Buddy Holly - Love's Made Me A Fool Of You Lyrics

Love can make a fool of you
You do anything it a-wants you to
Love can make you feel so good
When it goes like you think it should
Or it can make you cry at night
When your baby don't treat you right
When you're feelin' sad and blue
You know love's made a fool of you

You know love will makes fools of men
But you don't care, you're gonna try it again
Times goes by, it's a-passing fast
You think true love-a has come at last
But bye and bye you're gonna find
Crazy love-a has-a made you blind
When you're feelin' sad and blue
You know love's made a fool of you

Love can make you feel so good
When it goes like you think it should
Or it can make you cry at night
When your baby don't treat you right
When you're feelin' sad and blue
You know love's made a fool of you

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Buddy Holly Love's Made Me A Fool Of You Comments

    I love buddy Holly but nobody can touch Elvis !!! We miss you buddy Holly and Elvis ! Legends never died !

  2. David Paul

    I love this but the Bobby Fuller Four is better.

  3. Jeff Taylor

    Good job! Thank you. Buddy Holly's originals all better than anyone's covers. Peace, Jeff T. PGH PA USA

  4. C Synch

    He'll forever be this vibrant lively figure in our imaginations

  5. William C. Heffernan

    Want to hear how the Brits can do HOLLY? William C. Heffernan and MUSiCiNC have produced "Just the way it is" (Tribute to Buddy Holly) Enjoy!

  6. sbarr10

    Has a great rhythm to it that later covers never captured.

  7. Jan van Schaagen

    Buddy.....we never forget you............

  8. Jerry Rice

    There is an alternate slower rockabilly version that I bought on a 45rpm in 1958. I prefer that one but this other take just goes to show his musical genius. My wife and I had the privilege of talking to Joe B and Jerry Allison on their tour bus in the early Nineties. They had just returned from London where they cut tracks with Paul McCartney on a new release, "HOLLY WOULD." They gave us a signed session cassette I which I treasure. Great talented gentlemen, so nice.

  9. N gate

    shitty version. def doesnt sound right..

  10. Bill Hurt

    Heather Wells is a buddy fan

  11. Kc Sam And Tom

    Elvis >Buddy

  12. Mike Mooney

    I've always understood that The Crickets' version had a lead vocal by Earl Sinks, and that Buddy never recorded it. This certainly sounds like Buddy though...

  13. walt7500

    Buddy Holy, the only member of The Crickets with a functional brain.

  14. Paul Wheeler

    Buddy Holly had everything, a great voice, a great guitarist, a great songwriter etc.

    Barry Holley

    And a great name!

  15. Ovik2k

    Awesome song, as is Bobby's cover of it. Frankly, I like Bobby's version more.

  16. King Vidiot

    I love both of them, at least Fuller's version wasn't just a straight up cover of this.

  17. dmullsr

    Waylon Jennings Hand Claps..

  18. willie otoole

    We all know Elvis was the King but it was Buddy who influenced the course of rock n roll more than anyone else. In the UK skiffle was the big thing in the late fifties and it was not exactly a quantum leap to notch up a gear and play Buddy's songs... albeit badly. If I had only one word to describe Buddy it would be 'magic'.

    Kev Dean

    Chuck Berry was the biggest influence!!!

  19. JamesOwen

    Love can make a fool of you
    You're doing anything it wants you to
    Love can make you feel so good
    When it goes like you think it should
    Or it can make you cry at night
    When your baby don't treat you right
    When you're feeling sad and blue
    You know love's made a fool of you

    You know love makes fools of men
    But you don't care, you're gonna try again
    Time goes by it's passing fast
    Your think true love has come at last
    But by and by you're gonna find
    Crazy love has made you blind
    When you're feeling sad and blue
    You know love's made a fool of you

    Love can make you feel so good
    When it goes like you think it should
    Or it can make you cry at night
    When your baby don't treat you right
    When you're feeling sad and blue
    You know love's made a fool of you

  20. Herbert Norkus

    Awesome..would jump right off the radio! Gotta be one of his most rocking tunes...why the hell isnt this song better known????

