Buddy Guy - Nine Below Zero Lyrics

Ain't this a pity
People ain't this a damn cryin' shame
Oh yes, ain't this a pity
People you know this a damn cryin' shame

Wait those nine below zero
And this woman then put me down for another man
I give her all my money
All of my lovin' and everything
Yes, I give her all my money
People, I give her all of my lovin' and everything
When it goes nine below zero
And she done put me down for another man

She lied to me
She did not tell me everything
Oh yeah, oh yeah, she lied to me
The little girl didn't tell me everything
Well you know it's nine below zero
And she put me down for another man

Ain't this a pity
People this a damn cryin' shame
Oh yes, ain't this a pity
People you know this a damn cryin' shame
She waits til it got nine below zero, Tom
And this little girl then put me down for another man

I'm gonna retire down to Louisiana
Layin' out there in the fallin' rain (in the swamps too)
Yes, I'm gonna retire down to Louisiana
Oh yes, I'm layin' out there in the fallin' rain
You know it's nine below zero here in Chicago
And my love don't mean a thing

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Buddy Guy Nine Below Zero Comments
  1. Denise Campos

    Blue is alive and WELLI will be mine!!!🤩💓

  2. Craig McCauley

    I got this album!

  3. Marcin Perliński

    The One and Only: BUDDY GUY!!!

  4. martin segal

    Smokin' Blues by Buddy G - 80+ years old and better than ever.

  5. Maurice Chaplin


  6. Eduard Jorquera


  7. Lone Post

    thanks buddy you the man


    B. G. Is like good vine....

  9. James Cross

    Bend them guitar strangs

  10. Christine Schmidt

    Got a guy that you should check out, Justin Johnson on YouTube. A traditional blues man,plays a mean three string shovel that he makes and sells. A lot of slide playing . Worth a listen !

  11. Michael Browning

    Best damn version ever. BG forever!!!!!!

  12. marcelo daniel carmona

    Ojalá viniera ala Argentina!

  13. Рита Потасёва

    Так хочется жить..!)

  14. Jerry Landry

    Best musician on the planet ...

  15. Kirk Baldwin

    Outstanding brother Buddy!

  16. Stuart Keir

    2nd only to B B King !

  17. Aiera Mokeget

    Radical! It's so cool to know that legends are still active.

  18. windsurfrjeff

    I saw Buddy & Jeff 2 summers ago at the Maryhill winery..... neither have lost a step... badass as ever.

  19. Maxim Popov


  20. mark1952able

    Buddy's the Guy, Beck's the Sky and Keith's still Alive.............Power on!

  21. B!gG

    Hell yeah buddy 👊

  22. jeffrey2711

    Buddy Guy is truly a legend! He is one of a kind.

  23. ThreeToesofFury

    The Best.

  24. James Chant

    Fantastic track ! What a legendary career.

  25. Terry Wall

    It's always great to hear Mr.Buddy Guy

  26. BigWill/GodsHeavenUniverse

    Play Those Blues, Buddy Guy!! You Are The Top # 1 Blues Man, Bro!! - Big Will :)

  27. Javier Bautista

    Album pre-ordered, can't FUCKING wait!

  28. 1022rebelreddog

    I saw honeyboy Edwards...do it old school ..

  29. DougShablowski

    Good lord man

  30. Steve Kutz

    Class Act ,Humble Legend, #Teacher

  31. Ministro

    Oh guy yeah you are muy buddy

  32. игорь шильников


  33. Dragan Filipovic

    God bless him!!! I love going to his club !

  34. Ali.Blues

    Flying over 4 time in one years to see buddy guy, and i made it at the last time.. hope could have my show at legend someday, will be back to chicago in the end of 2018

  35. Alison Wentworth

    Seen buddy guy 4 times in concert....love him!!!!

  36. VonBluesman

    I was blessed to see Buddy Guy play at the New Orleans Jazz Fest again in May 2018. He is amazing, not only is he the best blues guitar player and singer, he loves the people so much he always walks out into the crowd playing and stops to let people stand next to him, he generates so much energy and love that it lights up the whole audience and everybody has a great time. He is a legend and an angel. Thank you.


    I love Buddy Guy ! I love his personality I saw him in Boston with bb king and etta james small venue outside was great ! He has so much personality.

