Bunny The Bear, The - Lover's Touch Lyrics

Why would you marry me? Or was it for our families?
We share a bed at their feet
And our nights, well we dwell on these fights
And we punish our son for the times that we've lied
And you’ve deafened the choir, you bed-ridden horse
And you’ve spit on my motions as if they were yours
I’m aware you’re in need and you’re counting on me
Why waste living on the likes of me? Save conscience for the slaughtered sheep

Well, I’ve been meaning to give you a reason
The stones in hand will block out the sun, they’ll cleanse our sins just for fun
While you’ve been sleeping, I’m wide-awake dreaming
When my lover’s touch has faded and I wake up…
She’s not next to me

I’m alive, I’m unwell
Maybe heading to hell
I’m alive, but unwell, and I sure deserve hell
I’m alive and a lie, such a lie, it’s a lie…
It’s a lie

In the backseat, you can find me with my lover
Just a crutch for the night
Her heart flutters at the drop of a dime
And when the night is young I’ve had my fun
I’ll hold her far and tight

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Bunny The Bear, The Lover's Touch Comments
  1. Z06M6B613

    The Dark Den sent me here. Sexy time.

  2. Jeffrey Rinchiuso

    I spy Chicago! I'm charmed, we have a very iconic and beautiful city.

  3. [ J A N E P U P P E T ]

    Мэтт красавец, а от этой девушки просто тошнит (особенно, когда она дёргается)

  4. Saito Karas

    Когда что нибудь новое будет?

  5. Hades

    Why are there so many feet down? The female bear was good. And the song is great

  6. Black Star

    the masks :,(

  7. David Goble

    this is bs, this is not the TBTB we all know

  8. James Willis

    I actually really like her voice... A+ for choosing getting her to join. I just miss the masks... she could, maybe, put one on? (I mean there's a saying that "you don't put a number sticker on a Ferrari," or in this case a mask on a knock out beauty. However, I believe this can be an exception to that saying, seeing as the band is called what it is... and my personal bias.)

    James Willis

    Bumper* not number... fucking auto correct.

  9. DemonSpeed29

    What is going on with The bunny the bear?!

  10. Austin Bishop

    It just goes to show you that everything dies sooner or later.

  11. death Day

    wtf this video was made in chicago

  12. Krys Rios

    The comments here are cancerous...christ. Anyways Haley's voice...I guess suits a different genre. This just doesn't mix.

  13. lindyb0p

    Ughhh I seriously detest the new stuff, and the new singer it's really sad such an awesome band was ruined.

  14. Evan Austin

    I was critical at first, but she grew on me. I love her voice, it was a good experiment. In my opinion, I'm glad the bear is a dude again, it just fits better

  15. London

    Wth happen to the bunny the bear.....0.0

  16. TYS526 music

    this is goddamn terrible dog shit plain and simple. glad the new album was back to the old sound yet evolved in ways. can't believe how bad this is

  17. james staggs

    Well she certainly is photogenic and has that pop sensibility about her voice, but it's just the bunny now, why is it still The Bunny The Bear?

  18. Hunter Coffrin

    Am I the ONLY one who almost prefers TBTB with Haley?

  19. Pug Daddy Tice

    This was the Halloween 3: Season Of The Witch era of TBTB. Totally different than the usual but I still dig it and appreciate it.

  20. Sam

    If a song this awful is able to gather 57,000 + views, then it gives hope to all bands around the world that can actually write songs and have talent.

    If these guys can do it, quite literally anyone can.

  21. Daryl Spiewak

    Still think they should change names! Any band that loses the lead singer or one of them, they are no longer that band! Just my oppion

  22. Fran Drescher

    I was at a Show in ABQ and Chris saw me staring from affair. He walked up to me and started talking, so Chris is a cool dude. This girl isn't what we want, we hand a man singing higj notes like the entertainment of the old days where men sang and played womans role. its dope to hear, may not be super encouraged but this is getting to the selling out stage.

