Bugzy Malone - Pain Lyrics

Ah, they say life's not about waiting for the storm to pass
It's about learning to dance in the rain
Bugzy Malone
You know? Watch this

It's not physical pain, it's psychological pain
Emotionally scarred so bad I was wearing a mask like Bane
Not an actual mask, a psychological mask
What do you find that mad?
What about a kid that had to find his dad
Only to find that he didn't like him back
Not physical pain, psychological pain
I seen it from the beginning, I was there on the wedding day
The happiest kid in the world when I'd seen the smile on my mums face
I thought it was real
I heard the vows, I threw the confetti
Little did I know it was fake
Not physical pain, it's psychological pain
Everything I loved in life just went up in flames
I went from cold to freezing
I watched the family break into pieces
I thought that adults could iron out creases
I thought family was cousins and nephews and nieces, not arguments and police
Not physical pain, it's psychological pain
And if you look closely enough you can see the pain in my face
All the confusion, too many lies
It's all an illusion, nobody tries to understand
You get kicked to the kerb and nobody says one word

[Hook x2:]
I'm a bad boy and I know why
I get mad cause I said I won't cry
And the pain runs deeper than the blue sea, but the tears they will never run dry
You're looking at a bad boy, bad bad boy
Bad boy, bad bad boy
Bad boy, bad bad boy
Bad boy, bad bad boy

It's not physical pain, it's psychological pain
And I'd be lying to myself if I said I didn't miss Dane
I watched him come from Jamaica
Sat with him playing on Sega
Sat thinking about paper
Me and him were the same age, and it just meant that we were rebellious by nature
Physical pain, psychological pain
They sent him back, while I was sat locked up in a cage
I hit the roadside pissed, told him over the phone "wait there I'll bring him home"
Tried to make money in time, but it was too late
It's not physical pain, it's psychological pain
They told me he fell from a bus and got bleeding on the brain
I prayed to The Lord, bring him back if he could live normal
He was in a coma, no-one's immortal
Turns out his condition was awful, it must have been fate
It's not physical pain, it's psychological pain
And if the storm don't pass then I'm going to dance in the rain
Cause no matter what I'm a soldier, the world gets colder and colder
Every day that I get older I realize that life's way to short to play games

[Hook x2]

Bad boy
Bad boy, bad bad boy
Bad boy, bad bad boy
Bad boy, bad bad boy
Bad boy, bad bad boy

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Bugzy Malone Pain Comments
  1. Fontaine

    i am the storm xx

  2. David Kasta

    Been following BM from time. Unique. Special. Honest. Fuck I am gonna say this......Boris needs BM as a WTF

  3. Joh Da

    I’m from mani my sustained sir Aitch bugz

  4. masked marlin

    thats funny because I know exactly what he talking about with the mask and pain.

  5. Nana Taylor

    Deep 🔥

  6. Paul Tidswell

    When you suffer in pain its deep see all I want to do is fly I don't want wars on the streets but I have to consider if I rap for the first time what will I cause I can see through more than my reflection in the mirror

  7. Paul Tidswell

    Yeah I'll never forget were am from Oldham I've never been home

  8. Semi Cedar Central

    I like this song a lot I feel this man pain he is such a Don with the bars. Top man

  9. Jamie Jones

    2020 anyone ?

  10. V1CTiMiS3R-YT Gaming

    how the foook is this 5 year old time flys man big up bugzy too deep bro

  11. Mane Firmino Salah

    Every word is true. Psychological pain 😓😥

  12. Matty Kelleher

    There 2019

  13. leyla Ahmed

    My pain is endless 🔥🔥🔥

  14. anisah iqbal

    Make a song called gang star now

  15. Keeley Regan

    We love u bugzy

  16. James Hamilton

    The pain runs deeper than the blue sea

  17. Sonny T

    “Emotionally scared so bad I was wearing a mask like bane” that shit hit me really hard cause ah walk about my home town with a half mask on tryna hide from the world cause I don’t want people to see me but they can tell it’s me because of my clothes n that, I do this because I struggle really bad with mental health and it’s fucked me brain right up #respectmentalhealth

  18. Life of Turk

    Still one of my favourites till this day - 2019

  19. Briana Craig

    Kiss .briana Craig🥰😍😘🖤💖🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💙💙💙💙💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💞💞💞💞💞💝💝💝💝💝💝🖤🖤🖤Love you bugzz🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  20. Briana Craig


  21. James Casey

    Music is subjective. Anyone can have their taste, there isn't anything necessarily wrong with that. But I have respect for his ambition, his ability to put real meaningful lyrics down in songs, for showing self criticism, vulnerabilities, imperfections, and courage... Much respect Bugzy Malone. Never give up.

