Bury Tomorrow - Overcast Lyrics

Take it, with you to the dark
Trace this back so far
It is ending, ending slowly for you
Let me take you back, to the place and the time, when everything went black
Let me take you there, do you remember how it feel that icy cold stare?
Do you honestly believe you're safe, close to the unknown
Are you certain you're not running scared from your hell?

He has murderous intent
I am certain of this
It will never be the same
It will never be the same

He has murderous intent
I am certain of this
It will never be, it will never be the same

Take it, with you to the dark
Trace this back so far
It is ending, ending slowly for you

So how do you feel? If you really do at all
I'm not sure if your ready for the fall
Find yourself some shelter, live with your denial
Run from it, hide from it and think of it no more

He has murderous intent
I am certain of this
It will never be the same
It will never be the same

He has murderous intent
I am certain of this
It will never be, it will never be the same

For forgiveness, do you feel it too?
This is more than hate, this is murder
This is murder!

He has murderous intent
I am certain of this
It will never be the same
It will never be the same

He has murderous intent
I am certain of this
It will never be

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Bury Tomorrow Overcast Comments
  1. Saustall Punk Rock

    im stoned right now... in this shit is kickung in so heavily!! what an ingenious and eclectic band!!

  2. Luiz Felipe

    Surpreendendo cada vez mais
    Muitooo fodaaa essa musica

  3. Shen unwichtig

    falling in love with jasons cleans

  4. Josh Thomas

    One of the best breakdowns I’ve heard 🤘🤘🤘

  5. Jesco Thielhorn

    just awesome ! pls come to germany

  6. connorism69

    I feel as though the clean vocal sections could be better. He has a fantastic voice, but I don't find much of what he ends up singing very catchy or enveloping. I think he got it right in Black Flame and a few other songs, but I couldn't get into this one, as good as the harsh vocals were.

  7. Unholy Miloskie

    THIS IS MORDOR! 2:55

  8. Andrew Dockrill

    Man this song would have been so perfect and appropriate at the end of the new Halloween movie that just came out.

  9. senyoret Core

    3:00 Makes me feel horny 😏

  10. kick Drumz

    The metal endorphins just released in my head

  11. Courtney Rose

    These LYRICS!!!!! Genious👌🏼 vocals, sound..everything is on POINT!!!! ❤️❤️

  12. DWadeTIG

    “This is Mordor!!!!!!!”

  13. Justin Burrell

    They kinda remind me of Killswitch Engage! I love this though!


    Damn, this song is hitting me hard

  15. Kuza

    what is the meaning behind the lyrics?

  16. Marco Baldini

    One of their best songs ever

  17. Isaac Duplantis

    Anybody else see Leonidas kicking someone down a hole at 2:55?

  18. Isaac Duplantis

    That Breakdownnnnn! Shhhhitttt!!!

  19. Jesse Jiaxin

    this is my favourite song from Black Flame (though I love all the tracks in black flame - hell I don't think I have a single track from BT that I dislike!), they combined metal and emotions so well in this song. It is definitely the song that is heavy af but makes you feel emotional at the same time. now I know why I'm so emotionally attached to BT's songs <3
    Jason's voice is so magical in this song, for those of you who are commenting negatively about his vocals, I think he did a good job in this album - NO, please don't try to argue with me by giving me your amazingly articulated reasons

    Jesse Jiaxin

    Glad that someone finally agrees with me! Can't wait to see them live in December!!


    The album reminds me of Evanescence’s self titled album in 2011 a little bit. The same echoey clean vocals, the atmosphere of the synth, the only difference is that Evanescence put out 4 amazing tracks and the rest of them were crap while Bury Tomorrow put out tracks that PALE in comparison to Evanescence’s 4 but the entire album is pretty good. NOT AS GOOD AS RUNES, but still good! :)

    Jesse Jiaxin

    @havoren agree with you that Black Flame does not have a single bad song. Also I really like Runes for some reason, but I cant say that is their best album because I like the other albums as much as well!


