BUNT. - Coming Home Lyrics

I am careless and I'm lost
Cause she's left me with eyes far too glossed
I have stumbled, crawled far ahead
Cause in my mind, don't want to need her instead

When I see her, my heart feels like a sinking stone
Oh, I know I need her
I'm not sure if she's coming home
All along, I'm not sure if she's coming home
All along, I'm not sure if she's coming home

Now, in the dark I wait
For the moment to slip and slide away
I feel bad, bad to my bones
Left it waiting like a fool that's too far gone

When I see her, my heart feels like a sinking stone
Oh, I know I need her
I'm not sure if she's coming home
All along, I'm not sure if she's coming home
All along, and my heart's like a sinking stone

I'm a man, just can't hide
She's still on my mind
Like the dark that covers night

When I see her, my heart feels like a sinking stone
Oh, I know I need her
I'm not sure if she's coming home
All along, I'm not sure if she's coming home
All along, I'm not sure if she's coming home

And my heart's like a sinking stone
All along, I'm not sure if she's coming home
All along, it feels like a sinking stone

My baby, my heart's like a sinking stone
Cause I know she's not coming home

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BUNT. Coming Home Comments
  1. Steve Good

    Absolutely awesome tune

  2. Dīptō Sārkēr

    Avicii?? is that you?

  3. Ahmed Proyash

    Colo99 showed me this amazing song.

    Schalke_04_memes Plays

    He has such a great taste in music it's incredible

    Ahmed Proyash

    @Schalke_04_memes Plays Agreed !


    Boi ur gonna get millions of like on this i bet.... 🔥🖤


    Why is this the best song I've ever heard!!♥️🙂

  6. Nauman Azmat Mir

    3 years still listining to this song and 71 dislikes omg

  7. Taylor Brantley

    I find it disturbing that the ones with talent are so underrated


    love it

  9. jamie walsh

    Who knows who used this song in a farming video

  10. Riya k

    Waiting for ur next song😍😍😍


    Champions League 2018-19 The Movie

    I come from that video


    haha same

  12. Lân Hoàng

    I can feel the Avicii vibe

  13. Skittlez_YT

    I’m sooo going to share, Love it Keep it up!

  14. Spectre 1 Official

    Oh! Thats avicii vibes!!

  15. Axel AKA LexanosS

    this song should have 100 000 000 + views :/, ITS SO GOOD!

  16. 100% Asilva

    My heart feels like a sinking stone 😣

  17. Andrej Práznovský

    I miss their music😿

  18. Anbiyak Wicaksono

    Cool 👍👍👍👍

  19. Lucas Andrade

    Which genre is this?

  20. Lân Hoàng

    I love the sound of the guitar and banjo <3 very nice guys

  21. Stefan Schramm

    Cooles Lied

  22. din taz

    This song deserves 1b+ views

  23. Archie Fraser

    Who is here because of Andy mcmullan

  24. TheRandom one

    One of the best thing ever heard .

  25. Chandan Gupta

    Bunt = Avicii

  26. CommanderCone

    This is my favorite BUNT song

  27. Kripesh Asari

    Football videos brought me here. ❤️

  28. SpiritWolfy

    I'm gonna speed this don't and you two to my friends!

  29. Trapy Nations

    Is this channel is still active

  30. Sons Of The East

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  31. Dylan

    Amazing!!! 😎😎

  32. Joshua C.

    ;-; nice

  33. Mabia akter Satu

    I love the song

  34. Ryan Crawley

    Still a tune!

    Aiden Crawley

    Yeah lad still listening in 2018 lad

  35. Sunarjuniangga Angga

    Naicee From Bali Indonesian❤🇲🇨

  36. Ketan yadav

    is this england's world cup song?

  37. Ketan yadav

    reminds me of passenger :O

  38. Andrew McCarthy

    This is my Hymn, I love this song!

  39. nails for live

    Beautifull song ❤👌

  40. Sarah Elaine

    2018 :D

  41. Sunarjuniangga Angga


  42. Megges Megges

    The moment you realize that she not coming back.

  43. The Leo Wolf

    This song makes me emotional 😢

  44. DollarDiego HD

    Wonderful song

  45. yusufh 09

    My favorite song

  46. xixini nixixi

    Amazing song, love it !!! thank you so much

  47. Phưn nè mấy má

    kênh hay mà ít sub vl :((

  48. Brandon Cayetano De La Cruz

    Que gran tema 😍❤❤❤

  49. Aqsa Mehek


  50. miranda panda

    I really love this song

  51. It's Me Vanessa

    It is time for you to become the next avicii

  52. Marcelina Michaj

    Came straight after McKenna video. This song is unbelievable!

