Bull, Dan - Generation Gaming Lyrics

Monopoly was not for me
Chess made me stressed out
So the only way I could get down was with
Pocket electronics and bleeps
Ever since my Game Boy made toys obsolete
I've been a well behaved boy
That played inside and stayed off the streets
Yes, so I got my electric shocks
From Tetris blocks and Mario Land
But there wasn't much room for much for mushrooms
I was the man, man
With the pad in my hand
Hammerin' at it while eating my breakfast
Bein' the best
That was the plan
Beatin' the rest
And leavin' them breathless
Please believe me
Nobody could beat me at Tetris
I fuckin' rock
Droppin' blocks like heads
I'm choppin' blocks
I was on some Next shit
And I still got a flame
For puzzle games
Like HD Hexic
But when the PC came
My gaming taste became eclectic

This day's grim (It's raining)
It's raining
What wonderful weather for gaming
The sun's blazing (The sun's blazing)
So let's stay in
It's wonderful weather for gaming

I was the geeky one
I really wanted a PC CD-ROM
And got it
8-mega RAM
A CRT screen
She was some top kit
Free moments were devoted
To keystrokes
And the odd click
Far more into dark forces then
Even the Star Wars kid
And Civilization II is a brilliant game
That you really should play and I still do today
Computer games improve your brain
It's proven, mate
So if you behave in stupid ways
Then please refrain from blaming GTA
I really hate excuses
I may just shoot my teacher's face
Nah, I'm already embroiled
In getting these Tesla coils
Ready in my base
The Russians are comin'
With trucks full of gunmen
I need to be safe
But maybe the green beret
Could lead the way
And see us through
At least till we replace
The PC games
With PS2

This day's grim (It's raining)
It's raining
What wonderful weather for gaming
The sun's blazing (The sun's blazing)
So let's stay in
It's wonderful weather for gaming

Takin' control of
Somebody else's console
With no remorse
I was so debauched
My only thoughts
Were total scores on Tony Hawk's
Or runnin' amok
In Smuggler's Run
Smugglin' guns and drugs
For fun
And pullin' a gun on
Any NPC I see or stumble upon
GTA III made me inclined
To kill repeatedly
The spinal chills of Silent Hill
Are still on my mind and
Creepin' me the fuck out
Look out, pull out your sawn-off shotgun
'Cause there's a hot zombie nurse
That wants to hurt you
And cut off your oxygen
But as much as asphyxiation
May be lots of fun
I've got a crush, a fixation
With PlayStation
I'm in love
So I said to the PS2
"Me and you need a breather"
Then in 3 clicks
I ordered an Xbox 360 off eBay

This day's grim (It's raining)
It's raining
What wonderful weather for gaming
The sun's blazing (The sun's blazing)
So let's stay in
It's wonderful weather for gaming

So we switched teams to the 360
Glitch free
Lots of slick features
HD, HDD, I don't miss leads
Gears is my gear
But I gets my hits from Hitman
The BioShock has Mass Effect
As I sink into Oblivion
Splinter Cell's mint as well
And Rainbow Six takes no prisoners
It's the business
And the cover system's fuckin' wicked
Duckin' and chuckin' a frag
Blind fire from behind
Piles of rubble and zippin' them up in a bag
I'm lovin' the lack of health packs
Puttin' a plaster on a fracture
Or a shrapnel gash
What the hell's that?
In the new generation
of computer gamin'
You hold the left trigger half way down
Or let the computer do the aiming
So what are you complainin' for
"The Forza scoreboard's been reset"
Shut up and improve your Gamerscore
Before you get the dreaded Red Ring of Death

This day's grim (It's raining)
It's raining
What wonderful weather for gaming
The sun's blazing (The sun's blazing)
David's raiding
It's wonderful weather for gaming

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Bull, Dan Generation Gaming Comments
  1. hexlax15

    I still listen to this to this day

  2. Ble Watcharapan

    me: sees comments only on 2-3years

    Also me: 2019 aNyBoDy?

  3. Isaiah Tijero

    2019 still listening to this

  4. mrak408

    I was expecting the red ring of death lol

  5. D4C High-Cal

    a legend was born here imo

  6. 2k lester

    fucking badass

  7. NuubiKakku

    Oh found this by searching for "Dan Bull chess" I wish I would've missed a song about chess :< ... Man this is actually sweet!

  8. ExpertMonkey519

    Does anyone know how to play the guitar part if so please send tabs sounds good

  9. Dread North

    Im back 10 years later... a whole decade.

  10. Graal Otonami

    Lol myspace

  11. LieroFjeld

    The original, soo good. Ten years ago now, wow.

  12. D Bannerman

    This is your least popular video but it’s pretty good

  13. Mzlas.-

    This deserves more than 1M views fr

  14. Mewse

    The guitar on the chorus is so good

  15. semiserioussam


  16. Fazmatic

    And then this became 40 years of gaming

  17. A. B.

    2018... I remember listening to this in highschool.. now in med school, still jamming

  18. John F

    2018 and i just discovered you. I love your music.

