Bull, Dan - Combat Arms Lyrics

Prepare for combat

Allow Mr. Bull to introduce you
To a soldier in the future
Who's been moulded and reduced
Into the coldest single shooter
In control of a computer
Since the last one, whoever that was
Was flatter than the default backdrop
On an old laptop

A soldier's silhouette glimmers in the distance
The electric light flickers
And he's missing in an instant

You and your clique are going to get wrecked
For forcing me to write a rhyme
Where I mispronounce "Respect"
Testing my reflex
Is messing with a bee's nest
I suggest it'd be best to leave
Please be my guest

Receiving threats
But I don't even stress
How can I be grieving
When I don't believe in death?
You sneaky shoulder peeking spec
Come back and meet your nemesis
'Cause he's a deeper threat
Than even NEMEXIS
You can count my kills, my deaths
And peep at dem assists
I'm not even prejudiced
I'm just a me supremacist

I dominate you
You're the low common denominator
I'll kick you constantly like I was an elite moderator

Engage Operation: Black Lung
Your obligation:
Bring the population back
From the grasp of a virus
Inside the shaft of a mine
There's more to be frightened of in the lack of light
Than massive spiders' appetites

We need to travel deeper
Reach the lab and grab the research
We're being attacked
The meagre shack is feeding cabin fever
Don't breathe the gas, we're leaving
After we can blast the bleeders
The gashes their slashes leave are scratches
Pass the tweezers

My first aid is first rate
Wrapping tourniquets
Round burst veins like burst mains
And you complain of shirt stains?
Err, mate
I just averted your fate
And turned it away
Gave you another birthday, so I'd say I'm deserving of cake
Served on a plate
But you're determined to hate
Trapped in a terminal state of permanent rage
If there's a Hall of Fame for jerks
You're earning a place
So save your breath, don't QQ
Get on the train and GTFO
Choo Choo!

I dominate you
You're the low common denominator
I'll kick you constantly like I was an elite moderator

I dominate you
You're the low common denominator
I'll kick you constantly like I was an elite moderator

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Bull, Dan Combat Arms Comments
  1. Mohammad Athem

    Used to love this game but now it’s fucking pay to win

  2. Hazel Becker

    if only this trash game was as good as the rap. c:

  3. xNyChampion

    Reloaded killed the game...

  4. RapGodCA

    nice try @rapgodca is better tbh

  5. Random Crow

    1:07 is the best part, wish it had a bit more bass into it

  6. TheClockMaker

    Pay 2 win game with no players, hackers in almost all games, people that kick you from the game cuz you are better than them. And that's only the tip of this iceberg...still, you rap goes viral like a deadly virus, always and everywhere. I like it :D

  7. denis korff

    now we just need Battlefield heroes, if only it could be revived :(

  8. Lenovo 29

    Estou chegando para jogar e mostrar que o Brasil representa

  9. jakub świstak

    I love that rap and this game! this is AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING!

  10. Thiaago PtBr

    essa musica tem direitos autorais?? Corpiryte

  11. Savaş Soner Sağlam

    ürün etkinleştirme diyor nasıl yaparım ben onu birisi yardım etsin

  12. Walaa Arbeed

    Plsss i want the old CA we all want it back the new one is so confuosing or whatever you say it but when i login the game srsly i dident know what to do my heart is broken combat was my favorite game noe i dont play it i played it for 4 years 💔😭

    iRon Tyson

    Walaa Arbeed من وين انتي

  13. ToxiC


  14. Bazz Kazz

    Fackyn new combat arms reoland I love combat arms no combat arms reoland :((

  15. Pickxel !

    This game was my fucking religion a while ago haha

  16. Lezgo Awsomeness

    the game is crap just the rap is godd just i dont like the chorus but i love the rest

  17. OhDeerGod

    This song is the best thing associated with Nexon.


    "How could i be grieving when i dont believe in death?" GENIUS!

  19. MrJTW007

    people still play combat arms?!

