Buddy Holly - Raining In My Heart Lyrics

The sun is out
The sky is blue
There's not a cloud
To spoil the view
But it's raining
Raining In My Heart

The Weather Man
Says "Clear today"
He doesn't know
You've gone away
And it's raining
Raining In My Heart

Oh misery - misery
What's gonna become of me

I tell my blues
They mustn't show
But soon these tears
Are bound to flow
Cause it's raining
Raining In My Heart
Raining In My Heart
Raining In My Heart

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Buddy Holly Raining In My Heart Comments
  1. Alan C

    This song was played during an assembly at school in the 90's in recognition of a teacher leaving the school for another job. This song always reminds me of her

  2. kalm grist

    Buddy lives on in so many ways. What his impact in such a short life is worth? Priceless.

  3. Hasitha Harshana

    What a song !

  4. kevin donnelly

    78 people have no heart .

  5. Pat Miller

    Simply beautiful.  Love all his songs.  Grew up with his music.  Gone too soon.

  6. Paolo Brama

    Fucking flight, fucking plane accident, fucking destiny.

  7. Robert Dunham

    Still holds up

  8. Mr S.CLAUS

    still so fresh after all these years

  9. Augustine Coronado

    Most influential artist if all time. All music from rock to rnb, rap, techno, punk rock, heavy metal, grunge, pop music all leads in a weird winding sometimes forgotten direction of Buddy Holly. Acoustic he was amazing, 3 piece band he was amazing, orchestra backing him he was amazing, lead guitar or rhythm guitar, he is the music master and The world needs to know and acknowledge this man's contributions to the universe

  10. 701 Gunner

    Love this song so much 🎶😍👌

  11. Hollys Buddy

    I lost interest in Hollys music after I heard this dreadful song! I have no idea why he recorded this.

  12. kalayas kitchen

    what singer these days has (or is allowed to have) a natural vibrato? I dont know of any...

  13. Gary Arvin

    We often wonder why things happen the way they do is it gods will or plan or something else no one knows for sure or just fate destiny or accident almost like it's not meant to be and has to be stopped to keep things in balance I don't know but what I do know is we lost 3 talented young men that fateful night long ago in 59 rest well fellas it should not of happened yet did and it's been raining in my heart ever since rip

  14. Nisha’s نيشا Diary

    How innocent these music and words are yet precious I wish I could live at that time to experience fully... Now a days we don't get this kind of music it's all showoff now 😐 but I'm kinda old person I guess I attach to old songs easily..

    Dwight Dodd

    simple beauty from a musical genius.........

  15. Paul Kerswell

    No buddy holly.....no Beatles end of.

  16. Mikey_Suze Four

    *Raining In My Heart*

  17. 1969monksey

    when rock and roll meets classical ,pure magic ,beautiful

  18. Tango Bango

    Here’s a good example of the wonderful music Buddy Holly would’ve brought us. Such a tragic loss.

  19. SummerTime TV. International. Trending, Subscribers

    A great classic and just a bit sentimental

  20. Steve. B

    Great song, so many years ago, Chords & Lyrics with cover @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-JKnbPTql8&list=PLuhAaknM1mYFDYwKgCR09TAb6fvQ0tcSB&index=2

  21. Admiral Walker

    Imagine what Buddy would have sound like in 1969?!?!? Biggest tragedy in music.

  22. kid meech

    Wilfred brought me here :)

  23. Memory Warrior

    Such a pity, all the great songs we missed out on hearing. Buddy Holly was exceptional.

  24. Adeline Ferdon

    Very well done. Buddy was great.

  25. Daniel Badaraco

    One of my favourite RIP Buddy

  26. Stephen Cochran


  27. Colin Dale

    Sweet and Clear - Buddy Lives .

  28. Lorenzo James

    So I just read that the lyrics ''The sun is out, the sky is blue, there's not a cloud to spoil the view'' were inspiration for Lennon's line ''The sun is up, the sky is blue It's beautiful, and so are you'' 'in '' Dear Prudence''... seems plausible, pretty cool

  29. Eric Beaulieu

    Great cLassic fRom a tRue aRtist anD genTLeman.

  30. Maulik Patel

    Who came from Kingsman The Golden Circle in 2019 😘😍

  31. mrpidd111

    Poor Ryan couldn’t kill himself

  32. tkizzle ps

    “No copyright intended” *gets claimed* HUH?

