Buddy Holly - Rip It Up Lyrics

'Cause it's saturday nite and I just got paid
Fool about my money don't try to save
My heart says go, go
Have a time 'cause it's saturday nite
And I'm feelin' fine

I'm gonna rip it up
I'm gonna rock it up
I'm gonna shake it up
I'm gonna ball it up
I'm gonna rip it up
And ball tonite

I got a date and I won't be late
Pick her up in my '88'
Shag it on down to the union hall
When the music starts jumpin'
I'll have a ball

Along about 10 I'll be flying high
Rocking on out into the sky
I don't care if I spend my gold
'Cause tonite I'm gonna be one happy soul

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Buddy Holly Rip It Up Comments
  1. KILLOMETER !!!!!

    This is the best cover in history

  2. Linda Dimira

    Paul McCartneys idol.

  3. Tony Jablonski

    Better than Little Richards version. And I love Little Richard.

  4. Sean Fitzpatrick

    He did not do this on any justice Little Richard and Elvis Presley's version is superior to this

    Mathew C.

    Ha. You're funny.

    Keith Randall

    Yeah, right...

    Ricky Wilson

    Have a day off

  5. Nicole Perez

    Love you Buddy Holley,There will NEVER be another BUDDY HOLLEY.

  6. the king

    Noone rocks like buddy holly. The man is a legend. 🎸🎸🎸

  7. 54markl

    Real rock and roll!

  8. The Voice of God

    Punk as fuck

  9. Louie Sanders

    My favorite version.

  10. Axel Bodin

    Great picks of him and The Crickets.

  11. paul pacsa

    Buddy number on this one is amazing.

  12. paul pacsa

    Buddy number on this one is amazing.

  13. Thomas, Albert PEREZ

    I remember you

  14. YTPWorldTour

    Great upload. Is this live?

    Keith Randall

    A 'garage' recording, not a show. Plus, there's overdubbing, albeit more subtly done than other tracks.

  15. alvaro 9421

    What a wonderful song...got a great beat to it