  23. Shawn McGrath

    The bear was fucking great, but I def dig the girl. I wonder if the bunny is hitting that? I'm gonna say probably.

  24. TJ Avagliano

    Haley's the shit I used to hang out with her before she joined this band. I like it better with her.

  25. Пожилой Клон

    fucking sucks

  26. HadesLordofDeath

    Where's The Bear? I haven't been up to date with the band in ages.

  27. Cloudcelune

    Cuando matan a tu banda cambiando al vocalista U_U


    ya tienen el primer vocalista otra vez


    Siii que hermoso


    si verdad?? la muchacha no me agarro la atencion.. pero ya tenemos el bunny the bear que todos queremos ;)

  28. Daryl Spiewak

    Yea, they don't sound the same. It sounds like a light version of babes in toyland. And weezer.

  29. Scrotum Ghost

    this is literal pop bullshit.

  30. Bakon Kianiankirkakacappelli

    You guys do realize that Matt (the bunny) writes all the music. So even if Chris was back the album would sound exactly the same.

    Motionless Productions


    Icon of Resonance

    No. Because it would have Chris in it. And Chris was the talent of the band that drove TBTB to the top. With his unique high singing skills. They got noticed definitely with him in it.

  31. William Colley wpcolley

    I'm not going to lie, this is a shock for me. I use to listen to this band a lot about 3 years ago, and yes I admit I don't know what happened inside the band to know why chris left. All i do know is that this IS NOT why I started listening to this band. Honestly you think this chick sounds good but she sucks, she sounds like one of those rich kids that wants to be a singer so there mom and dad pay for everything so that she can have her record deal.I have seen to many bands that have so much going for them and then they throw it all away because something happens within the group. Come on guys. Get your shit together, get chris back, and make a real fucking album.

  32. ZnXii

    damn that bitch is ugly as shit

  33. Paul Hammond

    This is horrible

  34. SlabBeats

    The fans in these comments are the fans that give us a bad name.

  35. Doxea

    I guess the Bunny left too, jfc where are your masks?

  36. Nando

    Some of you are asking where is bear but let me be the first to say that he is fine. He was recently in the movie the revenant great movie btw but yeah he's doing great

    shawn sheeley

    Urmum Wuzhere well he technically wouldn't be doing great since dies in the movie lol

  37. chazfromouterspace

    this isn't the bunny the bear, the bear is gone, it's now the bunny the bitch

  38. Kayden Box

    it's not the same without Chris, Haley fucking sucks. unless he somehow comes back I won't be listening to any new shit. if anything new ever happens

    Nicholas Cash

    They brought back joe.

    Jonny Jonny

    Kayden Box Because i'm sure they're gonna care if you stop listening.

    piggy uwu

    They broutght back Joseph Garcia recently I'm pretty sure.

  39. Matthew Lohman

    I think this is their best.

  40. Matthew Lohman

    I love this song bruh. I see that not many people don't but I think it's great.


    Swing by our channel and subscribe and check out our interview with Matt

  41. Naiya Devine Cominos

    Damn. I love everything this band does.

  42. NeckarbGaming

    Ugh we need the old bear back

    Kayden Box

    for real

  43. Jason Alessi

    Matt and Joe are working on new stuff that sounds great! I played guitar on Haley's last tour and Joe's first tour back since the change, things are deff sounding good I know you true TBTB fans will like the new stuff. I know some of you don't dig Haley, she's so different from Hutka, but a great singer and person. Take a minute to check out this track we just did together https://soundcloud.com/jason-alessi/victory-ft-haley-roback

  44. ADOX Music

    Is this channel dead? Havent really heard anything from them since the second change of singers.

  45. Jonathan Rollings

    She just keeps staring right into the camera. Same thing in the INACIB vid. Kinda haunting.

