Bull, Dan - Take Me To Oblivion Lyrics

[Dan Bull:]
This is a letter to Bethesda
In which I beg you to stick together
For new Elder Scrolls and you flippin' better
Otherwise I'm gonna pester you forever, well
Except when I'm playing Fallout: New Vegas this November
But please we need another Elder Scrolls
If I don't a hold o' one I'll go out of control
Sure Fallout was a whole different level and it was incredible
But it didn't have the visual elegance and mystic mythic elements
That lifted it through excellence and into sheer perfectionism
Transcendence isn't something I'd expect sitting next to computers
But what you presented to us is beauteous
Playin' Oblivion made me oblivious to my surroundings
How could a game be this intricate?
But after a thousand hours of play
I'm still enthralled with it all now to this day
I've found an escape from the imperial prison of everyday livin'
So take me to Oblivion again
Take me to Oblivion again
Take me to Oblivion

[Baron Samedi:]
Thanks Dan I couldn't of put it better
Get it together, Bethesda or we'll keep pendin' you letters
Being a thought dweller was special but wet was forgettable
So I'll never settle for anything less than an Elder Scrolls
Consumed by Bloodmoon swallowed by Morrowind
When I step into Oblivion I'm instantly lost in it
Escape the modern concrete office
But not only when I pop the DVD-ROM in the slot and unlock my dreams
Grab my magic hat, my daggers and a Wabbajack
Pack them in the saddle bag and travel through these savage lands
It's quite depressin' how obsessed I was getting
With checking out every chest to collect every set of weapons
I stand on the planet's edge and gaze at the hazy seas
It's crazy how ones and zeros behave so amazingly
Take me from these rainy streets
Please Take me to Oblivion again
Please take me to Oblivion

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Bull, Dan Take Me To Oblivion Comments
  1. Primes Ordes

    I like the flow of the Song🎶

  2. Ventus 123

    I get asmr tingles from this song

  3. Ojt flO

    Take me to Oblivion IRL

  4. damirDsin :)

    This brings back memories. ^^

  5. Ollie



    @Dean Magee all of you, hang yourselves. This video is about Oblivion NOT Skyrim or ESO. Argue elsewhere please 


    to me oblivion will always bve ever, it was not only the first rpg i ever played but it was one of the first games i ever played,i have many memories of it, but i have lost it so all i have are those memories


    @Veus Amadeus THANK YOU! Fucking hell...

    Ventus 123

    Im more of a skyrim person because i have great memories of playing it with my brother and my cousin taking turns after the other dies


    Morrowind ftw

  6. Subject

    Yeah, Skyrim had good graphics, but the world of oblivion was far more beautiful.


    true man oblivion best ^^

  7. ThirdEyedeas

    Thanks for uploading, this is now private on DBS channel

    GaMeRs DeLiGhT!!

    tho i believe he has his reasons. im glad i could help 8)