BUNT. - Old Guitar Lyrics

Well play me baby like an old guitar
I don't care when you stop and you start
My days are lonely and my nights are hard
So play me baby like an old guitar

Hit me honey like a beat up drum
All the way 'til your hands go numb
All the way back to where I'm from
So play me baby like an old guitar

Sing me like an old love song
Baby take me everywhere you run
It's been too long, too long
Since I felt young

They tell me I was built to last
And they tell me that the storms will pass
So use me up and use me back
They tell me I was built to last

Hit me honey like a beat up drum
All the way 'til your hands go numb
All the way back to where I'm from
So play me baby like an old guitar

Sing me like an old love song
Baby take me everywhere you run
It's been too long, too long
Since I felt young

Sing me like an old love song
Baby take me everywhere you run
It's been too long, too long
Since I felt young

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BUNT. Old Guitar Comments
  1. Ed ArmWrestling

    Bunt’s song are awesome.
    Truly deserve to be known more

  2. Fer CC

    Is the song of the gods

  3. Player Zero

    Copa América 2016 best moments

  4. faze up

    This song is so fucking good

  5. CuernoFerreo1

    Avicii!! They are connected with him!

  6. Nate Hollinger

    wish there was a tutorial for how to play the chords on the guitar

  7. Izul Dexter

    Mason mount tammy abraham bring me here..lol ..like if u same

  8. Core Z11

    this song is underrated

  9. Đức Đậu Việt

    Have any one here watch a vid about fifa world cup 2018 had edited with this song?

  10. Siddharth Reddy Beduduri

    The most beautiful song I have ever listened to😍😍😍😍. I just keep daydreaming about myself playing for Manchester United whenever I listen to this song 😍😍😍😍

  11. أخيل

    Missed this taste of music ❤

  12. Hoàng Trung


  13. noahsduck 4

    Such an amazing style! Anyone still listening in 2019?


    love it

  15. Cameron Larson

    2019 anyone? Great song! :)

  16. Tu Tu


  17. Blue_moon35

    And that

    was 2016 lol and that was like 3 years lol

  18. Blue_moon35

    Jeez I forgot about this until I was eating my dinner and then i remembered song was on musically lol☺️

  19. HuBBa BuBBa

    You are awesome guys!

  20. reynaldii _

    If you like this song please subscribe

  21. manuel vavassori

    Anyone listen it in 2019?

    noahsduck 4

    No one apparently xdxdxdxdxd. Jk I am

  22. Bishal Dè

    Masterpiece 😍

  23. Ronaldo

    most underrated song

  24. asdfg jklşi

    Wyh im still here ?????

  25. Anil Harshaliya

    Football song.........😊😍😍😎

  26. Ade Larde

    Gue kesini krn liat postingan Stefano Lilipaly

  27. Tuấn Nguyễn

    Thích bunt. Vì nhạc rất có chất

  28. Fadil Muhammad

    got this song from videos arsenal skills and goals 🔴

  29. Daragh Rafferty

    Have had this on repeat, haven’t left the pub!!!

  30. Momux

    Avicii is still alive 💕🔥

  31. L K


  32. LukeXV

    Ihr seid geile schrauber!

  33. Kermit the frog

    Dear youtube viewers.
    You all have failed. Now why does this amazing channel only have 13 thousand subscribers?!?! That makes no sense at all. Oh wait, youtube did that thing where they unsubscribe people from channels. This one must be a hotspot for that error. I mean this sounds like a 2-3 million sub channel. Well just subscribe them back youtube.

  34. Mohamed Hichem

    december 2018

  35. jim flap

    Still listening to it... <3

    Fernando Cavara

    What your favorite team

  36. Marino Gojak

    World Cup movie. Check it out great use of song

  37. SkyRedKing Official

    Thanks Pandora.

  38. きむらたろう

    gooood !!