  33. Alan Gillespie


  34. Tarsha Micola Von Furstenrecht

    I can't even- he's literally SO AMAZING, it's too amazing I can't deal with this omg

  35. Tarsha Micola Von Furstenrecht

    aw this iis such a lovely song, bless you Buddy Holly

  36. kezbakemsley

    Buried my grandad yesterday , this was chosen by us grandchildren as our song to be played in the church. My grandfather went to see buddy Holly very early 50's


    That’s a lovely thing to do.

  37. Colin Jennings

    Beautiful song.

  38. Romeo Alpha Yankee

    Ive heard this song from Kingsman: The Golden Circle when Poppy cook the burger. It is so relaxing, I really love this song!!!

  39. Leo Bajada

    sad we lost buddy so young,but lucky for us he left us the best music ever;;

  40. Colin Jennings

    Beautiful song. Sung beautifully. As perfect a song that has been released in the last 60 years.

  41. anthony belcher

    Awesome song

  42. Bianca Bagnolet

    c'est toujours aussi fantastique c'est magnifique buddy holly 👍

  43. cwb0051

    Angel Voice..

  44. Robbie Rob

    I was born in 1980 way after the accident but I still get sad hearing his music

  45. Joseph Nania

    I always noticed and said that The DAVE CLARK FIVE took the chord changes from BUDDY HOLLY'S 1958 song "RAINING IN MY HEART" and wrote their 1964 song "BECAUSE"

  46. Claudia Alderete

    Amo a Buddy Holly ❤️

  47. Michael Gallant

    and it's raining in my heart...We Love and miss thee Buddy...raining in my heart...oh misery..misery.

  48. Colin Jennings

    What a quite beautiful song. Over 60 years old.

  49. Nuttymeemps

    0h, what a genius. We miss you Buddy.

  50. John Collingsworth

    60 years today since he passed still as good excellence never dies

  51. Noelle Nalley

    60 years ago. RIP Buddy Holly

  52. Lee Wickenden

    . ME mum brought me here should gone with his gut he hated flying ✈ such talent such loss rip buddy

  53. John Mcqueen

    Buddy would have written and performed some amazing stuff had he not died too soon.
    His music is legendary.

  54. Robert Dunham

    So ...this was released 2 days after his death...interesting


    Sad isn’t it.

  55. Jack.K

    Who else came here from the hamburger scene in Kingsman 2 film? Give a thumbs up =)

  56. Jose Hernandez

    First time hearing this song but at the same time bringing memories from the past bout someone i regret losing and tears are falling nonetheless


    Buddy Holly was better than Elvis Elvis was only around for a couple years in the 50s buddy holly really made rock and roll exiting just hear his music and the way he looked it's exiting everytime I hear his name or music

    Colin Campbell

    I respect your opinion, but Elvis had to go into the army, but most definitely Buddy Holly was a match for Elvis in those few short years even though he didn't have the sex appeal that Elvis had, respect to both, we should never forget the talent they had, it was and still is unparalleled

  58. Frank Frank

    Chuck Berry was the rhythm and drive, Little Richard the show and flash, Elvis the voice and face and Buddy Holly simply the genius, of 50s Rock n' Roll.

    Colin Campbell

    Spot on no one around now with their talent, no autotune needed back then.

  59. Carlos Chacon

    Great song. Sounds like something Roy orbison would have sung with all that orchestra sound. Incredible! Two legends with glasses one dark one light. I can imagine how they would sound singing together up stairs in heaven 💒

  60. Ryan Banfill

    The sun is out
    The sky is blue

    I’ve heard something like that somewhere before!

  61. Donna Vaughn

    how we loved him, the light hearted music, and I was a pre teen, as soon as I heard rock and roll I think I was 6, and I loved it and that's all I wanted to hear after that, but I had to listen to country music most of the time growing up, and then I got a transistor radio with ear phone, I'd hear a song twice and knew all the words.

  62. James Kid

    oh fuck! Ive had a glass or 2 of wine and am getting all nostalgic and teary, RIP Budster ;(

  63. Christine Straw

    Buddy Holly Lives.

  64. jean f

    I'm 73 . God gave us so much in so short of time. He would not want to think the music died with him.

  65. ChronoShenron

    From the songwriters of Love Hurts by the Everly Brothers.


    Thanks Buddy

  67. Manuel Campos

    Not enough words...

  68. Robert Dunham

    Still holds up

  69. Daniel Ramirez

    Whatever happened to that

    Galactica's Reign

    I think it was lost in the crash

  70. parker9627

    If you that you may like this. A similar chord progression. Buddy is one of my musical heroes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6q4wzyfWMg

  71. peace frog

    dear prudence...


