Bunny The Bear, The - Skyscrapers Lyrics

Nothing can change if you're spending your nights all alone.
Hit the ground, hit the pavement.
Nothing can wash the worry off your mother's face.
No one can say for certain what tomorrow brings,
is it clean or unworthy?
No, we can't rinse away this taste.
Well, I still love the way you feel. And I still love the way it feels.
Well, I still love the way she feels. Yeah, I still love the way...

Pointing to the moon. Shootin' in the clouds.
Everything I do... Elevated now.
I'm high as skyscrapers.

We're sick.
Well, there's nothing to be missed and while it's cold outside we're biting window frames.
We're sick.
And while there's nothing here to miss.
I know tomorrow brings more pain.

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Bunny The Bear, The Skyscrapers Comments
  1. Christopher Symonds

    I was listening to this song when I found out I was going to be a father back in fall of 2014 and still come back to it all the time. Such a good fucking song.

  2. Luis Alva

    that's wild how the drummer in this vid is the singer for Jynx now

  3. Daniel Keys

    This is lit

  4. Z06M6B613

    I personally love how all their vids are linked with coheed. These box are a chick ya? Know claudio has backing vox but this ain't the same dude from "Aisle."

  5. Seven Trees

    This song still rocks in 2019

  6. Blood Fallen

    Mi tema favorito por excelencia

  7. Maia Rhiannon

    This band deserves so much more credit 💕🤤

  8. Kelin

    Kayla pinkney. 😩

  9. Kelin

    Kayla pickney 😩

  10. Dale Phillips

    2k19 wya fans?

  11. Black Star

    ya es casi 1 amo desde que escucho está canción y Dios , simplemente no puedo dejar de hacerlo , es tan adictiva , las voces tu das de los chicos y la voz angelical de la señorita , una hermosa melodía.

  12. tcore ctroll

    Forever wish you guys got the attention you deserved. So much great music you've put out there over these years

  13. michael Wolf

    gotta be one of the coolest bands ever. I'm glad I got to spend what time I have listening to them. you guys are awesome!

  14. Black Star

    woooow amazing song , 😍😍😍

  15. Samuel Newman


  16. BigBadWolf

    I'm in love with this song

  17. Matstrr Salazar

    This is one of my favorite songs by this band. I still need to get my boyfriend to listen to them

  18. Bruiser Bunny

    my friend who passed away a month ago showed me this band..i loved them ever since

  19. Marcelery Stick

    What band is this


    and i will never be able to see them now they split up and i simply cant go to `merica :```( fug me

  21. Robert Diaz

    the Bears! Voice! is Lit! asf! rn! Here n Sw ks!..in summer 2017! don't Stop Man! you hit that spot for Us All evrdytime! lol.. no homo bro lol buh you mean a lot! N my life! please the bunny the bear stay lit!!! your #1 soldier. #KSPrince

  22. Scewter

    Did an unclean/synth cover of the intro of Aisle on my channel.
    Nothing too great or too serious, but giving a listen and some feedback would be appreciated!

  23. Fran Drescher


  24. Damn Danno!

    Who is the bear in this song

  25. FranTiiK

    whats the name of the bear

    Brendan Napora

    Elite rL chris hutka

  26. Addilyn Stroud

    the Bunny should find a different career lol his "screams" need work but the bear is pretty decent


    they actually use to sound pretty wicked. listen to him in their older songs. but yeah he doesnt sound good here


    His talents lie in music production. But he INSISTS he hear his screams....He honestly ruins every song for me. I don't mind unclean vocals, but his is just really bad on the ears. Even then, a lot of their songs don't need screaming. Such as In Like Flynn.

    But because they are a part of the post-hardcore (Emo) crowd...They seem to need an injection of unclean vocals....Or they would just be flat out pop rock.

    I do agree with the bear though, he might have 'personal' problems, but he is honestly the the waaaaaay better vocalist. I will be interested to see his solo project.


    madmike1 I've heard great things about this band so I decided to check them out and at first I was sorta into it but I just can't get around the bunny's whales lol if someone can just crop him out and send it to me then I would have this downloaded to my phone in no time haha the bear isn't my idea vocalist but he's not terrible and I can see him having a pretty big career by himself or with someone else with a more cleaner scream rather than whatever that was


    @Addilyn Stroud
     The problem is this band is basically the Bunny's band and he wont let anyone forget it...Which is why he just HAD to inject himself in this song. Another song that is great but is completely RUINED by the Bunny is In Like Flynn, I recommend to listen to that but just skip his verse and tolerate when he now and then screams BLEEDING! SCREAMING!