  53. Parn


  54. bongkeng

    Egy brought me here👍

  55. mikro nano

    After 2 years, remembered this song name with this i remembered my old memories that i love so much.

  56. jc geldenhuys

    You remind me of James Bay. And I love James Bay so it's a good thing. Thank you.

  57. Mar Brontë

    Algún latino aquí ?✌

  58. farzad rahimi

    Are you from Germany?

  59. just5591

    This song and the music have a bigger this life sound. They need to be behind a climactic ‘protagonist is making a huge effort to get the girl but at the end fails’ scene of a blockbuster movie.
    Yes, I see music in pictures and I already know it’s weird. But it’s really incredible actually 🙂

  60. LeoRep

    Goalkeeper Saves😎❤

  61. Farid Fachruddin

    Colo brought me here :)

  62. Lanie double G

    I really love this song!

  63. YV10

    Amazing song 🔥🔥

  64. Ragul Jeyenthiran

    Chi è qua per il commento di CALCIO SHOW che ha messo la canzone nel commento

  65. Melvin de Bakker

    This songs feels Like sitting in a Paradise. Everything is Amazing of This song. Love you Guy's

    Greets from Holland

    And sorry for my bad bad English

  66. Fradin易薄利

    Merci Aliotop ^^

  67. The Dreamer

    Who's coming here cuz of lemar video , please tell me im not the only one

  68. Andru Suarez

    Escuchando desde Venezuela pana 😎🙋💜

  69. haddo mon

    The Beat goes me in my blood 😍

  70. M. Shifa Aditya Rahman

    hi im from wkwkland country :"v

  71. Tô Mạnh Cường

    best folk house

  72. To whom does this song sing?

  73. Entea

    Zach Garcia added this to one of his vblogs and it reminds me of him everytime I play this. I hope the long distance relationship works for him

  74. Thomas Purdy

    love the song

  75. Galang Lucas

    Avicii style, i love avicii's so i love yours guys. Nice song

  76. Davy Wang

    i looove the powerful drum beats !!!

  77. A Nice Giraffe

    This is honestly one of the best songs i heard in a long time, your music is fantastic and i will thank you by subscribing to this wonderful channel.

  78. Rev Counter

    Absolutely fantastic! I suppose this is copyrighted though, as it would be awesome to have it in one of my videos!

  79. Patricia Oakes

    Panda Monium.,RT Traveler brought me here.,Love this.x2017.

  80. Papa John's

    Why do people compare this to avicci or Mumford and sons, they are there own types of genre, this is a sub genre. this is folk dance. Mumford and sons in folk pop and avicci is edm, rants over.

  81. Felix He

    Like that group cause they will go on Avicii's Style <3

  82. ali_ _DZ

    wow amzing

  83. ThatTVaddict

    Thank you Zach, for sending me here. <3 This songis anazing.

  84. Ders snek in me boots

    BUNT ft Mumford and Sons will be great

    Papa John's

    or bunt by themselves, Mumford and sons is mediocre. nothing special.

  85. Molly Regan

    OMG I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍

  86. Michal Václav Císařovský

    Mumford & Sons feels anyone?

    Ega x Wandering



    nope... feeling sons of the east

  87. Karolina

    So it's Folk House or Country House?

  88. Adi Gangga

    Super cool!
    Keep creating good music guys!
    Greeting from Indonesia

  89. DUARTE

    Niceeeeeeeeeee !

  90. cjnkk dhitji

    1:47 Titanic song

  91. JackWalters

    I hate Country but country house is amazing. Bunt is boss.

    Ega x Wandering

    It's not country. It's folk :)

  92. Raunak Pai

    first i thought it was avicii when i heard it

    Ega x Wandering

    I thought Mumford & Sons

  93. Roy Velasquez

    This song is amazing👌

  94. Keisha Aubrey

    This song is very beautiful I'm DONT know why people don't search this a lot this song is beautiful!! This song inspires me to never give back I always play this song when I'm sad I love singing this song I think you guys need more subs and fan and luv and views!!, YOUR SINGING IS VERY GOOD,I'm SOOO happy you made this song this is one of a kind this so is so going to my list Ik also sub cx this song very beautiful!,😝😝😝😃😃😃😃😋😋😋😋😋😃😉😉😉😻😻😻😍😍😍

  95. Erwin Hoffman

    again love your music BUNT!!!!

  96. Dhruv Sharma

    man you are awesome 🙌🙌🙌

  97. Nawiwat