Buddy Holly - Peggy Sue Lyrics

If you knew Peggy Sue
Then you'd know why I feel blue
Without Peggy, my Peggy Sue
Oh well, I love you, gal
Yes, I love you Peggy Sue

Peggy Sue, Peggy Sue
Oh, how my heart yearns for you
Oh, Peggy, my Peggy Sue
Oh well, I love you, gal
Yes, I love you Peggy Sue

Peggy Sue, Peggy Sue
Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, Peggy Sue
Oh, Peggy, my Peggy Sue
Oh well, I love you, gal
And I need you, Peggy Sue

I love you, Peggy Sue
With a love so rare and true
Oh, Peggy, my Peggy Sue
Well, I love you, gal
And I want you, Peggy Sue

Peggy Sue, Peggy Sue,
Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, Peggy Sue
Oh, Peggy, my Peggy Sue
Oh well, I love you, gal
Yes, I need you, Peggy Sue

I love you, Peggy Sue
With a love so rare and true
Oh Peggy, my Peggy Sue
Oh well, I love you, gal
And I want you, Peggy Sue

Oh well, I love you gal
And I want you Peggy Sue

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Buddy Holly Peggy Sue Comments
  1. Viva L'Italia!

    Very unique drum bass line

  2. Kaeble

    Still just fucking great....lol...classics nvr die

  3. geertruiter3

    Persoonlijk vond ik hem altijd beter als Elvis Presley, z,n tijdgenoot(wel te verstaan dat Elvis ook hele goede nummers had The King of Rock,n Roll) G Ruiter (bolsward) Friesland The Netherlands

  4. Fly Drive 2020

    The Young Ones always springs to mind when i hear this as in the episode 'Oil' Buddy Holly drops in upside down to Mike [The Cool Person] in his new bedroom ... 'I just love your English Beatles!'

  5. Jason Touvi

    61 years ago. Rest in peace Buddy

  6. journeystarr

    The guitar solo alone in this song is real rock n roll

  7. Bashi Hart

    The music is good, and so are the vocals, but I’ve seen better lyrics written on bathroom stall walls. It’s just repetitive bullshit

  8. Chestin Greenwood

    That great sound that invented punk rock band like the Ramones

  9. Molly Swindells

    I'm crying whilst listening to this. My grandparents have a dog called Peggy Sue (They named her after this song), and i'm not allowed to see her again all because my granddad disowned me because i'm autistic. So i'm listening to this song because it reminds me of Peggy. I miss her.

  10. russie ross

    Norman Petty had nothing to do with the writing of Peggy Sue. He put his name on the label simply to collect song writing royalties.

  11. Jonathan Mendelsohn

    R.I.P. Kobe & Gigi Bryant.

  12. El Taquito Girl

    🎶I feel blue without my veggie soup🎶

  13. Elisa Hartung

    Listen to this on 2×! LMAO!!!

  14. Yahoo Project

    I had a dog named piggy for practically my whole life, I would always sing her this song but instead of Peggy I would say” piggy sue” and she would wag her whole body since she didn’t have a tail it was shaped like a pigs tail which is why her name was piggy but anyway she would always be so happy when I would sing her this. it’s been 3 months since she’s passed and now I just cry my eyes out when I listen to this cause it reminds me of her ):

  15. jakob gd

    Who ever disliked this your a spit whad

  16. jasmine ridddle

    Well I started my new years off right by chanting the lyrics over and over again semi drunk with my friend. Good times


    Hell yeah, same

  17. Gaming With Unicorn

    Why does this have over 100 dislikes

  18. The Puppy Channel

    Nikki Sullivan had to sit next to Buddy while recording and then hit the pickup switch on Buddy's Strat for the solo part.

  19. Peggy Smith

    I was named after this song. Daddy used to strum his guitar and sing this to me while he was alive. He died when I was 12. Still one of my fondest memories. Thank You Daddy!

    Sandra Bradstreet

    I named my daughter Peggy Sue after this song

    Brandon Caparas

    I'm so sorry 💔

  20. Jack Miller

    Must have glasses

  21. Gregory Liu

    Who are the 104 mopes who disliked this classic?

    Hal Esposito

    Morons who thinks that Rap and trap are real music

  22. fred labozetta


  23. fred labozetta

    Love the Drumming its great

  24. O 'borkS

    Who's from Follet's "Hammer Of Eden"?

  25. Chris Surfcrab

    Buddy Holly and the Crickets.. The Crickets inspired the name the Beatles. Buddy Holly was so ahead of his time that I hear him even in some Punk and New Wave bands he is still one of the most relevant people from that era even today. He's right up there with some of my favorite bands like Muse Rush Tool too many to list from the sixties and seventies

    mcbillygoat !

    Rush's first single? Buddy Holly's "Not Fade Away."