    I honestly think the bunny has an ego problem, seeing as he has fired ALOT of members...I mean the amount of former members in this band is amazing...

    Sora Kira

    @madmike1 I actually met Matt, he's an amazing guy. The reason they couldn't hold a band together was due to do conflicting schedules and interests. It annoyed Matt to the point that by the time they went to record Stories, they opted to just remain a duo and tour with temporary band members, and get his friends Doug and Matt to help in the recording sessions for the albums.
    Also Chris had to leave for rehab twice and then after the third time, it was permanent. Haley left because she had a baby. And Joseph left on his own accord to pursue a musical production (and not personal performance) full time. He didn't fire a single one of them.

  27. tutorial de batata


    Chenoa Miller

    Love Chris Hutka once he left TBTB I stopped listening all other bears are/were trash and Matt turned into a huge douche canoe.

  28. Charlie Miller

    who did the chorus? it's fucking phenomenonal. this song gives me goosebumps and puts me in my feels.

    Urban Monkey

    His name's Chris Hutka. And yes, his voice is really beautiful and impressive.

    Charlie Miller

    Not him, the girl. I found out who she was, but Hutka also has a wonderful voice

    Urban Monkey

    Oh, you mean Sareena Dominguez?

  29. Luiz Paulo Freitas

    hahaha my God, does people actually enjoy this?


    I enjoy it very much

    Trey K.

    The original band, yes. This band + the new singer, no.


    I do not so much now but I can still appreciate the beauty in their songs.

  30. MrDuncancfc

    musically this band are really good, lyrically, pretty decent, theres something thats not right and i dont know what it is... i think it might be the mixture of screaming and singing... i think this band need to pick one.


    the mix of singing and screaming is what makes this band good

    Trey K.

    They just need the original Bear back, then they'd be as close to perfect as ever.

  31. room shok5

    Fuck your shiti music tbtb


    Fuck your shitty spelling room shok5


    +room shok5 Well shit now I'm scared

  32. David Ramos

    You guys are by far my default music for all the things that happen,
    happened or will happen in my entire life, you have a gift with your
    music and you share it with everyone who hear your songs. Your songs can
    take someone from the happines to fall down in tears, something special
    runs through my body whenever I listen your songs. Ijust wanted to
    thank you for making such grate music, keep up the good work!!! Your
    music follows me everywhere I go. My soul crack's with every single word
    in this song. Thank You.

  33. LizzieHazACupcake

    They're awesome. I've seen them twice. The first time in Iowa City when Chris was Bear. We were buying merch and Matt was at the stand, he started playing with the tutu I was wearing. When they went on, Chris was performing in the crowd right next to me the whole time and Matt was just sitting on the stage.The second time in Dallas @ South By So What?! for my birthday with Joseph as Bear. We met them again and I got a birthday hug from Matt. They signed a giant poster for me and we framed it. We also have signed masks of each.

  34. Big Rick Music

    the best song ^-^

  35. Hailey Chiaratti

    fuck the haters!! love y'all!! 🐰🐻

  36. Jonathan Rollings

    Great song. So much gnar!

  37. Trapbaby Jesus

    I got to meet these guys they actually stayd over at my house after a performance in seracuse these guys are awsome

    Mэитдl Cф.

    ceez traphouse gloti


    ceez traphouse I'm gonna call bullshit just for the simple fact you can't even spell Syracuse 😐

    James Price

    My brother used to hang out with them backstage and drink with them sadly i never went to a show myself

    Hey Ooo

    why would this guy be lying? tbtb does couch surf with fans sometimes. its not a new thing

    Jonathan Millett

    I hosted them at my house for a backyard show back in 2015 in Brighton, MA. This was when Haley was the Bear. One of the guitarists, Nate, also played in the band.

