Bugzy Malone - Facing Time Lyrics

See, right now, I'm facing time
And I don't know how long
It could be four years, ten years
Could be life
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Last time I had a schedule
It said Maths and Geography
Last time I felt embarrassed
I was stood in the dock and my mum couldn't look at me
Last time I seen my dad
He was asking me if I'm gonna do this properly
Now they call me an MC
Master of ceremonies
But time is the master
Because time will turn all this to a memory
And I don't think I'm built for the industry
All the fake smiles and laughter
Make me want to turn into a mystery
Cause I know what people are after
Critics and journalists trying to get to me
I preferred being a grafter
You know, living under the radar
With nothing but drugs and money to look after
But now I've gotta see television as a factor
I've got responsibilities
Everybody wants something
But they come wearing a mask
Cause they're never gonna ask ya
Even a friend can turn to an actor
They act like they're happy you made it
But feel like they deserve your wages
And at that point it's the end of the chapter
I'm losing friends and gaining enemies
In fact more to the point
I'm losing patience with negative energies
I had to change my number
Because conversations were lacking in relevance
I wanna be top of the food chain this year
I don't want a war with the elephants
I don't wanna go back to claiming benefits

I used to love money, but I don't no more
I got money that I don't count no more
I'll listen out for the trial no more
We don't have to be down no more
But I'm facing time
I'm famous now
So I'm facing time
They wanna know what I mean by facing time
If I could turn back the hands of time
I'd go back to when I had freedom
But now I'm facing time

First time I've felt secure in all twenty five years
First time I've felt like I don't need people to deal with fears
First time I told my dad I loved him
I was being sincere
But family's a word
And words just don't mean nothing out here
I brought exposure to my city
And I don't care
By those who feel like it should be them
And it's not fair
Bring me one other person that could've climbed these stairs
I know they don't want me to succeed
But I've been saying my prayers
They wanna know what I mean by facing time
They wanna know runs through the mind of a famous guy
They think fame means plenty of money
And a glamorous life
But fame is a jail
And not everyone here will survive
I'm new to the wing
New to the guards
New to the vibe
For the things I've done
I'm facing life
Where else could I go?
I don't blend outside
Looks like I'll just have to do my time

I used to love money, but I don't no more
I got money that I don't count no more
I'll listen out for the trial no more
We don't have to be down no more
But I'm facing time
I'm famous now
So I'm facing time
They wanna know what I mean by facing time
If I could turn back the hands of time
I'd go back to when I had freedom
But now I'm facing time

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Bugzy Malone Facing Time Comments
  1. George Oganesyan

    Big Respect from Russia!
    First, thought it was just another version of mumble rap, but then listened to lyrics and..it left tears in my eyes! Such a real music!

  2. CampiagnerGamer

    1:02 man this bar is too deep 😪

  3. Andrew Kerr

    I’m new to the wing, I’m new to the guards, I’m new to the whole vibes 👍

  4. Nathan Smith

    I like this song

  5. Daz Sid

    Truly amazing👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿

  6. Umar Aman

    mums hardest guy goin 🔥🔥🔥

  7. Thomas Ross

    Nice bro respect

  8. Adam Nurse

    Feel like they deserve your wages..... OMG too tru

  9. Shelbie Barwick

    Words just don't MEAN NOTHING OUT HERE!!!!!!

  10. James Marsh

    "They act like their happy you made it but feel like they deserve your wages, at that point it's the end of the chapter" sick line

  11. eggzy 350

    This needs go viral rago

  12. donkey 172

    Love this, I always think he got a cold when I listen to this lol

    Kaine Kitchen

    donkey 172 probably does 😂

    Sounds good tho

    Real_Jamal 1

    donkey 172 trust


    Now that you’ve pointed that out I can’t unhear it

  13. XDD

    Bugzy if you don't want money no more, send me a YouTube message and give me a couple of mill and then you can make someone without a lot of money happy more cheers

  14. matt chew

    Fuck jon snow bugzy is the real king of the north

  15. kr hk

    He looks about 50 in that mugshot.

    Chechan Martyr

    You mean between the age of 25 to 30

    kr hk

    @Chechan Martyr Do I?

