Buju Banton - Not An Easy Road Lyrics

[Chorus x2]

It's not an easy road
Many see the glamour and the glitter
And think it's a bed of rose
Who feels it knows
Lord help me sustain these blows

From the minute of birth you enter this earth
Obstacles in your way to overcome first
Throughout every day they seem to get worse
Oh my god cast away this curse
Everybody is trying to make ends meet
Through every way they endeavor
Lord God you see it
No matter what the world may say on the street
Must have to survive, won't accept defeat
Now I'm wary, tired and dreary
Got no time to waste
You know now


By you rise to see the sun
Who you love a pull you down
Trying to discredit the works you have done
Some can't satisfy with the past of ally
From the Scribes and Pharisees
You've got to stay wide
Hold up your head glancing at both side
Waiting anticipating praying for you to slide
Righteouness prevails with Jah by my side
Delver Jonah from the whale
Never leave him to die
Help us all Abbaba Joni
Hold up my head and cry


I've been travelling all morning
With such a heavy load
Now it's noon and I cannot afford
To put down this burden alongside the road
I've got to hold it, got to humble myself
Like a child
Upon my face I've the got to put on a smile
Make up my mind just to walk more miles
Because I know that


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Buju Banton Not An Easy Road Comments
  1. Makayla Gibson

    2020 Anyone ?

  2. Sharmaine Nelson

    its not an easy road....who listening in 2020?

  3. Gift Zambuko

    i tell you now its not an easy road...

  4. Kanteh Jallow

    2020 still rocking it like it's before.

  5. Binta


  6. Charles Pangeti

    2020 im now here. Jah bless I

  7. Fabian Mahorn

    2020 anyone?

  8. joss platt

    2020 and still......

  9. Kimberlee Thomas

    Not an easy road

  10. Magz Mapp

    Currently listening to this song and skanking in my work ...... 2019 and still this a big tune

  11. camoy rodney

    real medz tune

  12. Steven Ricot

    The GOAT!!!!

  13. Grief Mukonde

    I salute this guy ,buju banton he used to be my inspiration.

  14. Miguel Bellesa

    I remember that song .in Haiti in childhood .in 1995 .I had a tape radio ,there were a neighbor ,he had a Buju banton tap always he passed .one day I stole it to listen with my friend far from the house in wood 😂😂😂 .in that time I was 15 years old

  15. Kabuye David

    Its not an easy road
    .....buju culture...
    New generation assembly

  16. Pamela Persaud

    The grass is brown and has dog poop on it lol so there is alot of meaning to this song. So big up buju do that thing that you do.

  17. Franz Pennant

    Who feel it so you know

  18. billy maroko

    When reggae music was real. No explicit lyrics

  19. O'Neil Fletcher

    Still listening in 3019,that's right,three thousand nineteen

  20. Buenas Intenciones

    The Africans and many more survived without money. Money became a drug with no cure, no rehab.

  21. Kaee Kaee

    Who is listening to _Buju_ in 2019?
    Hold up me head and cry it's not on easy road I been travelling every morning hmmm it's not on easy

  22. David Ochang

    Whose here today?

  23. Monique Robinson

    Whomever thought it was easy....
    Sorry for you kekeke

  24. Charles Pangeti

    Who feels it knows it. +263 fully representing.

  25. sharmz sassydiva95


  26. Maijimi James

    waooooooo great legend

  27. akan man

    New generation dont know that music was a message for people to change and learn ,2020

  28. alfa_romeo55 yush

    The great Gargamel

  29. Zenkia Star

    tell dem again nuh!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  30. Modou Jammeh

    Who,s here in 2019

  31. Sadique Munian

    Buja is the true veteran made hit after hit from 1980s to present

  32. Neverknown

    Righteousness prevail! ✡

  33. Dagmay Bereket

    Not an easy road!!! One of my all time Buju favorites!!!

  34. Jovan Palmer

    2019 and it still hot

  35. Jason Romalho


  36. John Pompey

    Not a easy road who fells it noes buju banton one the all tim great

  37. Stanley Mych

    2019 and it is still not an easy road and we still feeling it up...... big up BUJU

  38. Don_B Don _B

    Not an easy road now I understand the meaning😂😂....who is here with me in 2019

  39. P Zou

    I don't give up. Gargamel, my artist

  40. P Zou

    Life is not an easy road. This song highlight the road we trod each day. We just have to sustain the life blows. One love Buju Banton. I don't give you. Keeping moving thru this earth and stay positive no matter your circumstances.

