Buddy Guy - Flesh & Bone Lyrics

Daddy read the good book through and through
Said that the Lord's word is the only truth
It ain't over the day you die
We all live on In the sweet bye and bye

This life is more than flesh and bone
Find out now before you're gone
When you go your spirit lives on
This life is more than flesh and bone

Now I know my daddy was right
I read that good book and I've seen the light
Mama and daddy have passed and gone
They're still with me 'cause love lives on

This life is more than flesh and bone
Find out now before you're gone
When you go your spirit lives on
This life is more than flesh and bone

The God I feed on is real as rain
More than words can ever explain
We'll meet again some sweet day
Far beyond this world of pain

This life is more than flesh and bone
Find out now before you're gone
When you go your spirit goes on
This life is more than flesh and bone

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Buddy Guy Flesh & Bone Comments
  1. Jamie Mac

    wow 41 scabs this world could do without. Really wth

  2. Marwen B.R.C

    this song means alot !

  3. Sifet Felic

    Buddy Guy, Last King of Blues, Just Perfect. Regards from Bosnia.

  4. Graham Clayton

    Discovered this on Mark Kerr's "Blues Nation" podcast - great song and smooth guitar!

  5. Daniel Gallego

    I'm an atheist and love this song

  6. Chris Drummond

    Van is right on

  7. Juris Descartes Kangihade

    This is a masterpiece !

  8. Martin Dahlbom

    I'm an atheist who becomes religious when I hear this song :-). So powerful! Pure magic!

  9. By Myself

    BEAUTIFUL TRIBUTE to BB Thank you Buddy Miss ya BB Always Remembered 🖤💙

  10. Максим Евгеньевич Попов


  11. Howard stein

    My dad passed last week. he loved the big blues players and we both saw BB play together.this song is so cathartic right now.Buddy Guy is great.xx

  12. Barbiepoledancer


  13. Gabriel Melo

    This track touches me way down deep in my soul. How can someone dislike it?

  14. andika. must


  15. Victor Torres Jr.

    this really helped me today.

  16. Despina Luigini

    da brivido..

  17. kevin raponi

    Its our duty to make sure our youth appreciate real soulful talented music again. And encourage those of power to bring back Blues/Blues Rock and Jazz to the radio again. ..

  18. sandro cantini

    buddy e van morrison omaggiano the king of the blues R.I.P. BB KING

  19. Ivan Clarke

    Just an awesome piece of spirit in the form of a song.

  20. timothy ray

    best song for today, im checking into a detox to better myself I drink like a bird flies

  21. Trey Baker

    i love buddy guy so awesome~~~~#blueskindagirlalways

  22. Randy Siltzer

    How in the heck did this get one unlike? Who ever unliked this has no soul.

    Howard stein

    Randy Siltzer theyre probably deaf!

  23. Cora Visser

    I love this music what he is singing it is all awesome.Even when he think hm what was the rule again.He make,s a joke of everything and it is real fantastic the way he does everything,

  24. Sharon-Rose

    "This life is more than flesh and Bone"...sick track

  25. karen spencer

    I am so excited that some of today's youth are interested in the blues! Keep the inspiration Unclaimed Pantss & any other youngsters out there.

  26. smartalek180

    Heartstoppingly beautiful.
    Thank you so much for promoting it here in the REAL hifi bitrate it deserves.Anything less would be a travesty.Cheers

  27. Killer Queen/64

    Brought me to tears......Thank you Buddy for all your awesome music! ...( I would like to dedicate this song to my Dad & Mom and my brother. Rest In Paradise )... You hit the nail on the head with this one brother!....XxX...

  28. CallMeHam

    Van the man .......... I love this voice and Buddys guitar.

  29. Tom Laveign

    Buddy Guy's solo work is criminally underrated...

    DJ Trendsetta

    In other words the dumbing down of society is givin' you the blues. I feel ya', brother. I feel ya'.

  30. Jeff Gomilla

    1st thank you BB KING. You are missed!! now to the other one that's the master Mr. BUDDY GUY!!!!!

  31. Thomas Casagranda

    I want this when I'm laid in the ground.

  32. LAWKSTARGuitars

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    Toll Free 855-906-GEAR (4327)

  33. Samson

    Praise Jesus!!


    +Before Public this song is heavily implying Christianity

    Blues Resurrection

    But Buddy Guy's remembering B.B.


    +Before Public "daddy read the good book through and through" "this life is more, then flesh and bone, find out now before you're gone" totally not a spiritual song implying the message of Christianity


    +Before Public he is remembering bb by singing about the afterlife that he hopes to see bb in


    +Before Public bb and buddy are both Christian by the way.

  34. Samson

    Buddy is keeping the blues alive

    Arch Angel

    him and clapton the only top 10 names left..

  35. jp9011

    Thanks !! Love, Peace, & Guy.

  36. Fran Magasano


  37. KennyE1957

    Will be seeing Buddy September 26th @Sandler Center For the Performing Arts in Virginia Beach, Virginia

  38. Alex Chacon Extra

    It's 4 in the morning and I just had an amazing time jamming along with buddy. I just finished the album and man that was an experience . I'm 16 and I know buddy guys music is powerful and his music is greatly appreciated. Thank you buddy

    Dimitrije Petrovic

    +Marianne Rasmussen I'm 15 years old , maybe we could Jam on Webcam

    Homesick Hanes

    +Unclaimed Pantss power to the youth - future of the blues!

    Mason 1

    +michael etheridge He's far from the last master. Otis Rush, Billy Gibbons, Eric Clapton, Peter Green, Jimmy Page, and Dickey Betts are all still alive.

    Shikhin Dahikar

    Unclaimed Pantss hope I'm not too late I'm 18