Buffett, Jimmy - Good Guys Win Lyrics

So you're looking for a hero
That you can see with your own eyes
When they don't wear the mask and cape
They're hard to recognize

Even though these are cynical times
Bear it in mind

Good guys win
Every once in while
Full grown men
Get to learn from a child
Now and then
Just when you think it won't happen again
The good guys win

Trouble all around us
Dirty tricks at every turn
Seems that we historically
Refuse to live and learn

You start to wonder if all
Hope is gone
You would be wrong

Good guys win
Every once in while
Full grown men
Get to learn from a child.
Now and then
Just when you think it won't happen again
Good guys win.

State of confusion we're so disillusioned
You turn on the news and
Good guys win
Now and then
Just when you think it won't happen again

Good guys win
Every once in while
Full grown men
Get to learn from a child
Now and then
Just when you think it won't happen again
The Good guys win.

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Buffett, Jimmy Good Guys Win Comments
  1. Michael Dundee

    I grew up on Biscayne Bay just like Muellet fingers with my boat snagging mullet with a triple snag hook fishing and having a great time growing up in Miami this song brings me back there every time

  2. James VerHulst

    Love this song, love this movie

  3. Jeffrey Simpkins

    I like it when the good guys win.The bad guys idea of a win is how less became more by buddyhunchin.They get their rocks off on that cubic zirconia crap.Good guys just kick ass for an honest wage.And can reflect with with chilly ones and sleep good at night.

  4. Jeffrey Simpkins

    cant get no gooder than me.aint worrying the shit out of folks.We all need help.But sure hate to ask for it.If im judged for a bottle of ishkibaja in my hand ,so be it.

  5. Caitlyn Ruthsatz

    Oh dear lord. This is making me go through some serious nostalgia. I was 13 when I read the book and the movie came out. Sometimes it feels like I'm old, even though I'm really not.

    Luis Dominguez

    Caitlyn Ruthsatz I couldn’t agree more

    Caitlyn Ruthsatz

    @Luis Dominguez thanks. Honestly I forgot I even wrote this 😂.

    Luis Dominguez

    Caitlyn Ruthsatz your welcome I guess. Thanks for responding to my response 😁👌👍

  6. Soda the Tortoise

    I was going on a field trip, the bus had the tv in them, and they played this move, and I freaked out when I saw it has Jimmy Buffett in it

  7. Sharmelis


  8. Fabiola Vivanco

    I turn 5 on that date ! In jan 29 2007 !!!!!!!!!

  9. Loopdy Loop

    happy ending from roy and his friends (from HOOT)

  10. TheMayonakaTenshi

    Who's here because of the burrow owls? Raise your hand!

  11. Sadie Spencer

    love this movie good movie

  12. Fabiola Vivanco

    I was born in Florida

  13. Lini Mahoni

    one of the best...

  14. Meat Ball

    Good guys sometimes go to Tinley Park for a show! Cannot wait for my fist live view of Mr. B.

  15. Christopher Milmore

    Let's go 2014-2015 Houston Rockets!

  16. 171QA

    This pretty much sums up every animated film that was released in 2014. Except maybe the Nut Job.

  17. Dylan Swanson

    Can someone tell me where I can get this song by jimmy buffet other than the movie

  18. Flies2FLL


  19. Ryan Carrión

    why does this not have more views

  20. Water Turkey

    Y u no on play store music?!

  21. tresha cohen

    i worked at jimmy buffett margaritaville in jamaica! its crazy fun there....thts how i knw his songs they play over an over everyday.

  22. Firealis 101

    its from HOOT

  23. Subin Park

    This is from the movie Hoot.

  24. Sarah Morgan

    I love this movie and this is my favorite song.

  25. Anıl S

    This song takes me back to my Florida days in 2003....i misss Florida ddaysss :((((

  26. Christy Chu

    I love the movie and this song. It's just super good

  27. dmclpmaster688no2

    every time i finished watching the movie id watch the credits till this song was over

  28. Heatsink2

    iTunes does not own the rights to this song so they cannot sell it

  29. cathy matticola

    7 dislikes. . .. NICE TRY MUCKLE!!!!!

  30. lndkvst

    Great song... love it.

  31. Heidi Alcock

    you can rent it at places

  32. JBiebsification

    Love the song ... love the movie. Cody Linley and Logan Lerman were great. And Jimmy Buffet makes me wanna go to Florida ...

  33. Sorya Sferes

    my favorite character is mullet fingers(cody linley)

  34. OceanBreeze242

    I LOVE this song!

