BUNT. - Maybe Lyrics

Sometimes everything comes easy
Most times it's hard to even start
Sometimes our working move me deeply
Most times I feel nothing at all
Sometimes I live just in the moment
The next I worry for a month
Sometimes I'm dancing in the light of the sun
Most times I'm tapping in the dark

Maybe I don't know
Maybe that's okay
Maybe I'll just let the wind blow
And carry me away
Lately I believe it's
All out of my hands
Maybe in an afterlife
This will all make sense

Sometimes I stop and see life clearly
Most times it's passing in a blink
Some days I want the world to hear me
Most times can't find my voice within
Sometimes I feel like I've made it
Most times I'm scared of growing up
Deep down I know that we are over
But if I'm honest I'm just stuck

Maybe I don't know
Maybe that's okay
Maybe I'll just let the wind blow
And carry me away
Lately I believe it's
All out of my hands
Maybe in an afterlife
This will all make sense

Maybe I don't know
Maybe that's okay
Maybe I'll just let the wind blow
And carry me away
Lately I believe it's
All out of my hands
Maybe in an afterlife
This will all make sense

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BUNT. Maybe Comments
  1. nguyen han

    có ai từ clip của shipper tổng tài Mai Cẩm Bằng qua hông :))

  2. Saurav Cyrus

    Avicii hey brother

  3. Nayak Kamal

    Who mixed and mastered this song?

  4. VVY Gaming

    They remind me of avicii ^-^

  5. jane ostin

    I LOVE THIS SONG and JANIECK soooo much❤️😍

  6. Thuy Doan

    love the background melody so much, and the lyrics

  7. Ademir Heleno Da Silva

    👓 avicci

  8. Rahmath Unnisa

    What is the instrument used in the drop ?

  9. Елена Зинченко


  10. Tatiana

    ooh sounds similar to You don’t have to like it by Lucas and Steve and Janieck

  11. Realist

    Part of the beat is a clear copy of 'the royal concepts- on our way'

  12. aku haris

    Flppin cmments be like "Avicii vibe", "Its Wake Me Up by Avicii" are so cancerous. When will we appreciate a new folkhouse DJ. Yes they is like Avicii but please they have their own styles.

  13. Sagar Puri

    area 21 girls

  14. Ilenia Pierro

    Sembra di Avicii!

  15. Lars


  16. Samuela Pachuau

    Can anyone please tell me another folk house producer?,i love folk house❤

  17. anonymously yours

    Janieck will be amongst the top notch vocalists in the next half decade. Remember my words.

  18. Alianza Latina Alianza Latina

    Yo conzco a bunt por un remix q le hizo a un tema de one republic

  19. Muwiz Garage

    It's Avicii 😥😥😪

  20. Justf1y

    Came before it goes 1m views



  21. Muhamad Nur Fadli


  22. Wysłannik Sił Kondominium

    New Avicii & young Ed Sheeran.

  23. Shylock 104

    BUNT!! Such a hidden artist! glad to see em out here

  24. Charlie C

    new life anthem

  25. Eveline Stivania

    this song like runaway by sam feldt

  26. DanyuP

    THIS NEED TO BE FAMOUS (sorry for english)

  27. Inke Peltomaa


  28. DJero

    Kundalini or Avicii Wake Me Up... RIP AVICII

  29. Daniel Castillo

    This is my song favorite :😍

  30. nghia pham

    Avicii.... : (

  31. Josh Gottwerth

    The melody sounds like Numa Numa.

  32. Khang Đoàn

    Does anyone know information of the girl at 0:44 ?

  33. Brayan Mendezz

    Sam felt?

  34. Michael Kristanto

    Bautyfull song

  35. Kadriin Lillelaid

    Love it so so much!! ♥️♥️

  36. Agus A

    I love song

  37. Panda Galaxy

    Avicii sounds 😢💔💔😢🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶👑👑❤️❤️❤️👑❤️👑❤️

  38. Alston Lin

    BUNT is the one who will carry one Avicii's spirit

  39. Niko Leiri


  40. Mr Boss

    Who' s Girl ?

  41. Edison Alvarez

    Parece que no soy al unico que esto le recuerda a Avicii 🔺️🔻

  42. The Panda

    Lindeeeeeza ❤🔥

  43. Kim Solum


  44. Clauss Albert-Salles

    Aaaahhhhhh BUNT.,❤️🇧🇷

  45. Kevin Siokain

    I'm fans of BUNT. Snd I know all song of them and this video is terrible for this song.

