Bull, Dan - Return Lyrics

Sliding doors divide and all
The nightmarish corridors
Will all fall
Behind you

Sliding doorways divide
And all the winding corridors fall away behind
Rays of light serenade my eyes
And wide white clouds parade the skies
After days and nights of grey
It's quite breathtaking in such amazing sights
I've paid the price, stayed inside
And it's been great but I need to say goodbye
The grape is ripe so maybe I should build the bottle
To fill the bottle, taste the wine
Now I've found how to savour life
All thoughts of pain inside fade and die
I take the fight to paper, hibernate and write in waiting
'til it's time to face my fright and take the mic
I've made the right choice in raising my voice
And reclaiming life's joys


If you've ever had a dream then chase it
Cos it's dreams that make us more than meat for grave diggers
Do you really want to remain faceless
Cos you dated aspirations but became faithless?
Be safe, stay put, each day's painless
Or regain faith, though we face dangers
Be brave, courageous, behave audaciously
My teenage daydreams made me famous
But being flavour of the week
Leaves a taint on the tastebuds, so I need to shape up
I tighten the laces in each of my trainers
Then retrace my steps to when I believed I could get
To each place I set my aim on
Not accepted fate, and reshaped my destination
I've not reached places yet that truly take my breath away
I'll never til the day of my death


[Khaya Dlanga:]
We've had a really lovely time
But I ought to make a move
I've things to do
And I'm kind of assuming that you do too

The end is almost here
Here we go

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Bull, Dan Return Comments
  1. Jover Games

    shivers of nostalgia

  2. Dark Overlord of Gaming

    955th like. Don't know why it doesn't have more though.

  3. DashNothing

    Such a perfect song

  4. Ignorant Persson

    shitty music


    That's your opinion, if you don't like it leave. I personally enjoy it

    Noah Smith

    +Ignorant Persson I like how your username suits your views

    Jango Bun Bun

    +Noah Smith methinks trolling.

  5. momiester


  6. SA7AN

    Face changed my life.

  7. Bhappyy

    who else agrees he should be signed?

    Jeremy Temple

    I doubt he would want to

  8. Kalious

    Love this

  9. topher 9750

    love all Dans stuff gone over his past 2 albums and i love them to this day great job Dan

  10. Rony Blanc

    I can't believe we knew Dan before he gets famous (it's inevitable guys)!

    Tsunami Rain

    hes gonna shout all of us out and im gonna be happy

    King Maine

    +Rony Blanc I know right!


    +Rony Blanc One million subs now :D

    Rony Blanc

    @Stanbobbler Yisssss

    Gaming Warriors

    back when youtube was using a + when you wanted to respond. So many years men!!

  11. Land Of Tom

    Just to echo what other people are saying, the fact that a talented artist like Dan gets less attention than Justin Bieber, just shows how ridiculous our society is today. A music artist can just be an idiot, release mediocre songs, and try and attract attention to herself by making a certain dance move popular and dancing round naked, (not suggesting anyone here), and end up with loads of cash and publicity. Dan Bull deserves to be more popular, unlike others. 




    @Land Of Tom Not everybody's into geeky raps, but I see your point.

    I know this comment was a year ago, but eh I just came back to this song and saw your comment.

  12. louis haack

    How can an extremely talented person like Dan be getting less attention than Justin Bieber.


    +louis haack Because you have to think about reality when you listen to him and the first part of it comes to the general public with a lot of effort.


    louis haack go listen to Dan's BPI so the explains it

  13. Kyle Jalbert

    10/10 Would listen to again, oh yeah thats right, I am.

  14. Daan

    Dan, though you might not read this I just want to say it anyways. 
    Dan, you're an awesome artist, I love your music and I love the way you put that something special into your music. What that something is for me, well, I can't place it but it's there in your music. I came to your channel because of the gaming raps, but I grew to love these songs even more. You made me love rap (this kind, not the 'Yo' and 'Shit' stuff) and gave the world some great music. I can only say keep up the good work and please, just please, don't ever change your music for anyone but yourself.
    Much love from Holland


    He made ya feel the musik as it ment to

    Thibeau Wouters

    Mooi gezegd, ben het volledig met je eens! :)

  15. Lord Spade

    this song is love

  16. mrguylikenothin

    Thanks for being awesome.

  17. Ahmad A

    Dan, you are my source of inspiration. I wish i could shake your hand for you taught me to chase for my dreams with this one song. To some of us, this is much more then just a song. Thank you.

  18. Romeo Carbune

    You are stupid nevadan really cause you dont believe in god

  19. Underage Anarchy

    Are you 7?
    Jesus, it's a joke, not a dick, don't take it so hard.

