Bugzy Malone - Street Life Lyrics


I just wanna explain cause' I know that nobody's told him
It's alright saying you're my father but you know family's not chosen
And we never got past our problems
Like the Playstation is not loaded
And how can I call this home
It's more like a BNB with no rooms in
Telling man close but I'm not not over the smoke
I could walk into a room and choke
Takes me back when there was no hope
We would sit with the curtains closed
So the [?] wouldn't think anyone's home
Some times the electric would go
It's like it was brighter out on the roads
I just wanna explain because that hes never been told
To be someones dad isn't the type of job you can finish early and go home
I was gonna write this down and send it to you in the post
But I needed the music I wanted you to feel this one in your soul
See when your raised by someone you gotta take on their problems
Just because you call somebody your son does not mean you can rob them
And I don't even wanna go there but who the fuck beats up children
Anyway that's not helping
What's done is done we kept moving
In a totally different direction
You brought her up to be daddy's girl
But now daddy blames the recession
And that's why hes out shoplifting
And that's my little sister
I can't stand the fact that we are drifting
We're completely different
Even though we share the same upbringing
Back when the vibe was good and
Whitney Houston was singing, "Your love is my love"
I couldn't picture anything changing
Where did it all go wrong
There's so much more to life
I don't rate it
Could've been family and that's what so frustrating

Kissing the smell of a cigarette (cigarette [x3]
I ain't got time to rest my head (rest my head [x3]
Cause' I been living on the street life (street life [x3]
I ain't got time to move my energy (my energy [x2]
It sticks to me like some synergy (synergy [x2]
Cause been living on the street life (street life [x4]

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Bugzy Malone Street Life Comments
  1. Imran AEB

    This speaks to me on so many levels.

  2. bryant perez

    FIFA lag, crazy generation,

  3. sam fisher

    Chorus on point

  4. john nicholls

    liked it 30 seconds In

  5. Lachlan Brooke

    The bars could be flown together better. But that's the reason it's so good. You can feel and hear every breath, every beat. Just like pac. Come a long way. 0161

  6. turtel2k1

    The 0161 is just fire 🔥 epic bugzy epic

  7. Nameless Urbex

    It's mad to see how far you have come bro. I remember sitting with the boys listing to your freestyles back then and now you're selling out shows big love and respect bugzy keep it real bro.

  8. joe taylor

    Best track off the album bugz

  9. SFG - Supercars from Gotham

    Real ting

  10. marcus cardoso

    Need this instrumental 👏🏽

  11. iBreezy

    Ahhh yesss 🙏 the old bugzy’s style

  12. soga90

    Got me a tear this one.Thank you Bugzy Malone

  13. ezekial davernay

    THE BARS could have been more eloquently comprised in my opinion, thats something that rings true throughout the whole album, every hook and every beat and every flow is still a MADNESS though!!!

  14. John Jenkins

    0161 putting money on the map!!!!!!

    Joe Woolliscroft

    It's ment be 0161 putting Manny on the map ... Manny meaning Manchester

  15. ronaldov5

    There's loving the song because it sounds good and then there's understanding the lyrics cause you been through the pain.

  16. Asim Ali

    *hats off* 🤫

  17. teddyzen09

    Love you Ian Larcombe x

  18. ATechniqueD

    Breathless with every beat
    My heart breaks daily,
    my memories deep
    If you hold the pain in,
    there can never be peace
    My phone vibrates stronger,
    energy's weak
    The heaven we seek seems lost
    like the gods, if ever we speak
    Hands together though,
    get on these knees
    and pray that we get a reprieve
    Or carry on sick and get a repeat
    prescribed till you get a release
    or get a relief from the pain
    I'm too tired to run, too broken to stay still
    wounds are too open, i'm hoping that they heal
    wish mum was still here to hug me and say chill

    Charlie Taylor-Music

    ATechniqueD a

  19. Sid Raii

    whoever disliked this is a weirdo lol

  20. Elliott Rigby

    goose bumps ain't the word 💯🔥❤❤

  21. Sean Franklin

    That one hater hahaha

  22. Michael Miso

    This is too sick 👌👍🔥
    This beat is sick #OnFire🔥🔥
    (Can Relate) 🔥☇ go on bugz
    Came a Long way init
    But #Smashin-It❤🔥🔥

  23. Tyrone TM

    keep telling your story and living the dream bruv #B.Inspired

  24. Darren Chadwick


  25. Lil Gsta Faux

    Bless up da Bugz XxX

  26. Paul Ryan

    It's maddd

  27. Last Steps

    Nice lad x

  28. Mujib R

    Yesss bugzyyyy

  29. Joseph_MD

    Been listening to you for ages. I was waiting for this album for time ‼️♥️

    ReAL passw0rd thot destroyer

    Joseph_MD yer ano😂 been ere for 3 years

  30. ashley fraser

    best one on the album yet keep it up

  31. Hani OSMAN

    This shit 🔥

  32. MrJoeyyy -

    Mad ting🔥

  33. samuel chaddy

    can people please help me to reach 400 subs i have 362 plss help me reach my goal it will be so amazing

  34. Ali Akbar Raja

    Nice work Bugzy. Love your songs keep it up💯💯

  35. samuel chaddy

    Love you work bro keep it up. 0161 💯

  36. Gxxdwin Art

    Finally gone back to the real shit, the real bugzy is coming back👌💪💪

  37. Jake Guildea


  38. Skill Central

    Be inspired

    Dante Greenall

    Skill Central B.Inspired

  39. Rhys Davies

    Bugzy from the start 💯💯

  40. Lamin Manneh

    OMG!! Straight EP🔥🔥❤️💯

    EntradePreneur FX

    Lamin Manneh it’s an album

  41. MK whips

    Love you work bro keep it up. 0161 💯

  42. Dumpire

    Nice 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  43. Louise Howey

    👌 first comment 💯

  44. Gumballz 1985

    1st keep up the good work

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    Great song

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    Jheez 👌🏽👌🏽