  19. DexterousCobra

    Holy shit, this released 9 years ago, I was fucking 15 when this came out, and it still sounds awesome

  20. Krystyne Starling

    still getting down in 2018

  21. OxygenBeats

    myspace!! hahaha

  22. Pendleton 115

    One of my favourite Dan Bull song. Show it some love!

  23. Disciple Two

    Someone should really make an instrumental version of this ;-;

  24. Can

    Dan was good 8 years ago (I'm in 2017) and Dear Lily is a top 10 of his vids for me but it's super old too! He's not like JTMachinima because he was amazing always.

  25. super trooper

    this is an old video

  26. Dave Mustardstain

    Still the best song of his imo

  27. Nick Soepenberg

    8 years man...

  28. Williesaurus

    I still love this song!

  29. RED SAGE_25

    I dint realize how old thus song is until I searched it up here

  30. DevonTheGamer

    DAN BULL!! I'm from the future all I have to say is that you did good buddy!

  31. TNTcommando

    hell this was a fuckin while ago! Who new that he'd still be the best to date

  32. VLDMR

    heard today Nancy Sinatras Fridays Child and remembered where i heard that sample ;)

  33. Dan Bull

    This is where all the game rap started... I was only meant to do this one song. Oops!

    DJ Bosse

    i think this rap is your best one, or maybe its just the one ive listened to the most. cant believe its been 10 years soon, keep making raps dude. they're awesome

    Jakob K.

    One of my favorites since ... ever

    mad respect for what you are doing!!


    the one that got me hooked!


    Let's call it a happy accident

    Dylan Ray

    I remember listening to this locked in my room playing Skyrim. Love your stuff man!!!

  34. Steve Webb

    Who did the music for this?

  35. Wrench In The Plan

    3:08 was pure genius.

  36. Bob Lob Law

    Oh my god! A top notch CRT? Yeah... It's kinda weird watching this 7 years later.

    I also never knew Dan Bull was a Console peasant.

  37. EmSuperCraft

    CIVILISATION 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  38. Pat Patterson

    I subbed when this came out... damn.


    me too, still his best song :)

    Pat Patterson


  39. UntrainableWizard

    One of my Favourites alongside the Assassin's Creed songs...
    I remember you and Tobuscus were my go to gaming song channels...
    You still are, Tobuscus, haven't for ages...

  40. Kristed

    Like if listening in 2016

    Michael Crandall

    +Chris. Brauer XD

    Chris. Brauer

    @Geek Squared ikr xD


    yeah, also. Any of your know 2:10? I need to know. That game was my childhood. But I never knew the name of the game. Only thing I remember is open world multiplayer fun.

    Okay DETar

    2017 here (:

  41. Wulfske

    404 shitty raps not found

  42. Russkiy

    Dan, could I still get the copy if I did it? No one has yet

  43. BungLe Lord Onyx

    to this day this is one of my favorites

  44. Koles

    It's still my favorite Dan Bull song.

  45. Suspicious

    iLL! Sick! Dope Beat & Lyrics ;D

  46. TheDunner.

    Make a ark survival evolved rap plz

    Robocop Niceface

    no stress here, but your commenting on a video that's 6 YEARS OLD. but that would sound great if he did that

  47. Garrett Partain


  48. scdelaney1

    PS3 4 THE WIN

  49. Markus Meyer

    filthy console peasant

  50. Takato Takasui

    300K views and this is still underappreciated. 

  51. PandaMofo

    Love the song! But the beat is just a sample from : words from mr. Len part one . Jedi mind tricks! lol

    Anon User

    Incorrect...The beat uses a sample of the same track Stoupe sampled.

  52. zombiegamer234

    1:36 game?

    Giedrius Siaulys

    C&C Red alert 1

  53. DaGamingMesican

    The eminem of gaming

    Idiosyncratic Allan

    +Froakie The PKMN Are you saying that the only white rapper out there is Eminem?


    +Idiosyncratic Allan yeah what about Dan Bull

    Idiosyncratic Allan

    @cptnjackharkness Or Zach Sherwin or Mac Lethal, George Watsky, Epic Lloyd, and TONS more.

    Noah Smith

    I think what he's saying is that Dan Bull is the one match to Eminem's extremely complex lyricism in the niche that is video game rap

  54. bluntfreezytallyban

    A poet A raper A legend

    Henrik Haag

    a raper. raper. someone who rapes.

    fatal bass

    U got that right

  55. Flyer McCarb

    I wonder if this inspired his 40 Years of Gaming video...

    Jacob Rowan

    @The Dragonborn That's what he said, learn proper grammar man.

    Sean Wark

    oh oops i reread the comment i got it mixed up. sorry

    Jacob Rowan

    @The Dragonborn lol no problem

    Sean Wark

    just to clarify i thought it said it was inspired by 40 years of gaming

    Jacob Rowan

    @The Dragonborn I understand, I just like spreading knowledge, I know you understand.

  56. David Lingemark

    anyway to get only the beat ?

    Anon User

    Sorry. I didn't release the instrumental commercially.

  57. Noah French

    The sun's blazing, so let's stay in-
    Yeah, this is my summer holiday.

