Bull, Dan - Pistol In The Bathroom Lyrics

[Dan Bull:]
Ok, look, I'm well aware, that this is probably going to sound insane (whip-woo)
But I honestly just fell out the back of a plane
Landed in a random bit of abandoned real estate
Then ran straight into the nearest place and here I stayed in the can
The place is a mess, but it's better than the outside (true)
And so I'm making a nest to settle down, hide
No doubt I'll cause an outcry, called a coward, but it's not that, it's just everyone else is overpowered (wa)
Would I like a vast exciting island to explore?
Err, thanks, but, no thanks
I'd rather hide behind this door not coming out (yeah)
Somebody's got to sort the plumbing out, blomming hell
You want to run around? Go bother someone else
Of all the places y'all could urinate, you're all up in my face
This ain't the place to fornicate in or negate the call of the nature
Sorry mate, we're all devoid of toilet paper, call in later
This cubicle's engaged, go locate a stall that's vacant (ha)
I've got important business, that's taking concentration
Waiting for the game to finish and faking constipation (uh)

I found a pistol in the bathroom
Somebody put a pistol in the bathroom (uh)
Somebody was cleaning their gun
While they were taking a shit
I found a pistol in the bathroom
Somebody put a pistol in the bathroom
I'm going to number one
With the gun I found in the bathroom

[Dan Bull:]
Oi Dan, what's the hold up?
Shh, nothing, I'm holed up and ready to unload on any soldier that rolls up (wa)
I'll leave your skull bust open like a walnut (wah)
With a hole in the middle like a bone donut
That was a trigger warning, so don't say I never told you
That you won't see me on the leaderboards, if you scroll up (pff)
I need to pass the time, I'm really bored
Oh look! Found some make up in the cabinet
And now I'm dolled up, dragged up
Sat on the bog and draggin on a roll up
This lavatory seat's freezing, I've got a cold butt (wo)
Now, you may say the way I play is soulless
I say it's realistic using the head of my shoulders
Because while everybody else is chasing after gold dust
I'm laying back and selling shovels in the gold rush
I'm in a toilet stall with a bullet hole in the wall
But if you go for glory, then I'll go for your balls

I found a pistol in the bathroom
Somebody put a pistol in the bathroom
Somebody was cleaning their gun
While they were taking a shit (uh)
I found a pistol in the bathroom
Somebody put a pistol in the bathroom
I'm going to number one
With the gun I found in the bathroom

[Dan Bull:]
Gnarly, how can you aim a shot at somebody you can't see?
No one saw me standing there, not even Paul McCartney (bruv)
You want me? Fucking well, come and find me
I'll be waiting with a gun and a pack of sarnies (jeez)
Now I'm not weapons trained and I don't know karate
But I'll fight you and your family and your army
If you think I'm coming out this bathroom - hardly
I'll be the last one in the chocolate factory like Charlie
Aw, you're not invited, it's a one man party
Not sharing my shelter for shit, I'm not Bob Marley
Not going to get up, stand up
There's too much burning and looting and having the gun jamming's
A concern, when you're shooting
Try my pioneering new type of conflict resolution
Hiding where guys are normally performing their ablutions
Just remember, when you're done to flush the latrine
This is the secret to the way I keep so fresh and so clean
If you're haveng PUBG problems, I feel bad for you, son
I beat ninety nine opponents and I haven't shot one

I found a pistol in the bathroom
Somebody put a pistol in the bathroom (woo)
Somebody was cleaning their gun
While they were taking a shit (hah)
I found a pistol in the bathroom
Somebody put a pistol in the bathroom (me?)
I'm going to number one
With the gun I found in the bathroom

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Bull, Dan Pistol In The Bathroom Comments
  1. Maui McNword

    Me: I'm gonna do it this time, im gonna land and loot the hot area, im gonna do it

    17 other players: *land there too*


  2. Truebornseeker

    But like... (he looks good in makeup...)

  3. Мирон Нам

    Where did you get a newspaper of russian communistic consignment?

  4. stripe Wilson

    this rap is epic you rock dan bull

  5. OmniSombra

    I actually like this song

  6. Carrick Velkrow

    Does anyone feel like BoneCage and Rusty Cage oughta duke it out on the beats?

  7. Mr Watney

    Holy shit. After so long time after listening this song I realized there is counter on right top that shows how many people are alive.

  8. xXxZAPxXx BOOM

    Personally his best

  9. MinePlusChannel

    On newspaper atop Dan writing: TRUTH about crisis CPRF

  10. DiamondXsX :D

    i love it!

  11. Kaien Dragon

    I laughed myself silly that was gold! And the chorus is so catchy!

  12. GucciSleddyBoi

    Gives me nostalgia for some reason, when pubg was fun

  13. prisimgrunt 2004

    0:07 Did anyone else notice the broccoli in the window?

  14. Diles46 - AIRSOFT

    Very fun vid!

  15. Felix Lans

    Where did you find a newspaper with russians headline?
    *translation of headline: The truth about crysis*


    Couldn't you just shoot through the window

  17. xXTwilightHunterXx

    This is awesome Dan! Good work! :D

  18. TIANG程

    At the end I was expecting an opponent to open the bathroom door then the guy in the bathroom get shot then died

  19. Ultracrepidarian

    but wait, how did #2 die? who killed him?

  20. A honest criminal

    2:01 1:57

  21. CywusTheGweat

    Sees a rapper win a game by staying in the bathroom the entire time
    Tries it
    Gets shot at

  22. BamboozledTanker 101

    i actually found a gun in the bathroom in PUBG XD

  23. CreakyDaBomb

    I found a pistol in the bathroom somebody was cleaning their gun while taking a s***

  24. Emiilo


  25. Emiilo

    sick beat

  26. Flexington

    It's awesome but im just thinking why rhyme "cleanign his gun" on "taking a shit" and not on "taking a dumb"? :D shit kinda sounds off sadly. Still amazing!

