Built To Spill - You Were Right Lyrics

You were wrong when you said
Everything's gonna be alright
Yeah, you were wrong when you said
Everything's gonna be alright

You were right when you said all that glitters isn't gold
You were right when you said all we are is dust in the wind
You were right when you said we're all just bricks in the wall
And when you said manic depression's a frustrated mess

You were wrong when you said
Everything's gonna be alright
Yeah, you were wrong when you said
Everything's gonna be alright

You were right when you said you can't always get what you want
You were right when you said it's a hard rain's gonna fall
You were right when you said we're still running against the wind
Life goes on long after the thrill of living is gone

You were right when you said this is the end

Do you ever think about it?
Do you ever think about it?
Do you ever think about it?
Do you ever think about it?

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Built To Spill You Were Right Comments
  1. Harry Tawse

    MY GOD. Fucking Built to Spill man. I have always branded Modest Mouse as my favourite band, but please, Built To Spill, come join the podium.

  2. Onche518

    Holy shit that line

  3. Dwayne Wood

    My 2 cents ...have a great day .

  4. John Wallace


  5. Jon B Baca

    Ohhhh... The nineties and early 2000s....what a glorious time, when we rocked out, and remenisced about the 60s and 70s. I fondly remember that time of fondly remembering...

  6. S T

    They are talking about bad things end eventually and good things come back. Duh

  7. Michael Crane

    I'm thinking who was "wrong" was Lou Reed. In Rock n Roll, where Janie heard rock and roll and it was "All Right!". The song is about the broken promise rock gave us, and we have to think about the wasteland post-punk, post-rock. Keep rocking even though the dream is a farce, or do it knowing it's a farce? Or: not think about it. Perfect song.

  8. BarryEssex

    completely insaneeeene man

  9. blackmonolith

    Pretty sure every single BTS song is someone's favorite BTS song.

  10. charley downey

    This whole record is so fucking amazing.

  11. Jason Wakeman

    so all these comments and only one person apparently didn't have to think about it. Everything didn't be alright for Bob, It was the end for Jim Morrison, Jimi's manic-depression got the best of him, zeppelin went through turmoil, kansas dwindled into mediocrity, Seger, Dylan, mellencamp and all musicians (and living ppl in general) face struggles.

  12. zinxderobo

    !!!you found out about rock and roll from a t.v. show!? get outta my spill...the stupidity in this comment section is unprecedented...

  13. Tim Ostenson

    This song is about how Bob Marley was wrong...

    Genaro Scala

    Well he was right that "all that glitters isn't gold" that's him too from get up stand up.

  14. Frank Resendez

    Brilliant so creative, Doug marsh,

  15. Billy Hawk

    Life goes on long after the thrill of living is gone.

  16. temponed

    You were definitely wrong when you said 'Everything's going to be alright.' It ain't.

  17. charley downey

    You were right when you said "You were wrong when you said 'Everything's gonna be alright'".


    you were wrong when you said "you were right when you said "you were wrong when you said 'everything's gonna be alright'"


    You were right when you said "you were wrong when you said "you were right when you said "you were wrong when you said 'everything's gonna be alright'""

  18. Kriss De valnor

    Thanks to Clair Fisher in Six feet under for making me discover this song

    Florian Henke

    same here :)

  19. Zlatkah

    sad, bad but true

  20. The Adversary !!!

    Satan likes this song

  21. Jay Boz

    Neil young "Angry world"
    Led Zeppelin "stairway to heaven"
    Kansas "Dust in the wind"
    Pink Floyd "another brick in the wall"
    Jimi Hendrix "manic depression"
    Neil Young "angry world" x3
    The Rolling Stones "you can't always get what you want"
    Bob Dylan "a hard rain's A-gonna fall"
    Bob Seger "against the wind"
    John Mellencamp "Jack & Diane"
    The Doors "the end
    Do you ever think about it?

