Bunny The Bear, The - The Seeds We Sow Lyrics

We stand alone on the edge, we build our homes.

We stand alone,
Nothing can change what we built on blame.
Let us never question what we owe.
We breathe once, we breathe twice, we let go.
Our diet's fallacy, we eat the seeds we sow.

Trust me, pale green eyes, we were born to lie.
Your mother can't save you, she birthed you in blame,
The sins of your father, your chore for the day.
And it's cold where you sleep when the distance can drag you away.

Daughter, your bastard brother wears your shoes.
Mother, your slutty daughter's just like you.
Father, you have sinned.
Brother, where do I begin?

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Bunny The Bear, The The Seeds We Sow Comments
  1. Kentonix00 Peacock00

    I miss this band

  2. waveto Vids

    Nothing will beat when tbtb was like this

  3. Turtle Butt

    Miss you

  4. Black Star

    Diod OMG , amo a estos chicos , como no los conocí antes , un fortísimo abrazo mis grandes artistas favoritos 😍😍😍😍

  5. Matthew Malone

    Trust me pale green eyes.

  6. aaa bbb

    When the video started my eyes widened and I just backed the fuck up. XD lmao

  7. Cam Kornacki

    Can't wait to see you fuckers in Daytona again tonight!!! ROK BAR here we goooo

  8. Surfofsyn kinney

    Bad ass song very nice highs and screams the mixture is uncanny great tune.

  9. JD Lacroix

    2:49 New Olympic sport - baby discus into wall. Love these guys overall!!

  10. Tommy Shannon

    Imagine being pregnant for 9 months just to give birth to these doofuses

  11. shadows lord

    y love that band and that song revolution we stand alone whit they music n 1

  12. Lauryn Mcmeans

    bring this back please

  13. Scewter

    Guys, the new singles Love Lies and I Am Free from the new album are dope, and with a new Bear! Go check them out!

  14. Exzorius

    disturbing video but good song

  15. piggy uwu

    This song is actually amazing when you look at the meaning. It's amazing how much the video means other than being fucked up when you look at it the right way

  16. Shaun IC

    An before any of you make a fan boi! comment im 27 and an interior designer :)

  17. Shaun IC

    Thank you matt you and all the music you produce you have always been there for me ever since the first album days, we must be talking 5 years or so, you are a bit like a cat..anyway matty boi! your the best!! cant wait for your new album...note to self must buy some more merc and not from the bastards which are victory

  18. cvnic

    what the actual fuck

  19. Lucas Silver

    I know they have a lot of wierd videos, but this has to be the most disturbing imo

    Clay Keyworth

    Kanereno --- I recommend to you: Obscure by Dir en grey

  20. Jimena Carbajal

    Esto es tan enfermo y perfecto a la vez <3

  21. Temmie Overlord

    This is the song I'm gonna play when the world is burning down around me.


    Temmie Overlord I hope you remember this commitment when the world burns


    I hope both of you look back on these comments and cringe

  22. ashley bass

    Miss you chris

  23. Rhekkz

    Without Chris the band just isn't the same. The Bunny The Bear was the last band tying me to this genre of music. Well it's time to move on.

  24. kayla camara

    What happened to the bear?can anyone tell me, I'm sooo confused

    Hey Ooo

    the bunny and bear did not get along well. they've had an on/off relationship for years. chris/bear has been replaced for a female singer. but the music did not degrade in quality and their latest album is really good

    Kael Hernandez

    The bunny put hoes before bros.

    Zecros Yache

    at least Garcia is back. always thought he was a solid replacement.

    JCaesar Aka Julius

    Hey Ooo so they were gay? I had a feeling he was. No offense cuz I do like their music style

    kimberlee anne

    they wore their sisters shoes

  25. Pamela Mitchell

    you are awsome! [email protected]#$#$

  26. DayVideo

    This is such a dumb gimmick.