  26. Dannibee Hill

    Meet my barrister lol xx my Peggy sue xx

  27. Robert Archer

    My dad loved him

  28. Helena Kotsiomitis

    My female guinea pig named Peggy unfortunately died yesterday, Saturday 13th December 2019 from cancer and old age.
    May she R.I.P 😭😇

  29. Tara Lannigan

    Almost Famous though lol

  30. Bryce Armstrong

    If only poor ol Buddy holly could have known people would still be listening to him 60 years after his dezth....

  31. Jonathan Mendelsohn

    The Dems' Theme Song Should Be Peggy Sue By Buddy Holly.


    Because The Dems Are Like A Plane Crash. A Real Train Wreck.

    Joe dirte

    Democrats are scum of the earth

  32. Andrell F

    Quantum Leap: Season 1 episode 5 bought me here🤗

    First Last

    Andrell F same!

    Dakota Guthrie

    Quantum leap episode buddy Holly was Sam Beckett's son

    Andrell F

    Dakota Guthrie wow, cool!

  33. Dietpepsivanilla

    He, Big Bopper and Richie Valens were rock-and-roll's first tragedy.

  34. Hank Igoe

    still sounds badass

  35. DictionPun154

    Buddy Holly played with the Crickets back in the 50s at High School to perform their music "Peggy Sue"

  36. Nathanial Ponn

    What a way to go! RIP Guys.😣😔😣🙏🙏🙏

  37. OneEyedKeys

    If Buddy and Eddie Cochrane had've lived, the British 'invasion' never would have happened.

  38. TJ Hancock

    Love this song reminds me of my grandma (Mom) her name was Peggy! Sure do miss her! Always 1 in my eyes!

  39. Tom Clark

    One of the most incredible songs of all time😲

  40. DictionPun154

    On February 3, 1959, "The Day the Music Died", it was very sad when Buddy Holly and the cast were killed in a Plane Crash in Clear Lake, Iowa, because they were meant to arrive to Moorhead, Minnesota, which is there next concert. Very Sad.
    Rest in Peace, Buddy Holly (September 7, 1936 - February 3, 1959) at the age of 22

  41. James Brice

    One of the greatest rock songs of all time

  42. Diesel Burner

    Beatles were the 60s “one direction”

  43. Shirley Coonce

    I love this song 🎶 and I did not just here this song

  44. jeffrey Elliott

    greatest gutar solo of all time starts at 1:23


    Yeah right, boomer

  45. Latrice Hylton

    Quantum leap

  46. risefm

    Buddy was a bonafide piece of dogshit

  47. ccarla dom

    I though Everyday was a Beatles Song.

  48. Designer Goose1

    Sounds so gay

  49. Clarence Erickson

    And she wrote in my yearbook I love you Peggy Sue😅😂🤣😄🙂😃😎🦄🦄

  50. José Jeová Zé

    Most people choose Not Fade Away or Rave On as the best Buddy Holly song but to me Peggy Sue is much better.

  51. Silvia Rezzoli

    Das wahren noch schöne Zeiten mega mega

  52. April Summerlin

    Fun fact did you know it was supposed to be Cindy Lou supposedly his niece 🤔🤔🤔

  53. Western Hunter

    Never forgotten

  54. michael george

    BELIVE IT OR NOT THE DRUM WORK IS DONE WITH ONLY 1 DRUM .It sounds like more thanks to Petty putting it through the mixer as he saw fit to make the song.


    It was always common knowledge that the drum sound was created by playing on a kitchen chair..the leather padded sort..

  55. Keisha Nicole

    This song is PERFECT and catchy‼️👌💖

  56. Dunstonchecksout! ok

    I played this for my four year old niece, she rolled her eyes and asked for the Jonas Brothers...the Jonas Brothers.

    graceless abomination

    You expected a four year old to appreciate this? I wouldn't be shocked if she wasn't interested. Generation gaps exist, don't shame her for liking what she likes now. Who knows? When she's older, she might come to appreciate it more.

  57. Mere Person

    I can just hear that guitar pick plastic clicking as Buddy strums down, down, down on those strings... I love how raw this whole thing is, Legendary..

  58. Giordan Diodato

    my mom was almost named "Peggy Sue" because she was born around the time this song was popular.

  59. Sacco Belmonte

    This song is pure teenage energy. :D Loved it since I was one.

  60. KwikLGaming

    Elvis wouldnt have been the biggest im sorry.

  61. Timothy Lindman

    I think without this guy not much music we would be hearing this guy can make you get up and dance

  62. Bob Trihy

    RIP Buddy...if only you had lived... the magical music you would have made would have been incredible.

  63. Jimmy Kielbasa

    Peggy Sue - My Favorite Song by Buddy Holly with or without Chorus

  64. EarlyMusicDiva

    the drums! the drums!