    Jason Wakeman

    didn't angry world come out 10 years after this album? Bob Marley "Three little birds" is more likely.

    All that glitters isn't gold could be zeppelin, bob marley (get up stand up), Neil Young (Don't be denied) or shakespeare.


    Hi, I’ve loved this song for so long, but I never liked the “Do you ever think about it?” portion of the song. I always thought they could have left that part wordless, or left it out altogether, and just let the song slowly fade out. That song actually had the potential to slowly fade out nicely. At any rate, I’ll always love this song.

    The Based God Max

    butter cup i mean that’s basically the point

    Eric Hill

    @wildmercuryfilms Nobody writes a song like this when they already have closure. ;)

    Genaro Scala

    You forgot Bob Marley twice

  22. sdf fdgdfg

    yo 67goldtops you are legitimately one of the most pretentious fucks ive ever seen

  23. joe brickhouse

    My favorite is carry the zero, but this is my second favorite!

  24. pawpsickle

    favorite built to spill song ♥

    Loser's Club

    Tabbs Reasons for life, yo.

  25. Emily Cruce

    this song speaks to my soul somehow

    Danh Nguyen

    your soul is broke


    Seen them live three times. Hope to see them again.

  27. Daniel Ramirez

    And when you said manic depression's a frustrated mess.

  28. gotPossy

    Kansas, Neil Young, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, John Mellencamp, Rolling stones, Pink Floyd, The Doors..
    I think these are the bands quoted in this track.

    stan titterling

    sure, the black guy was wrong :)

    stan titterling

    @stan titterling
    errr, one of the black guys

    Sarah H

    @gotPossy And: We're still running against the wind = bob seger

    Sarah H

    @stan titterling haha i was about to ask "who's the other?" derrrr both of us :)

  29. Andrew Terrell

    Six Feet Under :)

  30. Zeynep Gökce

    if claire listens , i listen

    Ufuk Teymür

    aa türk

  31. Ben

    And when you said manic depression's a frustrating mess.

  32. Luca Colantoni

    In fact "all that glitter is not gold" is Shakespeare's :D

    Daniel Ramirez

    ACTUALLY Smash Mouth!

    Alex Gillespie

    @Luca Colantoni I think the great philosopher Shrek spoke those words.

    Tyler Howell

    +Alex Gillespie Shrek the Wise! Shrek is love, Shrek is life!

    Brett Stokes

    Luca Colantoni it's actually from stairway to heaven by Led Zeppelin fuckin ding dong. Just like all the other references were pulled from different songs as well

    Keegan Parrish

    @Daniel Ramirez ACTUALLY he said ALL THAT GLITTERS IS GOLD

  33. george georallidis

    @Alpha Charlie All that glitters isn't gold is from Neil Young's Don't Be Denied.

  34. AllScar

    Found this through a friend on facebook.

    brother nature

    Hey, me too. Just now.

  35. Keyser Sozë

    Does anyone hear early Modest Mouse in this? They came out round about the same time.


    Keyser Sozë I had heard that modest mouse labeled this band as one of their big influences

    Josh Davis

    Keyser Sozë No, they weren’t the same time sucka. B2s was way before. Do some research man...

  36. gutstotake

    Neil Young

  37. melba toast

    you were right when you said wre just running against the wind......

  38. melba toast

    jesus theyre saying all of those people were right.....dont you get it??

  39. trevor johnson

    so what are you trying to say...

  40. Natalie Manis

    "all that glitters isn't gold" is Neil Young.

  41. bryan s

    There's also Bob Marley, Kansas, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Bob Seger, and the Doors. Not sure about "all that glitters isn't gold".

  42. Jim Brown

    That was a hate crime.

  43. gutstotake

    Bob Marley fuckin lied, man.

    Genaro Scala

    To be fair he wasn't saying everything was gonna be alright, that's what these birds told him while he was getting high and what the fuck did they know?

  44. gutstotake

    I dunno, sometimes.

  45. Denis Ostermeyer

    You were so right. Everything is fucked...