  38. Rob Tyninger

    bunny lost his fire that made him good

  39. Daniel L.

    wtf is this, please tell me this is ironic and to make fun of stuff like this, it's fucking cancer. why does everyone like this, you autistic furrys. it's just a furry manchild screaming

    Ivy Doomsday

    its not a "furry". a furry dresses up in full body costumes that are made of fur, hence the term "furry", usually for sexual pleasure. they have cheap dollar store masks..

    Hey Ooo

    whats wrong with being a furry?

    Daniel L.


    Wes Sones

    it's just a band bro

  40. Elijah Whalawitsa

    Amazing song c:

  41. ItsYourBoi JoJo


    Benny/ top of the tops

    +Connor Hess there are a lot of bands who make music videos where parts of the video have vocals without the lead singer even singing. its just the video.


    Everyone stop being a dingaling.

    Jake Partridge

    +Pun Pun Definitely not Haley. Her style and range are very different from Sareena's.

    As much as I say it, Haley kinda sounds like Justin Bieber.
    Listen to Empty Hands, I think the song name was.


    Hey everyone... That female voice singing the hook is my daughter Sareena Dominguez. I promise ❤️

    Trey K.

    Who cares, he was a much better singer for this band.

  42. Devon Grosstephan

    Are we sure that it's Chris' voice on the chorus? I swear, the tone changes a lot and sounds like a female.


    It's Sareena Dominguez

    Myra Houck

    It is a female

    Michael Jackman

    +Myra Houck it's actually both at certain parts


    It's my daughter Sareena Dominguez :)

  43. kennedy Nelson

    The first song, I ever heard by them. Great song.

  44. jesse porter

    love this band keep the great music coming guys

  45. Carson King

    It takes a little while to get used to Chris's singing but Matt's screams are like the best I've ever heard...and I've heard a lot of screaming....I can scream like that too but only when I have a little bit of mucus in the back of my throat

    Marco Dougherty

    That means you're doing it wrong my friend

  46. Darren Cash

    Anyone else find TBTB from the victory records sampler?

    Jessica J

    Me! Just listened to it earlier on a road trip with my friend

  47. Danielle Fitzsimmons

    I fucking love this song so much I listen to it like 50 times a day.

    chloe clark

    @Danielle Fitzsimmons That means you're actually human.

    Kayla Robinson

    +chloe clark Right? haha


    Danielle Fitzsimmons we can start a cult 😂

    tcore ctroll

    Danielle Fitzsimmons we can start a family you and I

    G Willikers

    I love this shit too. I don't listen to it that many times a day but I probably could. I turned this CD on at work and I'm hooked on this song again.

  48. Adam Ramirez

    im a huge tbtb fan, but i still love their older stuff, now loosing the bear again and changes in the band it just kinda fell off.

  49. Charles Gross

    Why isn't the woman IN the video?


    I can answer this. She's my daughter... She recorded this hook for the amazingly talented Sincerely Collins. The band heard it and used it in their song. :)


    @CherryMoon325 my God. You're a mom? Woo killing it Cherry


    ibladesi yes. The woman’s voice singing the hook is my daughter. 😊 And thank you!

  50. fernando rodrigo

    Fuckin love this song!!

  51. Jenny Kisa Chalupa

    Who is the female voice in the song?

    Dylan Troyer

    I heard, but I can't confirm, that it's the bunny's wife. And the bunny does the beginning singing on that part of the song

    Adam Whitehurst

    Sorry, checked up and it's Sareena Dominguez

    Joel Mejia

    +Adam Whitehurst Not she's no

  52. ashley bass

    this is a great band just met them last tuesday ! so down to earth and cool! The bear (chris) :( is more a part of the band but little bear Haley is a great addition! 