  27. Bodacious Boomerang

    love that shirt!

  28. Артём Советский

    Отлично, Дэн как обычно хорош!

  29. Yuri Largo

    Dan bull you rock bro keep making more videos bro

  30. Hanthome

    Nice Beretta 92FS mate !

  31. Just Master

    Лол, там газета "ПРАВДА".

  32. Oscar Segura

    This needs to be a challenge in PUBG

  33. Homeship

    Lucky Circle. Damn.

  34. ooberguppi

    Nice Radiohead - Talk show host reference :)

  35. maslov517

    охренеть... почему газеты так сразу Русские?

  36. Jakes Super gaming

    Weird thing... I listened to this while I shat...

  37. Logan Jones

    x1.25 speed is where it’s at

  38. Noatt99

    I like the bathroom

  39. David Harmdierks

    Nice bro

  40. XxSavageCityxX

    the bonecage dan bull colab is always the best

  41. Toxic 010

    i wish i got a game that lasted 3 mins

  42. Team Pan!c h0rizon_

    Man, Dan just won a chicken dinner by just sitting in a toilet

  43. Ghost007z BR

    Que é brasileiro

  44. another guy


    Turns out somebody did put a pistol in the bathroom. Were you in the School, by any chance, Dan?

  45. MooseTalk

    I love the way you are quite clearly mocking Ali-a with that thumbnail 😂

  46. Hoelho Art

    This was hilarious. Really. I... I needed that.

  47. yugijak

    Honestly this is the tactic I keep trying and failing.

    Never make it past 20. Why?

    Because of those rare encounters you find trying to avoid everyone. And I can't shoot worth beans.

  48. KayTo Pia

    If ur having sewing problems I feel bad for u son...I got 99 problems and a stitch aint one...

  49. De Prince

    I watched this while on the toilet. What a cawinsadis

  50. Warren Duffield

    The best!!!!!

  51. WIZ-Z '


  52. deeblade45

    No lie the first 45 seconds perfectly explains the inside of the Head of the people who will me hiding in bathroom

  53. Mr. Chicken

    loved that ending, god I miss playing goodlen eye

  54. Arma


  55. UnknownTimelord

    This honestly deserves way more views and likes than it has.

  56. IRONY

    Між ними в тому в тому в тому в тому в тому числі


    Lil bro and then you are a good for me a good for me a good for me a good for me a good for me a good for this week I think of my life in my own but it's just want to the same time to a little too many times in my life of a good luck in this week I am so many years old man and it is that he is the same way to get the to get the most people in this year for me a single day 5


    Sorry for shitposting

  57. N O T O R I O U S G H O U L

    Ye its fun until you come back to your pc or xobox and see your 10 Miles away from the border and its 10 seconds till the stom starts coming

  58. NotNinjaKaden

    Someone put a pistol in the bathroom I'll go number 2 with the gun I found in the bathroom ha poo jokes

  59. THE RIFT 9000

    To cringey

  60. NotNinjaKaden

    Is this is a joke haha

  61. Zineddine Segmami

    Hello from morroco i loved you song dan continue

  62. stonie Cad

    I found a pistol in the toilet on 7 days to die.

  63. Richard

    This... this is art

  64. ElementNero

    This song is amazing! I honestly cant understand why the view count is so undeservedly low. Hopefully everyone purchasing the track(Including myself) is thanks enough Dan Bull

  65. jazz3911

    You have to admit he has a point, if this were and IRL situation it wouldn't be a very good idea to be running around out in the open.

  66. regularflurfy

    Dan gets a chicken dinner.

  67. Delirious_water

    this suck man im sorry dan but this stinks


    i love every other song tho

  68. frostbite0707

    while listening to this song I was playing 7 days to die and found a pistol in a toilet

  69. Gamer 117

    Play 0:07 in 144p...

  70. Amiida

    *Dies to the circle*

  71. GoldDust

    "chaseing after GoldDust" that just makes me think of me running away while my friends try fucking team killing me like every game I play with them.. Is that bad?

  72. shupliance

    Surprisingly enough, the FTL title music goes perfectly over this.

  73. Trottenheimer

    Is that a russsian newspapers at the background? There's a symbol of Communist Party of Russian Federation. XD

  74. William Azazel Miseria

    at least the fps didn't drop

  75. Autocon609

    That Jay-Z reference, though... damn that was good.

  76. TheDoctorAndALobster

    Your videos are getting better every year man, and i'v been following you for quite the time now. Thanks for keeping up the good shit.

  77. Dan Morewood

    I absolutely love this 😄

  78. Jacob Kloutier

    The only trigger warning is the way he holds that pistol...

  79. Jayson Lewis

    By the way nem I love ye embarrassing raps man so funny

  80. Jayson Lewis

    I got a question to ask why is that pistol in a tolilet and not causing chos on pubg

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    this was class
    you earned my like my dude XD

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    The chorus has me crying!!!!
    GG Dan

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    While they were taking a shiiiii

  88. ERROR 201

    who leaked me playing any looting game

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    Правда о кризисе? Откуда у вас тэта газета?)

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    I'd honestly love to see more irl music videos for Dan's songs

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    OMG You are fucking Handsome 😘😘😘 do foi Will Marry me???

  92. Fábio Ferrazoli Ciambra

    Do you like pyrocynical´s channel?

  93. Gregory Frowendown

    you can't rap lol


    You're deaf

  94. Dan Bull

    Thanks to Bonecage for the awesomely weird chorus!
    This song is also on Spotify along with all my other game raps, check them out here: https://open.spotify.com/user/douglby/playlist/7x8UWetW3pfcwDgFEDDru8