Bull, Dan - Home Is Where The Hate Is (Resident Evil 7 Rap) Lyrics

Ah, greetings, you're right on time
Wipe your feet, you're invited inside
Your arrival is quite a surprise
You're ripe for the ride of your life
Let me take your coat, you're welcome
Have a browse through the photo album
It's only seldom we host any guests
The rest of the family are home, I'll tell them
Come and join us for vittals
It'll satiate those cravings a little
Putsome meat on those brittle bones
We insist, you must have a nibble
It's something we hunted
One for the road
Here's a clue:
It's right under your nose
If you refuse you'll be stunting the growth
Of your welcome to our humble abode
Those lonely country roads
Are so remote
That no one'll know
You're overdue home
There's no bloody phone
No go to you room
Or I'll go for your throat
When you're under my roof
You'll heed my rules
Succumb to my truth
Do I need my tools?
Should I fetch my pliers?
Should I come for your tooth?
It's your fault
I don't want to remove it

Home is where the hate is
Your relatives are waiting
Everyone's related
They who immigrate or natives
Look what we've created
Home is where the hate is

Where the hate is
Home is where the hate is

Candlestick maker
You can't get away from your animal nature
Try as you might and the anger will take you
Now sample the cake that grandmother's made you
That's a family favorite
Passed through generations of Bakers
Inhabiting the plantation
Eraserhead X Fantasia
It's fun and games, son, let Dad chase you
Here I come
Ready or not
I hear a gun
Bloody belly all shot
Don't you try to pee on my fun
We've barely begun
And there's many more shocks in store for you
But you know that already
Of course you do
Keep both hands steady
Adrenaline, what a hell of a drug
I'm getting a buzz from killing and peeling the skin of a corpse
I'm yearning for more
It isn't enough
'Cause I've seen it before
I've been in a war
Within in my thoughts
The insects are wriggling from under the floor
You're injured, your innards are spilling
There's chunder and gore
And blood on the walls
It's pungent and raw
That's the warm welcome
I give out for someone who comes through my door
And into my home

Home is where the hate is
Your relatives are waiting
Everyone's related
They who immigrate or natives
Look what we've created
Home is where the hate is

Home is where the hate is

Home is where the hate is

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Bull, Dan Home Is Where The Hate Is (Resident Evil 7 Rap) Comments
  1. fehzorz

    This is just a good horrorcore song. It could stand on its own two feet

  2. Casper

    ive bean watching texas chainsaw massacre latley
    And the baker family kinda reminds me of the sawyer family

  3. Tyler Rusciano

    I beat madhouse while listening to this

  4. ratking

    This is still fire holy shit, I never got to play Resident Evil 7 though :(

  5. L'Imbrattafogli


  6. You're A Hypocrite

    Replace home with Cornwall

  7. Joshua Chamberlain

    I loved this game. Not the best in the series, but still better then some others
    *cough* *cough*

  8. handy864

    We both know bravo team with out the bag of ballistics and now missing I appreciate your voice Claire Redfield it is wonderful to

  9. Nathan Carpenter

    Dan Bull, I love your Resident Evil raps above all others! Who else is with me!?

  10. The Angry Carrot


    Censorship at it's finest

  11. The Sharktocrab

    I wish Dan's songs weren't so short

  12. Aimee Torres

    Jack when ur under my roof u follow rules me I’m sir can I leave jack NO me oh when jack never 🤨

  13. Aimee Torres

    U created satin

  14. Aimee Torres

    Uhm. Savage

  15. Carolyn Rafferty

    S A T A N I S T

  16. Muhamad Julian


  17. Anthony Glenn

    I’ve gotta say, that was mighty sweet

  18. Øystein

    This game is so good!

  19. johnnyp030279

    Dan Ball is a legit bad ass rapper.

  20. ExtremeToxic Gaming

    I want this game now

  21. ExtremeToxic Gaming

    This is like the 50th time I wacthed this

  22. Speedruns for charity USA

    Jacks final form: Demonic chewing gum

  23. Boe Zerek

    Am I the only one who got Texas Chainsaw Massacre vibes from this game?

  24. Maksymilian Nowicki

    butcher,baker and a candle stick maker ... lol

  25. Костя Васильев

    No, no, no.... this is RAP CORE =)

  26. bruno cairn

    one year later omfg😍😍

  27. m_by 502


  28. Lezxo Pezzo


  29. Speedruns for charity USA

    you're knocked out by jack and end up in a new area. question, where in the fuck is the starting area, because there is a locked drawer that needs a lockpick

  30. Speedruns for charity USA

    so epic, so in need of an album

  31. the one who watches

    Awesome work

  32. Rambling Centrist

    this is still one of my favorites of yours, man. keep it up.

  33. Dragon Queen1215

    I'm I the only one that thinks that Dan bull sounds like a serpent in this song?

  34. Zirconis54

    It feels like this just came out. I remember how much I listened to this one and how worried my mother got.

  35. Arrow Mack

    Just. Epic.

  36. thanasis Maroudias

    2018 someone,oh i am the only one,ok

  37. It's Grapes!

    Dans horrorcore raps are why I get out of the crypt in the moring

  38. Unicron the Chaos bringer

    At first I was like: Okay.... Pretty good... And then the chorus came and I fell in love

  39. Soknheith

    I would sell my soul to the devil for this instrumental!

