Bull, Dan - E3 2010 Lyrics

Hmm, so
Another E3
Another hard year
Less about games
This time about hardware
Sony announce PlayStation Move
Which is apparently some kind of luminous spoon
And it wasn't inspired
Or had anything to do
With the Wiimote
Remotely, I promise you
Then Kinect got shown off on the Xbox
Yet another extra add-on at an extra cost
Nintendo announced 3DS
That lets you see 3D without 3D specs
Who wants the reason for all this E3 tech
When there hasn't even been a decent game released yet?
Remember when gaming was about, well, gaming?
Not jumpin' up and down in your lounge and waving
It's like every year we see the same things
"Aliens seize earth and face off against space marines!"
Well, the whole gamin' scene yawns and waits to see
Whether any of the developers have any innovation up their sleeves
But it seems not
And that's a shame to me
Maybe I should just shut up
And wave at my TV

Let's see somethin' better at next year's E3

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Bull, Dan E3 2010 Comments
  1. Peter Akcan

    The sound is good. The driving is trash.... People (including myself) are doing 1:07 around Monaco in 2011. You are going 70 mph through Turn 1 at Monaco. Take it at 100 mph!

  2. légende du cyclisme

    2013 waw nice sound

  3. Robert Raduts

    U so trash

  4. Lynne Baumgartner

    Are they on a gaming pc or a gaming console? Curious

  5. Lynne Baumgartner

    Nope u arent

  6. Alex Ragazzi

    figa che guida da novantenne

  7. Djentleman Goldbar

    F1 2014 is my favorite

  8. Ninja YT

    Marco Rettuso impara a guidare!

  9. Sku

    All these games actually look very similar in graphics, the only thing that I see change in is the lighting, which is really nice looking in 2010, absolute shit and grey through 2011-2014 and ok again in 2015.

  10. Grant Jackson

    I would love to do one of these videos. The only problem is I sold all my ps3 games (never owned an Xbox 360) and I have never played 2014 or 2015. Also, I don't have one of those capture devices so I would have to record it via Xbox capture. My track would be Bahrain.

  11. Die Legende

    2013: Wow, nice sound
    Immediately after that
    2014: Wow, electronic toothbrush

  12. Dustin Brackmann

    F1 2012 Lock like someone has a Flashback or something😂😂

  13. 4t34t

    I did 1:12:306 in F12016


    I did a 1:14 with standard Setup

  14. Skandal & B.

    0:42 madonna l'accellerata che con le cuffie m'ha spaccato l'orecchio

  15. Matteo Marchetto

    Impara a guidare

  16. Ian Perez

    F1 2010 Game: When losing the back end didn't exist


    Marco u rock

  18. Philipp_SkillZ

    you drive so Bad


    your english is even worse

  19. yung br

    da pra ver que antes as pistas eram menores, pois o carro chegava muito rapido nas curvas, mas depois foi ficando mais realista

  20. creepaz97

    F1 2011 was the best yet

  21. U2B

    game pad driver)))

  22. Axel Foley

    Which game is this? The Codemasters game doesn't look as accurate as this. What's the 'name' of this game, whose the developer?

    Dr Wang

    Axel Foley look up the box art it says code masters on it

    Axel Foley

    CarGamer K. I wrote that 5 months ago dude Lol. Are you on drugs?

    Chief Keef ain't no hitta

    Axel Foley just cause you were wrong lmao..

    Axel Foley

    CarGamer K why show-up 6 months after the message was written - WTF?

    Axel Foley

    Chief Keef you are immature! Stop showing-up 6 months after the reply.

  23. marco rettuso

    What track and car should I do for the next video?

    Chris K

    Ferriri in Monza would be nice

  24. David Johnson

    Nice video Marco.

  25. JokerMediaPRO

    Am I the only one who think 2010 looks better than any other??

    Joel Vuorisalmi

    yup because literally every other game looks better, especially f1 2015

  26. Michel Macedo

    Nice Video Marco!

  27. Daniel Dudas

    favorite team

    marco rettuso

    Mclaren and red bull

    Daniel Dudas

    To me RB. Even when they were winning year after year. And everyone was complaining. They weren't so dominant as Mercs are now, yet they were trying to cut their advantage in every way possible with new regulations. And now we have the BS politically correct talk that Mercedes deserves it because they did a better job than everyone else. Like Adrian Newey didn't?