  27. David Ramos

    You guys are by far my default music for all the things that happen,
    happened or will happen in my entire life, you have a gift with your
    music and you share it with everyone who hear your songs. Your songs can
    take someone from the happines to fall down in tears, something special
    runs through my body whenever I listen your songs. Ijust wanted to
    thank you for making such grate music, keep up the good work!!! Your
    music follows me everywhere I go. My soul crack's with every single word
    in this song. Thank You.


    Swing by our channel and subscribe we interviewed matt not to long ago

  28. MontyEts

    Alex Pardee??
    the painting

  29. Jonathan Rollings

    We stand alone on the edge,
    We build our homes.

    We stand alone.
    Nothing can change what we build on blame.
    Let us never question what we owe.
    We breathe once,
    we breathe twice,
    We let go.
    Our diet's fallacy,
    We eat the seeds we sow. [x2]

    Trust me, pale green eyes,
    We were born to lie.
    Your mother can't save you,
    She birthed you in blame.
    The sins of your father,
    Your chore for the day.
    And it's cold where you sleep when
    The distance can drag you away.

    We stand alone.
    Nothing can change what we build on blame.
    Let us never question what we owe.
    We breathe once,
    we breathe twice,
    We let go.
    Our diet's fallacy,
    We eat the seeds we sow. [x2]

    Daughter, your bastard brother wears your shoes.
    Mother, your slutty daughter's just like you.
    Father, you have sinned
    Brother, where do I begin?

    Trust me, pale green eyes,
    We were born to lie.
    Your mother can't save you,
    She birthed you in blame.
    The sins of your father,
    Your chore for the day.
    And it's cold where you sleep when
    The distance can drag you away.

    We stand alone.
    Nothing can change what we build on blame.
    Let us never question what we owe.
    We breathe once,
    we breathe twice,
    We let go.
    Our diet's fallacy,
    We eat the seeds we sow. [x4]

  30. xxGOKUxx

    I'm speechless,not in a good way speechless

  31. Trey K.

    I really wanna see Elders React to this,

    Devin Alexandria

    and teens react to this

    skele boi

    yeah 😁😁


    +Trey K. what about In like flynn? lol

    Trey K.

    They should show both.

  32. melissa Perkins

    I miss this bunny and the bear.....I can't even like the new stuff without the real bear r.i.p the old bunny and the bear

    Coffin Dragger

    There called The Bunny the Bear lol


    I mean it isnt the first time Chris has left and the guy now has done an album with them prior so technically now its old bunny the bear again since the female vocalist left

  33. Darcian13

    Did David Firth animate the clip? XD


    +Darcian13 if you like david firth, you should check out the video he did for flying lotus.


    @Pun Pun I saw it and it's incredible! :D
    How can such madness come out of a man's mind, it is amazing !


    @Darcian13 seriously. i love that guy.

    Ultimate Metalhead_97

    He's from my town

    Christopher Hutka

    I wish!!!!! lol

  34. Ian Bucklowe


  35. Blake Pierce

    Can anyone tell me if the bear is still singing, and if so where did he go?

  36. Jacob Smith

    this is so odd.

  37. axen1617

    Why these stupid breakdown -.- I don't like them

    Devin Alexandria

    are they too "hard" for you?


    it is just part with no sense

    Cody Riley

    You are no sense

  38. Cringy Chris


  39. Dead Artist Fanclub

    I thought this was on the self titled album, dunno why

  40. Nina Davis

    This video is horrid, but the song is decent.

  41. Cody Andrews


  42. Kick Punch

    This would probably be good if it didn't suck ass

  43. King benante

    About as metal as a fish supper. The reason i left metal for so long was due to the onslaught of this weak dogshite.

    Alex Ryan

    ..........this is metal? according to Google play store it's electropop.