  40. Gamer Raider

    that beat drop though it was pretty badass

  41. Panda Paws

    Bruh how it starts off so inviting then gets slowly more violent as it goes

  42. Gamer Raider

    I have like 40 rape accusations from my replay button

  43. ElitGhost

    Song: Home is where the hate is
    Edgy teens: Oh my gosshhhh that is sooooo meeeeeee

    But seriously now, this song is really good

  44. Lhugeny Fan

    Make the resident evil 6 rap plz

  45. David Meier

    This song almost makes me want to buy the game, but I am chickenshit who hates being startled.

  46. Dio Brando

    i would love a resident evil 7 rap with the music of "go tell aunt rhody"

  47. Fillip Zamfirov

    One of your sickest tracks!!! Listening to it in 2018 <3

  48. not insane

    I'm pretty sure when I have psychotic breaks this is whats plays in my mind.

  49. kkk klan

    man i keep coming back to this video, the way you created such a creepy vibe in this song is really something special

  50. KυȥσɳTV

    This song inspired me to Stream this game tonight... Thank You Dan Bull 🔥

  51. Jacob Loucks

    1:06 Anyone else notice the glitch of Lucas' arm staying attached?

  52. Lutz of dinosaurs

    I just love this sooo much!😍😍

  53. Rambling Centrist

    easily one of my favorites from you, Dan.

  54. Soknheith

    This is the best song of yours, Dan. Easily.

  55. Bru MC

    You rock dan, such an inspiration

  56. Preston Null

    Damn dan bull doesn’t sleep

  57. mike johnson

    this is different from your usual style, wich is normally peppy and comical, in good spirits....this one though is dark, gritty and angry.

    i rather like it, its amazing to see how varied your style is!

  58. Oleg Joke

    Самая Любимая !!! Слушаю со дня публикации ))Спасибо, DAN ))))

  59. Beautifully Pneumatic


  60. Derek FoxFire

    This song completely passed me by last year but goddamn this is a very meaty sounding song

  61. Kjell Bjorge

    Aw this Amazing !! This makes me feel right at home. Amazing Rap Dan Bull !! I can't wait to see what comes next. Take care and have a great day

  62. Meifesto Nature

    So, i came across a oldie, "Generation gaming" on my pc.
    Decided to look it up and youtube, watched it and enjoyed it.

    Took the guess to look at some of your newer stuff.
    Most don't get anywhere near "Generation gaming", except this one.
    Really like this one man.

    Definitely going to listen to it more often.

  63. Matt

    To date still Dans best work in my opinion, I wish he did more stuff like this.

  64. EightyM5011 Gaming

    1:06 and 2:35 is where dan bull does the Home where the hate is

  65. EightyM5011 Gaming

    This just really


  66. The Small J

    Might sound weird, but I’ll love to watch dan bull play resident evil 7 as a gameplays

  67. Sidney James

    This is awesome

  68. extriotic

    I can't believe only half a million people have seen this..

  69. ElevenMink3

    Your stuff's way better than Machina's, yet you get a third of his views. WTF?!

  70. Свят Sv

    Just amazing

  71. Fletchers Flesh

    Fucking JT piece of shit rap pops up whenever I type in Resident evil 7 rap

  72. Shipmate | Revengefull Trout

    Sounds like a day in my house .-.

  73. Somali Williams

    I'm listening to this because the gold edition

  74. Dumbass James157

    The way he says "the insects a wiggling from under the floor" sounds so fucking scary XD

  75. Jad Najm

    Touring the westboro baptist church be like

  76. vistar411

    Legit, i forgot this was a Resident Evil rap for a second. It almoat feels like a rap about abuse, ya know? Especially how nice Dan sounds in the beginning onlyy to get more and more angry and threatening. Geeze

  77. Shannon Gray

    But how could he be right on time if his arrival is a surprise? Great song Btw

  78. Qritical

    At 1:05 , his arm is supposed to come off... why did it stay in place lol?

  79. Dencii

    Fucking perfection, Dan!

  80. Rex Animations Argentinaball bitches

    You made a rap about RE7 without spoilers?

  81. Matt Barnes

    i know this is supposed to be a rap, but its metal af. one of your best danny boy!

  82. Toi O'Kelly

    I love how edgy it is!!!😎

  83. Lucinda Dove

    am I the only one waiting for a Until Dawn rap?

  84. Миха Радость


  85. Mike

    is that place for sale i really wanna buy it, it looks nice

  86. ChrirTFM

    Awesome! I can't believe you didn't use the line "Welcome to the family" :)

  87. Joshua Joseph Welch

    This beat is on point

  88. Andrea W.

    The Resident Evil 6 Rap is missing😢

  89. Rickard Lejonhjärta


  90. Lutz of dinosaurs

    It's so damn catchy!

  91. nulife nustockio

    goose bumps galore, after so may plays! dan bull rules the rap gaming scene!

  92. jesse thacker

    best resident evil game ive ever played

  93. Noodle

    Well I'm not going to be happy until this in as an easter egg in the next game!

  94. donAlli's Game Stop

    Good to see you still in the game. :) Nice.

  95. as zx6

    زي الخرا

  96. Joshua Joseph Welch

    Wow...this is a heck of a rap.

  97. Vesmé

    I fucking love this song. Bought it immediately, listened to it for days on repeat. Three months later and I'm still listening to it. <3

  98. Darek Czaplinski

    sooooooooooo mutch!!!!!!!!1

  99. Darek Czaplinski

    i love you soooo mutch

  100. Jordi Boogerd

    Damn this song is badass, nice job Dan.