  28. Mani Kryptic's: Magical World of Obscurity

    Nice vid pal!

    Who are your fav F1 drivers / teams?

    I reckon you are not familiar with the pad?!

    You should try to gently use throttle and brake and your steering can get a lot better if you use the corner of the sticks to do fine adjustments.

    Let's say you want to make a small 45º left turn, you should definitely push the stick softly vertical to the left front of the sticks neutral position.

    That way you can have smooth inputs with the pad pal!

    Hopefully i could help.

    Have a good one!!!

    marco rettuso

    Thanks for the tips fav drivers button Webber and teams mclaren and red bull

    Mani Kryptic's: Magical World of Obscurity

    @marco rettuso


    JB22 is one of my fav drivers as well!

    His smoothness is still unbeaten! ;)

    James B

    Mate, the easiest way to drive on a pad is to always have the left stick up/forward and just rotate the stick around the edge exactly like a wheel.

  29. Blaise

    F1 2015 sound is the BEST!

  30. Kevin Marroquin

    LOL all i did was watch the yachts. Didnt even change till 2015 XD

  31. Jack Walker

    Do mclaren

    marco rettuso

    Just made a video with mclaren around silverstone check it out on my channel

  32. Richard Michaels

    F1 2011 best sound and it had the most fun handling model if your good at f1 2011 you could easily lap a 1.09 around Monaco

    marco rettuso

    I found f1 2011 was the easiest game to go back to after playing f1 2015

    DJC _

    F1 2011 too arcade even for codies

  33. xboxgamer

    I love the Monaco street circuit. Countless times i've gone down the escape road at San Devot or hit the wall from braking a few metres too late

    marco rettuso

    It's so easy to hit the wall around monaco


    I can nail the Nouvelle Chicane but everywhere else i hit the wall

  34. HellVis

    Dude, after playing the game from 2010 'till 2015 you still have to use the steering line? Seriously you don't know the corners with your eyes closed? Also get a wheel. I played F1 games with a pad until 2013 when I bought a G27. First time I tried it I was (easily) 4/5 seconds slower than with the pad and thought "jeez, what a waste of money...". But one week after I bought it, and after playing with the steering settings I was quicker than I ever was. I never used a pad again t this day!!! I play with all assists off because realism and immersion is key for me. Also legend AI. I may struggle in the beginning, but when I get on top of it, it's as close to how gratifying it is in real life, as I'll ever be. Keep practicing


    That actually really motivated me... I do also believe that the immersion that comes from having a wheel is way more intense than a pad could ever produce. Practice makes perfect i suppose :)


    Legend AI have always been terrible on every game though, They just aren't any good and never have been or will be which ruins stuff like career mode when you're in a Toro Rosso going 1 sec quicker a lap so it is hard to get any realism anyway.


    +DatGuyChunk I guess you must better than me :( For me legend AI is more than enough. But there's a massive gap between expert and legend

    marco rettuso

    In other comments I have explained that I normally use a wheel but I made this video really quick and used a pad it's not about my driving its about the evolution of these games I'm not the best driver in the world on the wheel I'm 2 to 3 seconds quicker plus Monaco is not my best track thanks for comment


    +marco rettuso Sorry dude!! My bad!! Keep practicing though😁

  35. Bozo Jezdimirovic

    problem su kompjuteri menjac automatski treba i malo sira formula pa nek pobedi najbolji sportista ukaljali ste sport najlepsi na svetu politika politika pare pare sramota! ocete ljude da pobijete govna sram vas bilo sta deci u nssledje ostavljate docicu u Budimpestu 20 jula cekajte me da vam dam svima platu

  36. M.axrci 44

    Fahren kann er aber auch nicht...

    Mani Kryptic's: Magical World of Obscurity

    95 % der gesamten racing community können nicht fahren.....

    *Bin der Meinung dass man erst dann jemanden beurteilen kann, sofern die Person ohne Assists fährt.

    Du musst dir mal live streams von manchen F1 Fanboys ansehen, die lenken hin und her als ob sie einen epileptischen Anfall hätten und fahren dennoch gute Zeiten wegen deren Assists.

