Buddy Guy - What You Gonna Do About Me Lyrics

You say it's over and you're ready to move on.
You want to believe all the fire is gone.
But I feel some hesitation, even as you leave.
Think it through, what you gonna do about me?

It hasn't always been easy, you and I both know.
But the easy way out, will be a hot way to go.
Do you think you can forget what we had so easily?
Think it through, what you gonna do about me?

You may go out and find another, but what you think you lookin for?
You might think you found a lover, but you'll still be wanting something more.

When you close your eyes you might be surprised at who you're gonna see.
Oh baby, what you gonna do about me?

So stop and think it over, baby, before you leave it all behind.
No matter where you go, no matter what you do,
I'll still be there in the back of the line.
When you close your eyes you might be surprised at who you gonna see.
Oh baby, what you gonna do about me?

You might spend a lifetime fighting back my memory.
Now oh baby, what you gonna do about me?

Oh, I want you to think it through.
What you gonna do, what you gonna do about me?

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Buddy Guy What You Gonna Do About Me Comments
  1. Judee Taylor

    Seriously.. I know I am repeating myself but I am obsessed. Dont know her story and wont pry, but Id bet my ability to hear music, that it is similar to mine.. of course minus the part where I cant sing. I will find a concert close to me TRUST THAT!

  2. Bennet Eliane

    J'adooooore !!!!je danse j'aime le rythme parfait.

  3. Casey Amos

    I'm speechless: Anyone that knows me knows that is quite the feet!

  4. jean lafeet

    I've seen Buddy, he's bad ass.his brother was there wearing one of buddy's blue jean jacket. I asked him how I could get one. He said call legends, he gave me a phone number. I called it the guy answered Legends, I said what, he said legends, I said I just saw buddy in marksville la, & I want a jacket. He said what size I told him, he said it'll be in the mail in the morning. $45.00. It was my Christmas present in 2007.

    jean lafeet

    The only one in South Louisiana

  5. Roger F

    I'se feelen it. an about to feel it some mo'.

  6. Connie Doyle

    No Janis just Beth!!!

  7. Gary Edwards

    It don't get any better than this!

  8. Adriana Logan

    I just recently started listening to Joe Bonnamassa and with this came hearing Beth Hart. I have been playing the guitar for over 40 years and these two are great together and by themselves. Thank you for bringing this stuff on. It is very powerful and influential to hear this type of misuc.

  9. Михаил Михайлович Швалёв

    Ух ты! Кайф!!! Крутыши!!!!!!!!

  10. Leonardo Valle

    Sono sempre più convinto che Beth Hart dia il meglio di sé quando collabora con i grandi musicisti..

  11. Rickey Engle

    as you were,,

  12. Renea sensing

    Nailed again. Love them both

  13. zeze do bone

    Since the moment you never showed up to give me, at least one explanation, which I call "Total despise", you are totally and completely out of my heart, my mind and my plans....
    "You get what you give", that always was the rule!
    However, I have to warn your friends that your place will stay vacant until I get my £2,5 million...
    Before, there are no mental, financial or any other conditions to even think about a relationship!!! Is their fault, because if they didn’t interfere so brutally in my life, I might had been more accessible to you last year, and things would be close to a solution. But because they are stupid, now they will suffer the consequences!!!
    Now they are tasting their own poison!!!!
    They play tough?? I reply tough!!! That's the rule of this game!!!!

  14. JEAN-PIERRE Allard

    Fabulous duo

  15. Janet Hendrix

    Perfect combination! Buddy Guy is magnificent & Beth's vocals add that raw passion.

  16. Marielyly Lindsay

    I love musique . ...I love you baby ....kisses

  17. koldulóbarát x

    Great photos, Great song.!

  18. Jodie Hayes

    Rock it blues superiors!!!

  19. ana_ m.c


  20. felix gregory

    Mama...she's banging...oh God...what combination...simply... awesome...great number...

  21. Ms70sFlowerchild

    People compare her to Joplin a lot but I don't think they sound the same

  22. tom okey

    BETH IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. J.B. J.B.


  24. Rickey Engle

    About who,,

  25. Eugen Porembschi

    Daca,ascult ,aceasta ,melodie ,de 20. ..Da...!!!

  26. Eugen Porembschi


  27. Eugen Porembschi

    Unde ați ținut vocea ..omului???

  28. Eugen Porembschi

    Despre ,cea masculină .Forță!

  29. Eugen Porembschi


  30. Eugen Porembschi

    Wow!!Ce Mega,Mega,Mega ....Band...

  31. top secret

    So good !!!

  32. gary robson

    one word
    WOW !!!!!!!

    top secret

    Yes !

  33. Francois Froge


  34. Malfarius BadAss

    this song just gave me the best eargasum of my entire life...........

  35. Giants588

    I'm convinced, it doesn't matter who Beth Hart collaborates with, whether it's Buddy Guy, Joe Bonamassa, or anyone else, she's nothing less than amazing!

  36. Agostino Palmas

    mi illuminate di immenso Beth e Buddy

  37. Agostino Palmas

    Buddy Guy immensamente illumina il mio pensiero, viva la musica

  38. frank sontowski

    i don't know why such a people like Buddy Guy in germany not was superstars. some people know him, but the mostly don't know him. for me a riddle.


    Holy Shit. This is a treasure.

