Buddy Holly - Because I Love You Lyrics

Well they say what you don't know won't hurt you
And I believe that it's so
So don't tell me that you found someone new
To go thru life with you

Because I love you my darling, my dearest I love you
You're the one I want nearest, may I love you
And I will bet you love me too

Oh, I'd rather die thinking you love me
Than to go on thru life without you
And you with someone new
To go thru life with you

Well, because I love you, I love you, my darling
My dearest I love you, I love you
You're the one I want nearest, may I love you, I love you
And I will bet you love me too

Oh, I'd rather die thinking you love me
Than to go on thru life without you
And you with someone new
To go thru life with you

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Buddy Holly Because I Love You Comments
  1. Hollys Buddy

    This is the overdubbed version!

  2. Deborah Dickson

    One of the first songs Buddy wrote. Beautiful!

  3. Graeme Smellie

    2 words Buddy Holly don't need any more

  4. Stand Smith

    I LOVE YOU🎼🎸

  5. harry damming

    Nice Song

  6. P.J.W.Chicagoguy

    This is 50ties music at it's best. Too Good.

  7. Corina roelvink

    A beauty

  8. jogaryxx sausage

    Awe I love this song its beautiful xx

  9. Irish Countryman

    Ive yet to hear a bad Buddy Holly song. The man was that good.

  10. Mieke Teuwen

    Geweldig moooi🎶🎶🎶🎧🎧❤❤❤

  11. harry damming


  12. D Doeser


  13. Miranda de Groot


  14. ew1usnr

    This sounds great.

  15. ron kennington

    Is he your buddy?

  16. Gerard van Leeuwen

    Buddy is fantastic, what a great song this is !!

  17. Richard Westrik

    The best album of Buddy Holly is Reminiscing

  18. Sharron Smith

    This is my favourite Buddy Holly song, and when my husband was in radio, he used to end his show with this song for me. R.I.P My Darling Husband.

    Annie Spoormakers

    Ik vind hem geweldig ben er mee opgegroeid en hoor hem nog steeds graag Annie Spoormakers Holland

    Rob Jontay

    As a former Radio DJ-This post makes me happy the radio and a DJ made you happy. Good man. Better woman. Bless you. See you all back here Feb. 2 2019.

    Mary Leach

    @Annie Spoormakers english please?

    Annie Spoormakers

    @Mary Leach i love buddy Holly about from 1956 💖💖💖

    Annie Spoormakers

    @Mary Leach i love buddy Holly

  19. ron kennington

    Question? Is he your Buddy? I love him like a brother and Buddy Holly added so much to my life I hope to thank him someday.

  20. darryl baker

    You can feel the pain n love in his beautiful voice

  21. ron kennington

    Thank you God for another master piece from the Bach of rock Buddy Holy Holly.

    peter avella

    ron kennington m

  22. Rusty Arrais

    Eu amo Buddy Holly

  23. Frieda Sinay

    i never forget his music

  24. Liesbeth Bokhorst

    Beautiful song..

  25. Pam H

    Nice song.

  26. Frieda Sinay

    this is one of my favourite songs from him

  27. Frieda Sinay

    very very beautiful hearing buddy Holly singing

  28. Steve Gross


  29. Glenn Johnson

    Glenn Johnson Love this guy and the music he left us.Will last forever in the halls of music.Thank you for uploading this song,particularly the original undubbed version!

  30. Mitch C.

    Buddy is one of the best to ever make music, and this song is one of my all time favorites! Classic Holly-

  31. George B

    Hard to beleive that today has been 58 years since "The Day The Music Died"...May all live in our hearts for ever!

  32. Kay Quest

    I love you Librado

  33. diana irizarry

    so amazing as always...the wonderful buddy holly....



  35. Armand Lenders

    Buddy Holly ,first favorite off me.

    Music & Games

    Me too. =)

  36. stappie45

    the best off the best

  37. nico van kampen

    grat music i enjoy it every day back to the 60's

  38. Jorge Mario Rodas

    Nearly sixty years later his songs are still good to hear.   A very talented Singer who sang with feeling and depth.  Too bad he was lost on that airplane accident in February 1959.  Worse still both the Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens died that day on the same accident.

