Bunny The Bear, The - So Smooth, So Appealing Lyrics

Let me see the eyes of redemption.
Let me see the eyes of redemption.

Swallow it now.

Here comes the fire...

My darling, forgive me for giving up too early.
The times have kept us apart.
I guess now, we'll find out just how far we can take this.

Breathe just to start.
Swallow it now.

The common dilemma.
A black hole of existence.
The state of mind that left me in this room for hours...
Wondering where the time went, spent biting your hips
Spent emotionless in dust.
Around the breeze I bend and tarnish,
I knew... I knew... I wish I knew.

So smooth... this thrill... follow your heart.
So smooth... this thrill... follow your heart.

My darling, forgive me for giving up too early.
The times have kept us apart.
I guess now, we'll find out just how far we can take this.

Swallow it now.

My darling, forgive me for giving up too early.
The times have kept us apart.
I guess now, we'll find out just how far we can take this.

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Bunny The Bear, The So Smooth, So Appealing Comments
  1. Mike Smith

    This band and their style reminds of a mix of bands mashed together such as a old school bring me the horozon and early sleeping eith sirens mashup. But their screams/growls and clean vocals are on point for not being very well known worldwode! Would love to work with these guys to scream or sing a song in a feature with them!

    Keep up the great work and if self produced or and indie band with budgets way below signed artists that are famous with theur producing...then they have one damn good sound engineer and producer for their band amd they deserve an award somehow!!!

  2. aftmostfools7741

    I just found out about this band, so far they've made a good impression.

  3. BathroomKing23


  4. niecce22

    To good this is my favorite 1

  5. Noah Kelly

    They aren't fucking emo! This is called post-hardcore experimental

  6. mynthis

    How do I get this?

  7. Bob Jones

    Yay matt

  8. Jose QUERBO

    Fuck yeah!

  9. Matthew Tybor

    Just rewrote this.. Gunna toss it on an album!

  10. CamighLeigh

    they are the best!!!!

  11. CamighLeigh

    oh my god i love this song!!!!!! i listen to it so much!!!

  12. joshx117x

    I think the closest genre would be experimental.

  13. bigjere92

    thats the reasons for me, i found out from a google image search on band album art lol.

  14. Jaydethepirate

    Please define the genre that this band perfectly falls into? Any answer is wrong.

  15. Jaydethepirate

    Because they're a very isolated type of music with a very isolated fanbase with little exposure because of said reasons?

  16. danni darko

    the only think you know about me is my name. stfu dumbass.

  17. Austin Digna

    yeah but then again nobody loves you so...

  18. Mister Bolticus

    So I'd never heard of this band before and now I know why

  19. ImGeeked360

    @mrflintstone96 the bears the singer, ._.

  20. john tralor

    then slipknot fans would beat there asses and tell them to sit down and stfu.

  21. john tralor

    go to sleep melody

  22. Melody Anne

    this song helps me sleep :]]]

  23. Melody Anne

    the scream? lol the higher voice is the bear :]]

  24. danni darko

    that would be fucking retarded.

  25. howycwap

    whitechapel fans would rape all the other bands fans. and then storm out at how gay this is

  26. Austin Digna

    It'd be perfect if they went on tour with Whitechapel, Pierce the Veil, and Sleeping with Sirens.

  27. alecdawg11

    I saw these guys back in 2010, I believe... I somehow ended up on a youtube channel that had a bunch of music videos for small bands, and these guys were one of them (the video for Aisle). I remember thinking it was one of the weirdest things I'd ever seen/heard haha... But now I can't stop listening to them. They ARE amazing.

  28. CrownMeKid


  29. theaudition347

    Disappointed to see this song on a playlist amongst Cap'n Jazz, I Hate Myself, Joshua Fit for Battle, Merchant Ships, etc. :\ Doesn't belong.

  30. sam hughes

    Why is this song not on iTunes???!!

  31. WhackoJacko


    Fucking hipster lol

  32. Ero Mada

    I really want to see them live.

  33. Stitch Sixx

    hey u...faaag lol hahaha get a life lol jkjkjkjk lolololol no im not knibg i just thought it would be nice to troll back u know.?bye now:)

  34. Stitch Sixx

    This is my solo for my dance competition :) when my teach told me what the song is i was all like WASHHHAHHH YEAHHHH!!!! nn hes all like lol hehehe...my costumes pretty too :) <3

  35. Zoned

    ..... The majority of these comments... -_-

  36. chrishtin smith

    Im with you on that Broskii!!

  37. wasdups

    same thing for me, and alot of people, your not the only one -_-

  38. Elliott Gerrard

    Pre-emptive hipster attack plan...nice.

  39. sam hughes

    This should be done by two of the Rabbits on Criss Angel Believe!

  40. brandonboydisgod



    i get goosebumps too ;)

  42. BlairPWNZ

    I just want to shoot you in general.

