

  62. 7Hate0

    Bury Tomorrow, Today!

  63. Jan L. Rose

    blows my mind again just like I expected it to..... they are still the best <3

  64. BLVRD beats

    This band has the best lyrics I've ever heard

  65. Holly Bobbins

    bury tomorrow never fail to let anyone down. they have techical bits, melodic bits, heavy bits, beautiful clean vocals, dani's heavier vocals are amazing.... they are perfect. this song is mint!

  66. Eddie Vazquez

    Holy.Shit. This band never disappoints. Their ability to consistently put out amazing albums rivals that of As I Lay Dying. Probably even that of August Burns Red.


    AILD are/were metalcore gods, nothing beats the powerless rise.

    Benz Skyes

    also parkway drive

  67. James OBrienNZ

    YO they still got it

  68. ZedorDead

    One of few new bands I like they remember what a lead guitar is supposed to do with actual riffs not just breakdowns

  69. DSkehan2004

    This song has some parts where it's the way how music used to sound like. :)

  70. HoldenTench96

    Thank you Metal Hammer.

  71. Belaluddin874

    In my opinion the clean vocals sound weak. I know Jason can do so much better than that. Not really fond of this but I'm loving the old school feel to it.

  72. Nikita Ember

    the fuck is wrong with uncleans ?

    Callum Furey

    @Nikita Ember Absolutely nothing

    Nikita Ember

    @Callum Furey are you completely deaf or what? He sounds horrible.

    Callum Furey

    @Nikita Ember he really doesn't that's the thing

  73. Adam Wiley

    this is great their new guitar player is sick

  74. Alex Richards

    Incredible song !

  75. Francisco Callejas


  76. Nathan Beasley

    I wonder how much wasted energy is exerted on trying to classify any bands sound in the most diverse genre on this planet? Jam more, care the fuck less. 

  77. tiesfa

    Underrated, but their time will definately come!
    Keep up the good work!

  78. †OdiNi† DE

    Another great Song from them!

  79. LeadKirschi

    Came back and wanted to like it... some asshole already did.

  80. Sam Manning

    All I'm saying is, roll on Runes. Never been so stoked for an album from BT, I have a feeling this is going to be next level compared to TUOC. I'm Pre-ordering that straight away. I hope they do the bundle packs like they did with TUOC, wouldnt mind some more merch! 

  81. Angelo Benjamin .Burnley

    Whic symbol is this ?

    Liu Brazaitis

    I do believe it's the Othala, and the Ingwaz

  82. Matt Sandwell

    I love this band but the screams are pretty much terrible overall, which is a shame

    Sam Manning

    Huh? You love this band, yet Danni is consistent with his vocal skills in every album? If you think they're terrible in this song, you have to accept that you think they're terrible in every single other song they have made..... Backwards guy.

  83. Arthur Ramalho

    I wonder if the BT is a Christian band, I'm in doubt because of this song and also because of An Honourable Reign, or if it is equal to We Came As Romans that only passes positive message to the fans, or if the band itself is not Christian ... I do not know, someone could answer me please

  84. Ian Gough

    Reminds me a lot of their 'Portraits' cd (which apparently a lot of people have forgotten). I'm stoked, to say the least :) One of the best songs released by them is Her Bones in the Sand I think (opinion).


    Truth. That's such a good track

  85. Alex Jauregui

    I dont know what the fuck you guys are talking about the screams are perfect!!! The song is great bury tomorrow is still perfect dont know what the fuck people are saying that bury tomorrow are back they never lost it every album has been perfect this one is gana be the same :)

    Sam Manning


  86. George Todd

    Such a tune

  87. Kain

    Супер сингл!

    Дмитрий Алексеевич

    Да, мощно. 

  88. Jesus von Nazaret

    looking forward to the album

  89. Thomas Abbott

    pretty obvious who wrote the music for the band i guess :/

  90. Tim Long

    38 people have no taste

  91. Waeys

    Pretty good song, though I had expected better. The kick drum is too weak..

  92. alex lawson

    I am thoroughly impressed with this. They are such a great band, but this is their best work yet.

  93. I KNO DE WEY

    I don´t really like dani´s screaming which sucks because everything else is sick as fuck

  94. dgj91

    This is amazing

  95. chemicalcottoncandyy

    His voice <3

  96. Vanessa Juarez


  97. rantalajami

    That guitar sound at the end! Woah gave me chills! Anyway awesome song and band cool new sound i love it!:)

  98. David Soez

    I like this band a lot' great sound. I specially like the shredding at 3:21



    James Postlethwaite

    Shredding has no objective definition, some May class tapping as a from of shredding :P