    Runes is my favorite album by Bury Tomorrow, but it's STILL not a perfect album mainly based on the fact that it's TOO bloated. It has more songs I love off of it than the other albums do, if The Union Of Crowns was better produced at the time then I think it would be BT's best album to date.

    Declan Greenleaf

    I found this band through Black Flame, and I'm here *specifically* for Jason's vocals.

  20. Ella Rose

    The best song on the album I’m in love

  21. Giancarlo Vizcardo Valdivia

    definitely this is my song :(

  22. Max Pain

    This album is insane thing

  23. defekt

    love the new album <3

  24. Rita Pedro

    i never really listened to BT until about a month ago... but i have to say that a band that can evolve to make a song like this, is worth so much. Definitely buying this album :)

  25. Tay S


  26. epsilonXp

    fucking awesome

  27. dynatwenty

    the overall quality of every song is impressing. worth a buy !

  28. shregivlogs

    is overcast and peacekeeper dealing with suicide and its causes?

  29. Trevor S

    A song about the weather? That’s fuckin metal

  30. Stay Rekt

    Am I the only one who feels an alternative rock/metal vibe in this song ?

  31. Ay Jay

    what a song!

  32. Zakillor



    Zakillor or “This is mierda!!!”

  33. Joseph Bastidas

    Aaaayyy that T2 outro

  34. Lycan

    Oh my god THIS CHORUS


    Metal core is becoming great again


    Joseph Bastidas and AILD


    Not as great as 2014’s metalcore. Or even 2013’s metalcore to an extent.

    Bryan Lenihan

    havoren I disagree 2015 was the rise of good metalcore imo


    Bryan Lenihan
    Then you’re an idiot! 2015 was the start of the Dark Ages of metalcore. Sure you’ve got Periphery and even Northlane to an extent that has made great metalcore albums, but you’ve also got some REALLY terrible shit like LMTF, PWD, BTF, etc.

    Bryan Lenihan

    havoren For me why I say that is because when I think 2014 MC I think rise of the lion by miss may I then when I think 2015 I think Deathless which is my favorite album by them then in 2016 you had deathgrip by fit for a king

  36. Matt Mullins

    2:57 !!!!!!!!!!

  37. Onside English

    Absolutely superb!

  38. JAY

    I see you at download festival Paris, YOU ARE TO AMAZING ON SCENE !!!

  39. AlcoholicThing '

    I really hope one day see this guys on the top of the world. The best metalcore band ever

  40. EJ2K

    This album is fucking amazing. See you guys in December!!

  41. Negativity


  42. weissale

    OHHH YEEES :D see ya in december :)

  43. Madein81

    Jesus fucking Christ almighty. Amazing

  44. Muleque de Vila

    Perfect 🇧🇷♥️🖤

  45. Angus Wells


  46. Matt Tucker

    This song is amazing <3

  47. ShftingSpudEyes

    My jaw dropped when i saw the notification...been waiting for this..awesome work

  48. Aylê Roqueiro

    YES!!!!!! <3 \m/

  49. Bryan Lenihan

    How the fuck aren't these guys massive this is how you make modern metalcore and that breakdown❤❤❤

  50. John Saxonis


  51. Elton Johnny

    I love this album ❤🎧💿

  52. JN Perez

    I love the overcast weather... as well as this song!


    JN Perez ew fuck that, SUNSHINE ALL DAY!

    Fresh Peppers

    I personally like partially cloudy with slight wind. Perfect for me to go outside and entertain myself with a random branch that fell of a tree for a bit.

  53. José Augusto dos Santos


  54. Alves 0097

    The famous eargasm 💙💙💙💜

  55. Kadú Guimarães

    Essa banda tá me deixando doido kkkk perfeita

  56. Engineer

    Fuck yeah

  57. Frank Mattingly

    Let's go!

  58. Rosalie

    Yes lads!

  59. Mitch Tanton

    Omg! Never smashed a notification so fast xD