    Mike P

    Steve Ala

    Because he had too many other ones.

  21. Jeremy Hawthorn

    This is certainly the originally Buddy Holly recording, made as a demo to persuade the Everly Brothers to record it then released after Holly's death. But does it have extra claps overdubbed on it? I don't recall them on the original

  22. WakinTheDeadFan

    Buddy's good at writing songs but much like Oh Boy and Heartbeat, those who cover him do it better. Bobby Fuller's version is much more upbeat, fast-flowing and it's hard to describe but I love his voice.

  23. robotics1x

    No-one seems to mention this but I have a very clear recollection of buying an LP after his death. The sleeve notes told that all they had from Buddy were his vocals and that the backing band was one selected by his mother and family as being compatible and to complete the recording and other songs on the LP. Therefore the guitar on this recording is not Buddy. I remember being a bit disappointed. Wishing was another one. Does anyone have more information? Alas I don't have the LP any more.

    Commanding Judge, Dredd

    That does sound familiar. I think I may have the album, on C.D. somewhere, complete with the sleeve notes with his mother's foreword. I was going to say it was the Giant album, but that wasn't it, as it was Norman Petty's rather awful overdubbing using modern vocals and an early synthesizer.

    I think it was the Reminiscing album you're on about

    Jeremy Hawthorn

    That is true of the New York tapes, recorded by Buddy alonein his apartment. Petty got TheFireballs to overdub a backing. Some posthumous compilations have snatches of
    Buddy talking to his wife around these tracks (which include "Peggy Sue got
    Married," "Crying Waiting Hoping," "Dearest" (two versions) and others). But this track
    was recorded by Buddy with the backing instrumentals, although some
    collections have released it with (unnecessary) additions.

  24. haberstr

    Best guitar fills ever, what a groove he was in ... Perfect way to spend a minute and 59 seconds!


    Tommy Allsup on lead guitar, not Holly.


    All praise to Tommy Allsup, who passed away last month.


    Thanks for the information. I didn't know. Great instrumentalist.I have a mono album tucked away somewhere of him playing guitar versions of many Holly hits. I've got the feeling that Stan Lark and George Tomsco might be on there too, but I could be wrong,

  25. arkady714

    Buddy > Elvis

    Mike K

    Elvis has sold over a Billion records. You are all morons.

    Marco Z

    lol You're a fool!!


    so i see if youtube existed in the 50s the comment section would remain the same


    I think that Buddy had way more imagination than Elvis and that's why also his songs were way more interesting.

    John Sicari

    U cant compare elvis with buddy its like a camry vs ferrari no chance...come on.godspell songs ,love songs .rock etc buddy is ok but cant compare voice never ever forever.u people need to ring dr phil to help u

  26. Rikki0

    Sorry folks, but nobody is perfect all the time.  I love Buddy Holly and he deserves all the accolades he has been given.  But on this particular song, the Bobby Fuller Four knocked it out of the park and it's not even close.

  27. Aileen Lightbody

    Buddy was THE greatest!   His very premature death was an absolute tragedy, and I remember the day that it was announced many of his young and not so young fans were inconsolable.  Elvis was great but I believe that if Buddy had lived it was he who would have become King.

    Ian Thomas

    +Aileen Lightbody Yes, Aileen. Forget JFK. Forget John Lennon. Buddy's death was the greatest tragedy the world has seen to date. His songs still sound fantastic all these years later - the quintessence of rock and roll. The most amazing thing is how much fabulous material he produced in such a short life. We can only wonder what he would have achieved if he had lived a full span.

    Colton Falletti

    To both of you, I say damn straight! Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Bill Haley (and a few more)... all Rock n' Roll pioneers. I love em' all!


    second that

    Sands of time

    +Aileen LIghbody        Yep, Me too ! I was eleven years old at the time. I remember where I was and who I was with. Life is strange, how you remember all the little things from these tragic events ( JFK, John Lennon. 9-11)   Sometimes I wish I could forget.