  46. Erick Vilca


  47. Martta Kettunen

    ❤️ from Estonia

  48. Bluexenon

    Great one!

  49. Hamdan O

    BUNT. is back...

  50. Tony Echeverria Lopez

    Letra en español
    Tal Vez
    A veces todo viene facil
    La mayoría del tiempo es difícil incluso comenzar
    A veces me conmueven profundamente
    La mayoría de las veces no siento nada en absoluto.
    A veces vivo en el momento
    La siguiente me preocupo por una polilla.
    A veces bailo a la luz del sol.
    La mayoría del tiempo estoy rematando en la oscuridad

    Tal vez no lo se
    Tal vez eso esta bien
    Tal vez solo deje que el viento sople
    Y llevarme lejos
    Últimamente creo que es
    Todo fuera de mi vida futura
    Todo esto tendrá sentido

    A veces me detengo y veo la vida con claridad.
    La mayoría de las veces está pasando en un abrir y cerrar de ojos
    Algún día quiero que el mundo me escuche.
    La mayoría del tiempo no puede encontrar mi voz dentro
    A veces me siento como en vivo lo hice
    La mayoría del tiempo tengo miedo de subir.
    En el fondo sé que hemos terminado.
    Pero si honestamente estoy atascado.

    De Nada

    Mi like plox :3

  51. Kenny Cobra

    Legit better track than most what Dim Mak got going on atm. Definetly above OWSLA

  52. Kenny Cobra

    reminds me little of sufjan stevens

  53. Your Music Design

    ESTONIAAA ❤️🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🔥

  54. Your Music Design

    AVICII ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Erick Vilca

    Electronic Dance Music Is BUNT 💚💚💚💚💚🎵

  55. DR1G0


  56. Forever Madridista

    KSHMR - Carry Me Home vol.2

  57. иоzзиsзs公

    Mister Loba-Loba?

  58. ERTV Medias

    Sounds like O-Zone - Dragostea Din Tei

  59. Moz

    The preview turned this to my favourite song..
    Reminds me so much of avicii. x

  60. safa siddiqui

    Avicii style

  61. ••••••


  62. Douglas Tutmés

    Bunt. pela Spinnin'? Uau!

  63. Kamson

    Avicii 😔
    Im making music cuz i love it like Avicii was

  64. Yurys Torres Peres

    Awesome track! 😍

  65. Erick Perez

    BUNT always reminds me Avicii ❤️❤️

  66. Hiếu Nguyễn

    On My Way ?

  67. Ram GD

    Al stylo de robin schulz y el dios Avicci😳❤

  68. Your Dream

    its was be great:avicii x Janieck

  69. Yoshi Moto

    This song have "Avicii Vibes" bc BUNT. use a similar style of Avicii (Sorry for my english)

  70. Daniel Gardel

    Huele a Avicii

  71. mister troll troll

    Me suena a avicii like si te suena

  72. ErivaMusic

    GOOOD JOB!!! <3

  73. Red Terlen

    El Estilo Del Dios A V I C I I

  74. Leopoldo Jose Luis Ramirez Ortiz


  75. Janseh AHR

    Se parece a hey brother de avicii😭😢

  76. polaroid

    Sam feldt

  77. David Boat

    Recuerdo a avicii 😞

  78. Pieter Demarest

    Avicii vibes..

  79. Tronie

    Avicii tribute 🎵

  80. Qwerty Qwerty

    Reminds me of Avicii though

  81. Hawys

    Avicii :(

  82. H Đăng

    Remind me Sam Feldt - Runaways

  83. Shawn Jaeger

    This one reminds me of Avicii

  84. Vuong Le

    i miss avicii :(((

  85. Lando Legend

    This tune is awesome

  86. Christian Ozorio

    Janieck 🙌❤️

  87. Ashish Masih

    Once again... Avicii vibes!

  88. Kongora Luis Antonio

    genial me encanta

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    Nice to see Janieck again!

  90. IsmmedOzcan #soazmi23


  91. Dj Seymur

    such a beautiful track ♥️

  92. Siddhant Kesharwani

    Superb 👌

  93. HexaG -

    Avicii - The nights (Janieck x Bunt. remix)

  94. Nagesh Hembram Trickster

    Best song ever...with amazing music....It make me stand and Dance...

    Spinnin' Records


  95. Majesty

    ♥ Legend Forever