Bull, Dan - Destiny 2 Rap: Commander Zavala vs. Cayde-6 Lyrics

Look around you
The Galaxy's greatest Guardians gathered
Though times are dark
It is the light inside your heart that matters
You are the final line, mankind relies on for redemption
Woah, tough crowd
Okay, let me break the tension

You're a rebel of reprobate
But there's no one else left that's capable of taking on
The great threat we face, and then staying to mop up
The mess they've made
Yes they layed siege to our motherland
Our precious home, I saw it all
And fought amongst the falling rubble
Deflecting endless blows

They kept on coming, so my gun kept humming
You should've come and seen it
It was really quite something
I looked so great, so good
In a tide, in a cape, in a hood, it was rather inspiring
I side eyed a few girls admiring
Why you suprised? I'm so fine it's tiring
Anyways I'm getting sidetracked
Let me go and get a pint
Pinky promise I'll be right back
Despite the sacrifice of our finest guardians
We could not stop the scarlet army rising
From the ashes of the darkness
The tower fell, the city rushed
Our homes are crushed to dust
Plus my stuff, now I was salty before
But now I've had just enough

I mean who does this stuff?
It's unproductive, plus
My stuff!
So we're gonna look for the chump responsible
And fffluff him up!
And so today we know the name of the heinous foe we
They call him
No Gary
It's Gary isn't it?
They call him Ghaul
His only goal to cause a fall of all we've fought for
And war till there's nothing at all
When the Cabal is at the door you look for my support
But this time I call on yours
You're probably gonna end up pretty sore

These armor plates, they kinda chafe
Till your thighs are aching, rubbed really raw
Sh! All this tech and we still haven't developed
Any military drawers that'll win us any wars
I've been wearing these ones for months!
The time is now at hand
To avenge the injustice thrust upon us
In our final stand
I'm a nice guy, so I shan't tell a white lie
Look, you might die
But then again, you might survive
So like every guide of advice, see the brighter side of life
I ask you: who'll rise and keep aside my side and fight?
No hide and seek, dab on the haters
Everyday bro, ride or die!

[Cayde-6 & Zavala:]
This is the law of the jungle
As old and as true as the sky
The wolf that shall keep it may prosper
But the wolf that shall break it must die
As the creeper that girdles the tree trunk
The law runneth forward and back
For the strength of the pack is the wolf
And the strength of the wolf is the -

Hold on
Sorry, sorry, sorry
Tripped over the... speaker jack
[cough, cough]

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Bull, Dan Destiny 2 Rap: Commander Zavala vs. Cayde-6 Comments
  1. TheShadyGamer

    A few years later and at 1:16 I get a VERY reminiscent feeling of "So hunker down and dig in for the coldest winter tide since you convinced your prideful self that you've nothing to hide".

  2. Sophia Sparkles

    Rip Cayde-6 shall he be missed and pissed are person off enough too speak

  3. Yeet Yeet

    "Plus my STUFF"

  4. jinghao zhang

    R.I.P Cayde-6

  5. Alexander king

    When i was kicked off the building in the red war, I promised that a rocket launcher would be his end, months later, after finally getting around to actually doing the story I killed him, with a rocket launcher

  6. Judith Anderson

    How long did it take to make this?

  7. kormack69 l

    Lets be honest

    Cayde is the Iron Man of Destiny and Zavala is the Captain America

  8. Dusk

    Cayde wielding 2 guns? oh must be a bug, take the servers offline for 2 weeks to fix it

  9. make myday

    Just a little cringe just a little

  10. Facundno Bueno

    The like "They kept on coming so my gun kept humming" should have been in the original "Rally the troops" video it's just so Cayde.

  11. Fellgamer

    What did I just witness?

  12. HorrorPleb

    We got to fluff'em up!

  13. Down South REBUILDS

    But most importantly...... CAYDES STUFF!!

  14. Jotaro

    Cayde speech was about destiny one

  15. zbynek zapletal

    Bold of you to assume we will not all choose Cayde

  16. Zanya Vazquez

    I love it!😂💖

  17. Mike Chaves

    Oh shiit bro! Fuck yeah!

  18. Joe Erickson

    Cayde-6 is Lil Dicky

  19. Luna TDW200

    Plz make instrumental version

  20. Tobi Rogers

    2019 y todavia no entiendo ni merga

  21. Shadowsa2b

    cool, but its not a rap battle if both participants are on the same side

  22. ThaNightGamer #

    I want loot soooo cayde wins

  23. Lord O’ thunder

    This is so damn good


    Its 2020
    *I miss Cayde...*

  25. MagicPengiun26

    This is a disgrace for cayde-6

  26. Gabriel Piñeiro García

    y zavala looks like buzzlightyear?

  27. Pathetic Dart

    Zavala has more personality than in the game lol.

  28. Israel Stayton

    So unfortunate that this game ended up sucking ass

  29. crim somreaf5555

    How have I not seen this till now

  30. Jeremy Breeden

    This was lit

  31. Mr Memelord

    Truth is destiny is a lootopia game no one plays it for the story “ I think “

  32. Ihavedoneit. Iguess

    Imagine if they had the real voice actors do this

  33. Justin Everette

    This was cringe but I came here for Harry

  34. CribMan 543

    Am I late we’ll any ways I like this voice actor for cayde

  35. Rishav Nath

    End of the it's all about loot 🤣

  36. Alan Uchiha

    i hate it

  37. Bronwyn Moore

    now we need saint 14

  38. AJ Hofstede

    So much credit

  39. Cael Lohry

    r.i.p. cyde-6

  40. Messerschmidt86

    Cayde is spittin' fire.

