Buddy Guy - Key Don't Fit Lyrics

My key don't fit your lock
When I come to your door
No, I said, my key won't fit your lock
When I try to put it in your door
You know I got a funny, funny feeling
You don't want me around no more

I left a message last Monday
Just like the Monday before
By the time I've got to Friday
Lord knows I had left five or six more
Now my key don't fit your lock
But I try to stick it in your door

I saw you on the street this morning
Walking with that other man
I could tell him in holding
Much more than your little hand
Now there's talk all over neighborhood
He's thinking about steeping in

My key don't fit your lock
When I try to put it in your door
I said, my key won't fit your lock
When I try to walk it in your door
I got this funny, funny feeling
You don't want me around no more

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Buddy Guy Key Don't Fit Comments
  1. Craig McCauley

    Love it!

  2. Valeriy Blinov

    Great!!! Super Legend!!!! Love!!!

  3. Yukki Yukki



    I'm trying to carry the torch- check The Fat Wallet Blues Band- playing Buddy's "Damn Right I Got The Blues" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rGDZ6KItJt4
    Eliot Chambers on Guitar and Vocals.

  5. Terry Lusk

    Oh yeah it's really good and some

  6. fyian 65



    WICKED BLUES ...........

  8. nick tsanatelis

    cool....thats blues

  9. Douglas Rogers

    Big or little, fat or small , use it right or not at all!


    sound like the intro to roses by outkast

  11. Cora Visser

    Brilliant needs no words is awesome.

  12. Samko Muhaxheri

    this musician its a fantastic its a mazing marveles like a marsian man


    Chicagos own Buddy Guy. Last of the great ones.

  14. PlayerX

    The only one who makes me laugh listening to the blues is Buddy Guy. "My key don't fit your lock"... face palm... only Buddy Guy :) haha. And very well played.


    PlayerX Agreed, Buddy is a funny bluesman.

    Bruce Smith

    I think he's talking about his cock

  15. kenny webb

    There's apparently 6 of the most biggest fuctards on the planet...That doesn't like Buddy Guy...

    Pablo Gustavo Perez


  16. Daryl

    Sounds like he's paying homage to Jimi's Red House. 

    Kat luvs Babes in Toyland

    More like the other way around. Hendrix Red House is inspired by Buddy. ☺

    Michael Power

    @Kat Hamilton Red House is directly influenced by Albert King

    Kat luvs Babes in Toyland

    @Michael Power Thankyou for sharing your knowledge..✌

    Devil's Advocate

    +Michael Power and Albert did a killer cover of it. it's damned cool how the blues works with people.

    John Warhol

    Daryl Mr. Guy came first, from Mississippi.

  17. BlackDayAtNight

    The smooth tournaround at the end is great

  18. NESI ANI

    "WOWED" !!

  19. Ronald Ax

    Its about girl friend dumping the guy with out having to tell him

  20. miskee11

    this song is about his dick being too big



    Joy Miller

    +miskee11 this song is about me playa hatin. Lol.

    follow the light

    and rape


    *Too much info. I thought it was an Ad for the Lowe's building supply store*
    *I needed a key made, but now I think I'll just leave the door unlocked(;)*

  21. Frank Myers

    Well you can always pour in a little oil so the key goes in...

    Frances Goode

    Little junior parker

  22. BomberBoy

    Thank you all soo much for the views!


    EPSGplayer Thank you for uploading.

  23. Vladimir Sánchez

    Great song.. I love the blues..

    walt braden


  24. Ricky1968

    the real title is " Red House "
    Jimi Hendrix

    Eleftherios Theodoridis

    Nope , it's different .

  25. Kyler J

    Right on the money. All great players. Few more, Peter greens fleetwood mac, and Paul butterfield blues band with mike bloomfield

  26. Rosario Fernandez

    Ufffff...... sin palabras......

  27. James Jean

    74 years young ...

  28. em hamr


  29. MrCroqueta

    T_T i love it

  30. mark mccurry

    Buddy is slickly business here, and i love it

  31. Thierry Saliou

    If you to hear some good shit, pass by his club, awsome

  32. Thierry Saliou

    Ain't nothing but the blues !!!! Long live Buddy and thanks you for all this briliant blues.

  33. Luka Dela

    2005 : He was recognized in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame !

  34. Angel Griffith

    Very good!!

  35. Paul Purple

    he is the fucking legend , i know gary is so happy for the living blues legends !!!

  36. wihartanti tyas

    you're so a cool blues man , i love !

  37. R Sanchez

    your lack of knowledge ,with hendrix or stevie vaughan or moore or example is like a f16 with a plane spray corn , slash hand speed does not everything in rock and blues they feling and carried the rock and blues in the blood,

  38. Jon Malkowich

    im kinda talkin bout the skills. guess in this case the genre does not count ;)

  39. SlugsGuitars

    slash is everything but blues. please, don't compare that guy to players like hendrix or buddy guy

  40. Black experience

    it kills the guitar

  41. Jon Malkowich

    jimmy hendrix, slash

  42. Jon Malkowich

    omg! this describes it EXACTLY!

  43. Juels Bland

    Look up Kal David. He's not very famous, but he's the shit.

  44. Rex Zens

    Bob Dylan. The Rolling Stones

  45. Evan Angus

    ...an orgasm is very similar.

  46. polymath7

    Rory Gallagher, Otis Rush, Luther Allison, Micheal Burkes, and Jimi Hendrix's blues album.


    BUDDY.GUY rules!!!
    The deepest blues man off all time along Muddy Waters, Howli'n Wolf , BB King.

    Gordon Greco


  48. J Neuman

    juke joint blues


  49. lasloacosta

    or better yet get the cd of led zep's influences and follow where that leads you, jonh lee hooker, luther allison is great and so is his son bernard, willie dison was they guy i was trying to think of when i said him n muddy waters traded stuff, and just grab any blues guitarist comp cd's and follow where that leads, johnny winter, albert lee ( with and w/o ten years after), jimi hendrix has had a couple blues cds put together lately and they are allll great. ok i'm gonna shut up now, peace.

  50. lasloacosta

    the guitar work in the band "them vrooked vultures" is great, jeff healey is great (esp for a blind guy), neil young (of course), rage against the machine (tom morello, check out some of his solo stuff too), the MC5, the guitar work in iggy and the stooges is top notch, i ove dave navarros work with hanes addicition, screamin trees from seattle (infact most of the hrunge vabhs have great guitar work, look at the song writing credits for led zep and follow that path....

  51. lasloacosta

    also johnny lang is pretty cool, of course any yardbirds (featured, take your pick, eric clapton, jeff beck, jimmy page), kenny jravits is a great guitarist, robert cray, michael bloomfield, john mayall, i really like the guitarist from the jesus and mary chain (jim ried, well one of the reids, anyway) RL burside is great, junior kimbrough, there is a cd of buddy guy and srv together )bootleg) that is wonderful, listne to some of the guitar work on the hoodoo gurus "blow your cool'' album,

  52. lasloacosta

    also check out jimmie vaughan, stevie's brother. of course buddy guy, muddy waters, gotta check out howlin wolf (his guitarist is a guy named hubert sumlin) john lee hooker, i cant think of his name but the guy that wrote i cant quit you baby (he did alot w. muddy waters, and they sort of traded off claiming they wrote songs, but were very similar to each other), check out some david gilmour solo stuff (from pink floyd), duke robilard (sp) tppl jimmie vaughan's place in the fanulous thunderbirds

  53. Visionary

    Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, Son House, Freddie King, Junior Wells, and Koko Taylor.

  54. Michael Maurice

    What about Buddy Guy?;)

  55. david matthews

    eric clapton jeff beck jimmy paige look for a song call draggin my tail

  56. SuperBjorner

    Early Peter Green: Fleetwood Mac In Chicago/Blues Jam In Chicago Vols. 1 & 2 :D

  57. schnabby

    I love all the great guitarists and I've recently been getting into the Blues. BB King, Albert King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Gary Moore, Joe Bonamassa, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Howlin' Wolf, T-Bone Walker. Any others people can suggest?

    Andrew McCallum

    schnabby Rory Gallagher

    Andrew Karameris

    Eric Clapton, Johnny Winter and Sonny Boy Williamson the 1st and the second

  58. Kinoch


  59. gemertfreak

    its definitely the shit mate!

  60. dan slaughter

    Buddy guy is the shit right here

  61. bobykens

    Amazing blues song by an amazing player