  20. Ace Sh4dow

    Anyone else remembers glitching into walls with the knife?

    iRon Tyson

    Ace Sh4dow xD it’s still there

  21. frinds vs

    why your want sell the combat arms plz no im want nexon combat arms no sell combat arms plz

    iRon Tyson

    frinds vs من وين انتي

  22. Mr Crack

    This game gave me cancer

  23. TheLastYnzy

    Yeaaaah folks don't bother with this game. I used to play it during it's original days. Like everybody else is saying it was riddled with Hackers and all the stuff you could unlock was absolute trash. If you didn't buy gear or weapons then you were just severally out matched. And if you are thinking "Oh I will just drop a couple bucks and get the gun" they aren't that cheap. If you want them cheap then you are only renting them for a day. A perm item normally costed about 20-25 bucks. On top of that it was indeed riddled with hackers and bugs, and Nexon did pretty much nothing for it except for let it die out and then apparently reboot it.

    HOWEVER This rap was absolutely awesome and did bring back some of the fun memories I have playing the game with just my friends way back when.

  24. Amoxap1ne


  25. NiGar

    old combat arms was x10 better this new reloaded shit is stupid...

  26. Michelle Dowie

    Dan what console do you have

  27. M0ZZ1E33

    damn the beat on this one was good

  28. Plüton Oyun Tv

    Combat arms reloaded APPCRASH HATASI ! ! ! APPCRASH

  29. CookieJarvis

    for a game thats "reloaded" looks like shit

  30. Dan Lekin

    AltF4Games ?

  31. None Ofyourbiz

    Shut the fuck up and take your damn game seriously. The product is currently total CRAP.

  32. Night Skies & City Lights

    Hi, Dan Bull! I'm a bit of a rapper, and I'm about to do a live event/competition to win 50,000 and a shot at the Miami hip hop championships from Coast2Coast LIVE.

    I've been accepted and my rap is submitted. Are there any tips you can give me for the event three days from now?

  33. Kmn483

    Used to play combat arms a while ago. Was kinda fun, at least the zombies mode was. BUT tons of hackers and almost all your weapons are temporary. Permanent weapons are very expensive, especially good ones. There are way better f2p games out there.

  34. IcY

    Yo Say what ever you want but Combat Arms: Reloaded is one of the best Free to play first person shooters in my opion , nice rap Dan bull i also realy like your little nightmare rap :) subbed

  35. Finnish Noises


  36. Crimson Samurai

    Combat arms was my childhood game this is fucking awesome

  37. Celliers

    Instrumental version ?

    *What did I say wrong ?*

  38. Paul Gonzalez-Becerra

    This game is horrible. But it honestly beats paying for an actual fps game when your not a fps gamer but want to play an fps game once a month

    Okay DETar

    Well it would, if there were not better f2p fps games...Dirty bomb just to name one.

  39. Best of csgo

    То чувство когда знаешь что песня крутая но не чё не понил


    Reloaded suck +1

  41. Gabypcpsn

    I remember playing this game like 5 years ago damn cant believe its still alive

    iRon Tyson

    Gabypcpsn it is lol

  42. Joao Alves

    Fico do caralho 👏👏

  43. AlgeRiaN 23

    Where i can get the instrumental version of this song

  44. Gasper Ostir

    New Game for kids

  45. Lunarx Lord6

    Wow 3 combos Really huge!!

  46. s02 Pzychotik


  47. The Person

    "a me supremacist"

  48. Derek Johnstone Fraser

    not one single fucking nutshot.....

  49. Douglas Bravo

    u can some for warframe u got destiny done ?

  50. firexgodx980

    The best part about combat arms was Quarantine mode. I spent 5 years playing only Quarantine, and I loved every second of it. That game mode is sooooo underrated.

  51. Eddie's Rap Channel

    Wrong ARMS, Dan...

  52. arnemi35

    The game is shit, Yet he said that he wont advert something he doesn't like.

  53. aluran


  54. MCNT052

    this game looks like that game GTA 5 has on the internet, where its like
    "buying dlc makes you a better marksman" or something

  55. My name's Fiifi

    very rap makes the game seem amazing, whether it's good or bad.