    Oh Buddy you came and went just like a comet.....and u left us Melodies...that will play forever on Earth.....each time I hear this masterpiece I am happy and sad at the same time....and that hasn't changed all my life....I love u man !!!!!!! GENIUS RIP !!!!

  73. Furkan Aydoğmuş

    Beautiful :")

  74. Gabriel Senderowicz Mold

    51 dislikes? These human beings don’t have a heart.

    James Kid

    or its raining in thiers

    Dwight Dodd

    no question about it................

  75. SGT VIDEOS English

    R.I.P Buddy Holly

  76. Owen Reese

    I’m sad. But this song is beautiful.

  77. Dearly Beloved

    The sun is out, the sky is blue
    There's not a cloud to spoil the view
    But it's raining, raining in my heart
    The weatherman says clear today
    He doesn't know you've gone away
    And it's raining, raining in my heart
    Oh, misery, misery
    What's gonna become of me?
    I tell my blues they mustn't show
    But soon these tears are bound to flow
    'Cause it's raining, raining in my heart
    But it's raining, raining in my heart
    And it's raining, raining in my heart
    Oh, misery, misery
    What's gonna become of me?
    I tell my blues they mustn't show
    But soon these tears are bound to flow
    'Cause it's raining, raining in my heart
    Raining in my heart
    Raining in my heart

  78. Antony Baxendale


  79. Zobble

    Cool song

  80. Dora Alvarez

    Texas greatest singer. Long live Buddy

  81. George Ralph

    A mysterious sounding song. Mysterious, sad, and hopeful. All at the same time. I believe this song was about being clinically depressed, which is revealed by the line, "I tell my blues, they mustn't show....".

  82. fatma cn

    Love U Buddy !! I miss u even never seen alive .. from 2018 Turkey!

  83. Jann Nathans

    Came here because of Kingsman

  84. rockonthestone 64

    Everytime i hear his music i just get blown away. Short but legendary career. I can't even imagine how big he would've been, had he lived.
    R.I.P. Charles Hardin Holley

  85. reddishtykes

    Dead at 22 with an eternal back catalogue. Lennon & MCCartney had only released Love Me Do at the same age.


    Lennon and McCartney had a slew of songs in their hands at that age too. They just didn't have the same luck as Buddy and weren't able to record them at that time.

    Morning Sky

    @TooCooFoYou That is not a fact at all.

    Reese Morgan

    They adored Buddy Holly and all the American musicians; Chuck Berry, Elvis, (John Lennon mentioned The Supremes as well): they have said a thousand times that they emulated them. Yes, the Beatles are a bit overrated, but they were certainly one of the great bands of all time ( so far... )

    Gary Snett



    from buddys last recording session

  87. Osbaldo Gomez Lezama

    The sun is out, the sky is blue
    There's not a cloud to spoil the view
    But it's raining, raining in my heart
    The weatherman says clear today
    He doesn't know you've gone away
    And it's raining, raining in my heart
    Oh, misery, misery
    What's gonna become of me?
    I tell my blues they mustn't show
    But soon these tears are bound to flow
    'Cause it's raining, raining in my heart
    But it's raining, raining in my heart
    And it's raining, raining in my heart
    Oh, misery, misery
    What's gonna become of me?
    I tell my blues they mustn't show
    But soon these tears are bound to flow
    'Cause it's raining, raining in my heart
    Raining in my heart
    Raining in my heart

  88. Curiosity

    Woke up today with this tune in my head this morning. Love it so much

  89. King Karm 75

    Love me some Buddy. Absolute and utter Genius iyam. That voice is the Definition of soul tapping 💯👌🏻

  90. variovent

    Still missing you, Mr. Charles Hardin Holley.

  91. TheSuzy6

    He died 9 years before I was born but I love him so much and it breaks my heart to think about how he died :-( i'm in Scotland! He was way better than Elvis and it's so sad to think what he would have achieved!

    B. W. Starkey

    He was good ,... But NOT as Good as ELVIS !!!!

  92. this is fifi

    I can feel that he’s sing it while smiling... ahhh so cute 😂👌🏼

  93. jason suhadolnik

    Listening to Mr. Holly always seems to put a lump in my throat and water in my eyes.

  94. Ainsley Brown

    How is it?


  95. Judith Purcell

    Love ya, Buddy.

  96. Carol Griffin

    Love the pics you have put up love you buddy