Bugzy Malone - B. Inspired Lyrics

We'll just keep vibzing on this one
Yeah, okay
Be Inspired
Be Inspired
Be Inspired

Something tells me that they need me to live for this
Gonna need me to live for this
They're gonna need me to live for this otherwise I'm a hypocrite
All that I ask is you be inspired
Be Inspired
Be Inspired
Everybody gets tired

This is a story of sheer commitment
The definition of wisdom a young king trying to build a kingdom
Can't tell a trait with criticism
When I talk like this it's hypnotism
Forget this roadman ting I've seen a prison
From the inside out and yeah I was burnt but like a phoenix I've risen
It's mad how I'm not even the Lamborghini but I'm feeling driven
I've been in the darkest places please believe me you can beat depression
I've seen broken people give up hope and then chase the dragon
Abused people with children, normally pass the baton
Like it's a relay race I wanna see him now so I can see his face
I need him to know that I can re-inflate
I was a leader then so let me reinstate
And I'm about to buy a house with an electric gate
And I got the Huracan sat in black with a private plate
I was brought up in a house with no carpets
Birthdays with no parties, car games on the Atari
Motown and Bob Marley
Sad times and heartache
I would run away and I'd would tell myself I would get rich one day
So right now I'm gonna need to live for this
Gonna need to live for this
And they need to live for this, otherwise I'm a hypocrite
All I ask is they let me inspire, let me inspire
Let me inspire and I'll never get tired

To everybody listening to this, inspired by me
Let me explain right now
Anything is possible, you have to see it and believe it
Even when it seems impossible

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Bugzy Malone B. Inspired Comments
  1. Skill Central

    2020 now and who is watching love his track ml

  2. Skill Central

    Love bugzy

  3. Liam Themen

    Hits you different in the gym

  4. chris wright

    English tupac

  5. Mystery Man

    Man U need to get a uk tour soon I will defo come

  6. Ass Juice

    Like a Phoenix I risen

  7. Chaos Jokers

    Come out of dark place:be inspired 👍

  8. DeLuXe attempts gaming

    shit man this is one of the best albums ive heard every lyrics relateable to this generation of broken souls and dameged mind bless bugzy <3

  9. Aaarrg hu

    I know I’m very late but this is sooooooooo good what the actual fuck

  10. iRek Yew

    And plz sub to me

  11. iRek Yew

    All I ask is to B.inspired

  12. Cassie Bubb

    I was burnt but like the Phoenix i risen!

  13. Sasza Blaze1

    OOHHHHH my day fam - brother this is INSPIRING - this had me in tears and the story resonated with my story, and it made me walk taller in the moments I heard it - big month for me, turning from weak man to a rock in an ocean

    " a young king trying to build a kingdom"

    By your freestyle swagger and rawness and your new one here - IM INSPIRED.

  14. Joel Hammond

    “Birthdays with no parties”
    Bugzy always hits me hard, I’m gonna be there soon 🙏

  15. Muhammad Sheheryar

    Chase the Dragon

  16. Agree Or Keep Scrolling

    I was brought up in a house with no carpets
    Birthdays with no parties, car games on the Atari
    Motown and Bob Marley
    Sad times and heartache 🔥🔥👊

  17. Tyler Pindet

    "You can beat depression".... this made me b.inspired 🖒🔥

  18. TheMysteriousGamer Jo

    Agaist all oddz if u know u now

  19. suckah pleez

    You Nohhh

  20. Tom Simmons

    This track is deep when u dont know where your life is going😎🤐

  21. Layla Louise

    Every song bugzy creates is a movie. Bugzy is killing the game

  22. Jack Moss

    The soundtrack to my come up

  23. FT_LEJ

    The definition of wisdom.

  24. Rolex B Records



    💯 Bugzy Malone 💯
    💯 loads of respect 💯
    💯 #inspired All Day Long 💯

  26. LionGaming

    Share to make this lad more famous and get more views👍👍

    I'll back d 15 inch I ain't no verbalist 247

    were u been laa hes been on the map for years dont need no fame seen his whips lambos his gaff aswell

  27. Saqib Imran

    I'm inspired Bugzy your right

  28. Peter Kernohan

    This shits a bop

  29. NeoW0

    Who’s here after fifa 19 Official Soundtrack!!

  30. Luanit B

    I've been on the darkest places , please believe me u can beat depression ❤️❤️


    Hes beat it now this is based on his past 👍

  31. Cruz Bazan

    B INSPIRED!!! <3

  32. Asif Iqbal

    Fukin reppin, my guy tells the story like a movie !!!

  33. Jonny Howson

    B-inspired 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  34. HarrisonZTV

    Listen to this chav since mad long ago this is mad bugz mind blown g

    Essex G's

    Chav, don’t think so mate ahah

  35. Noah hadlington

    Bugzy gos in. with his new album when I have a Shitty day you bangers make feel good

  36. LionessLocs

    The king has entered 💯

  37. Anthony Dawson

    Never stoped listening to bugzy

  38. Sapien Bower

    This man speaks more truth and sense than any other rapper I know.

  39. Modey

    Great song, great album. Anyone know the instrumental?

  40. Zach Smith

    Sick tune

  41. notorious 189

    Bugzy is a fooooooookin grandmaster! Another level beast man

  42. Ivx Sam

    Wyf 10k only bugzy diserves better than this

  43. ledvcdenis

    You're a LEGEND
    Spread the knowledge !!!

  44. YVNG MCR 0161

    This song gets me every time

  45. SFG - Supercars from Gotham

    Bugzy Album is 👊🏽🦇

  46. Good Vibes


  47. ComplexChill YT

    #0161 my g👊🏻

  48. A Z

    Hes the kind of guy that his songs will be smashing radios in 10 years bro

  49. ßlïzzŶ-


  50. fReAkTfx

    B. Inspired 💪😤💯

  51. ym1234

    B.inspired 🔥❄️

  52. Manchester United

    Man like bugzy

  53. Chloe Senior

    100% inspired by this album..going thru stress right now and this is a massive pick me up album

  54. Brandon Saysell

    Im big Bugzy Malone fan but this and the mixtape is shit

  55. julius vidal

    "It's mad how I'm not even a Lamborghini but I'm feeling driven. "
    I love Bugzy but this is some of the shittest wordplay I've ever heard.

    Matthew Hod

    You need to learn this isnt wordplay this is a metaphor

  56. teddyzen09

    My favorite track so far

  57. Dyl A


  58. Ben Betts

    Madddddd album - loved every track

  59. WAVY •

    He’ll be recognised globally like Tupac for years to come!

  60. Kailen Pegg

    bugzy my g best rapper

  61. TheLegendLeo

    Inspired. I'll get big on utube I promise

  62. Dukey

    Unlisted gang!

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  64. Cole Fitzgerald

    Bugzy Malone deserves way more views than he gets!

    WAVY •

    Cole Fitzgerald hel be recognised globally like tupac for years to come.


    He’s rich, he doesn’t need any more views, but I do agree with you

    I want to see the kids veronica

    Bro this is an audio of course he ain’t gonna get views do u know how many views he gets on fire in the booths and that 😫🤷🏻‍♂️ u need to look bro

  65. Isaac Lewendon


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    this album is too sick!

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    Albums cold bro..see you in newcastle ✌

    ReAL passw0rd thot destroyer

    Alex Booth lamo Newcastle shithouse

    itsBOOTHY baby

    ReAL passw0rd thot destroyer im a manc mate just dragged up there by the wife haha

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    bugzy man killed it my partner in crime!!

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    Ceeqah poo tune


    Jack Winn ok Jack hahahahaha

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