  53. Kagarin?

    This song jams :O

  54. Jayk Kraus

    More bunny please

    Jayk Kraus

    Though the bear has his necessary part 👌

  55. Eric Twing

    The screams are always so fucking good. And The bears voice is high pitch which I normally hate, but he still sounds like a guy, unlike Kellin Quin who should her up and take Hayley Williams place in Paramore xD

  56. sergio vazquez

    We'll find window.... FRAAAAAMMEES xD

    Dakota Stultz

    I think it's "while it's cold outside, we're biting window frames!!"
    Bit of course.. you could be joking. Which makes me look effing retarded! XD

  57. mcdrew364

    He sounds like a girl
    It is majestic as fuck
    I love this so much

  58. Nathan Castillo


  59. Sachi Rae White

    I think the random screaming was a little off putting, don't get me wrong, I love these guys but they need to sort their songs into an actual easy to follow pattern, it sounds like my mum could have made it. I love the mishmash of soft vocals and hard metal, well don't TBTB keep it up x

  60. gabby cole

    Honestly, The Bunny The Bear is my top favorite band. This song.. just amazing.

  61. Poh Mama

    the screams are incorporated well into the clean vocals, love it..

  62. Itzel Gaes

    Nice C; actually very nice

  63. Noah da Prototype

    The Bunny writes the music, and is an amazing vocalist. You guys don't understand the power and emotion he puts behind his "screams" that's what makes it seem so real. Especially in emotional songs.

  64. Jeannie Bean

    When I first heard this, I thought that it was someone other than Chris Hutka singing. I got super upset lol because I thought I heard they were replacing him. I guess they worked things out though.

  65. Madison Haley

    love the singing, not too keen on the screams though. great song though (:


    @Anthony Giachetti I'm here for the opposite haha D: I like them for matt's raw screams and word play (he writes most if not all the songs) The bears voice was a turn off at first, but its grown on and especially with songs like this, it fit well, reminded of like coheed and cambra


    @Anthony Giachetti no fucking way. The bunny Matt is the heart of this group. Gtfo


    +Kagarin? Reminds me a lot of Coheed and Cambria too that's why I like em lol


    +Madison Haley Agree, I like this song alot, but the screams sound (to me) really awkward, wont be listening this again.

    Trey K.

    I love the Bunny, can't listen anymore because of the new singer.

  66. Tabitha Danielle

    It would be better without the screaming, tbh. That guys voice is amazing.

    Damien Keats

    yeah but since there a griup I can't see them leaving the bunny out lol 

  67. Mariah Ettinger

    The bunny has a high pitched voice kinda like kellin Quinn but better

    Matthew McGowan

    That's the Bear. The Bear does the cleans and the Bunny does the screams.

    Mariah Ettinger

    That's right lol

  68. Mariah Ettinger

    If someone was featured it'd be in the title. The bear is singing, he has a high pitched voice if you actually listen to him.

    Noah da Prototype

    It was posted on Facebook that it was some chick. She didn't want to be credited/knew she wouldn't be. It's also on the credits of the song. Her name is Sareena Dominguez, she has a Facebook that she shared this song on as well.


    +Noah yes... It's my daughter Sareena Dominguez :)

  69. Andrew Rush

    I'm surprised how they aren't that popular. Great band!!!

    Alexander Phantomhive


    Myra Houck

    Who says they're not popular? Lol

    Alexander Phantomhive

    people who dont know good music o)0_0(o

    Zac Gammon

    +Myra Houck me lol judging by just this song they're not horrible if you don't count the screaming

  70. DemonSpeed29

    Fantasy is much better then reality,
    Cause reality just sucks,
    And The Bunny The Bear,
    Just kinda takes it away!

    Jayk Kraus

    Yup... Very new to this band but can't stop listening and I'm thinking it's a reality perspective

  71. Iban mazo

    amazing voice!!! (x pointing to the moon

  72. Dustin Reed

    Bear looking like leatherface tho HAHA

  73. eNeLeM

    It's amazing because Matt has literally corrected his slight gurrgle on the higher screams since the album even came out, with ease! My favorite screamer out there becuase of stuff like that. 

  74. DJMythic

    This is what happens to this genre... You Idiots want unique music, then when you get it, it is 'garbage' I happen to love this. Whoever hates is just against unique and original music. 

  75. Sydney Stardust

    thank god for the free cd at warped otherwise i would never get into this awesome band i love it c:

  76. chaosvariant

    Chris's singing never ceases to amaze me

  77. Daniel Scharber

    IDK,, I love it !!!

  78. Roman Converse

    This band is my Fucking life. I've loved them from the beginning.