  20. Jay Speaks

    I feel like this is sampling something, if it is can anyone tell me, cause I really can't tell, thanks

  21. LordHeebrial

    I demand that Dan does a US tour.

  22. 0HerreH0

    THIS IS THE SONG I WAS LOOKING FOR! I went though all of your songs to search for this one for I had forgotten the title. I ended up listening to all of them because they're good.

  23. zeo868

    I am proud to be a fan of dan I will never be exiled to the borderlands, or dishonored because I listen to him, even with the doorways closed and the glaciers melting I will not cut my wrists when people call me stupid for listening, thanks for sharing your opinion, we made you to be like this, it may not be safe but it is what we are

  24. zeo868

    I see what you did there

  25. Ranma

    I'm curious... who's the motivational speaker near the third quarter of this? He sounds familiar.

  26. connor cuff

    i hope so... 0_0

  27. Elijah Shaw

    amen to that

  28. jay ferson

    ill click on the adds everytime i watch your video.. its not much but itll be that more with addsense. continue the great job . id like to here that on a south instrumental

  29. calver45

    Yes this is the 7 th time someone has said this but thank you !!!

  30. omgbrian

    No. Rap is fucking trash. dan bull is way better :]

  31. Zovioh

    He's doing a comment full of references to Dan Bull songs, one of which is America.

  32. Extrontale

    This song is simply beautiful

  33. SaviorPwnz

    I think he mean't raper lol.

  34. calver45

    Thanks but ive had this comment about 5 times now but thanks :)

  35. Wicked Clown

    rapper, not raper, hes not a rapist, but i agree

  36. Adam Grabenhorst

    Wow Dan Bull..Just wow, Those are two Amazing albums, with AMAZING ending songs, Winter from Safe, And Return from Face.. Seriously..Work hard, and keep doing what your doing, I really think you can go somewhere. Please, never stop writing.

  37. Kage Krigeren

    You next video will be Video number: 100 :D

  38. Lisa Allred

    how did michael jackson treat you? ahahaa

  39. AJ SHER

    You are just amazing mate. if you have time to read the lyrics they just blow your mind compared to the shit that comes out these days.


  40. ion12

    While I agree with your choice to start the internet argument (Smmy hasn't listened to much rap if he deems Em the king. To be the king takes more than being a few people's favorite artist), I don't think it fair to judge people to this extent on musical taste. You use the irrelevant argument 'keep up [with the times],' yet later completely scrap it with "Kids these days". Are you trying to appear modern or classical? Also, what kind of person calls others social retards over the internet?

  41. Brizzles

    poor Sparkelz gettin owned :/

  42. Tomhanks1988

    Awesome sample of "Electric Light Orchestra - Can't get her out of my head" at 3:49. Nice one Dan

  43. Sunshine

    I do get outside and get fit i ride my bike and do jumps... while listening to Eminem on my IPod

  44. Sunshine

    Do you watch Cpt Sparklez? or Raywilliamjohnson? famos tubers listen to em

  45. Sunshine

    Thats funny because em is actualy more popular than you think, many famous you tubers and others listen to him. more like 10-25yr olds :P

  46. Sunshine

    Whats wrong with Em he is badass

  47. l S

    So he's the best rapist around?

  48. Jeff Leung

    While I appreciate the many songs you do similar to this, I really think you should also have a bit more variety, maybe one sort of uplifting, motivational anthem like "Till I Collapse", with a powerful beat, and with you using the strong voice you use on your video-game-based raps.

  49. MrTrootsky

    @MYB3ST1 that didnt work out with canibus or ja rule dont see how it would work with dan

  50. Atomic

    Dan you're awesome. I really hate it when people relate you to other rappers like Eminem. You are the best. You don't try to act like a gangster, you don't sing about drugs and clubs, and that is awesome. Keep being great.

  51. Sky and Britt

    get into a rap war with em ... ur hype will grow and if u can compete omg the records u will have

  52. Eriochi

    well dan, i have to say. thank you for offering the album for free and a paid version. i'll take advantage of both. i'll download the free version but as soon as i get my next paycheck i'll buy it. you've well earned it.

  53. Andy Social

    Best Eminem song lyrically is Infinite. Still love Em but the fame has put out the fire he had.

  54. Sunshine


  55. Sunshine

    He still is very good but not the best

  56. Sunshine

    If you say that to an eminem fan face to face you will be in A&E...

  57. Dan Bull

    I just noticed this comment and... ha, you're basically doing what I did with the John Lennon song but with me. Awesome :D

  58. FahShizzle

    Eminem used to be the ultimate but he's left his golden age, now he's molded into whatever the media wants and has no expression he used to have. thats the problem about becoming mainstream, you lose you voice..