  28. Tom Forsell

    Buddy holly was one of the greatest, songwriter,s singers and a good guitarist. I still love his music and its still really current it never dates. When you listen to most of the english acts, buddy holly is stamped through all of their early stuff. There might never been a British invasion if there never was a buddy holly. I had the fortune of living in Lubbock twice and met some of his family friends and played with people who had played with him Larry Well born, and Sonny Curtis's uncles who taught buddy how to play banjo and mandolin. Everyone always said he was a real nice guy and his relatives I met were all the same they weren't just West texas friendly but were the real thing. You can see if you drive through that area and on to Palo Duro Canyon and into New Mexico how and why his music was so melodic, very different from the Memphis guys. He and people like Lefty Frizzell were a part of and writing with the big sky and all the open spaces around them so its in their music and feels. buddy Holly also could put life into other tunes listen to his Early in the Mourning, Darren's is good but Buddy's is slightly slower and has an awesome feel. The sad thing is he and the others died so young. A great talent.


    Partly right: John Lennon and Paul McCartney absolutely worshiped Buddy Holly, and you can hear it everywhere in their early stuff. The Stones and Animals and so on loved the electric blues guys like Muddy Waters.


    Very well said, Sir. RE: His "Early In The Morning" had a powerful Gospel feel to it ... he did so many different sounds and styles, and people miss that about him. He's the reason I have played a Stratocaster for most of 56 years...

  29. Sands of time

    Buddy Holly , the best we ever had .

    Alain Demuynck

    +Sands of time
    The best song ever !!! (greetings Fred.)

  30. Intuneguitar

    allsup is playing the lead on this song

  31. AUDER Mylène

    superbe chanson

  32. Dick Buelow

    Buddy Holly played lead guitar on this song, period.

    donald k garman


    Cyrus Budd

    +Dick Buelow It says Waylon Jennings on one of my albums , period...I bet MCA wouldn't make such mistake.

    William Glover

    Buddy on rythm guitar, Tommy Allsup on lead guitar.

    Dick Vermaas

    Correct. As far as I know, it was reorded at in the period Hearbeat, it's so easy was recorded. On all Tommy Allsup played lead, Holly Rythm. Also, in the same period as Holly recorded with King Curtis.

    Dick Vermaas

    Absolutely not! Read John Goldrosen, who did painstaking research many years ago! Waylon Jenning never played lead guitar on any Holly's recordings. In those days , he played bass!

  33. Andy Hutchcraft


  34. Dick Buelow

    Like Bobby Fuller"s version but this is still king!

  35. Ivo Ponduša

    This is original version one of my favorites rockandroll-pieces from sweet-sixties-times.

    Chris Gardiner

    @Ivo Ponduša Erm, Buddy Holly died in 1959 mate.

    Ivo Ponduša

    I know, its thrue...
    And what about it???


    +Ivo Ponduša
    He probably referred to your describing this song a one of your "favorites rockandroll-pieces from sweet-sixties-times".

  36. Tboneator64

    While I love both versions, in my opinion, The Bobby Fuller Four recording is better.  I just love how it chugs along!  With that said, Buddy's role as a Rock N' Roll pioneer cannot be overestimated, and his early passing at the age of 22 was one of Popular Music's great 20th Century tragedies! 


    Frazer Spence

    Tboneator64 I've just listened to the Bobby Fuller version. I like it also. There are some great cover versions out there .

    Troy Van

    Chris Spedding does a great version of this song


    This is just a guide ( demo) so a idea on how to produce it..

  37. walt7500

    Did the Everly Brothers recorded this song written for them?

  38. Simon Clayton

    Tommy Allsup's on lead guitar, he could certainly pick.

    Cyrus Budd

    I thought this was Waylon Jennings...

    Graham Lopez

    Nah man. It IS waylon

    Keith Waites

    Nope it is Tommy Allsup, recorded at the same session as 'it's so easy '...one take I believe on lead guitar

    Don Mull Sr

    @Graham Lopez Waylon...played the bass on the tour ..only had bout 2 weeks to learn how to play.. This was a demo made .. to give to The Everly Brothers ,, After Buddy's passing ...The crickets did it...