  44. joshua weber

    You guys rocked at warped tour 2015 love you guys
    The bunny the bear

  45. KayKay Cassells

    Love The Bunny The Bear <3 They're helping me through a lot right now :)

  46. FlayedSkull

    Anyone else suspect them of lip synching during the live show? Could of swore the Bear was lip syncing. Also, they only play about five songs and call it quits. This happened twice.


    No, they don't lip sync. I've seen them countless times & they really don't. They have a short set list, which really sucks, but it's still pretty fun to see them do their thing.

  47. dephzilla

    Ugh, this is such a great song <3

  48. CrazeLoc Musicc

    That's my dude Joseph Garcia! (The bear) JG On The Beat! LOMPOC CALIFORNIA!

  49. Michael Hermann

    Feel like the Bunny, soft and tender, and growl like the bear, majestic and mighty.

  50. Michael Hermann

    How many dead babies does it take to paint a wall?
    .... 11.

    Mary Andersen

    Mark Kingsley

    josh watts

    depends on how hard you throw it.


    Haha oml do we count the ones with extra limbs two baby’s or 1 cuz extra blood for the extra appendices lol

    G Willikers

    What's worse than 10 babies in a trash can?

    One baby in 10 trash cans.

  51. Masen11b

    I don't know what this is, but it sure as hell ain't metal.

    Alex Ryan

    Google play store calls it electropop

  52. Waasty

    so amazing

  53. Metalhead82to11

    Come on guys...Aisles was a good track. What fresh hell is this???? Lol

  54. I'mAtTheBridge

    watched this while I am drunk, what the fuck.

    Ethan Meyer

    I watched this video sober,what the fuck


    watched the video high. It all makes sense now!

  55. DevcoRoyal Cohen

    Dance Gavin dance rip offf


    I'm guessing you're referring to the new dgd with the high pitched singer, tillian.
    Well let me inform you that he bunny the bear began before tillian even joined dgd, so the bunny the bear began when either the soulful and raspy Johnny Craig (who sounds nothing like tillian nor The Bear) or the other singer whose name I can't currently remember from dgd who also sounds nothing like tillian or the bear was the lead singer of dgd. So no. The bunny the bear had the tillian-dgd-ish sound before the dgd did. They are not a rip off. Dgd may do it better, but they came after the bunny the bear

    DevcoRoyal Cohen

    I actually forgot I posted this (maybe inebriated). I've been following these guys for a year or two now. I love there stuff including the solo mixes from the other lead vocals. I truly apologize for that comment I left.

  56. Jesper Andersson

    Your music is a perfect mix of screaming and clear singing i absolutley love it

  57. Amber Price

    Matt, you need to do a video and make baconbit the star.
    The bunny the bear the pig

    Kyle Good

    Amber Price first song should be manbearpig

  58. Ryan Macdonald

    sucks that the bear (chris) is now gone for good :(


    Garcia actually is a solid replacement for Hutka. its not the same, I do miss Hutka. but Haley Roback was a downgrade so Garcia is definitely an Improvement.

    David Goble

    they R almost nothing with out that duo... just my opinion


    It’s kinda like three days grace situation without Adam it’s like a whole new band

    Ryan V

    David Goble they have a new song out and the bear is in it and I’m mmm positive it’s the original bear

    Zach Applegate

    I used to work with him at a pizza shop in bowling green, great guy.

  59. Ty6260

    The Bear's wearing a fuckin' Wutang shirt. Ohmyyes

  60. Dilstep

    very different wow....love it !

  61. Caitlyn S

    videos weird but the songs beautiful

  62. fernando rodrigo

    Lol kicking children to create a masterpiece

  63. jarrett brucher

    Worst band I have ever heard in my life! This is the only band that I feel doesn't deserve any recognition for being musicians! Everything they do is wrong! This song and in like flint just give me chills and disgusted! I checked these guys out before but there is a show I'm going to so I thought I would again and I know what band I'm not going to see at the show! I Don't see how anybody could listen to this!