  58. Aleksandr Radchenko

    This is the song that started my journey into Dan Bull music, back when I found it on Machinima Videogame songs..
    And my oh my, has Dan grown and made some awesome songs. Still, whenever my mood is shitty, or I just want a pick-me-up. I come to this song, for it's a classic in my head.

  59. ᴵ'ᶫᶫ ᶠᵘᶜᵏᶦᶰᵍ ᵇʳᵉᵃᵏ ʸᵒᵘʳ ᶠᵃᶜᵉ

    Ps2 really did have one of the most memorable startups. right up there with gamecube and nintendo64

  60. High Impact Wang Damage

    Song of my life

  61. skullberry

    national anthem for gamers

  62. MrBackhouse36

    this was made when myspace was popular...

    Arnar Aki

    whats a myspace?

  63. Tom Walker

    still my favorite song in 2014

    Jakob K.

    It'll never change

  64. Quantum

    This has to be one of my favorites.
    10/10, Dan.

  65. Drew Lemmy

    It's wonderful weather for gaming!

  66. Nightmare Fuel

    haha was that a CollegeHumor clip?

  67. lanslasa

    PS1 and Gamecube were really underrated, they had amazing games<3

  68. Angela Teresa

    Silent Hill. Fuck yeah.

  69. Josh Anshewitz

    The PS2 was one of the greatest systems of all time I still have one and even now the PS2 is still on of my favorite systems because of all the fantastic games on it


    The Greatest*

    Baldeagle NOR

    My PS2 broke after i tried to play GTA San Andreas... T^T

  70. LRWS

    Needs an update for the new consoles. :)

    Patrick Hyatt

    search dan bull generation gaming 2, the newer one isn't on his channel

    George Janke

    @Smazzle Box Thats his album.


    Nah the new console's can't come close to these ones

  71. master0r0

    Gah i want to play Smugglers Run

  72. LoopDeLoop

    What wonderful weather for gaming.

  73. Crowen55

    Dat Grimm Fandango

  74. The Zigzagman

    Myspace lolz


    It was his first video dicks

  76. skyeler jackson

    lol! myspace!

  77. The Alastair Bentley Archive

    F*** the red ring of death

  78. Morrov PL

    Maybe its weird, but Im proud of being gamer.

  79. sharon samra

    ha ha myspace

  80. PWDove

    I loved the original xbox,

  81. TeeJay132

    What's the beat called?

    mason g

    @JesuzderChiller But no seriously what is the beat called


    u mean what track this beat is from? i thinkits his own one^^ but not sure though

    Gravity House

    It's his own.

    Anon User

    @Gravity House
    Actually it's one of my beats. Devastator Sounds.

    Anon User

    it's an older version of this instrumental https://devastatorsounds.bandcamp.com/track/generations

  82. Aminoff The Don


  83. ranterD

    RIP PS2 you will be missed

  84. Anon : /

    i really like dan bull but where the fuck is the EPIC button at this vid?

  85. BGE Maine

    Actually...I accidentally replied to your comment.

    So no, little boy.
    I wasn't trying to "Burn" you.

    You continue to say "Practice what you preach" Is that the only intelligent thing that comes from that brain of yours?

    It's funny that I didn't even insult you, and you jump straight into the insults.

  86. gubbyitss

    Original statement: PC requires no payment to stay online.
    The comment you replied to: PC does require payment to stay online.
    What you read: Xbox and Playstation do not require payments to stay online.

  87. Kenny Veillieux

    oh...oh my you got me, well well Mr. telling everyone to get a life... you are very much so a hypocrite, and maybe you should practice what you preach?
    didn't you say something about doing something more productive? Honestly kid, you will have to step up your game if you wanna try to...Burn me? is that what you kid's use these days?

  88. BGE Maine

    I'm sorry if I seemed hypocritical, Miss.

  89. Kenny Veillieux

    Cool story bro.

  90. BGE Maine

    Just because I don't follow my own advice, doesn't mean it's not actually advice.

    A name is a name, the internet is supposed to be for Anonymous people.

    Clone Trooper was a random name I was given.

    Would you like to hear more about this little story, or would you rather do something more productive?

  91. Kenny Veillieux

    (agreeing with you but...) There's no Xbox 2..... yet, at the rate Microsoft is going calling their new Xbox "Xbox one" there just might be one sometime in the future....however i do hope not.

  92. Kenny Veillieux

    Coming from someone who called their account "Clone Trooper" and is trying to insult people on youtube.

    Practice what you preach.

  93. Kenny Veillieux

    You know, i thought maybe someone with some brains might try to think of a good come back or something, you know... a possible intellectual argument of sorts.... instead i got you... and some guy who think's you don't need Wifi to play Xbox or play station online....Also i now remembered... this is youtube, full of idiots such as yourself and that other guy who also failed at having a good come back about wifi.

  94. Kenny Veillieux

    lol... try playing Playstation or xbox online with no wifi smart one.

  95. Shark the Fox


  96. Lobozo

    wait do you mean Xbox One or Xbox One

  97. djole0501

    it's still pc doe

  98. Enoom Nai

    Actually it is whoever you end up with