Bugg, Jake - Country Song Lyrics

Gonna sing you an old country song, from the heart
So I can cry all night and call you when I'm sad
When you have gone and run so far
From me, in the trees so far

Walkin' down that old country lane, drops of rain
Call upon the ones who call your name
Will I see you again and please
Just come on back home to me
So I'm not all alone

Gonna sing you an old country song, from the heart
From the strings of this old rusty guitar

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Bugg, Jake Country Song Comments
  1. Katherine .L

    Sounds kind of like Bob Dylan lol

  2. Jéssica Telles

    Perfect and beautiful 💙

  3. Andere Luna

    You can see that he sings from the bottom of his heart and this is that make him one of the best singers I have ever heard

  4. Gareth Salmon

    Great song but just a bit too short it needs another verse, if it did it would be on par with Ralph mctell's streets of London, or Don McLean's Castles in the air

  5. jeannine ma

    magnifique ...!! que ça fait du bien d'entendre cette chanson .merci

  6. Jack Kelly

    Still love this in 2019. First two albums were unreal, the next two didn't really click with me but hoping I click with the next one. Jake you're brilliant.

  7. anna brown

    reminds me of bob dylan

  8. Verona T-qvist

    I want him to sing me to sleep every night ♥️

  9. Leandro De Maria

    Jake is awesome.

  10. G Perrin

    this man gives my misery a lesser lonely place to live in with me

  11. That girl 213

    He has the saddest eyes..

  12. Thayse

    I love this song

  13. Gabriel Gomez

    Pasen los acordes

  14. Romário Oliveira

    Amo ouvir jake com fones de ouvido
    Ele me inspira a encarar a vida de forma mais positiva

  15. nga yi yuen

    Gonna sing you an old country song, from the heart
    So I can cry your name and call you when I'm sad
    When you have gone, run so far from me in the trees so far
    Walkin' down that old country lane, drops of rain
    Call upon the ones who call your name
    Will I see you again and please just come on back home to me
    So I'm not all alone
    Gonna sing you an old country song, from the heart
    From the strings of this old rusty guitar

  16. Jim Balfour


  17. john jtplastering

    Agree with lance Gaye could do with being bit longer

  18. Tom Wood

    just discovered Jake, just great, now to discover more of his songs.....

  19. Nokcharenla

    Omg! Keep singing ts way darling.loving u

  20. Sarah Schermer

    his voice is literally so unique and good. you can always tell it's Jake Bugg when you hear his voice (in a good way).

  21. Isabela Correa

    I love Jake's voice 😍

  22. Daniela 215

    This voice makes me forget all my problems, and makes me feel in the clouds

  23. lance haye

    I wish this song was much longer

  24. Mark Rae


  25. Karen Littlewood

    Love all your songs, I'm from top valley Nottingham and it's great to see this talented man come from Nottingham, keep up the great work Jake x

  26. Perro Asustado

    Es tan pura que me almas sonríe

  27. That Girl Bella

    Love his voice

  28. Ellen Wohlers

    Gonna sing yuh an old country soooong ❤❤😍🔥

  29. Ellie Bancroft

    This was played at my dads funeral on 25.09.13 I miss you daddy ❤️

  30. ara

    porque tan ricooo💜

    Eleanor Beadsworth

    Country song is extremely moving.. . . beautiful,haunting unusual voice. completely himself. no comparisons. Jake is one on his own. no comparisons. just shades of other voices we love.. . . and from my hometown too.

  31. 나는조세 피나

    Una voz realmente hermosa 👌😍

  32. TheMayaDoodle

    He's timeless. His words. His voice. His looks. He doesn't look like he's from this age, this life. Like he is so above our troubles and worries from the 2000s.. like he lives on an old country farm in Alabama in 1979.

  33. Aleka's

    Ferdia Walsh-Peelo (from 'Sing Street') made a cover of this song!

  34. Eda D.

    sesin beni uyutur, sesin sevenlerini uyutur, seslenmeye devam et güzel müziğinle

  35. Fer L

    yay 1mill

  36. Ben Does Brix

    This song breaks the stereotype of music nowadays

  37. João Pedro pda

    Somehow YouTube suggested me to watch a video from Shawn Mendes.

    All right... I've done.

    Then I saw a really bad song with more than 250 million of views.

    As soon as I could I've came back here to clean my soul of that trash...

    "Country Song" have less than 1 million of views.

    World is unfair... Or it's just dumbass.


    I've discovered this Shawn Mendes guy just today and damn that's bad ! but that's a new kind of crap because it disguised itself as good music but that's terrible ..

    John connal

    250 million sheep, less than 1 million enlightened by good raw musicians such as jake bugg. glad I'm in the minority


    John connal damn forgot people weren’t allowed to have a different taste in music I listen to jake and mendes and like both just cause you don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s trash

    Erick Sanchez

    The world is dumbass

  38. משי עבדיאן

    you are my favorite singer!
    I can't stop listen to yours songs.

  39. emillia

    um dia eu vou beijar seus labions pode anotar

  40. emillia


  41. Danilo Loquellano

    that's we call originality....