    Karasu Black

    I'm gonna correct you on one thing. They are not the worst band ever, that goes to one band only cause that's what they strife for. The bands name is, Green Jelly. So don't just give that title to any band you don't like until you make sure someone else doesn't own that title. :)

  64. Mike Brasher

    This band is garbage.

  65. utubenamingsucks

    most funny videos i've ever seen.

  66. thall000

    pale green eyes another good song

  67. Edward Fryrear

    I hated everything about this, from the personas of the singers, the sound of the music and the production of the video. However I'm glad they found a fan base to support them, must have been tough in the beginning. Best of luck in their future endeavors.

  68. Autumn Mayberry

    Hey +Mark George you're an idiot keep your opinions to yourself

  69. Alex Calabro

    These guys probably don't realize how fucking stupid they look.

  70. WeAreTheHappyLandfill

    kick the baby!

  71. Snuwfer D

    The comeback? whoo!

  72. Chris Green

    This song has to be my favorite song by them

  73. Wu Tang

    Their Self titled was good but everything else is kinda shit. This isn't that bad though compared to their last two albums. At least they stopped getting progressively worse.

  74. molly seidel

    I this ain't scary but it good

  75. slip slip

    so damn good to listen to while shitting. sometimes you have those bastard turds that dont wanna come out, and all youve gotta do is put this on the turntable and let the magic happen

  76. nematode The First

    I love TBTB! I check back all the time to try and see a new video or hear new songs. But sadly they haven't had any for 3 months. The soft clean vocals work so well with the harsh changing screams. If it were just one or the other, I probably wouldn't like them as much. Keep up what you do!

  77. dillyflap

    Fuckin stupid

  78. Randy Marsh

    What the hell happened to music?

  79. lovelylazerangel

    The Bears voice tho <3

  80. VulgarDisplayOfPower

    Almost all there music videos are fucked up xD. They are amazing though.


    Infant annihilator is fucked up


    @322halo why is it that in one day i have seen you in 2 videos preaching about infant annihilator XD you're quite the fan, eh?


    @Otsisossi because they get me going 

  81. derek mott

    you guys are amazing <3

  82. Cold Duck Soup

    Love it guys!! My buddy Jeremy knows you! and Hopefully my other friends band Sight Over Creation can play with you soon!

  83. PipingScott

    What the actual fuck

  84. ddogcat36

    almost got to see these guy in consert but didnt go until i herd they were playing i was piss

  85. Jake Barns

    This just might be the worst song ever recorded

  86. antsolja

    idk what this is. BUT I LOVE IT!!!11

  87. Poh Mama

    Will always be my all time favorite. The bunny the bear :)

  88. Avery Smith

    these dudes have literally saved my life, my best friend had a chance to meet them live and tell them my story, without them i wouldn't have had the strength to get better. i'm still in chemo and such and i'm hoping that when they tour (again) they come to my state, it'd be cool to finally thank them in person for everything they have done. 

    Steve Mai

    That's awesome. I absolutely love this band, their music is amazing.

  89. Overlord Void

    the sins of our fathers will be carried upon our children

  90. Jordan Senpai Bro

    HA kick the baby

  91. jarredplaysguitar516

    Ready ike? Kick the baby!

  92. UndeadHybridS9ldier

    Is it alright for me to be very confused? Please.

    Avery Smith

    Lol here to clear up confusion, So when i read the lyrics i noticed the part Your mother can't save you, she birthed you in blame. so basically the (demon) babies were mistakes. 
    The sins of your father, your chore for the day.
    again the babies are basically mistakes of the parents which is why they use them in the video. 
    so the seeds we sow= the mistakes we made/are to blame for. :D 

  93. Marcus Messner

    cool video guys :)

  94. Jeffre Stevenson

    I listen to this and first met you everyday since about two weeks after it came out


    the most recent "first met you" was a remake of their original one, which i like a bit better then the remake, but still a good song