Bull, Dan - Oh No Mario! Lyrics

Why are video games so bloody violent?
Man, it's time to rewind
To a time where the action was colourful and innocent
Moms and dads didn't have to be diligent
Didn't have to panic for the kids becoming militant
Mario's back and it's brilliant
I'm a wholesome character that's suitable for children
A real role model when I'm leaping off a building
Come on kids, follow me
Follow me
Jump off
And weeeeee
Dash through traffic shouting "tally ho"
Can you run down the road as fast as Mario?
I'm a show you pipes
A variety of types
Hash pipes
Crack pipes
Pass me a light
I'm jacked up on mushrooms
Listening to rush tunes
Puff, puff, pass me the carrot
Motherfuck you

Oh no Mario!

Oh no Mario!

Fucking listen
Roll up to the club and I jump on the table
Engage in R-rated behaviour that's shameful
Fuck the haters straight up mate
You can jump on a turle, and make it painful
I'm only saving princess Peach
To get a piece and pinch her peaches
I'm going to break that bum when I get her home
But I've got the shakes man, I'm coming off the methadone
So I scoff another plate full of goombas
Make her suck me off on the rug like a roomba

Rebel rabble rouser
That'll yank down bowser's trousers
And I sell drugs, plumbing is a front
I'm addressing every woman as a cunt
Roughing up a punk
While I'm puffing on a blunt
Duppy motherfuckers and I stuff them in the trunk

Fuck finishers in Mortal Kombat
Oh no Mario!

Mario's already been there, don't that
Oh no Mario!

Fuck Carmageddon
And fuck Manhunt
Oh no Mario!

Mario's worse, he's a God damn cunt
Oh no Mario!

Spin my hat front to back then back to front
I bet you can't do that, you cunt
I'm a little fucking fat fucking plumber
Fucking taking on fucking any fucking comer
I'm a
Loose cannon on the loose
With an appetite for animal abuse
Don't like jews
I don't like you
Don't like anybody, hang them from a noose
Enacting atrocities
Cruelty of all kinds
And war crimes
Napalming your jungle leaves
While I'm shaking the junk in my dungarees
But you won't get a crumb from me
Because I'm from the streets of New Donk City
Out the Barrio
And I'm heading for hell
It's a me Mario
Beheading infidels

Fuck Saints Row
Fuck Grand Theft Auto
Oh no Mario!

Mario's going to come and cut your throat
Oh no Mario!

Fuck Doom
Fuck hatred
Oh no Mario!

Mario's raping all that is sacred
Oh no Mario!

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Bull, Dan Oh No Mario! Comments
  1. Leonardo Fiorini

    Beat maker: makes this fun beat
    Stupendium: Uncaring world-destroying CEO
    Dan: Heavy swearing kid friendly character
    Beat maker: wat

  2. Mr. Cranberry

    That was grand, I love you chose to embrace the truth about mario

  3. Interstellar - Renegade7.5

    0:48 sonic called he wants his spindash back

  4. JabZ

    This beat sounds oddly familiar

  5. Surreaktor

    What you're crying for? We're just making oil!

  6. Jacob Pranks

    i say that a lot at the park 0:30

  7. Kai - ROBLOX and more!

    Who knew that mario was a R rated game.

  8. Logan

    Who is here from Stupendium? And who wants them to be remixed together?


    I am, and I'm having trouble finding the original beat :(

  9. Dj Glitch

    That club music. Tho

  10. Souls Of War

    February 2017, I am surprised so many people realized this and Stupendiums new song had the same music. This song is really old, well, I only listen to their songs for about 2 weeks before moving on to something else to be fair. I imagine a lot of people listen to them forever

  11. awesomestpower

    Same beat as a matter of factories - satisfactory rap from The Stupendium

  12. Chip

    I'm back to this wonderful song after The Stupendium's "Satisfactory Rap." Still as fantastic as the first listen.

    Edit: holy shit, this song was released over two years ago...

  13. Elijaah Parent

    to the guy who said this song sucks for the mk part, fuk u

  14. Kye Kurtyka

    kung lao can

  15. Kye Kurtyka

    this song sucks cause of the mk part

  16. shadier Harp

    It escalated very quickly

  17. wes h

    I hate that it took this long to watch this, it was outstanding!

  18. Ethan Greyling

    i hate you!!!!!

  19. A Random Potato

    *_mario is now banned from my Christian minecraft server_*

  20. Lily Pearce

    I needed to find this man sooner, he's turned Mario into the rebel we all wish we could be.

  21. that one weirdo

    Watching this while I play the game!

  22. C.A Angry

    The one who hate this song haters ...dab on your haters Boy

  23. Giorgio Guolo

    Can somebody do an Animation of this?

  24. Mr. Meme

    Before this game came out, I was in love with this rap! Then the game came out, and I was in love with that...
    Now I play this game everyday and listen to this rap,

  25. Mick Bobster


  26. Marchu Perez


  27. BlazingTank 2

    1.25x = better

  28. Cyber Snake 101

    lol i think just likes saying bad words. great rap though

  29. Mace Dawn

    Anyone else watching this while the video has 666k views? Illuminati confirmed! 😁

  30. SimNintendo 980 Simon Cadieux

    Woah... nobody told me that Mario wants to *COMMIT SUICIDE*

    123 Jump off and WEEEE! *DEAD*

  31. Iced Weeb

    I was playing this on the bus in front of little kids so I had to turn it down,it was awkward

  32. Iced Weeb

    R.I.P Dan's chance of getting a Nintendo sponsorship

  33. victor chin

    To much cussing jeez...