  46. Erick Malone

    Tuve que escucharlo varias veces para agarrarle gusto, este nuevo estilo que tienen se oye bien, no supera a lo que fueron antes, pero siempre es bueno un cambio !

  47. Hannah Manson

    im so disappointed.. this is no longer TBTB.

  48. Jonathan Rollings

    Not a bad song. Just doesn't sound like TBTB. Plus, I just prefer seeing them in the masks. I love the masks. So happy Joe is back too. NEW SONGS NOW PLEASE!

  49. Иван Бардаков

    Где медведь?

  50. DeadofPool

    Holy fuck Matt dude.


  51. Popcorn Pigs

    wtf happened

    Kayden Box

    Chris left and it all went to shit

  52. Lilly Leon

    bring the masks back

  53. Lilly Leon

    bring the masks back

  54. Gabe Montoya

    Here to give you guys the good news. The female Bear is not in TBTB! She is having a baby. Joe Garcia is the replacement, and the best replacement for Chris!(old bear).
    Happy new years indeed.

    Al Al

    +Gabe Montoya Good because she kind of sucks ass.


    +Alex xelA true that 100% by your side on that I listen to their old songs more I'm just exploring on what's going to these days.


    unpopular opinion i guess i really like this song but i also like all the other songs. Dnno why people are so mean towards the female vocalist that left. Its all about taste and preference not about being a shithead about it.

  55. alex zepeda

    Where's the bear :'(

  56. Devin sayswecanfly Ingram

    These guys use to be so popular. I have matt on my fb and he's chill, but man, I really like their old sound much better.

  57. GraceAnna Marx

    I love this!!!!!!

  58. Alma Aguilar

    my best friends sisters, boyfriend plays Xbox live with the bunny!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!

  59. Overlord Void

    tybor is a great guy and the new sound agree is nothing like it was.Though tam i believe they are trying to find the new sound.Hutka was incredible vocals no doubt.Though i have faith in them.Matt do your best like always,those who never give up eventually prosper.

  60. Devon Kelley

    The Bunny The ....who cares now.

  61. Austin Freiling

    Dude why, why did they switch i would honestly would like to knoe

  62. Kris Dour

    Wow this is terrible the bear was the best member of the band......

  63. Ransom Puppy

    You can't have The Bunny The Bear without the bear also I can't stand Haley's voice to me it sounds more like something you'd hear in a Disney Channel music video

  64. robert gagnon

    Honestly he should of just became the bunny fuck chris"the bear"bitch man and went solo

  65. Sophia Pimenova

    This sounds nothing like the bunny and the bear, it doesn't really sound like there trying at all.

  66. sloh

    yea no this is bad compared to old tbtb. i'll pass

  67. Daniel corral lopez

    I like the voice of the girl, but it's not the same if the old bear, is not the same music ... this should be a different band and follow the previous bear at once

  68. Peter Taylor

    What has happened to this band, *I AM NOT SAYING ITS BAD* but I hate seeing bands fall apart

    Devon Kelley

    +peter unicycler you can say its bad, its an opinion. even I think its bad

  69. Aaron Hatton

    So this is where people come to die inside :(

  70. GrizzlyForest

    This shit sucks, everybody say thanks to Matt for fuckin up the band

  71. Taylor Van Aernem

    I love TBTB. But even thou Chris left. They could of found a better singer then some girl. Women in this type of genre are shit. This whole album is shit. I'm am a VERY disappointed fan!

  72. Chris Jackson

    Why do ugly hoes have to ruin everything?!

  73. Blake Pierce

    The bear left. They suck. This is shit.

  74. Kim Bob

    I don't mind this sound but I think the old TBTB will always stand strong but I'm not here to bash I'm here to say to people who miss the old style and are complaining about the current style. Matt is also doing another band called When Wild Dingoes Attack which is more like old TBTB but heavier.

  75. yeet haw

    this sucks so much. when she started singing I shitted.

