Bunny The Bear, The - What Shade We Make Lyrics

And I've never fallen so fast in this case it's apparent that polar opposites attract
And I've been lost for so long, then you came along
Soon you'll see, my baby, I run to you, not walk, I run to you
I run to you, I run to you, I run to you, I run to you

For years I've hid my feelings and my fear in pale bottles, chemicals, and chronic smoke
I wanna see my true colors, I wanna see my true colors,
Let's put them together and see what shade we make

See what shade we make (what shade we make)
See what shade we make (what shade we make)
What shade we make (what shade we make)
See what shade we make (what shade we make)
What shade we make
What shade we make
(what shade we make)

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Bunny The Bear, The What Shade We Make Comments
  1. Andrew Winters Bell

    I miss Chris

  2. Miss Foxx

    I only like old the bunny the bear, I HATE the new girl singer in the new stuff, This is my favorite song :)


    Literally the realist song on YouTube

  4. Sam Core

    One of my favorites of them.

  5. Bernie Burns

    Lovely dovey stuff is a no no. Right after writing this, Matt wrote The last two songs on the album which were about dysfunctional relationships and divorce... Gents; women nowadays aren't the same creatures your grandparents married. They used to be loving people that you could build a family on, but things have changed: If you invest your time in them you will certainly end up losing your pride, wealth, money, happiness and everything else NO EXCEPTION. You have been warned, don't be stupid and fall for some hoe.

    Al Al

    +Bernie .D Aww, that's not true. With anything, it just might be harder to find the exact person you want to be with...women aren't out to get you, it's all about perspective, forgiving flaws and moving past them.

    Jake Pratt

    matt didnt write this, this was chris' song from a band before tbtb


    howd the red pill taste buddy

    Rozi Rose

    not only women can cause great pain... all people, men and women, are fucked up...

  6. Michael Garcia

    Hey guys! I know these tabs are not anywere on the damn internet right now but i requested Ultimate Guitar tabs web site so they could get them for us! so go to the site and vote for it in the "tab request" page!! Thanks! \m/\m/

  7. OrbiTz Prophet

    I used to have a drug problem and it all got better when I met the love of my life who I'm with now, and I want to learn this song on guitar and sing it to her and then propose to her.

    Kynna Braun

    How'd it go

  8. artdo mahardhika

    yuan :')

    For years, I've hid my feelings and my fears
    And pill bottles, chemicals, and chronic smoke?
    I wanna see, my true colors
    I wanna see your true colors
    Let's blend them together, and see what shade we make

  9. samantha p

    todays my loves bday....i had to share this on his wall today. :) i fucking love this song and its nice to finally share this one song with someone!!!! <3

  10. Mary Ramirez

    tell me about it .-.

  11. noah kelly

    I love you Jordan Kendall <3

  12. Hannah Mcmurray

    fuck this song. that is all.

  13. Jabriel Woodall

    Wow, simply wondrous!

  14. Adam Roberts


  15. Hannah Mcmurray

    It's such a good song but I can't listen to it without crying my eyes out

  16. Thomas Quinones

    Some of us aren't as lucky as the others to get girls to love us.

    kyle fretterd

    Thomas Quinones feel u on that one brother🤟🏼😔💕

  17. Andrew Palmonka

    Haha this songs about drugs...

  18. Bullet

    the bear is awesome too c:

  19. BringMeTheHorizon909

    Your gf's name is dope

  20. nússßaum

    this song needs to be recognized a lot more..

  21. Henry Dellavalle

    Ugh, this hit me man.

  22. Tyrel Nielsen

    Darbie is my girlfriend... WTH!!!!

  23. GlUilLlTlYY

    to their shows multiple times* i hate when i forget to backspace.

  24. GlUilLlTlYY

    yeah, i know. ive been to multiple their shows multiple times and even get guest listed. BUT all credit goes to chris on this one, as he commented below.

  25. haha

    The Black Dahlia Murder, Carnifex, Whitechapel,
    Suicide Silence, For Today, August Burns Red,
    As I Lay Dying, Breakdown Of Sanity,Caliban <3
    But yet I still love bands like The Bunny The Bear,
    Eyes Set To Kill, Marianas Trench, and My Chemical Romance.
    This song hits me right in the heart

  26. llamacaptain


  27. ihatethisstupidform

    I love the opening riff.


    Yuuuup , its true :)

  29. Sad_Boi_Nick

    <3 nope


    Love you Mostest :) <3

  31. Sad_Boi_Nick

    Love you too :3


    This song is so amazing my current boyfriend showed me this song and i couldnt be happier with him (: I Love you Nick(:

  33. TheXLTE

    well the bear writes lyrics to u know the band is the bunny the bear so do half

  34. Jena Stein

    My favorite song by them ever <3 simply beautiful

  35. Joshua Cope

    Well, since you actually have a since of humor, this post is why I shouldn't ever leave my youtube account logged in when my brother is around. Haha!

  36. Princess Salt

    awesome talent

  37. Collin Cummings

    i wasn't. dude just get over it. They're not heavy. Both sides of my brain know that

  38. Collin Cummings

    yea, since you're not doing the same thing..
    im not saying this band is all that bad, i listen to them occasionally. just nothing about them is "brutal". not the lyrics, not the music, not the people. they are what they are and thats awesome, but theres just nothing about them that could possibly be perceived as brutal, heavy, etc. And they will keep it that way because their music is strictly what they want it to be whether i like it or not. and thats totally fine. not all music is heavy

  39. Sirocco Weed

    Peoples said brutality par ci brutality par là... Et alors ? So What ?
    Brutality and Beauty can be friends ^^

  40. Collin Cummings

    if you think this is brutal, definitely stick to this stuff.. you're probably not gonna like real metal

  41. Collin Cummings

    -.- what brutality? i like this band and all, but they are nowhere near brutal...