  34. The Qrue

    I don't like bad words the only rapper that says bad words in his raps in jt music or jt machinenma but I love Mario I have played it for 5 years now

  35. Iced Weeb


  36. kool bruh

    I can picture Mario with headphones 🎧 singing this!!

  37. Iced Weeb

    You can always count on Dan to make awesome videos! :) keep up the good work boi

  38. Heroic Deku

    Oh come on, Nintendo is made for innovation, not some dumb songs like this, Nintendo is Family Friendly.

  39. Iron Warrior

    When did Mario become badass and British?

  40. Bleeding Doughnut

    0-100 real quick

  41. AUfamliy

    Mario Rated R is this vid

  42. Forever Uknown

    what the actual fuck did i just watch.

  43. boomstories

    "Hmm, haven't watched Dan Bull for a while, let's do it. Ye, good as ever. What's this, a Mario rap? Gonna be some funky-pop-light tune, and maybe some retro-or generic lyrics, I mean that's not Dan Bull, but I can't think of anything else... *40 seconds later* ...Ok, fuck everything I expected"

  44. Sacre the Dragon

    Well then.

  45. LogicFalls

    Still the best Dan Bull rap. The subversion is fantastic.

  46. Kieran Humphreys

    i feel bad for the parents who let their children watch this XD

  47. Mert YÜCEL

    Mario isn’t a game that is only for children.

  48. Crimson Cringe

    Mario's had enough

  49. minecraft hacker

    fuck you

  50. A Nerd's Guide to Fiction

    I'm just listening to this and going, "Calm down, Mario!"

  51. TheMofoHeister

    Mario becomes edgy the musical.

  52. Andrew Persson

    This has so much raw power i'm honestly shook

  53. Utopes

    For a second i thought this might be a nice, wholesome rap, but...

  54. Crimson Cringe

    This turned from Everyone to Mature fast

  55. Colleen Hurst

    when did Mario curse

  56. Colleen Hurst

    when did Mario curse

  57. Gameraw No Vodeos

    I love watching this in 1.25

  58. Nightranger

    Ha that got epic

  59. Ali Kerem Güçlü

    Dude it's time you make a song about LoZ: BotW

  60. Nick the Leftie

    I think I missed an episode.

  61. Jake Turner

    This is PRozer peng!!!!!!!

  62. Fahad9900 Ffggff

    Dude you're more suspicious of Mario than matpat lol

  63. Thomaskh7

    Its a big ol metaphor for how you thought Mario wasn't shit then he comes up like "WHATS GOOD NIGGA" with oddessy

  64. Victoria Starble

    That escalated quickly.

  65. Avebury sucks at video games

    Did anyone else notice yarnham from bloodborn

  66. Mr. Meme

    its been a YEAR, and i still love this! Danbull ,could u consiter make another odyessey rap since the whole game is out

  67. SimNintendo 980 Simon Cadieux

    in this rap , Mario ils a mother f**ker

  68. Bubbles The Kitty

    I found this channel through JT music

  69. Nav The Mammon

    You can’t have 1 2 3 jump off and wee, and fuck you, in the same song

  70. Rare Harriissoonn plays

    Jees since when did mairo get so crude

  71. Migalejo Lejo

    That escalated quickly hahahha

  72. thatonespud

    Well... I think I'll go play PUBG.

  73. Noah Thompson


  74. Mr.Snappy Eagle

    This is just basically every mario parody with the over use of the word "fuck"

  75. gferrol118

    2:00 come on Mario, don't leave me hanging

  76. DozE

    Splatoon 2 pls

  77. Ezra Uyeda

    *Why are games so bloody and violent?*

    *1 minute later*

    *@$#%#&16#&\#&#-+#&#& Yeah &#&#[email protected]#+#+ Mutha'#-#-=*

  78. Richard Cletus

    That escalated in the best way possible.

  79. tr33

    Fuck ... Yeah!

  80. Matt

    That was unexpected and needlessly graphic... I love it! XD

  81. Dhari AlMutairi

    That rap makes me go back to playing mario games

  82. Almarane

    It escalated so quickly it's on Pluton now o_o

  83. Shawn Cauchi

    I need the music on its own so bad...I love it <3

  84. Bryce 501

    Oh no...mario

  85. nediA


  86. Denise O'flaherty

    Rip Childhood.

  87. Danic C.

    "Mario's gonna come and cut your throat!"
    -Dan Bull, 2017

  88. Rohan Person

    why did you have to ruin something as sacred as Mario?

    =D sick rap tho

  89. Sigar 09

    That rap fucking sucks

  90. Jared Jams

    This is the definition of “that escalated quickly!”

  91. Nyoom chonk


  92. kirika119

    This is awesome as fuck XD

  93. Nintendo Light Switch

    we found someone better than Eminem

  94. Timmy L

    I didn't even hear this much swearing in the Deadpool rap

  95. JustAnotherJojofan