  22. Danny Jones

    Banger this!!🤜

  23. Alan Alan

    Your a fucking G, changed the game sorry bout your cuzzie, we all lose people that you think will always be there, i know he up there proud banging this real shit, 0161 MANNY ON THE MAP

  24. Moira Mackenzie

    I am still here in 2019 cause this song hits home hard, bugzy your raw style is real this track can make me cry, but I love it

  25. KMJ Media

    Still.get chills to this day 🥶🥶 You deserve everything you have nowadays man!✌🏽🔥

  26. Iyla-mae's Mustafa

    Bugzy Malone
    Needs way more views.
    Your the best Bugzy Malone 😁😁😁😁

  27. keeley boorman

    hi love your songsxx

  28. Stani Tretch

    Rip damo

  29. Stani Tretch

    Pain track

  30. Jack Miller

    August 2019?

  31. Rhys Davies

    RIP Dane!!!!

    Forever loved

  32. Rise Ninja

    Haha used to bang this tune out time ago

  33. Mandy Russell



    Does anyone know the instrumental to this

  35. Agree Or Keep Scrolling

    Who's still listening to this in 2019 👍

    Robert Strathearn

    Bang on!!

    Reece Hetherington

    I am in 2020

  36. prabhdeep sabharwal

    damn man those words . you got power in your mouth bro . listening for the first time to you bro but became a die hard fan with this song only 💕

  37. Team Abbas

    This is amazing

  38. MaGIC_ Music

    Who here is 2019 june

  39. Zeroix BB

    Anyone know what sample Bugzy used in this tune, its flames

  40. kill confirmed

    Man I have heard plenty of bugzy Malone str8 out I know he's my favourite rapper till this day I'll still be playing this till the day I'm put in a coffin

    And who's still listening to this in 2019

    john drak

    One of the youngest took that trip

    kill confirmed

    @john drakone four or hooligan hefs

    john drak

    One four

    kill confirmed

    @john drak you wanna 1v1 basketball

    john drak

    Lol how would that work

  41. Ty Jacobs

    Relate to this so much, lost two brothers out there to the roads 🥺💯

  42. Tr uth

    ♐ Respect

  43. anonymous AL

    I still feel this every time

  44. streams4all streams

    First time listening to this banga what a tuneeee

  45. Tia Beckett

    Love this😍💙

  46. Michael Forsyth

    Love this tune so many true words spoken

  47. Mene Woods-Hughes

    "Not a actual mask
    A psychological mask
    What do you find that mad?
    What about a kid that had to find his dad
    Only to find he didn't like him back
    Not physical pain it's psychological pain"

  48. Ygb Fleeto

    this man cud touch the spot of the hardest gs cos man gd up (love and respect bugzy🙏🏻

  49. kid

    yes, i understand its fucking psychological pain

  50. BrynMorgann


  51. Dayshawn Glynn


  52. Dayshawn Glynn


  53. Dayshawn Glynn


  54. Lamin Bamford

    Still listening to his og rap songs coz they are fuckin bangers that will override any other grime artists raps. Facts

  55. John Smith

    Bugz committing acts of arsene and kidnapping. Quite the bad boy.

  56. Emmy Jayden

    hi I whatch all your vids and like then xxx

  57. mazza me

    Learnin 2dance in d rain....so true.

  58. moussa raser

    Who's still there in 2019?

    J.A- V i s u a l

    Me Banger Right here🔥


    moussa raser 2020

  59. Nicola Jane


  60. Kezzie Browne

    I can relate to song so much I love Bugzy Malone he keeps it real

  61. Josh Illidge

    Manchester’s best 0161 manny on the fucking map

  62. Mark Darby

    2019 and still a banger!!

