Bugzy Malone - Run Lyrics

You were knocking on the door
They're looking at you through the peeper
You say you don't love them, they say they don't love you either
You say you don't care, you're lying through your teeth-a
You're cut deep down and the wound is getting deeper
You're getting kinda hungry looking like a Wiz Khalifa
The roads are getting cold and now you're gonna catch a fever
Penny for your thoughts, that's because the door's staying closed
And your memories are getting no cheaper
Family first, but you're not a believer
It's been a nightmare for this daydreamer
They've done you dirty and it's getting no cleaner
Cos even though you're hurt they're calling it a misdemeanour

Young boy run (run)
They're tryna keep you in the slums (slums)
Young boy run (run)
You gotta love yourself these days
You gotta love yourself

Panic sets in, you realise that you're standing there alone
You pick your bags up and your running for the stairway
Adrenaline running from your head to your toes
Because you know that people they escape rarely
What's sin when you're sinning only to survive
You're getting by but you're just getting by barely
You storm in telling them that they don't know the struggle
They don't understand that struggle can be scary
Bottom of the stairs you run out the fire exit
Backstreet boy you don't wanna get arrested
Running through the city's got this young boy breathless
And he better be careful 'cos they'll eat him for breakfast

Young boy run (run)
They're tryna keep you in the slums (slums)
Young boy run (run)
You gotta love yourself these days
You gotta love yourself

You catch your reflection in the window of a building
He can hear the giggling of children they walk past but they never help him
What he's seen in the window he could have killed him
Young boy run That young boy should have ran
Should have ran as fast as he can
He's looking at himself, he's no longer a young boy he's looking back at a grown man

Young boy run (run)
They're tryna keep you in the slums (slums)
Young boy run (run)
You gotta love yourself these days
You gotta love yourself

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Bugzy Malone Run Comments
  1. YoungBlazeEagle

    This is truth. I wish I understood this when I was younger.

  2. Martin Curmi

    Bugzy's music has helped me through some real low points in life. Thank you brother.

  3. mrlegkick666

    Anyone else getting rise of the foot soldier vibes?

  4. Adam Price

    Upon the *8th* day bugzy & rag'n'bone man created this little number 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🕺👌

  5. Toast Child

    2020 anyone

  6. David O'Connor

    4:37 🏳️‍🌈

  7. Steven Daly

    Always feel Bugzy's tracks . REALNESS!

  8. Dab That

    Emotional connection bhoys👌👌👌👌👌💯💯

  9. Spiffzi

    4:23 so funny lol


    Spiffzi ur tapped 😂


    We need to run now the conservatives are in

  11. Stephen Zaccardelli

    Never thought they'd blend 2gevu.

  12. Clash Of Chip0

    The song I’m gonna tell my parents to listen to when I run

  13. Tony Lewis

    Who ever dislike this music, Just get the fuk out Fam.

  14. Asentseto BG

    Sounds like a song that will be in FIFA

  15. James Lowe

    Their voices together is gold like dam

  16. chris wright

    he is the king of the uk without a doubt English PAC

  17. Damo_Éire

    I listen to this every time I go running to train for when I can join the army so I can move on in life away from all the bullshit no respect bugzy

  18. Vapor_x_ Fire

    Only 8 mil.... what a fucking joke

  19. John Donovan

    The way that retard sounds at the start "yo, you whatta gwaft or woh?" Lmfao

  20. Space

    Its mad innit

  21. reddeviljay79

    Bugzy looking like M C Hammer 😂😂

  22. Callum _

    This is my friend doniro from my school so don’t fucking make fun of him

  23. Yami Fenix

    So is Bugzy like Post Malones twice removed cousin or sumfink? XD


    8 MILLIIIIIIIIII 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
    I remember seeing this when it was 10 mins old

    Thomas mulvey


  25. Sonny T

    “You said you don’t love them they said they don’t love you either” that shit hit me, cause it’s 100% true and relate too this song like mad👊🏻 SR5❗️

  26. Kayla Perry


  27. Mr Ceo


  28. Raffles666

    Repping the 0161 and mcfc #fire

  29. Jeffy Jeffy

    I think I know that boy is he called deniero

  30. Riccardo Terrana

    this song's wonderful

  31. Melody Moon


  32. My life Is blessed

    *One word* , GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boooooooommmmmm bapbapbap🤯🤯🤯

  33. My life Is blessed

    💫💫💫💫🤟🤟🤟🔥🌞🌞🌞 *no words*

  34. Marcus Reynolds

    ML to Bugzy

  35. Graces Roblox

    The person who went missing for six months is my cuz

    Ousman Mbye

    Time to play Fun day maad

  36. joej4164

    Kinda hungry looking like a wiz Khalifa 🤣

  37. O T

    Two of the greatest artists in the UK what a fuckin banger

  38. Kaydan Roddy

    This should be on FIFA 20

  39. BestMovies

    This boy goes. To my school and he's just a fucking show off. Literally.