  39. Cyrus Budd

    waylon jennings on guitar? the best f....n' guitar riff ever!


    I thought this was Tommy allsup

  40. 3funke

    Shane Roberts yuo'r implying that Buddy did'nt enhance other peoples material, well listen to the Rinkydinks version ( AKA Bobby Darin)  and tell me that he didnt enhance his versions of Early in the Morning and Now we're one..

  41. lmwilliamsjr1

    Wasn't this recorded after Buddy's death?


    Don't tell anybody!!!


    I won't tell anybody!


    This was actually recorded in 1958 as a demo for the Everly Brothers (Holly's voice is heard on this recording).  Buddy wrote the song around 1954 or so, before he was famous.

  42. CoverHeaven

    When you're feeling sad and blue
    You know love's made a fool of you <--------------

    Mickey 'The Hat' Pierce

    CoverHeaven by and by you're gonna find....crazy lover has made you blind.....

  43. Shane Roberts

    So the fact that the song was written by Leiber and Stoller specifically for Elvis in 1957 does not make it his song? Is 'Stand By Me' not Ben E. King's song? Leiber and Stoller wrote that one as well.

  44. Shane Roberts

    How do you think they were introduced to the blues musicians you named? Through Elvis. Honestly mate, I'm not going to go back and forth with you anymore. That is the saddest thing about this entire conversation. You have no respect for how important Elvis truly was. I am not saying they got their guitar styles from Elvis, but through Elvis, they were introduced to everything Elvis was influenced by. By the way, Elvis was a phenomenal rhythm guitarist. Listen to the early records.

  45. Shane Roberts

    How do you think english teenagers like Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Robert Plant, etc were being introduced to American blues music? It all comes from Elvis. It was the stuff Elvis was listening to when he was a kid. Through Elvis is how they were introduced to it all.
    Robert Plant explains it here: watch?v=gP-zcXtiXhA
    Keith Richard explains it here: watch?v=jnnh4imjNbA

  46. Shane Roberts

    Sorry mate, but this one just goes to show your ignorance. Go and study the history of music. Elvis was MUCH MORE than just a performer. The one thing you can say about Elvis is he didn't write his own music. However, he would take a song and completely rearrange it. Go listen to the original version of Blue Moon of Kentucky by Bill Monroe and then go listen to Elvis's version. Elvis completely changed music. PERIOD. By the way, Buddy covered Elvis's "You're So Square (Baby I Don't Care).

    kyle kullin

    Buddy Holly and Tom Petty are superior to Elvis if we are ascertaining talent!

  47. Shane Roberts

    Look bud, I love Buddy Holly. And yes, of course Buddy was hugely influential. However, the fact remains that without Elvis, there would not be a Buddy Holly or The Beatles

  48. Shane Roberts

    "Without Elvis, none of us could have made it."
    -Buddy Holly

    I was saying without Elvis, you wouldn't have Buddy Holly or The Beatles. I never said anything about influencing as a songwriter. You can influence as an artist, a singer, and a performer without writing the songs.

    ""When we were kids growing up in Liverpool, all we ever wanted to be was Elvis. I doubt very much if the Beatles would have happened if it was not for Elvis. God bless you Elvis."
    -Paul McCartney

  49. Shane Roberts

    According to Buddy's teenage pal and band member in Lubbock, Texas, Sonny Curtis: "Presley just blew Buddy away. None of us had ever seen anything like Elvis, the way he could get the girls jumping up and down, and that definitely impressed Holly. But it was the music that really turned Buddy around. He loved Presley's rhythm --it wasn't country and it wasn't blues --it was somewhere in the middle and it suited just fine. After seeing Elvis, Buddy had only one way to go," Rock and Roll.

  50. Shane Roberts

    I'm sorry but I don't see what Buddy dying in 1959 has anything to do with the quote or the beatles. Elvis started out in 1954 and when touring Lubbock in 1955, a teenage Buddy went to see Elvis live. According to many sources, if there was a single influence that indelibly shaped Buddy Holly's life and music, it was Elvis. The same can be said for so many that came after Elvis. Just ask Bob Dylan, Robert Plant, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, etc. The list goes on and on...