    Hoffe dass wir endlich mal eine strikte Trennung von Time Trial laptimes für F1 2016 erhalten werden, bei den no assist Fahrer bevorzugt werden.


    1:06 / no assist austria = p123

    1:05 / assist austria = p4321

    Hast du schon die gameplay videos von F1 2016 gesehen?

    Schaut vielversprechend aus!!!

    Have a good day pal!


    +Mani Kryptic's: Magical World of Obscurity Danke, danke, danke! Endlich bringt jemand das auf den Punkt, was mich seit Jahren nervt. Auch bei online rennen hat man keine Chance am Start gegen Leute mit Traction Controll. Und wenn man eine lobby macht wo dies verboten ist, wird die niemals gefüllt...

    Mani Kryptic's: Magical World of Obscurity


    Da hast du absolut recht pal.

    Echt nervig und eigentlich auch lächerlich, denn es ist nicht mal schwer ohne assists zu fahren, zumal die F1 games von codemasters ohnehin keine echten Simulatoren sind. XD

    Leider ist "casualization" ein ziemlich perfides und auch valides Mittel der Entwicklerstudios bzw. Publisher um dick Kohle zu machen, weshalb die heutige Gaming Generation einfach verwöhnt wird mit Einfachheit und viel zu steilen Lernkurven, bei denen sogar der totale Noob nach zwei Online Runden mitreden kann.

    An sich nicht schlimm, denn man möchte ja mehr und mehr Spieler für die eigene Franchise ergattern, aber die Hardcore Fanboys werden dabei vollkommen ausser Acht gelassen.... -_-

    *dasselbe Schicksal hat zb. auch Battlefield und oder CoD erlitten.

    Schönen Tag noch Kumpane! =)

    Mani Kryptic's: Magical World of Obscurity

    Bin auf PS4 und PC unterwegs pal!

  37. Firoo amma

    the sound of 2011 is amazing and 1:13:563 is almost the same as vettel did that year 1:13.556

  38. Simone Moccia

    I like your videos!

  39. chrismyfreak

    The F1 2010 sound is so wonderful


    and the F1 2014 sound is worst


    chrismyfreak , yes the sound is amazing ! why now f1 2015 or 2016 not this soud ??????

    Fábio Marques

    kurbetci the v6 era :)

  40. Brendoon94

    After 5 games finally they use the full wheeling animation for the steering wheel (180 degrees) at the great hotel hairpin!!


    360 lock-to-lock. Going back to the older games, it bothers me like crazy that the animated wheel won't go beyond 270 degrees. I've noticed that it varies though in real life, sometimes I see a 330 lock-to-lock, and other times near 400 degree lock. The older cars from the early 90's and before are 540 lock-to-lock. (3/4 rotation both ways)

  41. StefTheBeast2001

    Assists?? and mabye show your best lap times at the end of the vid. just a little tip;)

    marco rettuso

    Thanks for the tips

  42. TheGamer03

    I suscribe! Good video guy!


    Are You from Italy?

    marco rettuso

    +TheGamer03 no I'm from England


    ok sorry =)

  43. Deren dema

    F1 2015 sound shit

    LP PL

    But the 2015 Sound is better than the sound from 2014


    2015 F1 cars sound shit sadly

  44. Philipp_SkillZ

    You drive so Bad

    Jinx TheLooseCannon

    +Elias Rindlisbacher I don't think so! I think this is pretty good considering you don't have a controller or a racing wheel.(Sry, I'm/I am from Switzerland and only 12 years old!)* So habs mal für dich bisschen ausgebessert. ;)

    marco rettuso

    +RAYNERPS3235 I used a Xbox controller

    marco rettuso

    +Giovanni Giusseppe thanks for the tips but the thing about this video is nothing to do with my driving in the first place its to show how the game has developed over the years I normally use a steering wheel not a Xbox controller in every video I did a quick time trial on every game to get a clean lap I'm surprised of how many people have seen it and comment on it! But these ain't my best lap times I'm not the best driver in the world I'm a casual gamer and Monaco is not my best track if I was that bad I would of crashed into the barrier all the time! Keep the comments and views coming!

    Thanks marco rettuso

    James Bird

    don't judge...
    its hard to drive on a pad