  41. Cliff Daniels

    2019 and beyond. Who is still listening?

  42. Zebulun Iliya

    the whole of this Til Shiloh album is the bomb!! lost my CD though. Its not an easy road

  43. Dagmay Bereket

    Glad to know Buju free now!!!!

  44. roger smith

    Let's try not to manifest a hard road

  45. Ethios Elevation7

    💯🙏2019 so true🇪🇹🔥

  46. mireille

    August 2019!!

  47. Franz Pennant

    Never get old 2029

  48. Jan Mwale Truck driver

    My fav song.lm now embracing my African roots,natural hair dreadlocks.

  49. James Adams

    I got to open myself Like a child 🤔..

  50. Mystic lady

    Same so

  51. Khori Bennett

    If your still listening to buju in 2019 give this comment a like

    Monica Whitehorne

    Love it


    Buju will always have a huge audience. A unique and everlasting Superstar

    Winston Trew

    Buju sings righteousness, so he will always have an audience.

    Anthony Baal

    2020 still big

  52. easyborne

    Love from Kenya 🇰🇪, 2019👊🏿. Wapi hizo likes warasta wenzangu.

  53. Mako King

    Never be ashamed b in the name of the lord give praises and thank you for the inspiration. Music is my meds

  54. Debra Williams


  55. Debra Williams


  56. T C

    I cry when I listen this song - so real, so true, who feel its knows

  57. Paulette Morgan

    I love Buju's repertoire.You can identify all the social , historical and cultural influences in his music.Brother is really deep.

  58. Liz Edwards

    Well it's 2019 and I hope this song is still being listened to. Peace and love to you all

  59. One Love

    This song keep me grounded thank you Buju for the motivation.

  60. Tamara's beauty 101

    Blessings to brother Buju ashe'

  61. Nelson Nicholas

    Who's with me celebrating his freedom 2019🎷

  62. Imani Shayo

    Still here 2019

  63. Eric Charles

    2019 🤔😍

  64. Zalika jaha Peace

    💕💕💕💕 Buju 💕💕💕💕

  65. Selena Isaac

    Touching words....heart felt ...ur the best....trinidad hails the king...a legend in the making..

  66. Nicoy Clarke

    2019 and still listening powerful

  67. Tina Allen

    So true buju banton 😍😍😍

  68. onelifetolive107

    Bless up... you saw it and sang it.

  69. sexymrsdrayton

    Always have Always will BLESS UP

  70. Lre Banks

    Reggae is not the same anymore

  71. charlie rose

    2019 still here 👌

  72. Mooiste Simeon

    Buju come back4 may

  73. Munyaradzi Gama

    gargamel at 2019.just put a like if youre here 2019

    Altia Lacey

    This is so relevant today, dam we need the words to keep us from day today, not a easy road.

    Georges Dany Francois

    October21 2019

  74. Zalika jaha Peace

    I love this song , could someone please give all of the words to this song? Please and thank you.

  75. Musa Mohammed

    Not an easy road

  76. pretty princess

    2019 any one

  77. Kher Vyn

    This songs is very very inspirational ❤️❤️❤️

  78. Carley Marley

    Buju is the next bob marley they both Legend

  79. Wisdom

    who coming buju in 2019

  80. Cheyenne Woolcock

    Starting my morning with some Buju🇯🇲💪

  81. Benji Beats Boy


  82. Jeremie Ferguson

    Welcome back

  83. Bless with Dimples

    2019 still not a easy road big up buju banton

  84. Dorrette Young

    Respek to Tiger 🐅!

  85. Nicholas Hare

    2019 still rocking to this 🙏

  86. Humble Abby

    2019 welcome home Buju❤❤❤❤💙❤💙❤❤❤

  87. Keur M'baye Racine

    Finaly free 🙏🏾 fact it aint been easy.

  88. Mr SG

    2019 anyone

  89. joanne jackson

    2019 Buju back with us😘🤣

  90. Marsha Kerr

    How can someone possibly dislike this song????????? Like seriously????????? 🤔

  91. Cleonie Mcfarlane

    This particular tune trust got more depth now than it did before...being incarcerated for so long. Almost 10 years you can never get back ,you surely walk this road m know it's not an easy one...all the best going forward buju...we live n learn ...one of the best out of Jamaica no doubt

  92. Colombian dread

    Best concert ever ‼️‼️‼️‼️ 2019

  93. Tsahi Ramlal-Bharat


  94. Nyasha T Shuro

    2019 after the live perfomance... bless Buju

  95. Dee Yktv

    Any one listening in 2019?