  43. ImGeeked360

    Woah I like it

  44. Jackson Kyle

    as if yours was any less retarded

  45. TaylorRocksOutLoud

    I hope they dont get too popular. I know, thats kind of a bad thing to say. But, when most bands go mainstream, they turn into total jerks, and their music starts to suck. i love this band, and id really hate to see that happen to them

    Jacob Jackson

    Spoiler: it did

  46. Valery Cadáver

    emos .l.

  47. Kewlkidt

    Your Username makes me want to shoot you.

  48. Blake Pierce

    so mad this song wasn't on the cd I bought.

  49. Kaylawrestledabearonce Schiavi

    I just discovered this band like fuckin a year ago. and just.... listened to them once again. I got goosebumps. This band is just amazing <3

  50. Sarah Kiser

    They are one of hose bands were all of there songs are amazing ^.<

  51. driagonatas

    what album is this on???

  52. smilealotz1

    lol this is awful :)

  53. Ashley Heart

    Just saw them last night in concert. They are amazing. <3

  54. Sara Rubio

    i love these guys i cant get enough<3

  55. Brandon Spencer

    TBTB ALL THE WAY BRO!!!!!!!! im completely str8 and the bunny's voice gives me an erection.

  56. Maya Rae

    Holy crap the Bunny's screaming??

  57. Kasumi Mode

    Cool story bro.

  58. austin853

    ya i have all their albums, and it wasn't on them,once you find out where its from you should tell me lol

  59. Cameron Bright

    I'm trying to find out, why isn't this on their album? Is it from a EP or something? if so what is it called?

  60. Ashley Ann Kesslesr

    this is the first song i hurd of them and i LOVE them!!! well this song so far XD

  61. Amanda b

    so sexy

  62. ZOMBI3CR3W

    Seeing them next friday <3

  63. Mad As Rabbits

    these guys are so weird in concert

  64. Jaredtw95

    If these guys ever come to Britain, I'll be standing first in line waiting!

  65. Cybele95

    phyko smooth shit i love it

  66. twistedkarm

    hahaha nice move

  67. Emilie Randall

    They need to come to Australia already!!! Or I will just have to go to America and hunt them down :)

  68. iwearafewbracelets

    I think one of my favorite things about this band, besides the fact that they're so unique, is the little preaching parts. Where they're speaking, rather than singing. I love it. You can hear the passion, it's so great.

  69. CamighLeigh

    the health will be fine i dont make a habit out of it!!!

  70. austin853

    wow ive heard every fucking song by them but this one.. wth?

    what CD is it on?

  71. CamighLeigh

    i usually end up far to drunk to remember to take pics...but i have some on my facebook...ill see what i can scrounge up!

  72. CamighLeigh

    april 19th will be my 3rd time meeting them!!! they are so amazing as people not just as the bunny the bear!

  73. Daedricsoulslayer

    I think it was the guitarist Amber who did it. She designed their zombie TBTB shirt.

  74. Daedricsoulslayer

    I met this guys and they are great people to hang out with! They put great great music out!

  75. CamighLeigh

    its not on any album.

  76. CamighLeigh

    i was saying this a year ago!!!!!! <3 <3 :3

  77. domenic morrone

    i got same problem -_-

  78. Erika Ruiz

    Their music is good, its just a bit hard to take them seriously when they wear their masks though.

  79. Believe In Us

    this song, wow . :p

  80. haha

    @MrReleasePeace Love to if I was chick because that was beautiful, but sorry haha.

  81. creativewriter1000

    I knew! I knew! I wish I knew!

  82. haha

    WHOHOOO 69!

  83. hatedguitarist94

    @Triplellama774 vagina is really good, this is just like orgasmic

  84. Amanda b

    i love them

  85. Emilie Randall

    I love this song so much! !

  86. howdysir2010

    @emosk8erkid23 FML fail moment ;)

  87. The ElderScrolls Glitches

    @joshgoodner69 yo momma don

  88. Josh Goodner

    @xXscghXx You mad bro?

  89. The ElderScrolls Glitches

    @joshgoodner69 why did you name your account your name and a stupid sex position thats not even a joke anymore...

  90. hatedguitarist94

    @texasbrutality my friend has it done and the bunny bit him there then signed it haha

  91. hiimtre

    @ValiantSoap well post a vid of u getting it when u do

  92. ValiantSoap

    @hiimtre I'm not 18 until March aha

  93. epyonblitz

    why isn't this on a fucking album?!

  94. hiimtre

    @ValiantSoap post a vid of u getting it

  95. Shadowzheadshot

    Amazing song

  96. Tyler Taylor

    Pretty interesting band. Just found these guys recently, and not sure what to think. But I'll just like the video for support :)

  97. ValiantSoap

    @texasbrutality I am getting it as a tattoo ;)

  98. ValiantSoap

    Absolutely fucking BRILLIANT.

  99. iwearafewbracelets

    @KasumiiTV That's exactly how I was. <3

  100. Angie c:

    I Cant Find This On ITunes Dx