Built To Spill - Lie For A Lie Lyrics

I can see a storm awaiting
Quietly anticipating
Don't deny, it no debating

A lie for a lie
A truth for a truth

Cruel, but everybody does it
I thought by now I'd rise above it
You complain but don't discuss it

A lie for a lie
A truth for a truth

I know the thoughts are on your brain
And even if they're not the same
Close enough so don't explain

A lie for a lie
A truth for a truth

Once in a while there's this girl I don't know in my dreams
She reminds me of alot of people
She's someone that I've never seen
And she's perfect

'Kay begin...
...some inaudible screaming

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Built To Spill Lie For A Lie Comments
  1. Ash Stoecklin

    I remember idd be sitting in the back of my dad's car with my little brother on the way to skaters edge skate park looking out the window and seeing all hope I had for my future grasping the moment with teared up eyes before I shred the gnar on independence trucks. "once and a while theirs this girl I don't know in my dreams, she reminds me of a lot of people that I've never seen and she's perfect" will keep me to the next day until I see her.. one day

  2. Tim Tapper

    I. can hear. the tape. noisehissin

  3. beerzombie5

    remember being really high and sad...and really high, me neither

  4. Oliver Allen

    Don't sleep on Built to Spill. They captured something special.

  5. backyardbeachbum

    beautiful beautiful song.

  6. Chris Uhlein

    Best part of the song.

  7. Tom Stokes

    Anyone know the chords?

    Bob Ross

    Tom Stokes abcdefghijklmnopqtstuvwxyz. just listen to it over and over while trying to figure out.

    Andy Petrovich

    @Bob Ross
    I think there is an #M during the bridge.

  8. freshjive2002

    I remember hearing this song in a beat up pc that had a 56k modem. I remember having good times listening to this while I was trying to figure out the world and shit. I love this song!!

  9. Raabert Ellis

    Hell yeah! this and pavement... skating around to this was great

  10. flyingmachine1945

    Heh that's awesome I do exactly the same thing!

  11. Christopher St. Clair

    [email protected] the terrible/perfect lyrics 2:30

  12. stevewgraham

    you know when this album first came out in 1993 I didn't like it. but now 18 years later it is one of my all time favorite albums