  63. The Gamerz

    I only come on the phone just to listen to your bangingggg tunesss🤗💎👌 #cometohalifax

  64. Leanne Earnshaw

    Aghh to much pain none stop just hope my dad can fight this u no 😫😫

  65. Pxgf

    2:19 this whole verse is too sad

  66. back boys gg

    I love you're music

  67. Jonas Simonsen

    Now sing about you are the prophet others rapper and Singers do the same then ppl will only listen to you show them 😊

  68. C.L. Visions

    The first verse/chorus is awful. “Not an actual mask, a psychological mask.” No fucking shit Sherlock do you not know how to use imagery in your music . The use of bane was also generic as fuck


    Get the fuck outta here with your negative bullshit
    His lyrics have made him millions

  69. Usaid Ali

    this should be a film

  70. SwerveGod Gaming

    Buffalo NY

  71. Andrea Roberts

    Yet again good memories this tune with me and my lad 😉😁❤💙👌

  72. Djjdh Dhdbd

    Don't worry Ur human so Ur shit all die cunts see what I do to this world

  73. Maxine James

    Still listening 2019🔥✌🏽

  74. DJ PJ

    Manchesters BEST = BUGZY MALONE - SAY NO MORE!

  75. TheRelatableRedditor

    Sometimes I’m literally too scared to listen to this track cause I’m scared that I’ll get too emotional

  76. Kayla Perry

    Bugzy got something special....


    Now he got money his music changed 🙄

  78. Kian Gibson

    Its actually crazy how much I can relate

  79. At0mic Trim

    Is this a true story?

  80. Celine Craig

    Nobody realises bugzy would knock chip the fuck outt

    Jasmine Slade

    Actually.. everyone realises that😂😂

    xxjamo games

    Plus the beef is long over man 😆😂😂

  81. collette davidson

    2019 and this is still a tune and half

  82. Foz

    Never turn pop bugz.

  83. joseph brown

    Lisend to bugzy since 2015

  84. joseph brown

    Cryed so much i can relate to this

  85. matt chew

    Bangs it in misses ass thats dry pain

  86. Lewis Newton

    I realate to this so much met my dad at 16 and lost my cousin due to a stabbing 😢😢

  87. Sameel Ullah

    The anger line is wayyyyyyy tooooooo real

  88. Sameel Ullah

    So Relatable.....tooooo real

  89. ross fisher

    I passed away three times am still here its still warm the blood that courses through these vein,s

  90. ross fisher

    I Retaliate with hatred and pain whilst the angels calling my name and it's Rossco peeco train

  91. Kieran Conway

    Safe Bugzy King Malone

    Inspired please Read
    Just a relate bro my step dad screwed up ma man in the same way and physical too which for me i found removing the feelings age 13 when i left home. Lived in cra*c dens and spent 5 years on the streets eventually hostel to hostel. so on a real His sick action and Alcoholic real father swaying about in some pub never to help or protect me from that MONSTER. My real dad saw me less than the finger on my hand and loved watching a black screen on the TV (Seafax i think) with scrolling scores for 3 hours then we go home no hug just see ya next time. The numbers where scores for the pools the whole visit (waste-man). All this and some situational stuff kicked off a life of addiction and an alcoholic for me i am 40 now yet i fight that shit on a daily. My tunes then where Easy E BIG UP.. Still busting ya Pisces of history nuff loud in ma headphones on the bus, in the church i get help from and in the library getting kicked out like a boss. i will kick dis drug ting I am going to Thailand's Wat Tham Krabbok after detox in the UK. I will stay in the Buddhist Temple as a Student Monk for 3 years and be a Thai Ordained Thi Monk funding almost all planed bro no shout for money here bruv i am not that guy.. I get inspiration from you so "wicked and bad" keep strong in the thoughts man less harm to self is best

    Om Mani Padma Om,,,


  92. dope life

    I'm a farmer when's it's a bad day I like to think God is watch me keeping me safe and when I had an accident I felt as if God got me out of it alive believe in God and he may just save your life one day

  93. Anniee

    Who still listens to this?

  94. Tara Vanichi

    😢 family over everything xo