  42. Josh Lahti

    nah im here too

  43. Nathan Cruse

    am i the only guy tht likes them? lol

  44. InTheShadowzBMTH

    The bunny the bear letters above the pic were made on piZap :3

  45. GlUilLlTlYY

    @guapochalupa02345 If he wrote this, then he is the old/real/only bear lol I'm guessing.

  46. 로스나는


  47. rectal headgear

    sounds like liquor and love lost by bring me the horizon in the beginning

  48. Taylor I'incompreso

    This song is Adorable <33

  49. Ephie Bear

    My boyfrann told me to look this song up, at which point after hearing it, I dubbed it our song(: I listen to it all the time now c: I love you Lucas <3

    kyle fretterd

    Ephie Bear hey i know it’s been 6 years but how are you and lucas?

  50. christian bell

    @punkaintjunk Yes :33

  51. Jesse Mole

    Lolz yer gfs name is Darbie? :P

  52. christian bell

    This is mine and my Girlfriend's song, in the worst of times, I was tell her "Let's see what shade we make," and realize that the only thing that matters in the world is each other. I love you Darbie<3 c:

  53. destiney owens

    my best friend sent this song to me... ive fallen in love with my best friend and shes in love with me. i love you haley. :)

  54. tia hill

    Amazing i cabt get enough of them

  55. James Santana

    Why doesn't this band have 100,00,000,00,000,000 views!? Guys come to Puerto Rico, all of these asshole people don't know what they're listening to, we need Godlike powers from TBTB please :)

  56. dropdeadtiny

    hearing them live and meeting them makes listening to their music 10x's better. <3

  57. harley lamont

    @kat123791 yes!!!!!!!

  58. haha


  59. Emilie Randall

    I love this song the most from TBTB 33 does anyone know when they come to Brisbane Australia next?

  60. xxkillerkat6xx

    wow! so freaking beautiful.

  61. EvilShake101

    Is this song about interracial? lol jk. fucking love TBTB, such a breath of fresh air from the chug / breakdown bands.

    kyle fretterd

    EvilShake101 hey bud i know it’s been 7 years but i’m just coming here to tell you this joke wasn’t funny.

  62. Grindcore66613

    Their two vocalists are wearing a rabbit's head and a bear's head as a mask

  63. bitebullet745

    @xYourKnifeMyBack the band name was random

  64. Lunch Box

    @mexican420kb i dont see why people would talk shit about them. they are beautiful and crazy ranged :) people just dont know music sometimes. hope they can see this someday everyone should

  65. matnyg94


  66. matnyg94

    Sexy as FUUUCk

  67. Lance Waddell

    u know its people like u who make people go main stream cuz u dont quit bitching his vocals are fantastic and as of his gf that may be ur opinion but only shalow people judge from looks or physical attraction only

  68. tr4nsist0r

    @theburiedbetweenme Your parents should've traded that bottle of tequila for a condom.

  69. Kyra Winchester

    @darkcurli83 check out "C'est Pas Si Loin" its a good one too, one of my favs :D

  70. Kyra Winchester

    fuck im crying

  71. Michael Garcia


  72. ScreamsofTheInsane

    @metalhead0783 Dude, I KNOW RIGHT! NOWHERE!

  73. MarteenSkateHoe


    geerts from germany

  74. Michael Garcia


  75. TheseBonesLiquify

    I love how they can go from screaming to something so soothing and beautiful like this <3

  76. Cris

    LOve these guys!!!!

  77. beautymila

    Love this!!<3 <3

  78. Amber Lewis

    I, a girl, love the bear. <3 (:

  79. Pearce Hendy

    @lionavids I can scream :) I'm not an instructor but i could give you some tips xD

  80. Pearce Hendy

    @lionavids Yes ^^ I listen to alot of that so i'm into that sort of music.

  81. Pearce Hendy

    @lionavids Opera Gothy voices ARE cute ;3

  82. McMugenz77

    @Trizsnipers ok you obviously havent heard ANY metal bands if you think his lows are so great. a good singer can do both lows, mids and highs by the way. but i didnt come here to argue. i just wish you woulda answered my question instead of sayin somethin stupid

  83. Jo Schnekenburger

    this song is so sureal

  84. aprilsallee

    Beautiful song..by a asweome band

  85. McMugenz77

    can someone name some of their other acoustic songs they have? acoustic-only please. their screamin kinda sucks to be honest. but i like this song

  86. liliana sandoval

    Why is it that the hardcore bands can always make the best slow songs as well? :D

  87. T C

    @kayladdarbiee a tab is written music for playing guitar. and i need one. :(

  88. T C

    @whippingboy1337 i know right! ill make a tab on it :)

  89. iwearafewbracelets

    I love this. You can hear the passion in their voice, and the sound. Beautiful.

  90. David Jackson

    Wow. I just recently started listening to this band and I already found my favorite song!!

  91. ScreamsofTheInsane

    @kayladdarbiee You found tabs?!?!

  92. Josh Robledo

    reminds me of This Town Needs Guns:D....but with amazing vocals:D