  40. Rickey Engle

    who,,don't no who,,who

  41. Keith Cooke

    Too bad Beth didn't collaborate with SRV like this..... That would have been incredible too....

    lisa demerchant

    maybe one day ;-) or maybe he lived on in her and others...ah the blues

  42. Gary Edwards

    A fantastic pair together!

  43. Cynth Enraptured


  44. Winni Puh


  45. Mauro Righi

    Beth is beatifull

  46. Rickey Engle

    what do you,,want me too do about you,,

  47. jerrware

    Wow. Someone has been trying to get me into the blues. I absolutely love this. I hooked.

    Fred Humes

    listen robert cray, muddy waters,koko taylor,albert collins,keb mo,b.b. king and if you don't like the blues after that,well there is no hope for ya. lol

  48. Zezza Lydia

    Beth Hart superrrrrrrr

  49. inta grinberga


  50. jane C


  51. M.A.C.

    content has to be better than a cut and paste piece, bad shortcut here...

  52. Archi Bukson


  53. Papaw John

    Check her "Purple Rain" duet with Jeff Beck.

  54. ClariceJess Quinn

    don't get much better than this!! 💛💙💋

  55. J R

    This is my idea of music!!!!

  56. Doug Peterson

    What? What? and thump, thump thump goes my heart... D

  57. Toymiko

    Waaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuwwwww ................. Toymiko

  58. nefsjud


  59. Isabella C

    Good stuff to sway to!

  60. Budway moeller

    Buddy was plaiying in my home town a few years back.He jumped on my table and wailed it out..wonderful.

  61. Hellcrasher Porter

    I think she could kick my ass pretty easy

  62. Hellcrasher Porter

    No ShabbyNess

  63. Vanja Radulovic


  64. Melissa Hanson

    Love these two signers together -- best couple yet.

  65. kawikamac

    Amazing...Buddy Guy and Beth Hart....Blues Stew..In the best way.

  66. David Stellwagen

    90 people with no soul. I'm sad for them

  67. #1Lazer

    I wish this were a live recorded video of them together. Still awesome though!


    They were not together when making this song. This was just mixed well.

  68. Blair Jones

    Buddy is a beautiful human being and I think I am so lucky to be seeing Beth in Sydney in Feb 2019

  69. James Hoffer

    What a combo

    💯🆒💃🎰. 😯

  70. Jolly Roger

    I was privileged to see Buddy Guy at LWT gig at Ronnie Scots and have always been in awe but listening to the chemistry here with the fabulous Queen of Blues Beth Hart - as a waitress in Boston once said when hearing my English accent " I think I just creamed my jeans " Sincere thanks for posting this track. 🎸

  71. us and them

    Beth Hart, "What You Gonna Do About Me "
    Leave this page, URP!!!!!

  72. Jim Kirkpatrick

    Alway Good, Great, Badass :)

  73. Brian Joseph

    Bunch of stills of dudes dipshits. Wanna be fucking cunts. Probably buddy as well...just die.

  74. Wayne Gabriel


  75. Francois Froge


  76. Игорь Воронин

    Вся музыка из 50 60 70 годов пришла и рок и блюз и рок н ролл

  77. Virgil Pungaru

    Buddy ultimul mohican,?! USA,are un izvor nesecat de talente.,...

  78. Isabel Fernandes

    MUY BUENO!!!!! Ambos me encantan!!!!! temazo!!!

  79. walt braden

    Love her

  80. Rouxster smith

    good god beth has a killer voice and range

  81. Anthony Morelli


  82. The Searcher

    Beth is sultry sexy and ultra talented

  83. Dannie Henriksen

    Beth is the Janis Joplin of Our time. And thank god she's sober and clean so we can enjoy her voice and talent for many years to come😊

    James Hoffer

    🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌💯🔥🎲 😯

    Karen Welborn

    I was thinking the same thing - she is something - really moving me - can't wait to see her tomorrow


    Beth Hart is the Beth Hart of her time. There are some amazing female singers out there ( Samantha Fish, Imelda May, Elise LeGrow, to name just a few ), Beth being one of them. But none of them are Janis Joplin. This does not take away from any of them. They all are or were fabulous. Beth Hart is uniquely herself... and that is a very good thing.

    John Gentner

    Sven olav Torjusrød I luv her voice

  84. rollin' stoned

    Beth is Janis reincarnated!

    James Hoffer

    Beth is Beth

  85. Игорь Воронин

    Старые рокеры все сильнейшие музыканты

  86. Quinton T. Barlow

    wwoooofffff,dynamite comes in all kinds of packages,love buddy n beth

  87. dana Vinyard

    Awesome song !

  88. Fabio Leal

    much well

  89. flyfamilyguy

    Nothing reaches my soul like the blues! And OMG Beths voice! How I would love to play behind her! The sexiest and oh so talented Beth Hart! I listen to her, watch her on stage and Im floored every time and begin feeling like the dorky-in-love-school-boy of my yester years!

  90. Ágnes Gyebnár

    Hatalmas, óriási, ez a hang fantasztikus, köszönöm! Nagyon szuper!

  91. E Starling

    What a sensational photo collection. The duet is also awesome.

  92. Titan4eg

    Віталій Гайдукевич brought me here.

  93. Budi Rachman

    Buddy Guy the special one.....and Beth Hart she have a sexy vocal



  95. El Rondo

    The blues master general and Beth Hart... WOW JUST WOW!!!!

  96. Linda H

    Love Beth Hart ... of course Buddy guy forever