  51. Ariana Sanquiche

    this would of been a top hit if he was alive to promote it. the sadness of death that took away possible big time songs he had.

  52. Ariana Sanquiche

    I'm only 45, buddy wasn't around when I came. I was denied to see greatness peak, instead listening to nowhere near the talent that was of singers of the 50's who use their true raw talent instead of most singers who need special equipment, or vidios to sell their product or talent.

  53. Shane Roberts

    Without ELVIS, you wouldn't have Buddy Holly or The Beatles. "Without Elvis, none of us could have made it."
    -Buddy Holly
    "Nothing really affected me until I heard Elvis. If there hadn't been an Elvis, there wouldn't have been the Beatles."
    -John Lennon

  54. Scotseasy

    I never much liked them either, and bought none of their records. Quite simply, I reckon they were terribly overrated ! and it's so tiresome when outsiders, talking about Sixties groups, mention them and often them only, ignoring the many many other groups, such as The Rolling Stones, The Dave Clark Five, The Spencer Davis Group, The Kinks etc etc 1

  55. Steph Stilley

    The lyrics on this only prove that Buddy Holly is one of the all-time great songwriters.
    "Time goes by it's passing fast You think true love has come at last But by and by you're gonna find Crazy love has made you blind" Only Buddy Holly could write a song so brutally honest as this

  56. john baran

    I've always been a big Buddy Holly fan, but this is the one song where I prefer the remake...the Bobby Fuller remake. I like Sonny Curtis' version, as well, but I would put Bobby's version first and Buddy's version second.

  57. rockerbox1973

    Amen to that!

  58. Scotseasy

    Just saw this, and thank you for passing on the sad news. R.I.P. Bill Griggs, who did so much to publicise and promote Buddy's musical legacy in the U.S.

  59. Scotseasy

    No , no ....Buddy's "True Love Ways" was recorded in a studio in New York late in 1958, with the Dick Jacobs Orchestra backing him, at the same session as "It Doesn't Matter Any More", "Moondreams" and "Raining in My Heart". It was far from being a home demo...

  60. Wavy77

    Is this supposed to be better than the Bobby Fuller version?? Sorry, but I'm not hearing it...two different songs IMO

  61. optandus

    No doubt somebody has already said this below, but this little gem was written by Buddy and his former partner Bob Montgomery and then specifically recorded as a demo for his good friends the Everly Brothers - they, however, were never allowed by their management to record it, due to contractual matters.

    A superb song and a superb recording: cracking dubbed vocals and rhythm guitar by Buddy himself with absolutely electrifying lead guitar work by the great Tommy Allsup.


    I also have the version recorded by The Crickets without Buddy, which I think in it's own way deserves a mention. The intro with the drum beats is different and the tempo is a little slower, but it's a decent version. Although not credited on the label, is the lead voice Bobby Vee? The record charted in the UK

    Douglas Wright

    The singer on the Cricket's version is Earl Sinks. Bobby Vee Recorded his own version of the song in 1961 which is well worth checking out.

  63. 1967PONTIACGTO

    Thanks. I've been learning this song the last couple of weeks. His guitar parts are incredible. I haven't got a Strat though, but this makes me want to get one.

  64. blueticecho

    Sounds like by the tone he got a 58 Stratocaster with a 40w Fender Custom 57 twin amp..

  65. 1967PONTIACGTO

    what kind of guitar is he using?

  66. TJB63

    Actually Post Hipster, Them just called them Beatniks back them, Same thing.

  67. blueticecho

    Tommy Allsup.. also on Heartbeat, It's so Easy..

  68. walt7500

    If god exist I'm his son, thus Jezus!

  69. astroboirap

    haha the proto-hipster

  70. MusicandGamesandStuf


  71. Sarah Murphy

    Agree! Elvis was great and especially Chuck Berry and Johnny B. Good.!

  72. Sarah Murphy

    thanks, i sure will.

  73. tricky dick

    "Are You Experienced" is the best debut album ever, maybe in a clinch with "Velvet Underground and Nico". Start from there, also adding some compilation of early singles. Then check the second and third album.

