BUNT. - Journey Lyrics

Sand beneath my toes
I feel at ease
Tide creeping in with that summer breeze

My shoulders feel light
Finally I can breath
While in the winter times
I will leave to follow that summertime breeze

Darling, you can't stay here
Come with me
How can you resist that summer breeze?

My shoulders feel light
Finally I can breath
While in the winter times
I will leave to follow that summertime breeze
To follow that summertime breeze

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BUNT. Journey Comments
  1. PadawanRJ

    I feel like Tropical House comments are the most positive and peaceful ones.

  2. Moises Montiel Sánchez

    En 2019 sigo escuchando esta excelente cancion! :3

  3. justin dubbs

    Takes a bowl... Smokes it... pleats this song... MY EARS TAKE ME TO HEAVEN

  4. Hari Premananda

    🔥~Ravenous I Emerge From The Ashes Of Dance Chrysalis ~ Hungry For Sweet Juicy Honey Funk ... Yummy! Dinner 'and' Desert~>Delicious!~🔥 💋~Just Love Funking Emma Carn's Delightful Bunt Over and Over n Over! Dont You? ( 😍 Forgive me⚘Emma .. Its Been a While ... Since I Really Let Go and Had a Good 7th Heaven All Night Honey Funk 😍 ... Paramedics On Hand 🤣 ) 🔥From Brahma to Rudra🔥 .. 💕~ITS ALL ONE DIVINE DANCE~💕

  5. chang Michael


  6. Josue Popayan

    Nicolas Haelg & Alfie Rhodes - Callin' Your Name (feat. Syren) ???

  7. Marcos Otoni

    Who are plaing Sax and flute?

  8. WakaWaka

    My journeys continues... #2016

  9. ericks vilca

    a 100 retrasados no les gusta

  10. ericks vilca

    asu mare ellos deben firmar son sony music y ser amas famosos esto si es talento

  11. Lidiane Araujo

    flutuando ouvindo esses sons, amo muito!

  12. Danielle Paxton

    Late night feels with James Hersey https://open.spotify.com/track/6giHzoNmL0kwyBZAXGIIc2

  13. Jagger

    Maaaan the feels and memories 😍👌

  14. Sil le

    Autotune, super. Was ist los mit euch Leutz....?!?

  15. SuperflyEvo


  16. anzunmy


  17. Ded Pewl

    I got tears of joy listing to this again


    copy more plox

  18. John Rambo

    I like that flute sound. Anyone know good remixes with flute??


    so flute - St germain, best sh it ever

    _Sp33dGhosT_ .M4.

    New world sound & Thomas Newson- Flute

  19. Batfreal Fait du PVP

    Zerator ! :D

  20. TigerLily

    This song is incredible!!! That saxophone though ;D

  21. Biff Tannen, Esq.

    Dam that's good. TYVM Emilie Voe Nering

  22. matute cava

    try 1.25


    God, no!

  23. Delk Kalopsia

    Amazing music!

  24. Sophia Ozeruga

    this is my official summer jam

  25. Michele Longhin

    I always hear this music on SoundCloud. :D

  26. Iamjoseelias.

    Try 1.25 speed. ;D

  27. Bryan

    I love it so much, listening to this type of music all summer.

  28. Arturo Patino

    Love it

  29. Nathan Abela

    Finally ! Coming to MALTA ! <3

  30. Siddhant Dadia

    not even kidding, i got tears of joy listening to this


    Me too...

    Pacific Ocean

    +siddhant dadia Same here. Was going home, late evening, can see some stars and I'm crying.

    Mimmy Jaime

    +siddhant dadia i feel you :')

  31. DMxalava

    Someone help. Where can I get sheet music for this flute ???? Please ! ! !

  32. Andrew Williams

    What genre of music would this be considered as?

  33. Mekenzie Brock

    I want to try and play that flute solo so bad! Flute goals

  34. Markus L

    Chiilll!!!! :)))

  35. Arthur alves rodriguez

    Try 0.5 speed at start

    Soccer Highlights

    HELL NO!


    Just why?

  36. Misty me

    I need more song like this!!

  37. Eva Martinez

    The feels.

  38. Nela Dzjapkova


  39. Desire Powell

    Pandora ???

  40. Sir Real

    oh mon dieu! c'est tre bien!

  41. Much 29

    stevo strip

  42. Black & Black.

    This is so perf omg.