  41. Rumor Stormblade

    I vote Dan Bull as Cayde-7

  42. JustANormalGuy Y'know?

    Can't wait to see how cringe this is

  43. Sal Barb

    God this the best

  44. Dallion Coker

    Why are they British?

  45. Mr Zetkay

    I can smell melodyne

  46. Moonen Mike

    i buyyed Destiny 2

  47. wing cross

    miss you cayde

  48. Massivesket 4202

    Ah so this is the bad part of the community


    Beat please.

  50. IS KAIO

    Cayde won

  51. Polaris 501

    Zavala looks funny captain chin

  52. DoktorSmiles

    Where can i get the beat?

  53. Lewis Reviews

    Why does Zavala look like handsome Squidward?

  54. Ethan Baratcart

    comment=cayde 6 like= zavala

  55. Casey Dyers

    Oh my I'm so speechless

  56. Gunnar Abel

    Why does zavala look like the beautiful squidward

  57. The Werewolf

    Cayde won ,rip cayde

  58. Gamer Life Online

    I cried So much when cayde 6 died in forsaken

  59. Geoff Lees

    Cayde is my favourite Vanguard 😢 why you do this Bungie

  60. Geoff Lees

    I can sing this entire rap

  61. Gavin Forester

    My name is Gavin

  62. avatar zane

    All the violent stuff in this that cayde says is for uldren

  63. luke price

    short but sweet

  64. avatar zane

    RIP Cayde 6 we will miss you
    Ikora: revenge shall be ours
    Zavala: no revenge i didn't even care about him
    Cayde in heaven:don't have to be so harsh after all you needed me one time and thanks player and thanks ikora


    It wasnt because Zavala didnt care but okay

  65. F1R3

    Destiny vs warframe rap?

  66. 이대원

    탑으로 불시착합니다.
    탑으로 불시착합니다.

  67. Ania Haraburda

    So the strength of the wolf is the what?

  68. Yair Reyes

    99% is the song
    1% was for cayde’s quote, LOOT

  69. Orlando Britt

    Cayde the one talking to the real people of Destiny

  70. Brendan Smith

    I want that Zavala ‘I want you’ poster...

  71. The Riumchest

    Cayde... Forever in my memory


    Did y’all know he’s coming back, as Cayde 7 the number is how many times they were brought back without their ghost, or memory wipe. :)

    David North

    The number is how many times they were rebooted, not brought back without ghosts. He's dead dead.


    Chances are, he's not coming back. His ghost was destroyed

  73. fiamma 379

    "Why can't I leave well enough alone and go to the light?"

  74. mrmememan gaming

    Then a year later cayde died

  75. Crystal Playz

    I love it
    Cayde: Dan on the haters

  76. Jolly Cooperation

    Zavala: We must fight!!
    Cayde-6: You might die honestly.
    D1 Veteran's:

    Karen LEVEE

    D1 veterans: we won against Crota and Oryx who appear to be two god
    New light players : ghaul was hard

  77. Sohum Anumula

    "This was the best bet I ever had" ……...Cayde-6

  78. J V

    Caydes the best

  79. The robotic potato

    Who else notived cayde jojo posing

  80. Sarah Blackburn

    0:30 i love ikoy reaction

  81. Jillian Hayes

    Love the cayde just perfect

  82. AWOL RestfulAjin

    R.I.P Cayde.... You will be missed

  83. Shambino

    Animation es fuego

  84. DarkShadow 6501

    Why am I rewatching this a year later?

  85. mason strickland

    Is it sad I can see zavala and cayde doing this

  86. Nono show

    more rap whit destiny 2 plz

  87. Ludicrious Speed

    Speed Boost.

  88. Michael Lara

    D2 feels like a losing battle content wise... welp, here's to d3...

  89. Ace Sasquatch

    "dab on the haters everyday, bro i don't die!" Cayde-6, before dying...

  90. Clorox Bleach

    Zavala looks like that squidward meme

  91. Dread Lord Demios

    Rip Cayde

  92. James Stewart

    Cayde 6.0 please bungee he hates 7

  93. mecha mantis1607

    Hey I am curious can or will we see a new destiny rap for forsaken and everything before it or will that not be possible?

  94. Müptezel Samet

    Warframe when?

  95. Adrian Fabbri

    I don't promise a better fate
    I guarantee you more to hate
    There will be any peace in this era
    Only dead corpes of infidels of Mother Terra
    Forget any military strategy
    This a religious idealization of humanity
    I will bring you in a new dark age
    If you aren't human you will face our rage.

  96. Dan Bull

    Pinned comment.

    EWOK Blocks

    I love the animation please do a Destiny 1 and 2 TV series!!!!

    Hollyleaf & Fallen Leaves

    Tell me why this exists

    helsing S_1171


    Hollyleaf & Fallen Leaves

    This is what I come to when I’m bored