Buddy Holly - Gone Lyrics

Now you're gone
The sun, the moon, the stars in the sky
Know the reason why-y I cry
I'm all alone, I know I'm wrong, now you're gone

Oh-oh-oh oh-oh-oh oh-oh-oh-oh what I'd give
For the lifetime I've wasted
The love that I've tasted
I know I'm wrong, I'm all alone now you're gone

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Buddy Holly Gone Comments
  1. Bert de Bruijn

    The best "Gone" version EVER!!

  2. Steve Gross

    brings back music memories. if i didnt have them id be dead long ago!

  3. joetake holly

    this song is really really nice just love it ]

    Davie Henry

    I love it.

  4. YoungAtHeart1941

    Truly a rare recording. Thanks for post!!

  5. Seiichi Teramoto


  6. ernestosb7

    bravo, carajo bravísimo...