  56. Jordan Tran


  57. That Guy

    holy shit i forgot this is a thing. i wanna play now but idk if my shitty pc can handle it


    You could use a potato chip bag equipped with a live wire to play this game

  58. john zoidberg

    why does this game look like the games kids in movies are playing

  59. Thisisaninterestingusername

    Looks like a shitty mobile rip off of COD.

  60. apocalypse

    zulaaaaa yaşın zula bu ne la oyunmu bu

  61. Jordan Joestar

    you can take any game and make it into gold, daniel "midas" bull

  62. Neo Jenova

    "Save your breath, don't QQ. Get on the train and GTFO choo choo!"
    I love it!

  63. TRI REBAIXADO 08, 13, 15.


  64. Ziv Grinfeld

    I played so much combat arms I still dont find many refrences

  65. Empty Fox Gaming

    I really liked that song good job

  66. Wessel Veldkamp

    could you please make a new rap in the style of your payday 2 rap I love that rap

  67. Chris

    I remember playing this game on my old shitty dell laptop when I was like 11

  68. burt osteen

    You Should do An Elite: Dangerous Rap

  69. Squeggo

    Rest in peace Dan Bull....

  70. a- ArreS

    Free Combat Arms Reloaded Fail Old Combat Arms Eu Download Old Combat Arms Eu good

    iRon Tyson

    Nesip BT Yıldırak iBatmanlee ?

  71. McScrubington

    A nexon game. What will it be next , Norton AV ?

  72. Goldstar2040

    i like the german "Achtung" XD

  73. Shadefix

    fucking hell dan bull you are doing so well, this shit is realy impresive man.
    please never ever stop doing this.

  74. Aatami Syrén



    make a tekken 7 rap

  76. Ubious Guy

    I really loved this game...

  77. ididubub

    Dan, I know it's old but will you do a heavy rain rap? please!!

  78. Itty Bitty

    Maybe we can finally get a monster hunter rap now that MH world is coming out on an actual console.

  79. Kubstoff

    I think a crash bandicoot rap would be pretty cool

  80. Lewis Clarke

    Maybe thinking you should change the "Words: Dan Bull" in the description to "Lyrics: Dan Bull" :/

  81. ArmyStrongGangflu


  82. Dillon Day

    Could u make a rap about Reinhardt?

  83. Matt Book


  84. Marvelicious

    I am still wanting a Monster Hunter Rap especially with Monster Hunter World

  85. Pika-who?


  86. KnightNuts

    Idk if you have done a song about Witcher 3. When not then pls make one ^^

  87. Captain Hemlok

    God I would love a Doom 2016 rap.

  88. char tato

    Please do assassin's creed rogue

  89. Jaxon Hazeem's

    Great rap! bad game.

  90. xGH05TGAM3Rx

    this reminds me that one game from GTA 5 but I just can't put my gun on it


    ha, the game the kid is playing when u have to break into the house

  91. captain ohmie


  92. Eta Carinae Games

    Im flagging this channel if you don't make a doomfist rap.

  93. Jakob Mceldowney

    another fucking awesome rap by dan *applauds*

  94. king jojack

    havent played this game in years i was like "these maps look like a ripoff of combat arms" then i looked at the title lol

  95. mattelsnake

    bull can you please make a video on mount and blade. ps thanks for considering

  96. Dan Bull

    Thanks to Nexon for sponsoring this video. Play their game Combat Arms: Reloaded for free here http://bit.ly/CAReloadedDanBull (Unless you don't want to, then don't, obviously).
    Coming tomorrow... Assassin's Creed II - Ezio's rap!

    Mason Burge

    I smell a salt lord who's trying to make himself relevant online~

    Berserker Armour

    I guess you meant the day after tomorrow xd


    Александр Иванов ikr


    piss off, the last combat arms was an abortion of a game

    Domonics Dániel

    I found this game thanks to your video, and I enjoy it! Thanks for introducing this to us!