Bull, Dan - The Brotherhood Lyrics


Dash back to the Renaissance
Like a racehorse
Mate I'll slash your face off
Make sure that I'll break your jaw
Like I break your laws
Grateful that I gained the support of a new patron
Stationed in the papal states
But I take short breaks on days off
To take tours round Spain lakes or Naples
What, you wanna fight me?
Why didn't you say so?
What are you thinking that I'm bringing these blades for
Flush with the weaponry
Yep I've got a lot
Atop of your neck is a terracotta pot
You wanna watch, it's not going to topple off
Whoop, butterfingers
What a clot
Death comes sweet like I'm serving butterscotch
Let's turn this up a notch

The brotherhood
Is our home
But it's understood
That when in Rome
We do as the Romans do
Appropriate their culture
And then use it to ruin you

(Use it to ruin you, ruin you)

Half animal, half cannonball
Fired out of the prow of a man of war
Without the sound of gunpowder pounding
Prowling around veiled in the crowd around me
I smell a heap of trouble
So I'm clambering the rubble
Then I'm running from an alley to a tunnel
Like I'm Sally Gunnell
My genes are a museum
Look within, see what I'm seeing
From columns to Colosseum
I'm one of these hitmen
Whose victim isn't gonna see 'em
As a policy I'm surreptitious
Polish anyone off becoming suspicious
Sophisticated enough to know
When I need to be thoroughly vicious
If I was you
I'd strap on a parachute
You never know who's dropping in
From out the blue
Have you heard the way
The biggest birds of prey
Can take a baby away like an invertebrate?
With a steel spine
I've the nerve to say
That I'm a spider
Now finish up your curds and whey

The brotherhood
Is our home
But it's understood
That when in Rome
We do as the Romans do
Appropriate their culture
And then use it to ruin you

The brotherhood
Is our home
But it's understood
That when in Rome
We do as the Romans do
Appropriate their culture
And then use it to ruin you

(Use it to ruin you)

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Bull, Dan The Brotherhood Comments
  1. MR.Villes

    Subtitles in spanish?

  2. Jackson

    Hey Dan Bull! Did you ever think to do an Assassins Epic Rap like the one you did for the overwatch heroes?

  3. Angel Cisneros

    Definitely rap

  4. Jonathan McDaniel


  5. RootinTootin Pootin

    I'm not sure if I can agree with the description, Revelations is pretty dope

  6. Le Dégulingo Fan De Rap Trop Vénèr Et Trop Zehef

    graphics are so much worst than on the actual game

  7. Santino . S


  8. Ben Wade

    Appropriate their culture and then use it to ruin you XD

  9. Jaylen Orr

    We do as the Romans do appropriate in colature and we use It to ruin you

  10. Darío Gutierrez

    Best lyrics boi, what a second verse!!

  11. DominoPivot

    Oh the irony. Listening to this at work (internship at Ubisoft) but not understanding much because I never played Brotherhood.

    Vinny Lembo

    DominoPivot yeo lemme get ac origins for free


    Sorry, we get free games on Uplay but we don't get to give them away :P

    The man they call Cay'vein

    Better be the good ones.

  12. Gaara Lund

    we need one of assasin creed origin <3

  13. Caden Henrich

    Dan, did you just call someone a clot? Did you get that from Dave's video? You sneaky little douglby, you.

  14. Izaiah Snow

    I liked it but it could be better


    Nize Video.

  16. guy person

    Please do a revelations rap

  17. Seth Himself

    Not that good bro

  18. Emil Happy

    anyone seeing this again and again cause of AC: Origins comming soon?

  19. Skillz Gilore


  20. haily newman

    What is that assasins name

  21. ThatGuyKhi

    Gameplay not from ezio collection disappointed slightly

  22. Team Fruits

    I have a gun!

  23. Yoonas Husband


  24. xNexUsChr0me

    Best AC

  25. Monald Frump

    Assassins creed origins or dan bull

  26. elliott nahmias

    Dan Bull did u literally take the opening beat straight from I have a gun

    Darío Gutierrez

    dude the beat is from Dizzee, but it's that he and Pink Guy used it xd

  27. Caleb Kopp

    best go check out Dan Bull, haven't checked him out in a while.
    **comes back to several unwatched videos** ooooooooh noooooooooooooooooo

  28. Cornholius Cesar and not the salad

    This is a great rap for a great game

  29. Random Guy

    Console version of the game looks so shit compared to PC.

  30. Ben Grainger

    Did anyone else realise that Ezio is 40 in this game. Im 17 and i can't move like that. Good on him.

    ash champion

    Ben Grainger i thought he was in his 30s 😅

    Brandon Harris

    40 at the start 48 by the end


    Its mentioned at the start...

    Paradox Edge

    To be fair. He was training since he was a kid prolly. Even before he became an assassin he was already an agile little bugger. You gotta be if you are doing rascal things like dating your daughter behind your back.

  31. 0007i1

    Because I'm an assassin

  32. Sergeant Froggy

    Can you make a Nier Automata rap? pls

  33. BigDickLonzo 69

    A little late

  34. ToxicMk

    bf1 Vs cod ww2 pls

  35. David Willits

    Fantastic work Dan

  36. Vagos Sunderground blablabloublias

    Loved it! Too much political references

  37. Berzerk

    Sweet sweet 30 fps trailer.

  38. Joshua Schofield

    I liked the assassins creed movie

  39. Ardent Stone

    One of my favorites

  40. Juan Dcz

    Can you do SMITE dan bull? :D would be awesome

  41. Sivister

    My nigga from bromsgrove

  42. Shadefix

    Getting realy awsome on the choruses man.