  37. leo calta

    He really is the legend of the blues, I agree with keefriff99, his voice is ageless, and his live music excites!!!

  38. Lisa Love

    Scorching hot for 9 below!

  39. youssoupha fall

    Il est magnifique et son rythme Songs est aux couleurs de l'homme au Grand Coeur. Un vrai lion.C'est un Maître bien dans sa trace. Totale respect Monsieur BG

  40. Derek Dranfield

    Timeless as usual...
    Thank God we have you...

  41. nick tsanatelis

    i love his playing is more mature also in "born to play guitar" too Buddy was and is the best! the top of the line now !!!!

  42. Vas Dell

    The bluez never DIES and is Universl 🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷

  43. Sidney Fisher

    I’m retired down here in Louisiana, just 24 miles from Lettsworth. Come on home Buddy, you know you will love it here. Fine job on that classic, I think SBW2 would approve.

  44. stan van derl ugt

    Verplichte aanschaf

  45. Teresa PUPPO


  46. Sheila Barron

    Congrats on the new album Buddy Guy Still Has It ♥️

  47. Jorge Toro

    buddy thanks again for bringing your blues to us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. E. R. Bowles

    Whoever gave this a thumbs-down.... well now, you must REALLY have the blues.

    Steve Kutz

    E. R. Bowles lol .. Perfect 😂😂👍🏼

    John Davis

    E. R. Bowles I truly hope that they don't breed, for sure.


    Always an ass in every crowd. Fuck 'em.

    Jim Morse


  49. Blue Dreams

    Our Hendrix who influenced Hendrix himself!!! #LegendofLegends!!!

  50. Gerry Blue

    81 years old! Maybe it was Buddy that night at the Crossroads?


    the devil wish he could play like buddy guy


    Devon Couch truth

  51. Bob Noxious

    Once again Buddy goes justice to a Blues classic. Sonny Boy would be proud
    The world will be a quieter place when Buddy calls it a day.

  52. helpmenow7

    Slightly better than Kanye West. Lol

  53. Holginho

    thank you buddy. the last of the legends. i can barely wait for the release date of your new vinyl. respect for the music you give us.

  54. Anne P

    Extremely fine Blues, by an extremely gifted guitar player, and singer. Thank you, Buddy!

  55. Jake Barratt

    Retireeeeeee down in Louisiana

  56. Jim Dunmire

    I wonder if Page and Plant are listening. Would love to hear them do an album like this!

    Jim Morse

    they should copy him again.... ;)

  57. Pew Pew Pew PEWW

    amazing as always.

  58. Nate Belt

    I love when buddy slows down and doesn't get in a hurry and let's it slowly simmer.

  59. Joseph Moosman

    Who else can do this? Nobody.

  60. moonstomp

    Listening from Chicago! Can't wait for the new record Buddy!

  61. jaersee

    Greetings from La Paz, Bolivia!!! 🤘🎸🇧🇴

  62. keefriff99

    That voice is AGELESS. To be 81 years old and still able to belt out the blues with such power and clarity is truly remarkable....and of course Buddy's SCORCHING guitar playing. What a legend.

    Sweeps McCullough

    That is fucking surprising indeed man!
    Just judging off his voice and the fact that he’s still got it, I assumed he was about 67...maybe 69 or 70 TOPS!
    Never would’ve guessed 81 haha!
    Pa was right when he said “never assume anything”!

    0l blue c10

    keefriff99 I seen him a year and a half ago he was amazing absolutely timelsess

    Sapphy Megatron

    I saw him several years back - one of the *BEST* shows I've ever seen. And his graciousness is legendary.

  63. Leo Maier

    Long live BG!!!!!! What a sound!!!

  64. Joe Gawel

    Damn right, dr. Buddy motherfucking Guy!

  65. Saujan Neupane

    Can't shake these blues....

  66. Grimnir9

    Love it!

  67. CA CA

    The legend....

  68. Marcin

    I love this slow blues! Greetings from Poland!

  69. Luke Tollett

    Just Incredible WOW ! Long live the blues

  70. Sylvester Lourdunathan

    Give it up for buddy Guy!!!!


    Sylvester Lourdunathan Clapton as well

  71. Kimara M