  43. Krillø

    This reminds me on a lazy sunday in summer :3

  44. Leon Rosenbaum

    The beat thing is a vGina...

  45. Aisha Kare

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! 😍😍😍👌👏👍

  46. Jenna Sumar

    Ugh! I love this song and really want the Alto and flute music! My best friend plays flute, me and my sister play Alto Saxophone...

  47. nodj nijias

    hyper kool !!!! l'kifff !!!

  48. Renda a

    blasting this music in a convertible while driving down a road by the beach <3 

  49. Андрій Костін

    Клас.Приємно слухати :) .

  50. AlexPanda


  51. Benjamin Richards

    Love it.

  52. mssaturn

    the flute makes it rustic, and mixing modern music with that is just amazing!

  53. Starphysics

    That picture.... Yum.

  54. iDoom9

    pretty relaxing song. loved it


    Uno spettacolo*.*

  56. Deyan Zhelyazkov

    La Belle Channel ! :)

  57. RobBobLoblaw

    There is music I listen too and people dance all the time. Im not a dancer at all, so Ill stand there like an awkward totem. Though when this song plays...oh my lanta...when this song plays I can't help but being one of those crazy balloons in front of car dealerships.

  58. Lucas Rowi

    perfect, i'm just in love with this song!! if i had a girlfriend it would be our song hahhahha ❤️

  59. Nono Final

    L'entrée en scène de la flûte a changé ma vie. 

  60. Spacer Boy

    Mi fa ricordare Little Big Planet :')

  61. louw root


  62. Nick Christensen

    Thats some dirty jazz flute

  63. Danilo Gonçalves

    so beautiful, thank you la belle musique music by great sounds ;)

  64. Omnia Dg

    Awesome <3

  65. Patrick Morgenthaler

    anyone else think the deer logo is in an awkward spot for this picture?


    It's in the right spot.

  66. Valeria Kempis

    What kind of music is this?

  67. tom catch

    le sax c'est une copie de Bakermat mais c'est très bien


    chords for guitar please ! accord pour la guitare svp !!

  69. Steph W.

    Superbe frais j'adore!!

  70. Gabriella Aranzulla

    This song it's beautifuuuul!! :D

  71. Sean Kenahan

    All I can think of is that scene from Anchorman 

  72. Björn Schlippe

    Too much 

  73. Victoria Sanders


  74. Lena Balina

    Love love addicted love!

  75. Isaac Bustamante

    happy feel into it c:

  76. lucas a.s

    I love la belle musique

  77. Manny Aujla

    Is it only me who noticed something peculiar during these 4 minutes?

  78. Edgaras Pakuckas

    This is what people should listen music in this world 

  79. Adam Gillis

    Heavy Flute

  80. Bob Harterink

    Sounds like Pharrell Williams - Happy (EFIX & ALLISON Cover)

  81. aCiDiCJeZZ

    Is it just me, or does the drop kill the vibe of the saxophone? Don't get me wrong it's a great track, just that drop is ehh not to my liking. =/


    @NathanBlancoFilms Yea it's just you.  It's really good. 

    Amanda Mpetshulwa

    but I think that's what makes this song super nice


    i didnt really like the spastic flute drop either :/

    Emil ZaMan

    @quin cain  u dont know what music is


    BRO, The flute is the best part! This is my jammmmmm!

  82. snack98


  83. MsEquilibrium77

    Awesome <3

  84. Alexandru Dan Rotaru

    This is such a good way to listen to music. I just love it. Peace to alls :)

  85. monocycle77

    This is actually Ron Burgundy's flute solo.

  86. Chargèro

    If you liked this you would probably also like "Changes" by faul & wad ad vs. pnau

    Sabri Garcia

    +Video Québec Probably these two Punga - Klingande / Jubel - Klingande too.

    Planet Ellen

    Yes oh my YES!!!

  87. Sounds Nice

    awesome!!! love it


    Nice song! Love the vibe.

  89. Maxox.

    Love It ! ♥...

  90. Cooper Rayman

    Thanks for uploading music

  91. Dani M

    Was just editing a few pics, hadn't open browser. Then the bambooflute kicked in and I smashed my volume up...still dancing at 1:58 a.m. :D thanks

  92. Luis Q

    the guitars <3

  93. Daniela Jacob

    wow wow my favorite at time....thanks on BUNT.congratulation....

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