Bugzy Malone - Done His Dance Lyrics

Don't ask, don't ask who's behind the mask
Cos you don't say man don't grass
They look like a Gucci design what I seen lurking in the grass
He didn't wanna look back cos you're hearing set man are mad
What you gonna do now man? Sat talking about straps
But I cannot tell the youngers not to rob olders I'm not their dad
17 years old looking like something out the city of God
No mouth, holding the balaclava so there's minimal talking and dialogue
What can a squadron do, nobody gets caught in the fog
Watch the super-bike watch the quad
Cos man will have that 12 o'clock
They said that mandem are moving mad but that's life on the block
And when I say man are holding sticks these days just know it's not made out of wood
There's bear politics out here it's never been good in the hood

I hear that you're dark my nigga, I hear that you're dark
I hear there was 15, 20 man stood ballied up on the park
I hear the machete's on the lose this year so you better run fast
The way man jumped out of the bush looking like Spider-Man to don his dance
Ready to don his dance [x8]

Set man will lose this year so it's dangerous out on these streets
Set man are emcees so there's true stories on the beats
Not everybody died in the war so we still got couple OGs
Not everybody's on the run yet so we got keys upon keys
The block got shut down so we're still not afraid of the police
The olders are gangsters so the youngers are still robbers and thieves
Man are still visiting man there's still man in HMP
I feel like writing to the judge, "let all my niggas out please"
I heard when my man fell off the bike wrapped around the tree
Couple of the mandem are dead now so we still hashtag RIP
I went on music my man it wouldn't move without the heat
But karma's a bitch that won't stop until the cycle is complete

I hear that you're dark my nigga, I hear that you're dark
I hear there was 15, 20 man stood ballied up on the park
I hear the machete's on the lose this year so you better run fast
The way man jumped out of the bush looking like Spider-Man to done his dance
Ready to don his dance [repeat]

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Bugzy Malone Done His Dance Comments
  1. Chloe wrld Janah

    If bugzy pulled to my house 😍 I would dance all on him 😭

  2. 1000 subs no video?

    maybe he did hit the jewlers js

  3. Anthony Jones

    A year later and still this goes.

  4. G T

    What's scary about this is bugzy used to this when he was a yute

  5. Sharpy YT

    YouTube is dumb for taking the original. Whos tired?

  6. Deadteam Jako

    North Face gonna suddenly drop their profits

  7. Anthony Jones

    No mouthhole in da balaclava see these men dont want talking and dialogue.🔥🔥🔥

  8. PSES t0mmy

    only 1.5m ? mad joke


    PSES t0mmy don’t make sense

  9. Arachnids Gaming

    The hardest tune ever

  10. zCharged

    this guy's mancunian accent is slipping away over the years. too much southern england influence. "dance"...


    He done it on purpose cuz it sounds better

    G T

    It's a black thing any yute 21 or younger has a southern accent

    Watcher Writer

    @G T crap

  11. treysharn bates

    Not enough likes!!!!!! FR

  12. Corey

    Guy: Don’t ask what’s behind the mask

    Me: what is behind the mask?

    Edit : who’s behind the mask* my grammar

  13. James Sideras

    Who's streaming 2018 !

  14. Goerner Kid

    i thought the pixelated guns was on purpose, i like it.

  15. Eastie Trash

    What a tune 🎵

  16. Everton 123

    This lad is great

  17. Billz

    Irl gta btw

  18. kristina kucinskaite


  19. Wyatt Mitchell

    Rose cappuccino?

  20. TripleSeven

    Best song of 2019 fuckijg easily

  21. froglove123456789

    Malone's FO LIFE

  22. Irfan khan

    This house looks a house from the game Rainbow Six Seige

  23. Dead poet

    Comic capers

    There all climbing up, talking on there level
    Ask the fucking bitch, who's the fucking devil
    Been in here a while, now I'm coming home
    Don't need a fucking crew, the devil works alone

    Pass me tigers wood, they all claim 2 be
    There all getting put, when stepping in with me
    My pen begins 2 move, nothing left 2 prove
    Shit goes Marvin Gaye, now he's flowing smooth

    Sick cunts got my pen, ink begins 2 vex
    They'll b looking stupid, 2 show me no respect
    Rhyme is fucking vicious, never getting stopped
    There all fucking man's, balls ant even dropped

    Who's a fucking king, give that shit a rest
    Ain't no kings in here, proclaimed just got addressed
    Money makes then something, I'll treat em like there nothing
    Pass me Michael's mask, now I'm fucking off in

    Batman, bane n what, no your just a joker
    Wait till volume 9, cunt goes all Skywalker
    There all lining coke, shits all fucking talk
    There all claiming fire, while stood there blowing smoke

    Mans a straight up killers, with a claymore hid on C.O.D
    Muppet your from Manchester, u ain't no fucking God
    You can fill arena's, I don't give a shit
    They say I'm biting shady, that's just were I sit

    Every name I say, they go instrumental
    Ego,s fucking flying, now he's going mental
    They ain't coming here, they don't like the drop
    There all lost in space, I don't have no top

    Shut the fuck up crazy, be4 we end up dead
    Now I'm telling me, straight up off my head
    I might need an alibi, forget what I just said
    I swear it wasn't me, if they all show up dead

  24. MU Online

    Fire 🔥

  25. TheMysteriousGamer Jo

    A real gta scene mad

  26. DragonStrike

    Lmfao what is the music video for this song, it's pretty good but random anyway that house is pretty fucking sick saying it's in the UK and mostly it's in the North West right? I don't know he might have moved to London, can't tell tbh they're both just as bad..

