Burl Ives - I'm The Boss Lyrics

Before a man marries, one thing he should get straight:
Who is the captain, who is the first mate
To mop standing up or to scrub on his knees
A man's entitled to decisions like these

I'm the boss
There's no doubt of it
I'm the boss
And I'm proud of it
I make the decisions and mine is the final one
Don't tell me how the dishes should be done

My woman and I we live in tranquillity
Don't ask how to spell it; I'm not nobility
I say men are smarter and my woman agrees
What I cook for supper should be up to me

He's the boss
There's no doubt of it
He's the boss
And I'm proud of it
I make the decisions and mine is the final one
Don't tell me how the dishes should be done

Take my advice, friend: stay in the driver's seat
You give her an inch and you're doomed to defeat
Let her know you're the boss. Man can't live on his knees
Fold the baby's diapers any way that you please

I'm the boss
There's no doubt of it
I'm the boss
He's so proud of it
I make the decisions and mine is the final one
Don't tell me how the dishes should be done

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Burl Ives I'm The Boss Comments
  1. Sean Varnerin

    It's easy to understand with songs like this how men of a certain age became how they are. (or were) I mean, this song is friggin hilarious, but.. wow

  2. junkman19571

    go MGTOW for a happy life...and leave the bitches to fend for themselves...

  3. patentpumps

    One of Burl's  best.  I know of  many marriages/partnerships where "the boss"  is the one doing the  work. Love it!!! Always  have!!!

  4. John Jurkewicz

    i love it

  5. Darryl C Preston

    It took a while, but I finally figured out breakfast plus dishes plus diapers. Some days, if I get out soon enough, she even gives me a lift part way to work, on her way to the nearest casino.

  6. Sean L

    The man is the head of the household.

  7. johnny llooddte


  8. Gerard Larkin Haverstock

    I seen Burl Ives a long time ago in Glasgow City concert hall.

  9. jjustjj

    Uh ohhhh...

  10. Pale Rider1861

    I'm the boss, and proud of it.
    Nothing more need be said.

  11. Stephen Richards

    I"m the boss of the house and i have my wife's permission to say so.....

  12. Rebecca Jean

    Where can I find a man like this ?
    I like a man to wash dishes and cook

    johnny llooddte

    marrryyy meee dear..
    doc johnny

  13. Caleb Whittington

    Every woman needs to listen to this. 

  14. Ewa-Britt Nilson

    No one can take your place!
    You are N:o One Man!

  15. jeff werner

    an interesting sampler of burl...hadn't  previously heard it....I like it !

  16. Clifford Gillott

    Top tune am the boss 

  17. joequirk

    I'm offended! This song is misandrous! It makes the husband sound stupid! Plus it's prejudiced against people with zero sense of humor!

    Sandra Hall

    bet your a barrel of laughs at a party


    You sound like a real party pooper ...

  18. junesman

    I have maintained that this is so in my house for the past 44 years! "Isn't that right, honey? Ok, I'll be right there." Gotta go now.

  19. Pablorich1

    First time I have heard this one. Thank you!

  20. Ann Riggs

    Oh I get it, it's a joke. He's the one doing the dishes. Ha, that's a good one.

  21. bigoldinosaur

    Another great Burl Ives song I have uncovered.

  22. junkman19571

    @gremlinuk1968 ask her if you can have a divorce...lol

  23. CH3MIS7RY

    Burl has the holly-jolliest pimp-hand I know. But seriously, folks...there's a subtle joke in the lyrics...Burl just THINKS he's the boss.

  24. Maj-Brith H

    Great lyrics!

  25. anthony giovanetti

    he's definatley not pussy whiped.

  26. gremlinuk1968

    great song ,, am the boss,, but not if you have a wife like i have,,! ;-(

  27. holly seymour

    This answers so many questions I have always had about a Couple sets of parents in my family! LOL! I LOVE THIS SONG!!! Thanks for the upload

  28. sir_gaz

    This guy is such a boss, knows exactly what he wants and how things should be done.

  29. mobrules29

    You can't be The Boss and Mr. In-between at the same time!

  30. Diogenes1360

    Womans Rights! Ya Right! go go daddiee oo ! burl !

  31. Caleb Stutesman

    This song isnt about misogny at all...its about him having to do all the work and hes tellign his wife not to tell him how to do it...so he thinks hes the one makign the desicions...when hes really not

  32. krr1260

    Sounds like an early version of the "man song" to me! Thanks for the grin.

  33. Chrotisofus

    He's tha boss.

  34. siskavard

    Someone's sleepin in the DOG HOUSE tonight!

  35. LivBD

    Love his music. Such a sweet man!

  36. verbusen

    Funny song, he is still doing the dishes and folding the diapers! LOL. Great guy, thanks for the post!

  37. barrygioportmorien1

    I like to think of it as tongue in cheek, rather than misogny.

  38. William Baker

    Burl was a great singer as well as his acting in great movies