  16. kallum leadbeater

    How has this only got 2k like a in 2019

    jack 20

    kallum leadbeater it’s not the music vid


    Cuz their not Facing Time 🤨

  17. mckenna lj

    These hit harder than the newer commercial tracks 🎶

  18. Ignacio Vilela

    Big up Bugzy Malone from Spain

  19. Joel Hammond

    “I don’t wanna go back to claiming benefits” that hits hard every time 🙏🙏🙏


    Joel Hammond I feel it fam

  20. Jonas Simonsen

    Listen to TWN - "SURVIVING" [prod. YK] by YUNG KONDITIONER #np on #SoundCloud

  21. Bradley Merron

    2019? anyone

  22. Danyal Ahmed

    Lol he’s a proper dickhed he ain’t no gangster and only thing he’s been locked up for is robbing Pokemon cards 😂😂🖕🏿

    Rhys Hobson

    Danyal Ahmed get a life

    Sean Williamson

    Hater! Pussy


    Everyone is allowed to have opinions, even if they're very ignorant and stubborn opinions.

    Layo. HD

    Fuck off ye wanker u r part of the stormzy effect

  23. Jonas Simonsen

    Bring me some more

  24. Jonas Simonsen

    You the One 👌

  25. Ally Thomson

    bugsyz is fae the st keep it real brother

  26. draza draza

    cheers for this bugz  I'm 13 and being sent to a referral unit in 2 days for an unspecified amount of time and if I commit another offence I'm being sent into foster care by the police your music is really helping me through this.

    theo 69

    draza draza hahaahahahaha definition of bs he isn’t gonna see any of these shitty comments so don’t waste ur time tryna get his attention all they in the game for is money not you lot


    theo 69 😂 at least someone realises why they actually put songs on here

    Christa Raddings

    Hope it's going okay for youuuuu!!!

    Hash Monster

    Attention 😂


    Keep your head up G

  27. Jazzdeep Arora

    "time is the master because time will turn all this to a memory." one of the hardest bars I've ever heard

  28. Dark Devilbase

    Bad man thing

  29. Sennen Wood

    Eminem who

    matt chew

    Bugzys lit but wouldn't go that far stilll

  30. Chris Haworth

    I love you bugzy

  31. jimmy mcdonagh

    Big man ting 👌

  32. Jimmy Mcdonagh


  33. Coz

    This is 🔥
    Respect from Australia 👊

  34. Tristen Holborn-Brown

    The true KING OF THE NORTH🙌🎤🥂

    Dec Robertson

    Tristen Holborn-Brown true Georgie will say otherwise

  35. Eric Ferguson

    How's this not got at least 1 mil views🤯

    HelpAt Hand

    ya bisshh this is audio only

  36. Lee Forster

    taking my son and daughter to there first gig tonight. bugzy. .........0161

    kallum leadbeater

    Money on the fucking map ... go on lado

    Jack123232 ,

    @kallum leadbeater mani on the fucking map not money

    Kenzie Palmer


    jacob joyce

    kallum leadbeater man said money on the map 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  37. Tyron Simpson

    Class act. Big Hip Hop underground vinyl freak myself like. Buggys man U made us all pround. Exposed us up nice from up ere

  38. SPTV On Madnzz


  39. Edvard Kyrkander


  40. megan price

    Not into all this scene.. but this guy is a pure artist ultimate love for his music ❤

  41. Liam Watson

    Fucking track

  42. Maxine James

    Awesome nice well done 👍🏼🔥❤️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  43. Scott Jr McLaren


  44. Josh Henry

    How has this only got 25k views geez

    matt chew

    https://youtu.be/-3ZoCNp9TD8 this is it 2.5m views


    This is the audio version... the movie version has more views

  45. Nicola Jardine

    King ov the north bugzy

    Toothless the Night fury

    Of not ov.

  46. Evertonian 1878

    Bugzy is the king

  47. MINTZ HD

    Mint af

  48. Sara Leigh

    This song puts me in a good mood listen to it in a morning when I do my makeup🙃

    Wulfric Yung

    Sara Leigh Raaaaah that’s top! :)

    savage bear

    Sara Leigh l

    Jonathan Howington

    I wake up playing this often and I’ve heard it plenty of times and it’s still dope
    Bugzy painting masterpieces

  49. Arttu Rytkola

    Bugzys voice and flow is pure gold! Facing time in finland!

  50. Carter Goddard

    mint asf

  51. Jay Dot

    Mint asf

  52. xoxo lo

    mint asf

  53. Smokey

    mint asf

  54. Mars

    subscribe to me if you love bugzy malone.