  46. brian_b_001


  47. ablue cowboy

    @Chitownphilly sent me here

  48. stephaniesaysstfu

    RIP Ryan Haldeman.

  49. emily dickinson

    totally blew my mind dude. never even considered that.

  50. Ally Bryan

    this is the end- the doors... c'mon man

  51. Rudy

    blew my mind

  52. Adam Moss

    Cheers Ray, great song

  53. ThisIsALongNameBro

    Brownman brought me here...

  54. Stephen Fowler

    Hmmm guess the All that glitters isn't gold is more likely Zeppelin given the arc of the song. It's a popular phrase so I'm sure many have said it, but Zeppelin's the best fit for this song.

  55. Stephen Fowler

    Everything's going to be alright - Bob marley; All that glitters isn't gold - Neil Young; This is the end - The Doors . . . c'mon people, this is classic rock 101 stuff.

  56. southrules

    The Doors The End too DUDE! Come on! Get it together, Jesus fucking CHRIST!

  57. 67goldtops

    No fact? You just admitted to having taken the ACT. Hey, don't worry. Perhaps one day you'll be a success. In the meantime, good luck deciding on your true age.

  58. 67goldtops

    Let me get this straight...You're actually admitting to having taken the ACT?? Pure comedy. Hey, I hear you like your Scotch like you like your boys...12 years old and mixed up in coke. Talk soon, Sandusky.

  59. devin m

    i think everythings gonna be alright is bob marley and that this is the end is the doors????

  60. g e t f u c k e d youtube

    Well you guys think you are incredibly intelligent, yet still are arguing about nothing.

    Surely you can rationalize the pointlessness with your vast intellectual resources, sorry I meant vast egoes.

  61. 67goldtops

    "Middle America Stupid." I like that. Perhaps that's why the score I achieved back when I took my GMATs is higher than your weekly salary. Right, clown? Meanwhile, you clearly DID imply that you like to "argue with small children." Further, you're clearly the 54 year old individual who uses terms like "butt hurt." Man, owning you is easy like Sunday morning...

  62. 67goldtops

    I don't argue with small children, so I can't comment on what that's like. So I suppose I'll simply have to accept that you're the authority on that subject. I suppose it's all of the small children in your life that introduce you to such terms as "butt hurt." And I'm SURE their ending up that way is no coincidence...Just make sure to take them for ice cream afterwards.

  63. 67goldtops

    My having used pontificate was completely in context. Here's another perfect example of my using it. Why would you attempt to PONTIFICATE that I have nothing better to do? I have plenty better to do. I'm simply not doing it. I'm simply taking a moment to illustrate how mercifully free you are of the ravages of intelligence. "Butt hurt," you write? Um...Yeah. If you say so, clown.

  64. 67goldtops

    Actually, had you simply stated what every 4th grader who's ever listened to Zeppelin knows, as opposed to attempting to pontificate, you'd have come across as less of a douche. As far as your oh-so mundane choice of Bourbon, I simply laugh. Life's to short to drink mediocre booze. In the future, try a Hirsch Small Batch 28 year. Or if you ever develop a refined sense of taste, or grow balls, try an Armagnac. I like Chateau de Laubade. Probably out of your budget though. Good luck with that.

    Logan Brown

    sounds fake. hope it's fake. oh boy

  65. 67goldtops

    "Which is probably what Zeppelin was referencing."

    Hardly a definitive statement, is it, clown? Now excuse me. I'm going to go decant a bottle of wine that's worth more than you make in a week. But hey, good luck with that distended anus.

  66. 67goldtops

    Ya think? You're a real prophet, huh?

  67. mitchell hutchison

    Built to Spill is just fucking amazing! A band I would have missed out on if it wasnt for my friend that died back in the day. Miss you tons Steve Tapia. RIP Much love

  68. eric cleveland

    well epic is actually epic. this song rocks

  69. stillthisappeal

    I agree with the sentiment dude, but Built to Spill put this record out on a major label. Like the Flaming Lips, they've been pretty happy with their relationship with Warner Bros. Then again, a lot of that stems from the fact that both bands got cushy contracts in the early 90s when major labels would do anything to sign authentic indie/alternative acts.