  65. Lee Murphy

    Now that's what I call music. Ed sheeran take note

  66. Daniel Quiroz

    Saddening....tough loss

  67. Richard Fernandez

    Buddy Holly was so great but I think Peggy should was my favorite every time I hear that song it just runs through my veins probably one of the greatest rock and roll songs ever

  68. Daniel Plainview

    Absolute Legend

  69. John Strong

    Without buddy Holly there would be no Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones ,bob dylan , the beatles, and Elton John. Buddy Holly was one of first in the rock and Roll Hall of Fame

  70. Joseph stalin

    did you know this song was supposed to be Mary Lou

    Thomas Mack

    Yeah he was actually writing it for his niece until the drummer begged him to change it to Peggy sue, cuz that was the name of the girl he was seeing.....

    And it worked, cuz they ended up getting married.. she actually died just last October or November..

  71. Keesha Spears

    He was cute 🤗

  72. Volgmor Dabrel

    Better than Lil Wayne, Lamar and other shit

  73. Dominic Mejorada

    R.I.P. Angry Grandpa 🔨

  74. Richard Fernandez

    Just came from the Buddy Holly Museum in Lubbock very moving what a great artist and to think he was from America American rock and roll at its best he was only 23 when he went

  75. Charles Duguid

    My favourite all time song sung by the true King of Rock and Roll, so sadly missed R.I.P Buddy

  76. Safet Cucaj

    Fucking absolute rock n roll.....can't get no better than this my kiddiesAa

  77. Bacon Creepy

    so damn cool!

  78. rockandbluesfan 79

    With all due respect to Elvis and Jerry Lee, in my opinion Buddy and Chuck are the king's..

    aaron pulley

    rockandbluesfan 79 they were all kings

    Przemysł Pałubicki

    Yeah all are fantastic, i don' t even know who is best in my opinion

  79. Charles Keefer

    Soft honor

  80. IconicGaming


  81. Charles Keefer

    I told him its her saddle flags

  82. Helô Helena

    I was trying to remember what song Russell was singing in the movie Almost Famous while his plane was falling. Such a classic dirty joke (and great movie).

  83. robtru84

    too bad he's not here to hear his music

  84. Par Steines

    Happy birthday buddy holly

  85. bip bong

    lol miles teller

  86. Mike Knight

    Drops an F right in the middle of an E blues on that pretty, pretty ,pretty.. part. Always thought that was cool.

    J.D. Leslie

    I believe it was in A. The F would be the flatted sixth of the scale. But cool nonetheless 😁

  87. rebel devil


  88. Marty Zielinski

    SIXTY years ago yesterday........

  89. Alexis Despland

    rip buddy 60 years ago today.

  90. John W 1711 Stock

    The late great Buddy Holley on the Wolfman Jack show!

  91. Ted Growney

    60 years ago today. RIP Buddy

  92. Melissa Ann

    Today it has been 60 years!! RIP Buddy, Richie, Big Bopper 💞📿

  93. Jj Tullemans

    Nostalgie geweldig toch

  94. Kenny Michael Alanya

    Dragon quest 6 brought me here.
    Hint : you travel with this animal

  95. vichy76

    I can't remember if I cried when I read about his widowed bride, something touched me... .


    Deep inside, the day... The music... Died.


    vichy 76...I was 14 yrs old ,,late for school,hand on the school door handle ,just about to rush in,when my friend ,also late,came behind me,shouting,Billy,It was on the telly news,Buddy Holly has been killed in a plane crash...I remember vividly...my hand freezing onto the door handle in disbelief..I couldn't concentrate on any lessons that day..all I thought about was Buddy,and even at age 14 yrs,my heart went out to Buddy's Widow...I was holding tears back all that day.
    In those days,in the north-east of England,UK,in Northumberland,only the well-off folk had television,it was in it's infancy up here,and my parents couldn't afford one,so my friend Peter was the one who broke that sad sad news to me in such a devastating way.
    My older Brother was born on the same day as me,but three years earlier!..and HE used to play "AIR" guitar to Buddy, Eddie ochran,Chuck Berry,etc,LONG before the phrase was coined!!
    I used to drum on a chair to Peggy Sue,as we read in the music press..[New Musical Express"],that THAT was how it was played in the studio..mind,that music mag was responsible for a lot of fake reporting in those days!..I know by personal experiences!
    Please correct me if I am wrong on the chair bit!

  96. Luis Roberto


  97. Christine Straw

    Truly, 'The day the music died'.


    But when you think about it, it was the day the music was born because they influenced so many great bands

    JayStar 80023

    The 50s and 60s will always be the best

  98. Christine Straw

    None Better, makes me shiver to hear this. Great Guitar solo.

    J.D. Leslie

    Epic solo. And not easy.

    Mere Person

    Ohh boy oh boy how I love it too..

  99. vanilladave1

    Man how music would have progressed if that plane crash never happened.


    It's shame he never got to see what he influenced...the beatles, etc.