Built To Spill - Hazy Lyrics

just because sometimes you make me crazy
just because sometimes you let me know
I don't
today will show me the something that will phase me
something that will move me besides dreams
it seems
seems like
everything I see and hear makes me angry
even what I say and do myself
what else can I say I'm still waiting for this moment to be gone
million mile second
a million thoughts in one
high and wondering why so loud and bright
I ain't got no idea what the hell is going on

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Built To Spill Hazy Comments
  1. bistro autismo

    Shout out to idaho

  2. Sue Sutton

    Very trippy . . . : )

  3. Levi Long

    Feels like a lost Flaming Lips song


    Not to me, probably because I’m a Treepeople Caustic Resin listener and always hear Built to Spill from this roots

  4. Dirtyy Merlin

    'im still waiting for this moment to be done'
    that line always reminds me of my bad psych trips :]]

  5. Androgylight_ 526

    seen built to spill last year best concert I've been to in awhile very emotional.

    Knut Kniffte

    I visited them twice. 2013 and 2015 in Berlin. Two amazing shows, hope they come back soon. :)

  6. beerzombie5

    words are be said 'bout. yup

  7. Stephen Alexander


  8. John Eckert

    Everybody sleeps on that picture of them dressed like dorks and cropped like a corny family photo: An all time underrated album cover. It blew away the fog of stilted coolness that covered and mildly poisoned so much of the 90s alternative music scene. Good album too. But not as good as Perfect From Now On or even There's Nothing Wrong With Love.  Now Perfect From Now On -- that is slept on as one of the all time great rock albums.  It is a magnificent record.

    Cowboy Dan

    Perfect from now on has too much instrumental droning in it. Randy describes eternity, stop the show, untrustable, and all the others probably could’ve lost a good 3 minutes on the songs and they would’ve been perfect to me. It’s kinda the modest mouse problem for me, with how a lot of their songs are just repetitive and lose the taste after awhile. This album is so unoriginal that your never sure what to think of it. Is it bad? Is it good? It’s pretty good to me.

  9. KimInChains

    It's hard to not sing along. Love it!

  10. Ryan McElhinny

    ugh, fuck the black keys. I don't wanna hear about them while i'm listening to Built to spill!

  11. fleetw12

    Beautiful song. Reminds me of early Black Keys a little bit.

  12. Cinnamon Kejaro

    This has always been one of my very favorites.

  13. MrHeather77

    So happy to find this on here!

  14. submarinesflying

    really though.. do you have words?

  15. d1ggitydan

    built to spill is timeless to me. and millions. so I guess no comments on here is a good thing. I did this to tarnish that apparently. my bad.

  16. d_pfw

    No Comments.....WHAT THE HELL PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!