  59. Sunshine

    What about Eminem? i mean sure Dan Bull is FUCKIN AWSOME but eminem is the King of rap

  60. coffeehypedchaos

    Well, maybe that'll be the thing to do. I think we've lost focus on all the things that matter in the world and only a few can occasionally glance back at them and say "Damn, we're really messing up." If only the world would wake up. Sorry to be so serious.

  61. VCAndrewsForever

    I'm glad someone agrees! I miss picking up the phone and talking to friends for hours at a time, nobody does that anymore. Even if it's calling someone to ask them a question, it's still better having a five minute converstation then it is to send a couple texts. I'm close to not answering texts either unless I can't call either, it's getting ridiculous how lazy some people can be.

  62. coffeehypedchaos

    I agree with that completely. I actually hate texting, but none of my friends pick up and almost all of them hate calling. It's a real... Stupid situation. I'm seriously this (Close) to just not answering texts unless i can't call myself.

  63. VCAndrewsForever

    What's also sad is how things get around in today's time. Facebook, Twitter, ect. What happened to calling your friend up and telling them about something cool you found? A lot of kids today don't know what "calling someone" means, they text insead. Sad.

  64. coffeehypedchaos

    Maybe one day, the good music will Return and people will stop supporting BPI, SOPA, PIPA, and so forth. Thanks for letting me share. ^_^

  65. coffeehypedchaos

    We don't need to be angry about todays music, I'm not pissed. I think instead we should spread the music around on twitter, Facebook, even tumblr. Post it randomly on forums and just see the the Cabana of Reactions. They may be Cold like glaciers at first, but it's the doorway to Changes. Do it like a ritual, America needs to see that real music isn't always the popular music, and not to feel guilty about not being exposed to it. Stop being a thrifty beatnik and blow some on Dan, and friends.

  66. Dylan Brand

    Guys like justin bieber you need to eens straight to hell, and people like dan you need to give a change to become famous

  67. Bartek Baree

    I don't, I love today's society! Why you might ask? Its because all those people that listen to "music" on MTV or Justin Bieber are not here, they are out there following their fake friends while we get the real magic of music for our self's. The reason this is so beautiful is because not many people know about it, we keep the magic for our self's. :)

  68. Almost Muslim Skeptic


  69. Erik Van Ees

    Its not society's fault we cant find somthing like this within the other hundred billion videos on youtube.

  70. TheThriceIsRight

    Sweet Jeebus you are great Dan.

  71. BremeniRosta


  72. Andy AA

    highly agree!

  73. CptJackson

    lol just saying that bieber does have a good voice just saying everyone does like to throw this kids name around as if hes garbage though dont care though lol

  74. Voronar

    That was the most hilarious comment I have ever read xD

  75. londonTown1989

    all society cares about today is how catchy a tune is aslong as u can remember the lyrics and dance along its a number 1 hit

  76. calver45

    Yes soz

  77. xenial -

    u mean rapper . right ?

  78. XxMAISxFTW2

    damn boss

  79. Acsinte Robert

    Man, I need to say you something...YOURE AWESOME!!!!

  80. Dr. Thrax

    478 comments remaining

  81. Capablanca_

    songs like these make you wonder why hes not got over 100,000 subs?!?!?!

  82. Nugster M

    Great gig in the sky reference? I think? Theres a section in there that sounds similar. Its awesome!

  83. Mark Bowyer

    Lo level internet phenomenon only. No money in it mate.

  84. James Jeacock

    just came across u in a review from america's view on uk hip hop i live in Warwickshire normally in evesham tho keep up your work mate good lyrics i love rapping i just dont have the balls to record any so props to you mate

  85. Jesse Entwistle

    Well, everyone's given their opinion, mine will be short and sweet. Awesome job.

  86. nine2five99

    AWSOME DAN! THIS IS BETTER THAN YOUR GAME RAPS! well not really there all awsome raps

  87. Gentlemanly Gent

    Keep it up Mate, your Rhymes make somethings in my life easier to cope with, Epic lyrics man, Keep it up.. truely much love and respect, You deserve more Public attention for your songs, Epic mate...

  88. Bloodacious


  89. Akilroth234

    It pisses me off extremely how a greatly talented person like Dan Bull is getting less attention then a untalented idiot like Justin Bieber! Honestly, I hate todays society.

  90. Luke

    and i thought his gaming raps were good...

  91. wertan10

    Dan Bull is a perfect example of what musicians should be like

  92. NerdyBrit

    you are seriously talented, keep shooting for the stars, also your an inspiration.

  93. henrycazaux

    where did the ending come from? I mean where the Jamaican sounding fellow speaks.

  94. Koldof

    you are one of my heros..