    Steve Gross

    Jorge Mario Rodas "I totally agree"

    Dale Deimel

    It all changed a generation. It just did. Beatles, Stones. They we all love that music.

  39. Thomas Haverstock

    Buddy is one of the greatest Rock stars on the planet

    Music & Games

    I agree...

  40. Steve Gross

    Im one of the greatists buddy holly followers, its amazing the number of recordings he made in his short life!


    I am also, to the best of my knowledge I have all his recorded works, and any that he has any involvement with. However I am always looking for others that have slipped past me.

    Steve Gross

    Lancastrian care to share any.?

    Steve Gross

    Any chance you could make copies? I would pay!!!

  41. P.J.W.Chicagoguy

    He should have done more songs like this.This is too good.

  42. MrXtsForLife 4972

    He would been 80 years old

    Music & Games

    And much more...

  43. Elisabeth Barto

    super song

  44. RAMLIA1


  45. Tonny Versijp


  46. joetake holly


  47. freddy wessels

    buddy whos so gool singer from 1950,years

  48. Tonny Versijp

    Terug in de tijd heerlijk!

  49. Tonny Versijp

    dit is zweven!

  50. Lily Vivianna

    My friends always pick on me for loving 50's and 60's music, but when i hear the music they listen to, I'm glad to have grown up listening to this great artist who will always be one of the best in my eyes. Rest in peace Charles "Buddy" Hardin Holley (Holly).

    Ryan The Prophet

    stick to the 50s and 60s music that's the best music


    We could really "slow dance" to this.

    Pam H

    Some friends! You have better taste. Who do they listen to?


    You are perceptive and have good taste.

    Caress of Stars

    By picking on you, the only thing they prove is their lack of hearing.

    In those good ol' times, artists needed to show talent, knowledge and some thoughts/emotions to communicate if they wanted to be famous. How can it be that our old friend Charles Hardin still touches so many souls? He hasn't been around for 60 years, but the music is still alive, timeless and so incredibly harmonic. And honest.
    Without pioneers like Buddy Holly, there would be no modern rock, punk or pop music to-day.

  51. freddy wessels

    this is a super wearly cool sng from him

  52. Ana Torres

    maravillosa divinabuddy holly because loveeeeeeee

  53. Kurt Mosel

    Beautiful music !

  54. Pa MuZiKa

    So it is !!

  55. Odette Gijbels


  56. David Jarvis

    buddy  holloy   wow  thanks  I love  this  song

  57. Freddy Coppieters

    Wat een muziekarchief heeft deze man achtergelaten in zijn te korte leven. I love You Buddy.

    Oud-Rekem,en Uikhoven aan de Maas.

    Zeer  zeker deze muziek komt ooit terug

  58. mrblowhard2u

    Nine people have no taste for good music.

    Glenn Matuszewski

    @mrblowhard2u but 840 people do

  59. Henk van den putte

    mooiste muziek ever

  60. Carel Sanden

    mooi denk weer aan vroeger terug

  61. Hansz Pint

    Zoveel geweldige songs in zo`n korte tijd, wat zou er nog allemaal gekomen zijn als............... maar ja, het is nog steeds genieten van al zijn TOPPERS!

  62. snoopy onderstijn


  63. lcvlives

    Buddy, we love you...............forever ! ! ! 

  64. Paul Buysschaert

    Wat een artiest wat is dat jammer zo vroeg gestorven.

  65. mick mc g

    B side to Wishing.Nearly wore it out on my old dansette with the threepenny bit on the arm.

    Doug Lynch

    Wow, didn't know that. What an incredible duo of songs! Two beautiful songs. Not surprised you wore it out. Good thing you can't wear out You Tube!