  70. oaktubs

    all garbage modern hipster bands need to take a damn lesson from actual indie rock, not large label mega mainstream indie imitation rock

    raul lozano

    Like who?

  71. D DesJardins

    epic is epic. I lost this for years and hear it again as relevant as ever

  72. unicuber

    @2biggiesmalls3 I thought Everything's Going To Be Alright is from Bob Marley....

  73. GõdsGift

    i havent heard these guys in forever and they are still ballin :)

  74. steve monm

    Don't you know that everything's gonna be alright = The Beatles "Revolution"

    Jason Wakeman

    nice. i hadn't thought of that. I thought it was Three Little Birds, since for Bob everything didn't be alright.

  75. Lisa Norris

    fools forgot Bob Marley...

  76. doomslang

    @2biggiesmalls3 "This is the end" is the Doors.

  77. FURAK

    this is HUGEEEEEE

  78. peter choyce

    Life goes on Long after the thrill of living is gone' I did NOT KNOW that was a JCougar Mellancamp song but it is my favorite lyric within this multilyricadid song!!!

  79. Kirk Mehlin

    This song makes me happy...

  80. eric cleveland

    They are the kind of band we need today vs. the onslaught of bieber/rap

  81. gleetus

    was a big pavement fan, just heard of this band, thay rock!!!!

  82. lloyd161

    @vovin1969 You are correct they said "There's a lady who's sure all that glitters is gold ." Quite the opposite of what Ward said :P

  83. Nuper

    @2biggiesmalls3 I think Everythings going to be alright is Bob Marley.

  84. mramerecka

    @2biggiesmalls3 Almost. Haha "when you said this is the end" was definitely referring to The Doors, seeing as The Maine didn't even exist until eight years after this song was released.

  85. Alex E

    20,000 views, 0 dislikes-- badass

  86. superdhebz

    @2biggiesmalls3 genius!!

  87. sevenheadedunicorn

    This song actually makes me happy. It's sort of a pessimist 's musical manifesto. Not quite sure if that was the intent, but that's what it is to me. Life is full of hurt, roll with the punches.


    sevenheadedunicorn I want you to kno that 8 years later this comment is still beautiful

  88. jbarnett2246

    @2biggiesmalls3 i knew about some of these references, but i never knew they were all references. that's pretty sweet honestly. some people would be butt heart by it, but i love built to spill. and personally i think their connections to classic rock is a hell of a lot stronger than other modern bands out there. they know what it means to rock even in a bluesy way.

  89. Max N

    I just found these guys. And it feels like once I heard them, somethng in my head clicked, and I knew I would love them. It's unexplainable how amazing they are.

  90. Jeremy Evans

    Built to spill rocks of course they are referencing other songs, dylan, zepplin, doors, floyd, tribute to all.

  91. Josh McDonald

    @2biggiesmalls3 I doubt Built to Spill was referring to a band's song that came out after this song was written...when they say "You were right when you said this is the is the end" Doug is referring to The Doors song The End...

  92. Gabriel Dunmire

    @2biggiesmalls3 I think they are referring to The Doors - "The End"

  93. lloyd161

    @2biggiesmalls3 Couldn't these aso work? Everything is gonna be alright - Bob Marley, All that glitters isn't gold - Led Zeppelin

  94. relshdan

    i like a wide range of music, from country to death metal........this one of my 5 favorite songs ever. Built to Spill are amazing.

  95. PixiesToSpill

    Finally uploaded! Erano 10 anni che la aspettavo ^.^

  96. mistermayorminor

    life goes on. long after the thrill of living is gone.

  97. Zack H

    Favorite Song by BTS, thank you for uploading!