  74. Sarah Murphy

    i guess i need to familiarize myself with hendrix to decide. i do believe that holly had a distinct and original sound. thanks for your reply. i am new to posting comments.

  75. tricky dick

    Thery had about the same number of productive years: 3-4. Yeah, Hendrix bloomed later, but his imprint on the rock scene was heavier than Holly's. In fact Holly's loss was felt only years later. Holly didn't revolutionize the rock scene as Hendrix did and I doubt he would have, had he not died, because he wasn't a virtuoso like Hendrix. As composers they were equally gifted and Holly could easily have been ranked with Lennon-McCartney. But all this is just vain reasoning.

  76. Sarah Murphy

    even worse than hendrix, at least hendrix was closer to 30. Buddy was 22, barely out of his teens. but look at the mark he left.

  77. tricky dick

    With Hendrix, rock's greatest premature loss.

  78. Philip Giacomantonio

    This was done as a demo for the Everly Bros to record!

  79. Scorpio Love

    Gr8 song... I hope its here to stay

  80. Susie196921

    You couldn't have said it better!

  81. TJB63

    Love the REAL Bass in Buddy's Music ~ Buddy was a Superstar, only on the scene 3 years and had Hit after Hit, Over 50 years later his Music is still Cool.

  82. Xequ

    He wore them before they were cool.

  83. astroboirap

    his glasses are a bit hipster

  84. lyonslaforet

    Buddy Holly was one of the best rockers of the first generation!

  85. charlyW34

    Bobby worked on the tune for several years before record his classic cover. he did what all cover versions should strive do do, he made it his own by reving up the energy level and amping up the electricity. In a sense, this is what Buddy wanted other artists to do, since Buddy's original was actully meant as a demo of the song! I really dig both versions, but I also think Bobby's is the best Holly cover ever. Cheers!

  86. Shoknifeman

    Ummmm Buddy was dead before Bobby Fuller recorded anything; and what Fuller did record were Buddy Holly and Crickets covers, for the most part

  87. winnybabe66

    i've loved buddy holly ever since i can remember...i learn somethin new about the guy every day, hes done so much work, ive never even known!

  88. Elio Ivan Ilkov

    I've just woke up, and found this song randomly, THE BEST way to start the day

  89. walt7500

    @GingerGilligan No!

  90. GingerGilligan

    @rockinrobintweets Wow, Buddy would be 75 if he was alive today. Can you imagine?

  91. SlashMan.EXE

    @coyclown It's a wonder how you got those two thumbs up, seeing as you clearly don't know what you're talking about. Do a favor to Bobby, Buddy, and everyone else a favor and actually look stuff up before you talk.

  92. 3funke

    It was'nt the Everly fault they never recorder Holly's songs but their record latel who wanted to keep the whole thing "In House" ie the BRYANTS, but they did do
    a great version of Not Fade Away on an LP called Pass the chicken and listen,
    in the 70's

  93. charlyW34

    Hi. Not exactly a home demo, in fact it was recorded in Clovis with Tommy Alsup on the nifty lead guitar. Buddy recorded this and "wishing" in hopes his pals, the Everly Brothers would record them. So, they are song "demos", but fully professional. I think they are two of Buddy's best. This song was brilliantly re-worked and given a high octane treatment by the Bobby Fuller 4, one of the very best Buddy Holly cover versions. Cheers!

  94. 3funke

    i dont think its fair to compare Buddy's version of true love ways to that of Peter and
    Gordon as his was after all a home demmo version who knows how he intended to handle it in the studio.

  95. charlyW34

    Sad news for all Holly fans: The dean of our fraternity, Bill Griggs of Lubbock Texas, A Buddy Holly and true rock and roll fan extraordinaire, has passed away.We will miss his friendship and dedication to great music. Rock On Bill!

  96. garycooper1000

    @jh1234999 How about True Love Ways, Buddy did a rough draft and Peter and Gordon showed him now to do that song.

  97. Explosive Candy

    who's on lead here? God this sounds good

  98. walt7500

    @ndhudecz Yes!!!!!