Buffett, Jimmy - Coconut Telegraph Lyrics

Tuesday on the island
Not much goin' on
The parties are all over
They ended just past dawn

But the jungle drums are beating
With the tales from late last night
Cause the stories bear repeating
For everyone's delight

You can hear it on the coconut telegraph
Can't keep nothin' under their hat
You can hear 'em on the coconut telegraph
Sayin' who did dis and dat
Dis and dat dis and dat

Now I'm not one to deal in gossip
But was he that big of fool?
To do a belly buster high dive
And miss the entire pool?

Now what's the word on sweet Melissa?
And the kid nobody knew
Did Ricardo ever find her?
I swear it's just between me and you

You can hear it on the coconut telegraph
By now everybody knows
You can hear it on the coconut telegraph
Just who comes and goes
Comes and goes comes and goes

It's hump day on the island
And the lines have all gone dead
All the juicy news is history
I guess everything's been said

But when the eagle flies on Friday
And the boys break out the rum
Then the joint begins to jumpin'
And you'll hear those hot lines hum

Put it on the coconut telegraph
All the celebration and the stress
Put it on the coconut telegraph
In twenty-five words or less

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Buffett, Jimmy Coconut Telegraph Comments
  1. Randall Schneider

    Jimmy buffet is awsome I wish he would come to Greenville sc

  2. Zimmy Chu

    shoutout to any other woodgrove ap bio students that just had to listen to this

  3. christine goetz

    eh Ted Badley.......?

  4. christine goetz

    OMG tough to get in even with a password.......

  5. Clay Diggs

    From ECU in Greenville N.C. to Waikiki Shell Arena I've seen him at least a dozen times. GREAT music GREAT shows GREAT words about life!

  6. Christy Stieghorst

    MY BROTHER MIKE turned me on to Jimmy when I was 10  now  I am 43  dont know if I WOULD  HAVE STAYED SANE W OUT JIMMY

    Christy Stieghorst

    John does

  7. Kenneth Fanelli

    I have been (hic) tryin to go see him (burp) for a long time ,but I get so wasted the day of the show I can't walk out of the (hic) House,csuse me right be back I mean be
    right back. (hic,burp.Ralph) Oh hell ,Just Another rotten day in Paradise.


    Kenneth Fanelli sounds like a personal problem to me. If you gave a damn, you'd be there drunk as fuck.

  8. A Sam

    sawyer is the best tv character in the history of the universe

  9. stephen legette

    I Became a Parrott Head At 15.Saw him 3 Times in Mid 70s Once Resently,Go to Parrott Heads .com Find a Chapter near You.

  10. Liam Wolf

    love jimmy's music only 15 soon 16 and your never too young for Jimmy