  42. Shintia Meinisha

    he is beautiful

  43. Liza Lippelt

    Esto si es música y verdadero talento!!!! 3

  44. cx1735

    Paul Simon + Bob Dylan - about 70 years =

  45. Prakhar Mohan

    Beautiful Cadence 😇

  46. Julie

    His voice is so enchanting... it reminds me of memories I've never had, it transports me to another life, to other times...

  47. Evan

    Reminiscent of a young Donovan

  48. Lousy Lemi

    delightful :)

  49. jeam pilataxi

    Esa forma de cantar lo hace diferente, y aquellas letras. Perfecto si estas cansado de lo que escuchas habitualmente, unico.

    Frama Frama

    Si colega, no habia oido antes a este artista, creí que me encontraría al típico cantante de country pop moderno con la voz convencional, pero esto es diferente, es admirable, es un artista.

  50. Melissa _

    Beutiful song, remember to a person <3

  51. Kieron

    Great song, I love how it's so different to other artists, check out my cover please guys?

  52. minh nguyen

    very strange! very unique! you were born to do this!

  53. Bruna Santos

    te amo menino jake

  54. J A S M I N E

    I want a big hug from baby Bugg ❤️

    Harris Brown Lopez Perez :v

    I hugged him :) last week

    J A S M I N E

    Christian Enrique omg I'm so jelly

  55. Mikee Laughing

    I love his looks and his song writing . His voice is really weird . Nobody is perfect.


    Mikee Laughing A weeb calling something else weird. Lmao okay

  56. Nayara Ariel

    So beautiful that I...I want to cry.


    +Nayara Ariel same

  57. Jessie E. Rainbow

    su voz es hermosa

  58. Jessie E. Rainbow


  59. Giovana Vieira

    it's so unfair!!!! he's amazing I lov his job so much

  60. MrAchilles121

    justin bieber who?

    Little Bru

    kkk ❤

  61. Stefanny Souza

    thanks Jake

  62. Allen Littlejohn

    Sooo damn sexy!! And amazingly talented.

  63. Pablo Juarez


  64. Mary Jane

    I keep getting those 30 second forced ads that dont give me a choice to skip. Sometimes I watch the ads but only the ones that give me the option to skip. Anyway, im off to watch the lyric vid instead

  65. Beepbeep

    Every week I do a Friday Feeling, for fb. This week is an Autumn theme, and you got picked, lovely song. 👍

  66. weebleweeb

    He sounds like he's been on the helium! 😱😁

  67. RodriguezProject

    love the wood sound at the begginin of the song

  68. tamasha wick

    Beautiful voice with a lot of felling behind it


    indeed ! who knows what's in his soul, who knows why he's hiding behind his pure feeling music face

  69. Nmc7178

    Still only 21 ! Incredible !!!

  70. Kayley Parker

    His voice is so therapeutic 💕

  71. fer ark

    Just dreaming...zzz

    Cider,Ireland and a pretty girl.

    Don't wake me up..


    Are you still dreaming? (:

  72. James Cairns

    check out my cover to this if you have a minute spare 

  73. Mehek Mathur

    The first song I heard of Jake's was Two Fingers, and I was... well, blown away. Or should I say, 'Swept Away'!! Sorry, anyways, I'm so glad I found out about him; his music is stunning, and it gives me the same vibe as Tame Impala's music - I feel like I'm floating on water. It's so relaxing, but then there's a deeper meaning behind them... I'm just... wow!!!!

    Salma Darwish

    @Mehek Mathur Tame impala really do give the same vibe, I never thought of it! haha

  74. José Ángel López Mercado

    Now this kid has talent.. 

  75. larissa natalia

    essa voz <3 esse cabelo <3 essa musica <3

    Wesley Brilhantte

    Olá Larissa! Confere meu canal qndo tiver um tempo? Música Folk/Indie!

  76. catsjojomo20

    He's really something else. I love his songs so dearly ugh.

  77. Takezor1

    Like Jake Bugg, But The Whie Buffalo Own Anyway....

  78. elisa vazconcelos

    Tu.. Mi inspiración

  79. kjek1

    rip off merchant

  80. Reeham

    heared this song months ago and fell in love with it

  81. Xavier lazure bischoff

    thank you jake bugg


    when i hear this song, it remember me Crosby Stills Nash And Young.What is good! Folk is come back

  83. nadia

    I love how everyone is complimenting him..makes me so happy :)

  84. Clearoot/Scotesh

    Downloaded this and got it in my playlist im always listening to music, try out, George Ezra, Keaton Henson, Ben Howard all minted

  85. Cinthia Aleman

    Por dios si canta hermoso <3 solo sus canciones me pueden cambiar de ánimo :'3

  86. macarena araneda

    me encanta <3

  87. Chloe Tangney

    Love it

  88. Tony Rojas

    His music is awesome, not everyones taste, but this tastes so good if youre into whiskey and mature shit. Get the fuck outta here if you like pop.

  89. J Robert Goldner

    His music is a revelation. It's sad I didn't know about Jake before Pete Seeger passed. Pete would have loved Jake's music. Jake could have learned a thing or two from Pete.

  90. Jenna Brooke Benjamin

    I would adore a Jake Bugg & George Ezra song...would be like Elvis and Bob Dylan coming together #justmyopinion  two people i would like to have at my dinner table :D

  91. Gabriela Ribeiro

    Marry me?