  76. GamebroTV

    fucking haters...the bear left..he wasnt replaced...this chick is not a bad replacement, by the next album im sure matt will find a better way to use her style.

  77. Liam Greeley

    i dont see a problem with the new vocalist. people should realize if the band wants to do something different then let them be. if they do what is right in their eyes dont bitch or complain just because thyere doing something completely different. all bands go through fazes it doesnt matter what anyone says. in general we all go through a faze. they have my support and ive given them my support for a good 5 years when i first discovered this band out of the bloom. if you dont like it thats too damn bad. if its a problem then go back on a trip of listening to the old stuff. thats all you have to do honestly lol.

  78. Thibaultclown

    good album but missing the mask boys. it feels weird to see you without it.

  79. Mac Full

    srry TBTB but this is SHIT!!

  80. Elijah Van Kuren

    lol this is kinda funny

  81. Pie

    ._______. I miss the original the bunny the bear.

  82. Sean O'Brien

    Better music can be made by farting on the toilet.

  83. TotalDoomsayer

    I like the contrast in the vocals. I miss the different Bears a bit but it isn't bad, especially for a more mellow song.

  84. William Cook

    Wow this female vocalist has such a unique voice...said no one ever.

  85. Vincent Bokan

    I don't hate her. She seems capable of Hutka's range... maybe. Bring back the fucking masks.

    Vincent Bokan

    I mean delete this video and reshoot. I didn't want to see your faces.

    Vincent Bokan

    +Vincent Bokan Nevermind. I hate it.

    Vincent Bokan

    +Vincent Bokan Good talk.

  86. Adora Wiggins

    I don't think The Bunny and The Bear is the same anymore. The girl bear doesn't fit into this band. The old one had a better voice than her. BRING BACK THE OLD BEAR!!

  87. Jxck The Rapper


  88. Jxck The Rapper


  89. Hayley Castro

    I have to say this is really disappointing. The older stuff is better, and i miss the masks.

  90. ScreamTeam1234

    Chick sucks at singing


    what happens to the bear

  92. ʟᴏᴠᴇ ʏᴏᴜ ᴊᴏɴɢʜʏᴜɴ

    I want Chris back, this now sounds like pop music to me.
    If I want pop music, then I can go look up some JB or some shit.
    Chris was the shit <33 Chick is ruining it...

    okatron 6000

    Agree X 100000000

    Matthew Lohman

    Yes because pop has FUCKIN SCREAMING

  93. Cameron Lamere

    How can it be The Bunny The Bear without the Bear? Chris Hutka was pretty much the whole band, unique vocal range, cant be replaced by some chick with a common style voice.

  94. 24242424::2

    Put your fucking mask on and be a fucking bunny sxmachine, not a faggot like any other. when you gonna broke up with this girl (and i wish it) you gonna be fucking hardcore like for the oldstuff  ps : your new bear haven't energy man    prendre du recul, c'est pas si dur.

  95. Justin Schroeder

    The bear got super sexy, love that chick!

  96. Mother Fuckin' Nature Bear

    First off, people need to stop complaining about Haley; she's wonderful and you know it she's just "not Hutka". which is PERFECTLY OKAY. REMEMBER, we had 3, THREE, bears other than Hutka. From what I saw, no one had much problem with them. I read comments such as "It's different but The only thing DIFFERENT, is that she's female.

    SECOND, Hutka also recorded a version of this song with Matt and others. SO, the "winning formula" isn't "gone". This is pretty much the same song but with a different singer. As some proof: https://myspace.com/aliarwrotethissymphony/music/song/01-alwts-demo-1.m4a-88818247-98628283 . <-- check that out. Good stuff, AND STILL GOOD STUFF. ESPECIALLY if you like TBTB

    ok sorry

  97. Lew Dyer

    R.I.P The Bunny The Bear

  98. Jeezus Beezus

    It's like the Bunny the Bunny not bear> Where is the Screaming? I got attached with the old stuff