  66. Werner Meuleman

    Super Oldie !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. RememberToday4ever

    Buddy Holly = The White Bo Diddley

  68. Karin Junker

    mushy? ... the best kind of 'mushiness' I can think of .... ;o)

  69. Peter Gr.

    So beautiful...greetz from Holland

  70. Dries van norel

    fantastisch jeugd sentiment .

  71. joetake holly

    this is the reason why i have  listened to buddy 4 nearly 40 years an it will go on till the day I die 

    Robert Steele

    Thanks and same for you.

    joetake holly

    lol its nearly 42 years now and counting .the man was so good }his music was really something else }

    Gabriel Owen

    This man was way ahead of his time. Long Live Buddy Holly!

    darryl baker

    joetake holly yes me also


    'Discovered' him in early 70's. Been collecting ever since

  72. Inspire,a Glimpse

    shame we cant send them up 

  73. Tonny Versijp

    Ook weer zo een speciaal zweefnummer !

  74. Lancastrian

    Thanks I would like to upload a lot more musical tracks but I have been told by 'YouTube' that I have been a naughty boy and been warned about uploading copyrighted stuff. Oh Well!

  75. Lancastrian

    Yes I certainly go back quite a while I remember the birth of Rock.n.Roll amongst other things.

  76. Lancastrian

    Hi, No apologies necessary except maybe from me to say sorry to disappoint you but I am not Ringo, nor a member of any of musical group.

  77. Lancastrian

    You had put quite a lot of thought into my 'name' I must admit I hadn't gone into the same depth, but I can see now how you came up the variations. With regards to your comment referring to 'Ringo' Liverpool is actually in the historic county of Lancashire. so he is a Lancastrian. Merseyside is only an administrative county it's not a true county. Incidentally no doubt you have gathered but I am also a railway buff both models and full size.

  78. PA10403

    1963 version???

  79. jsmusak

    One of my favourite Buddy Holly tracks - superb and timeless. What a talent!

  80. Mitch C.

    The forever brilliant Buddy Holly..What a Gem this song is..

  81. Hans Rooze

    Wat een geweldig nummer hier begon bij mij alles mee.

  82. Agnes van Dam

    Wat een geweldig nummer ! Heerlijke herinneringen ( 1968 Vivaldilaan)

  83. Semper Fidelis

    magnifique chanson d'un grand rocker trop tôt disparu .

  84. joetake holly

    there we go yet another great buddy track,omg this song is something else what a talent this great man had .buddy holly I will never stop playing your music you had talent to no end ]

  85. richard pitcher

    yeah im a 90's kid and i think this is a great time to live, i mean i dont have to wait like 60 years for all this great music to be created and released, i have it all at my fingertips and im able to discover so much more music then anyone back in the 60's could have and its all thanks to the internet and youtube.

  86. Leonnie Hirst

    Don't regret your life. I was born in the late 40's and did rock'n'roll to these fantastic people, still do. I also enjoy some of today's talent and with time they may mature into heroes of music. You can enjoy 60 years of fantastic music using todays technology.

  87. Victor Pena

    Maybe it was his destiny to die young. That is why he had so many recordings at such a young age.

  88. Susie196921

    Buddy had a sexy and romantic voice!

  89. RAMLIA1


  90. Lancastrian

    Many Thanks :)

  91. Lancastrian

    Ha Ha, yes I remember him well, I go back quite a way :)

  92. Lancastrian

    No not at all. sorry if I gave that impression. My meaning was that there are lots of people that only know of his greatest hits and are missing so much of his lesser known excellent music.

    Hope that this is accepted by way of an apology should I have given the wrong impression to you.

  93. Lancastrian

    I gather from your comments that you like this track and also Love is Strange :) .There are many excellent tracks from Buddy unfortunately most people only know his 'Greatest Hits'

  94. kapstereen

    herrinnering aan mijn eerste grote liefde.....

  95. ton horsten

    Amazing,rock 'n roll historyLove Buddyfever

  96. coolface22743

    WHAT ABOUT GEORGE? George had an amazing solo career!

  97. Tom Clark

    I Agree!

  98. ton horsten

    Music started with Buddy.