  79. Mr happy

    Since i have the right to express my opinion i will due so in this comment.
    Honestly. TBTB is very different, they do change they're sound around a lot, but hey i like that because its not mainstream, plus they don't abuse the "Breakdown" in they're music or use a lot like most metal core/post hardcore bands do, i like the poppy feel to it a long with the harsh vocals. Ive been to many TBTB shows and they bring out a crowd a lot of people may say they suck but in all honesty they do have a following and fans that love their kind of music but in conclusion, everyone has they're own taste disagree with me if you want I'm just expressing my opinion.

    Mark Holloway

    My friend says that they're not because they have an electronic style yet he listens to Blood on the dance floor and says they're amazing

    Nikolay Bondarev

    good thing botdf broke up recently tho

    James Price

    I enjoy their sound its almost indescribable but im nit a huge fan of metal core or so called screamo music

    Martijn Mols


    Katherine Barker

    I love the fact that they change their sound/style with almost every album. They’re so different than most bands for that reason. I also enjoy that they have different Bears 🐻 so that adds to their unique sound. But hey, regardless, they’re a good band sooo 🤘🏼

  80. Unsettling

    Who the hell is singing the chorus? They're amazing <3

    Sareena Dominguez

    Me! 🙋 Thanks dear!


    @Sareena Dominguez i do say thats a good way to up your career by ft with other bands XD but i didnt know you have a like for metal :P

    Joystick Gamerz

    @Sareena Dominguez You have a lovely voice!


    no i know that part, but theres apparently another singer doing the chrous 

    Blake Beckwith

    Haley Robek or somethin

  81. Gage Killion

    Warped tour


    upset chris " the bear " left the band, atleast he re joined, they should make music forever aha

  83. zerohero28

    What kind of a genius writes a song like this?

  84. Mac Full

    THIS IS...... NO SLOW... LOW... DOWN LOWW... NO... :/

  85. Brie Parsons

    That guy's range is crazy <3

  86. Julio Ledezma

    I think this is the best song of TBTB

  87. Michelle McRyan

    Oh my god! I'm so happy they made a new album!~! AHHHHAA!!!

  88. Joshua Hale

    I was so skeptical years ago when they got signed to victory. Now they're one of my go to bands when I just want to listen to some music. So much talent from this band it's unbelievable.

  89. Wowworda

    I cringed at the "electronic metal core" comment


    I just high as skyscrapers and stopped carring. Works.

  90. madmike1

    Seriously bunny....Fuck off, Just continue to make the music and take your place in the background...You are raping a lot of these songs, and your crappy vocals are only thing that is keeping me from actually liking your band. Which is a hard thing to do, because I loath scene kid music.

    Cody Wilson

    Or you know, he can continue what he does. Which he is GREAT at, and you can go fuck yourself. Wowww one person. Who gives a fuck.


    madmike stfu get tf out here maggot


    @Jus Tyn hahaha "for all we know"... Trust me, we're out there.

    Alexander Phantomhive

    haters gonna hate, fans gonna appreciate 

  91. samson3798

    Ok i just started listing to this band.... Why do the 2 singers have masks on?

    Benjamin Yeaste

    The bunny symbolizes him overreacting constantly and being very impulsive, hence his jumpy and inconsistent screaming vocals. The bear symbolizes him being very thoughtful and calculated, hence the smooth clean vocals.

  92. allseeingowl 1220

    They brought back Design The Skyline im guessing

  93. Allsilent424!

    The fact their music is always changing and they test what they do and still make great music is the reason I love this band so much!!

  94. Nadiya Com

    Whoever the chorus singer is, if that is their real voice, (no digital vocalising or messing around to it, if that was his natural voice) That is amazing!
    He would get serious crowds singing by himself rather then having the destroyed, barely understandable screeches of 'the bunny' tearing the inside of your ears out, ruining any and all melodic vocals that had just blown you away!
    (Just because "bunny' writes the lyrics, shouldn't mean the group need to limit their influence because he has to be 'featured' ripping his throat out.) smh

  95. nic fowler

    bro im high as skyscrapers too

  96. Aidan themagicaldemon

    Does it sound like bunny's voice is messed up? Or is it just me?

  97. Jason Buckland

    This is surprisingly good. The unclean vocals don't really fit in the song, but the cleans are great.