  35. Jasmine Flehr

    I like this song from the movie Hoot

  36. NeonCupcake121


  37. Dre Kaname

    at my school they dont let us put music on unless the teachers say so and the teachers hate kimmy buffet and so i snuck in and played it for the whole school and they cheered after the song was over :D


    Oh I bet for sure that happened, your probs an old man now but I'm calling B.S on your story from 8 years ago

    griffin B

    Jake and than everyone clapped

    I want die

    @Jake why? What proof do you have that hes lying??

    Bebe T

    @I want die because so many idiots scream *fake news* these days. Can't even relay a harmless, positive story.

  38. Cody Tillman

    I LOVE THIS SONG! listen to the lyrics everybody!

  39. Dave Hora

    This song WAS on iTunes a few years ago, and I was fortunate to download it. What a great song! My kids watched it, and I couldn't find the song as it was a few years and a crashed hard drive later, I found it! "....full grown men get to learn from a child.." - need more of that in today's times.

    Bob Wilson

    Dave Hora It’s not on iTunes anymore. :(

  40. veemon129

    Kingdom Hearts fits this song pretty well

  41. silverdrop911

    cody linley is so cute in this movie!

  42. silverdrop911

    @laurx7love yup

  43. Toni

    just download it over youtube mp3 convertner.That,s what I did :)

  44. thegamerz4eva


  45. Heather LeighAnn

    I love this song, and movie.

  46. Laura Castle

    that main kid is percy jackson

  47. Miko Robert Chato

    He is from the movie also right? the book and the movie are both awesome!!

  48. anotherworldwithheather

    I saw him at LuLu's his sisters restaurant!! =D
    I love this song =)

  49. miketheparrothead

    The CD is not on iTunes. Not sure why. I think it's only available by purchasing the CD soundtrack. You can find it on ebay and amazon. A few stores still carry it.

  50. Extra Parks Drake

    this is a great song and i agree that good guys win every once in a while! :)

  51. April P

    I love Jimmy Buffet and this song also.

  52. Scott Chabot

    Love this song. It is so true.

  53. stuntedflapjack

    i love jimmy buffett/ most people dont

  54. lazlohi

    cool song cody linley sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot!!!

  55. Rhiannon Kornak

    whooooo! go parrotheads!

  56. Rayne Silverwing

    definatly!!!!! lol i love that charrie

  57. Sismyn

    Mullet Fingers.

  58. lexington762

    hoot was a good movie. i tought it would be kiddy but it wasn't. movaltov to the actors.

  59. 10respect

    this song is awesome..

  60. DarkRuins

    love this song

  61. Jeff Smith

    i love this song,i have grown up with jimmi buffett,my dad that had jimmi buffett on all the time so yea i am a parrot head

  62. miketheparrothead

    You have to buy the soundtrack on CD. It is not offered for download on any music site.

    Loopdy Loop

    or on spotify

  63. miketheparrothead

    Now that I think about it, so is copyrighted videos and music.

  64. miketheparrothead

    Uploading movies on Youtube is a BIG no-no.

  65. miketheparrothead

    It's on the Hoot Soundtrack.

  66. Olive Yew

    i love this song...what a great message!!

    and can someone please upload hoot on youtube...PLEASE!!

  67. pirategirlfan301

    great song! and a great movie!

  68. veldinsparx

    I agree.

  69. Blake U'ren

    funee idk if it works on your comp cus it dont on some of my friends, but i use limewire and click and drag to itunes

  70. funee125

    OMG i love this song!!!!! does anyone know how I can get it on my ipod??? if u do then please tell meeeee.

  71. turtlerx1

    its so gay cant get it on itunes but i love this song and the movie

  72. harrylies

    Yes, the good guys do win, more than we notice. Bad news gets more attention. Also, one persons' good guy is anothers' bad guy.

    "Hoot" is a very good movie. Shows we shouldn't treat the world like an ashtray.

  73. Kenzie Mertz

    ah me too!
    idk where i can get it, im not allowed to download...
    lame i know lol jimmy buffet is bomb :]]

  74. Kenzie Mertz

    ah me too!
    idk where i can get it, im not allowed to download...
    lame i know lol

  75. ISingOfSwing

    i love this song its in my favs i wish i could get it on itunes

  76. Sarah V

    what a sweet song. very simple but something we need to be reminded of.

  77. Trackfanatic74

    Refreshing song, good lyrics. I like it.

  78. StarWarsomania

    I love this song! Great job on it!

  79. miketheparrothead

    It's on the Hoot soundtrack.

  80. Christine C

    where can you download this song? its not on iTunes!

  81. Christine C

    im not exactly a fan of jimmy buffet because my parents listen to him, but this song is addicting! haha

  82. juni78ukr

    Very nice song. Liked the movie too.