    Ousman Mbye

    BestMovies why wouldn’t he be😂

  40. BestMovies

    This boy goes. To my school and he's just a fucking show off. Literally.

  41. James Walker

    Shame ragnbone man doesn't appear In the music video

  42. C8W

    Damn this songs quite deep tbh

  43. LUCIOZ 11

    Your cousin who runs is my ex maye from moston fields bugzy malone

  44. Wayne Micheals

    Respect Bugzy killed it again,legend

  45. Harvey Alves

    Good song it’s pretty sad like u have had to go through a lot in your life love your music

  46. Jacob King

    Fucking tune

  47. Damo Holmes

    This better be on Fifa 20

  48. Phillip Anderson

    Rag n Bone fuck me is this 2015?

  49. Rebuild Pls

    bugzy and stormzy are on another level


    Rebuild Pls just a shame bugz don’t get the same the recognition

  50. Kenneth Preece

    this is hell of a banger song peace much more love forever long Mr G miss you . xXx

  51. Adam

    Lyrics with meaning to me right now 💪👍

  52. Xander Cameron

    Location santan as an advert anda 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  53. Kian Burke

    Bugzy x jaykae would be 🔥🔥

  54. Niamh Kenny

    Absolute legend..Ireland

  55. jadan cunningham1234

    He’s copying Adele copyright pleas take down this video it’s getting me depressed I like Adele and he’s a clout chaser


    I bet adele didn't get real homeless people in the video so that they could be found by their mother as they were missing.

  56. Cathy Doyle

    Brilliant bugzy

  57. M BOY

    Magic link up ! Swear ! Bless you all 🤞🏼🤙🏽

  58. marilyn o'shea

    this man is fuckin brilliant

  59. Shuayb 32

    Bugzy should collaborate with lowkey

  60. Imsobadatnames

    The start is in little Moore

  61. Cendy Hutchinson


  62. Jacob Roberts

    What does the guy in the car say at the start?

  63. Mahdi Abdi

    I swear IF i had to wish for a present it would be bugzy malone

  64. marcon 2DZ6

    Bugzy malone is underrated

  65. Bob Lalala

    Bloody hell this is good

  66. Sheik-haroun Mansaray

    Real talk I wasn’t a big fan of men 2 but this one got me teary big tune big up yourself bugzy this one a banger instant classic

  67. JCM88 winning

    Bugzy has been such a big inspiration for me for a long time now. Been with you since the hole chip beff. He stood strong and look where he is now. Respect G. Thank you for picking me up with your music Bugzy bless 🏆💪🙏🥇

  68. Dj Trapper

    Seen bugzy malone live he is so inspiring, trust me you can beat depression

  69. booben_bike_ boii

    I owe this song for bringing me to a legend 💯

  70. Jesus

    The funny thing is I'm friends with the kid in the video

  71. Drixxy Leo

    Man this hit hard 💔😭

  72. Adam Lynch

    This is deep😔

  73. Andrew Perkzy

    Bugzy is up there with the best rappers UK and US and this is coming from a Stan

  74. david yt //__\\

    Such a good song man
    Like if u aggree

  75. Dj Leo Romero

    Awesome tune Bugzy . 🔥🔥🔥 I'm doing a Tribute show to Rag'n'Bone Man I would love to include the epic song as part of the show as it's an awesome collaboration. I can't find the instrumental track anywhere. Is there one and would you mind me including it in the show?

  76. Shane Mulcahy

    Fifa 20 music?


    On 19 already

  77. Kadie RawsonGill

    Yes denero

  78. Cagdas Eli

    need more from him like this kind of songs!

  79. Malik MK

    Best song

  80. Joana Moreira


  81. Applemaxx Music & Media

    3k comments shut up

  82. luci-ann whitfield

    Ughh this song speaks to me so deeply I can relate to these lyrics so much

  83. God Spir1t

    This song is getting through me a lot of shit at the moment. Fell into a depression in 2017 and its been nothing but a decline ever since. Found my soul mate and then she cheated on me because she could handle my depression. This just speaks to me an some level. Awesome song.

  84. Craig Drury

    Just shows everyone can act we do it every day of our lives

  85. Dyllain Bedson

    Could be better #bringbackoldbugzeymalone

  86. Rxngerr

    This was released on my birthday...

  87. nathan bey

    What a song pure fire and truthful lyrics 🔥🔥🔥