  39. saqlain rocky

    one epic song bro

  40. M3rtis info

    like it

  41. rachel manley

    And where have you been hiding?!?? Well done. This is music sounds like a current 2018 Simon and Garfunkel 👌

  42. STUDIO M S C

    dude i have also channel in YouTube so where u get the rare football clips please tell bro

  43. Raina Jadison

    Most underrated

  44. iTzM4t4d0R gamer

    The my like nou of ras

  45. Alejandro EM

    Muy animadora la música ❤

  46. kinghailz786

    This is on every football compilation video

  47. Luke Belch

    This song is my shit

  48. IqkmalAMV

    I like this song

  49. Tú Quốc Trung

    Nice ❤❤❤

  50. yusufh 09

    My favorite song

  51. shroomingo-

    Ha Country Music 🎧

  52. shroomingo-

    What kind of guitar is this played on? cuz i wanna learn it✌🏽

  53. Ozi Oktaviano

    I thought this is was avicii's song

  54. meow wifi

    I used to listen to song 24on24 back then, also I don't know why the drums always reminded me of avicii peace to his soul

  55. Stewart Cardenas

    Bunt is magic 2018 ¡¡!!!¡¡¡!

  56. robertojooj


  57. Letz Fr3ks HD

    I love this song (:

  58. Florentyna Rani

    EDM and Country ❤ please do more of these. enjoying it so much. ❤

  59. Parn


  60. Basshead808

    Heard this in an arsenal team goals video:)

  61. Farkas Zalko

    OMG that song dropped up my feels it changed my day❤️❤️thx BUNT.!!!


    Nice on

  63. Knight-Lieutenant Fields

    Where can I buy this that isn't iTunes? Apple is cancer. Please don't make me pirate this.

  64. 에반

    이런데 숨은 명곡이 있었다니..

  65. 위공

    I love music tky

  66. Vikinice

    wow its amazing

  67. Aoh Kedah


  68. ItsJive

    The music these guys make is it copyright free?

  69. MKH1アーセナル ARS


  70. lxa_cg

    So cool😍

  71. Mateusz Gałecki

    zajebista muza

  72. Kubilay Kaya


  73. Jon Snow

    Schön zu sehen, was auch deutsche Musik ist ❤️

  74. Kaley Rosenquist

    Hey.. Maybe you guys should go live in YouTube sometime? You are 24/7/365 my favorite band :3

    Kaley Rosenquist

    And, another ting, am I the only person who's not from music.ly?

  75. juljan baum

    napalony utwór

  76. YoshiArtz

    So a cool Song <3

  77. RobTop

    molni? xD

  78. Andrés García Luján

    Hi, i'm editing a video for a Fundation to help kids with cancer. Can i use this song for the video? Obviously i will put ur name in the credits. Thanks.

  79. Chaosflo 44

    For chaosflo44 v-log 1016

    xcal832 xcal832

    Es gibt ein Button mit "Bearbeiten", nur so als Tipp :-)

    Ich feier BUNT. als auch Chaosflo44! Da sind wir uns einig oder? ;)

  80. IkJesse

    Make this song more populair, please?

  81. vicky panchal

    Hey ..!! You are such a amazing producer..!! Its make me crazy the beat of guitar rhythm, sound mixing, and scoring as well ..!! Qant to reprise this song and make my own music song..! If u allow..!! Also live to meet you any time if you come in india ..!! Can we meet .!!??


    Am i the only one from All football account?

  83. Amelia Rose

    Best music ever

  84. Cherries' Girl

    Still one of my favourite songs ❤️

  85. Ryou Nakashima

    who all where sitting on the couch and suddenly started to dance after hearing to this beauty!😀😍

  86. Trần Trung

    Love BUNT. <3

  87. Amelia Rose


  88. Diminisher

    The real question is who is here from actually liking Bunt.'s music?

  89. LoopHunters

    Tips and Hints for this track : Right click the video and press Loop...You need to listen to this masterpiece more than 2 times in a row

  90. AL AMEEN.N

    is this copyright free

  91. Ali Vialdores Jr.

    Why osnt this that popular? This shouldve been one of the Top 35 songs of 2016.