  27. DragonStrike

    Manny on the FUCKING MAP

  28. Sharpy YT

    sick af

  29. deomonseeder B23 # LIONS R LOOSE!!!

    Black max brinin lmao banger my G I'll stick to the GTA 💃👈

  30. Mike Griffin

    G R A s s

  31. Mike Griffin

    rip after the case

    Mike Griffin

    Bugz uclee is a myth

  32. Mike Griffin

    Proper comin on top for this midnight

  33. Kolussus

    Yeah man this tune solid as a rock.

  34. Hamza Javaid


  35. Bleed Argyle

    Oh yeah yeah

  36. Tusxo

    It actually sounds sick slowed down to 0.75

  37. Dave Ben

    just another day at work getting coin

  38. Avon Arndale

    Subscribe to MAYA JACK

  39. Avon Arndale

    TwoTOne checking in.....

  40. badboymarshall

    Just deep


    how many times has this been taken down lmao fireeeeeeeeeeeeee brooooooooo

  42. James Edwards


  43. Corey Morris

    Are this Instagram likes😂😂

  44. David W.h

    Why are they attacking with dildos?

  45. DSRReacts

    "Watch your bike, Watch your quad, because man will have that 12 00 clock" IM DEAD BANGER LINES. The amount of thefts nowadays is mental lmao

  46. Reanen Boyle

    Bugzy shout out AOK in one of your songs if you can by Samuel Marin your an animal fam listing from Australia nsw bellambi 2518 rep 0161 fam

  47. inquisitor 717

    Well this is sic. Im 47 and i dig this shit. Living in a crapped out housing estate i see what goes on. But you guys did something with ya lives and thats the shit. Shame bout the plastic guns but thats youtube for ya. Should of put a republican sticker on it then be fine.


    rip lil -peep-

  49. Niallymoo 7

    More like the king 👑 of the world 😃😃

  50. heatley family

    Think you are better than chipmunk and do you know why chipmunk is called that because he's a Mong

  51. Galaxy 99

    Bugzy your gonna be the next best grime artist!! Great song

  52. the gaming legend

    Want to meet him

  53. eludeR snaps

    When a man jump out of a bush like spider man to don his dance

  54. Josh Kelly

    Who else had tickets for his concert

  55. Niallymoo 7

    Is this a real video any way I’m only 9 and Bugzey my favourite I love you when I was 7 and I loved you then my name is Niall

  56. KyzZo シ

    This song is shit
    Now can you pretty please chef me up

  57. Jay Q

    You can run but not hide well done bugzy 👍🏻

  58. OCX_Dxrk


  59. OCX_Dxrk

    Dis song ya

  60. BoBoEmilyJane

    Woy 🎶

  61. John Postlethwaite

    This is fucking shit

  62. jonantan bradley

    That video is pg compared to a midnight walk in London man's just telling the truth can just imagine the lunatic he singing about 😂

  63. Shanqz

    Bugzy is dead af

  64. Nathan

    My mans making movies out here!!

  65. Rhino RAGE

    This is like all I listen to especially the B Inspired album. Shit helps me out so much with life. Gives me motivation. Can't hide from the storm, gotta dance in the rain

  66. d p


  67. Mike Tyson

    wtf is this.........................

  68. kieran 1

    Lol u got those minecraft uzis

  69. Abdas

    Views aren't too good

  70. big boii lol

    Sick beat 💣💣

  71. Sophie Louise

    Sketchyyyyyyyy 🖤💯

  72. Adam Meatballz

    sick tune!

  73. InitialDan

    this is literally the best song i have heard in, my life.

  74. Stephen Barrow

    Brooooo fire get behind this Bolton lad TrueStorz https://youtu.be/GAnKsIsXZQE

  75. Kuti

    Bugzy might have less views than other uk rappers but factz is that his fanbase r real Gs not 12y old.

    G T

    That's because bugzy is a real G he's just like 50cent

  76. ken ith

    yo gimme a pound

  77. Jacob 166

    Why is so open about how he used to do robberies surely the feds will know because he always says it in his songs?

  78. If uno uno

    How's this not even hit a mil yet the tunes cold as fuck❄❄also Bugzy makes the best music videos dont @ me 💯looking like a movie

  79. Stripez

    MIST x bugsy malone. The Brumtown man collabing with the man from 0161 will create history 🔝🔝🔝👍

  80. Stripez

    MIST x bugsy malone

  81. LARVAR kingibi25

    Here before a mill

  82. Wayne Bridge

    Dutty 0161

  83. Robert Barden

    They take this vid down for having a gun in it. There's loads of vids from Chicago with loads of guns in them but there not took down.


    swifta is the best grime producer in history facts

  85. Ben Bailey

    This will blow💯

  86. ol official music

    so cold

  87. Mike Connell

    How can you not like this ???

  88. Mike Connell

    You just get better and better straight fireeeeeeee! 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

  89. david Wright2017

    This is good song

  90. Ben Atkinson

    Hard bars


    check my music out

  92. Introvert Outside

    i saw him the other day when i was in euston area outside the train station looll i was in my blue school uniform

  93. Oliver Macauley

    Respect 💥💥💥

  94. Your Dads bald head

    This is a track but keep em like this non of that pop shit🔥🤦🏿‍♂️

  95. NubTube

    Didn't bang how it shoulda bc it got taken off

  96. Sam Reynolds

    Glad my first concert was B Inspired. Love this guy ❤

  97. Faz R.


  98. MiloD Beats

    @Bugzy Malone As a very loyal fan of Bugzy Malone i would love to ask you if i could produce for you Bugzy?