Buddy Guy - Strange Brew Lyrics

Strange brew - kill whats inside of you.

Shes a witch of trouble in electric blue,
In her own mad mind shes in love with you.
With you.
Now what you gonna do?
Strange brew - kill whats inside of you.

Shes some kind of demon messing in the glue.
If you don't watch out it'll stick to you.
To you.
What kind of fool are you?
Strange brew - kill whats inside of you.

On a boat in the middle of a raging sea,
She would make a scene for it all to be ignored.
And wouldn't you be bored?
Strange brew - kill whats inside of you.

Strange brew, strange brew, strange brew, strange brew.
Strange brew - kill whats inside of you.

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Buddy Guy Strange Brew Comments
  1. Teresa PUPPO


  2. DKM Life

    I love Buddy. This is not up to his usual to me. I still enjoyed it though.

  3. mark mccurry

    Wondering who's on the organ?

  4. Carlos Monteiro

    I love buddy guy since when i was 12 man

  5. tuxguys

    EC reveres Buddy; Buddy tributes EC (and Cream).
    I am completely taken with this.

  6. Kristina R.V.

    Why so little likes?? This is an amazing cover! Well done! 👏💗

  7. Don L

    Can't stop listening to this.

    András Bárkányi

    Listen to the original Cream then!!!

    mike hendrix

    Don L same here! cant believe id like a different version of this but its great

  8. Black Zeppelin

    No es mala versión...pero si extraña (y mucho) todo el artificio eléctrico del grandioso mano lenta ;-{|

  9. Spartanm333

    And Albert of course (EC's influence on Strange Brew)

    Curtis Echols

    Spartanm333 Yes, Albert King was greatly influential upon Jimi Hendrix. I just hate that Albert is sometimes mistaken for B.B. King, an inferior guitar player.

    Clout Lord

    Curtis Echols nigga please bb king is the goat him and tbone are imitated on accident

  10. Spartanm333

    Buddy Guy - the biggest single influence on Jimi Hendrix. What a wonderful, understated man paying his dues back to EC who help keep the Blues alive through the desert years of the 70's and 80's. Thanks for uploading - will look to buy this now

  11. Jalan Hart

    Wow what a great cover, but i must say that his protege Quinn Sullivan at 14 has more of a Clapton tone than Buddy. Although Buddy does take control with the cream era Clapton before he switched to fender. Sounds allot more like cream although Quinn uses the wah wah pedal to great affect as well

    John Runnion

    this is backwards ... Buddy was a huge influence on EC ... not the other way around.

  12. nydefect

    Wow what a great jam! Shows age dont mean shit once you pass the teenage angst period, it's all about soul and creative flow,thanks buddy for showing the world how its done

  13. ggforeigner

    umm yeah, totally surprised here, new to me and very nice !!! thanks ;}

  14. Arjhendrix

    yeah!!!--) dat george guy...
    go RJ my friend...love it. thank you as always.

  15. ChaPeraSom

    fuckin good