  43. Tomi Uval

    Soy sub de zarcort

  44. Peregrin Took

    No lie, as soon as this song started playing I thought of runescape.

  45. Yung Akuma

    Waiting for the next rap...

  46. Samuel Martens

    Destiny 2 do it next

  47. Breadloaf

    Make more over watch raps

  48. Agent 6

    The Romans did a bit more than "appropriate" the culture of their enemies


    I love you brazil

  50. Mo-Fi

    Brotherhood is best AC. Ezio involved and not boring. Dank af.

  51. Joan M

    Dan bull Destiny 2 Rap pliz :c

  52. Demonetized Duck

    Next rap do can you do the escapist 2?

  53. stearnix

    your raps are amazing i really want to see what you can do with DOOM :D

  54. Nazar Mahmoud

    Danbull make league of legends rap, it's been a long time sick you did one

  55. ItzTheMawco Bros

    Hi dan plz use this start to a rap in one of your vids

    It's fallout 4 the nuclear war go ahead and slam the door of vault-tec cuz what the heck the monsters will snap your neck

    Plz use it it would mean the world to me😎😄

  56. random guy

    you should make an uncharted rap



    Sebastián Figueroa

    MIRIAM BERNAL chau :v

  58. Limb Eater

    Assassins creed is my favorite overwatch hero

  59. InSaNiTy IS a VIRtue

    Dan you should check out this guy RUSTAGE he is amazing, maybe you could do a collab

  60. Bay-Star

    hey dan bull do a rap about Robo Recall

  61. Red1 _Leader

    found you from ERB and you are AWESOME!!!

    Red1 _Leader

    and honestly i like more of yours then ERB. and i have a request (if you do that sort of thing) can you make a rap for War Thunder (Or any WWII dog fight game)

    Red1 _Leader

    and if you already have i have not had time to binge watch your raps yet but on my way to doing so

  62. Fritz Noodles


  63. Wojtek Mazurkiewicz

    I have gun

  64. Random Phoenix

    Do transformers rap

  65. Kret

    Am I crazy or did Pink Guy use the same beat for 'I have a gun'?

  66. MFlynny86

    Please do a Fire Emblem Rap

  67. Wander Stribos

    I keep hearing "The brotherhood is a hoe"

  68. Samuel Smith

    I recognize this beat from a Pink Guy song lmao.

  69. barteke22

    Would've been a bit funny if you had shown Copernicus from the dlc durring the 'Polish anyone off becoming suspicious'... Jk, I'll have to polish my puns...

  70. Destiny 2 MAKE A Rap about it Pls. Gives you trouble at the Destiny rap

  71. ninja squad

    My favert assain creed is the black flag

  72. NoSTs 123

    could you do a what reamains of edith finch rap

  73. Doc Robust

    Will he do a Revalations rap although he's already done one?

  74. Are Hamburguesha

    Where is he from?
    I come from Zarcort (Sorry for my English)

  75. NET Mediocre

    Nice improving on the choruses, Dan! This one if fire

  76. ShooTeks

    Splatoon 2 rap ? :3

  77. Sky loverMC


  78. Hayden Woodward

    Hey dan bull are your ears getting any better

  79. thethiccestrook

    Dan have you played rainbow six siege recently? I think you should make a rap about it since its changed so much since your video about it. Maybe a verse or two for every operator in the game would be a great idea (or just the vanilla operators).

  80. Detectivepotato

    You should do a rap on the G-man frome the half life series

  81. Cynic

    Assassin's Creed Bloodlines?

  82. Sky Drzewiecki

    Hey can you do the newest assassin creed games???? Please!!!!

  83. Rom S

    Dan Bull should start making diss tracks looool, he could roast the fuck out of someone with his bars

  84. Sean Jones

    He has low subs but he is a quality rapper

  85. Sean Jones

    Do a collab with daddyphatsnaps

  86. Tooble

    Listen to drake rap then listen to this... why cant this be in the charts xD

  87. Zymirov Production

    My favourite <3

  88. Aether Gaming

    Dan, I know you probably won't read this however I have something I would like to say to you. You are a inspiration to me on a level you have no idea. I originally found you through BoyInABad and eventually found your Portrait of an Audist song. I suffer from "high functioning autism" along with a few other social and mental disorders. I used to be severely depressed and suicidal after my diagnosis with autism I always knew I was different however to be labled as austic and judged by my peers based on that label hurt alot. After finding your videos I realised that there is nothing to be ashamed of and fuck what people might think about me. You inspired me to start writing poetry, and you have had an impact on my life that I am sure you have had on many other lives. You inspired me to get out of my shell and live life to the fullest. Your music inspired me and eventually lead me to meet the love of my life whom I proposed too a few weeks ago (and she said yes). Dan, the most important thing I want to say too you is a simple Thank You for everything you've done to help me and everyone else you've helped.

  89. ِAyham Al Omar

    assassin's creed origins rap just wait

  90. Icerus

    I've been curious and it would be interesting if dan bull made a diss track on someone

  91. Golden Dogma

    Could you do a rap for Dragon's Dogma?

  92. Dan Bull

    I've just made a playlist of all my Assassin's Creed songs so far, in order of the story. Here it is, make sure you follow it because more songs are on the way https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwQDSRN0v-fdnM-Xos9-JiURIRLQiNLYf


    Thats straight up impossible mate. At this rate even AAA games come three times faster. But i guess a man can dream

    elliott nahmias

    Why does the beginning of this rap sound suspiciously like I have a gun by Pink Guy


    Dan Bull this sucks daddyphatsnaps is wayyy better bitch

    ultimate gamer

    Dan Bull heyyy

    Dom Squaaa

    @Dan Bull I don’t think the playlist is in order